Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Be a Total Creep without a trace !!

It continues to amaze me how many people are surprised at what guys will do see naked babes. As I have said many times over the past couple of years since my book on the subject was released, there are a ton of straight guys who are into seeing female nudity on a regular basis. Not just porn and strip clubs either.

Here is still another fresh news story, one in which a guy was caught having videotape of a woman (no info about her age in the story) taking a bath:


The story details what he did which got him arrested. But it also contains the reaction from his now former employer as well as an organization he worked with. Once again, the reaction comes across as if this guy is the only guy who would want to video a woman taking a bath.

They've got to be kidding. For continuing research, I review news accounts of guys being arrested for incidents such as peeping tom, video cameras on babes, and related attempts to catch babes naked. There are still plenty of guys out there who mess up and get caught, such as the guy arrested as described in the above news story.

What these news accounts fail to acknowledge is that there are plenty of guys out there who know not to get caught. They know to keep their you-know-what inside their pants when they could be seen by others. They know to either destroy the evidence (video recording, candid photos, etc.) or not to video tape babes in the first place.

The guy in this news story is an example. If he had kept his pants zipped up, authorities would not have had a reason to check him computer and then find a video of a woman taking a bath.

My point is that the guys who mess up and are then discovered with evidence are not isolated incidents. More guys know not to mess up and get caught.

It is an extremely enjoyable experience for a guy to watch an attractive young babe take a bath or shower, including the before and after (getting undressed and dressed). In my book, I wrote about my favorite, a college babe I could watch with binoculars from a west coast apartment I was renting, who would come out of the shower and spend the first moments toweling down her hair while standing there stark naked.

All it took was my knowing not to video tape her, so there would be no evidence, and keeping my pants zipped up. No reason to make anyone suspicious, and authorities could search all they want and not find any evidence. I have seen many babes take a shower or bath over the years, but I know to keep those memorable images to myself.

Since I am of average to reasonable intelligence, I can assure you that I'm not the only guy who knows to do this. And I did it for 30 years before writing my first book about it to help advise other guys.

The guy in this news story was also a working professional and a member of multiple community organizations, along with having a family. Yet, the media treats this as some sort of isolated incident. Sorry to break it to you. He got caught with his pants down, so to speak. Other guys, some of which do not have this guy's status, know better. I wonder how many times that woman has been seen taking a bath by other guys.

Thursday, December 2, 2010

Panties aren't always bad

The readers/listeners of " Total Creep - A Guy's Guide" continue to write:

Jerry B of AZ writes:

"Now I understand why you wrote about looking up skirts and shorts even when you know she has panties on. This morning I was cutting through (name withheld) Park and saw a babe laying on her back with her legs up wearing loose fitting shorts. I changed my path and walked around her to try and get a glance down between her legs, just as you suggest. She probably had no idea anyone could see down. Her panties were not covering everything, and she has a hairy bush. On one side I could see some of her (bush) hair! I stopped to enjoy the view, which then distracted her. I said something like "Sorry, but that's a good book!", and she smiled and I walked away. It proved beyond a doubt that the advice in your book is spot on. I only wish I lived near apartment buildings and could spy on the neighbor chicks too. Thanks!"

Looks like you have become a 'professional' total creep. Based on your e-mail, you handled the situation very well. Noticing her legs being up and her loose fitting shorts was a significant observation at the start.

Stopping when you realized you could see her pubes was not the best move, but I'll admit I can understand you doing so. I probably would have done the same thing. The key thing is to not show a facial reaction. That you had your comeback line about the book she was reading was excellent. It shows me that you were ready to handle the situation, as opposed to saying something stupid or letting on that you were seeing the goods.

Especially when she assumes that the worst that could happen is that you would see some of her panties.

I have wondered if that babe (and others I have seen in that situation) come to realize what happened when they either go to the bathroom or get undressed shortly thereafter and realize that their panties were not covering everything. But by then, you (or me) are long gone.

Again, nice work!

Monday, November 15, 2010

Don't loan out your computer

Guys, I keep saying this over and over, yet still need to remind you.

As much as I do not like guys photographing or video taping babes in action, I suppose some guys will do it anyway. It ruins it for the rest of us total creep guys when they get caught, but that's another story.

If you doubt this advice, read this news story:


It seems that the guy might not have been caught if he had not loaned out his computer that had the video of college babes coming out of the shower on there. He probably would have gotten away with this if he had destroyed any and all evidence.

Not that doing such an act is right or a good thing to do. It isn't. But he got away with it once, and could have simply enjoyed what he saw and moved on.

Be careful out there!

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Another guy ruins it for the rest of us..........

Hopefully this guy will be caught ASAP:


The guy has been spying on babes near a campus in South Carolina, but his actions are much worse. It seems he has been breaking in to apartments while babes are sleeping, but not for the purpose of burglary. (And not that burglary would be a positive thing either!)

The above news story link has a photo from a surveillance video of the dude walking into an apartment building near a campus while not wearing any pants. (Makes me wonder how this dude hasn't been caught yet, but that's another story.)

It's one thing to be a typical total creep or dirty old man and want to see naked babes, even when they are in private, but the threat of physical harm to these babes and breaking and entering is another matter.

The areas surrounding college campuses and apartment buildings where college babes rent can be great places for us total creeps to check out the babes. But I'm talking being in the right place at the right time, such as in a public or common area when she squats down, is sitting where you can walk by and see down her top or back of her pants, up a skirt, etc.

While it is true I have watched some babes sleep over the years, it has never been (and will never be) with any intent to have them know about it. It has been through binoculars from a nearby building where I can't be seen spying on them. Ideally, they will not have the blankets or sheets covering everything. I have been fortunate enough to see some babes sleeping with boobs facing out or a nightie without panties and I get a nice view for a long time. Other times I have been watching in the morning for her to wake up and come out from under the covers with little or nothing on, or perhaps give a nice leg spread getting out of bed and having nothing on under the shirt or nightie.

There is no reason for guys like the one in the story to ruin it for other guys, and to cause such havoc among the babes living in or near a campus.

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Update - Naked 9 Trial Postponed

Moments after the following post was written came word that the "Naked 9" hearing in Madison has been postponed by the prosecution, so it will NOT be this Friday Nov. 5 as originally posted.

The Naked 9 go to trial

A note of support for the "Naked 9" before their court hearing scheduled for this Friday at 11 AM CT in Madison WI.

This hearing is a result of arrests made during the Madison version of the "World Naked Bike Ride" this past June. I was fortunate to be in northern Wisconsin on business that week and drove down to check this one out. This was the first of these naked bike rides ever in Madison. From having attended a couple of others in different cities, and knowing of the strong college presence in the area, I was glad to be able to check this event out. (I had posted about it here back in June.)

What made this unique is that this ride was held during the daytime hours, late morning in fact. The other events (held in a variety of cities - search for their national site) are held at night, often after 9 PM. While the night ones are worth checking out, they tend to draw many more males than females, and because of the darkness it is harder to see the exposed body parts at times.

The Madison ride was outstanding. Even though there were hundreds fewer participants compared with the other events I have been to and read about (well, seen photos of!), there was a better percentage of babes participating. Of those babes who rode, more of them were either topless or totally naked on a percentage basis than other cities. And many of the ones I got to see were either college age or appeared to be under the age of 30, which is better yet.

The fact that it was a warm sunny day and they were riding in broad daylight on some narrower paths made checking them out as easy as any of these naked bike rides anywhere. (Some of the others in larger cities can get a bit frustrating when a hot babe is naked but riding past all the way on the other side of the street and with guys partially blocking the view.) In Madison, they were often single or double file, and I was able to get a couple of close up vantage points early in the ride.

Fortunately, I checked them out early on. Because they rode in broad daylight, and on a Saturday with part of the ride going into a business district, there were some complaints, especially parents out with kids. I can understand this. I wish they would have had the ride go through the school campus or something and not risked those complaints. And, maybe inspired a few more female students to join the parade. (!!!!)

However, those complaints led to 9 arrests, a combination of guys and babes. This Friday morning is their court hearing in Madison at which those who were cited for public nudity will try to escape the fines in the lines of this being a protest. (Oh ya, the World Naked Bike Ride is to protest oil prices or something like that.)

If any of you can make it, it might be nice to show some support for them (even if you can't show anything else!).

The hearing is at the Madison Municipal Court at 210 Martin Luther King Drive on the 2nd floor at 11:00 Friday morning local time.

The group has scheduled its next naked bike ride for next June in hopes of getting rid of police complaints by then.

We wish them good luck and happy results on Friday, and more importantly, to clear the way so that more babes can ride naked in Madison next June.

Monday, October 25, 2010

Can't movies keep it real?

It’s bad enough that there seems to be less actual nudity in mainstream movies these days. However, it is time to point out how the movie companies taking steps to practically avoid nudity has an impact on how believable the film is.

I saw another example over the weekend when I went to see “Social Networking”. (I’m not going to spoil anything about the plot.) There is one scene in which one of the key male characters has slept with and spent the night with a college babe, which starts with the 2 of them in her bed in the early morning.

The babe has a sweat shirt on, revealing a bra strap in one shot, and has what I call full panties on. (The kind that are more like short shorts.) The dialogue reveals to the audience that the babe slept with the guy, but doesn’t remember having done so until he explains the situation.

Sorry, but if we are supposed to believe the events the male character described, then why on earth would the babe be wearing a sweat shirt and full panties? If the babe really had blacked out, wouldn’t she remember enough to know why she would have put on a sweat shirt, let alone bra and full panties? Even the panties she has on are not even close to believable. As a total creep spending time on school campuses over the years and seeing plenty of panties (and whatever else is or isn’t worn) that college babes wear, you can’t convince me that a babe of her caliber would wear anything more than a thong or much more revealing panties than the babe in the movie was wearing. If she really wore that type of underwear, she wouldn’t have been in that situation to sleep with the male in the first place.

In the next part of the scene, the babe is supposedly continuing the conversation and walking toward the shower, seen topless from behind. We do get to briefly see the side of a boob, but no nipple. However, in that shot, we don’t get to see her face (not that I was looking at the face!). Thus, it could very well have been a body double so that the actress playing the college babe didn’t have to show even the slightest boobie.

Some of you probably think I’m being a total creep in commenting about this. But whether you dig the nudity (when there is some) or not, my point is that it made the film less believable. That scene was NOT how that babe should have been presented. She should have been at the very least topless if not totally nude.

Think about it. It’s not like the guy who slept with her would make sure she has underwear on, let alone a sweatshirt over a bra, when she fell asleep in his arms after supposedly having sex. Or, if the guy did, it goes against his character in the movie.

There is a separate scene with a drug bust, and they show a powder drug being taken off of another babe’s stomach. For some reason, she is still wearing a bra. Like we are supposed to believe she wouldn’t be topless if not completely naked by that time? Worse yet, one of the male police officers in the raid instructs her to “Cover up!” while she throws a shirt on over her bra. Us movie viewers are intelligent enough to know that she already was “covered” and that a police officer would only react like that if the babe was topless.

This was really because the film maker didn’t want the nudity, and I know that. To me, it tells me the film maker wasn’t interested in making the movie plot believable, and Social Networking is supposedly based on a true story. If they couldn’t get one scene to establish one of the primary characters right, then how do we know how thorough the other scenes are?

In a way, this is even worse than TV shows and some movie scenes where the wife is in bed with her husband, yet very openly keeps the sheets up over her boobies as if he can’t see them. Those scenes detract from the story’s credibility as well, but even a guy like me understands that they can’t show the good stuff on TV shows.

I can understand that some women oppose nudity in the movies when it has little or nothing to do with the plot, even though most men enjoy it. Yet, in Social Networking, those are two separate scenes in which nudity was actually necessary to the scenes, and it was covered up. True, this was especially disappointing to me because I love seeing college aged babes naked as much if not more than any other age group. But this movie is a lot about college students, and this form of censoring or editing made it less realistic.

Come on, guys. We deserve better for what it costs to see a movie these days. Or at least “real”.

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Total Creep in control of the situation

Cliff C. of PA writes:

“I’m not sure I fully believe that you maintain your control every time and have not approached or let the (babe) know what you saw. I would love to know, if you really do, how you do that. Yesterday afternoon I was blessed to be walking past a hot young mom who was tending to her toddler in a stroller. Taking your expert advice, I timed walking by just as she was leaning very forward, and as luck had it there was no bra, and I saw nipples. I must admit I was so pleased that I said “Nice view” after I passed by. She looked up and said “damn you” or something to that effect. I kept on walking and nothing further came of it. She wasn’t about to leave her kid. I am sorry I did that, and know it was wrong to tell her, but I couldn’t help it. How do you really do that?”

Well, Cliff, it’s probably to your surprise, but I will address this matter. Sure, there are times it is very tempting to get out of control over some totally hot babe letting it show. Nice job following my advice, until you got your great view and then spoiled the moment. You (and others) need to stay in control and act like you didn’t see a thing, no matter how challenging. Your action yesterday will ruin it for other guys. There are so few babes, compared with years past, who still go out braless. I would bet you any amount that the one you did this to will never leave home without a bra on again. We can’t afford to “lose” any more.

You need to maintain your composure during and after seeing something like you did, in this case some great boobage. Had you kept quiet like you should have, this babe would be out there again today without a bra and no clue that guys can see all she has when she cares for the kid. That is what inspires me. It’s not only keeping from being nabbed, busted, or arrested (or even beaten if her significant other is near), it is keeping more opportunities open. I am as obsessed as any other guy with seeing as many babes as I possibly can naked or as close to it as possible, even the same ones over and over if possible. If they were to find out from me, I would not only fear trouble from authorities, but it would reduce the field of possibilities. Those are both serious enough to keep me quiet. It takes training, but unless you don’t care to continue checking out the babes (and I can’t imagine that), you need to work at it.

Maintaining composure also applies even when the babe does know. You might go back to my book or audio book (“ Total Creep – A Guy’s Guide “) and re-read the chapter “They Know I Saw”. It describes several true incidents, including one where the babe and her guy both knew I saw a full boob “by accident”. I maintained a straight face, leaving them a bit uncertain. Any babe would expect a guy who “really” saw her boob in public to be smiling, thanking her, or whatever. You can’t do that.

I will admit there have been times over the years I have been very tempted and have come close to making a mistake. I truly do understand the temptation, and even your reaction yesterday. These times are not covered in my book (at least my first one). Fortunately, I was able to talk myself out of it in time. One such “near incident” was several years ago in a Midwest city. I was getting ready to leave the apartment I was renting at the time, but noticed the light was on, and drapes open, in the apartment of a babe I would check out who lived across the street from me. I grabbed the binoculars and there she was carrying clothes while walking in to the room. She put them down on the chair, and it turned out she was stark naked. She then picked up her jeans and pulled them up, following that by putting on just a top. Next, she went and put on her jacket, grabbed her purse, and headed out toward the front door.

The jeans were dark blue, and the top she put on was not open or low cut, and not even see-through. However, this meant that she was going out with absolutely NO underwear on whatsoever. That is my “weakness” when it comes to checking out the babes. To me there is nothing that excites me as much as a babe out in public with no underwear on.

Since I was also about to leave, and knew her parking space, I actually did grab my keys and went downstairs, feeling totally excited about what I just saw and what I knew. I got out the door and actually took a few steps toward her parking space, thinking I would say something like “Oh wow, no underwear!!” to her. Fortunately, the voice of reason in my head told me, “If I do this, I would lose the opportunity to see her naked again, and she could tell her neighbors and even people in my building. I can’t let that happen.” Had I done so, she would have known that I was spying on her. Her clothes were not revealing, and her having a jacket on would have prevented me from seeing bouncing boobies.

Along with that, I will admit that I once got away with a true peeping tom incident (over 30 years ago), convincing myself right afterward that it would be a one-time thing and not worth risking spying and everything else I do in pursuit of seeing babes naked. Even with my anxiety that night, I was extremely careful about not leaving a trace. There was a babe living alone in a first floor apartment that I could not see into from where I was living at the time. One night after dark I (really was) walking back from a local errand, and noticed from the sidewalk that her bathroom light was on, and that her bedroom blinds were open slightly and pointed down. Even though there was a lawn, there was a concrete slab behind the bushes under her window.

I looked around and there was no one else walking on either side of the street, and no cars coming. Just as I was up near the bushes, I saw her bathroom light go dark. I was on that concrete slab, boosted up on her window ledge, and was hanging high enough to see into the bottom part of the blinds. Success – she was sitting on her bed with panties on but topless and was toweling off her hair. I enjoyed the boobs view for maybe 10 seconds, then lowered myself to the ground and snuck away, making sure there were no footprints, and that there was still no one around. (If someone was nearby I could have stayed behind the bushes until they passed.)

That was more than 30 years ago, and I never did that again, no matter how tempting it gets. I think of it as “quantity vs. quality”. No matter how hot a babe is, it isn’t worth giving up seeing hundreds more babes naked for one moment.

So to address your question, yes, I have been tempted. And I have done wrong. But I’m still doing what I do, and by the methods that I know will work safely if done properly. Please keep this in mind on your walk today, OK?

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Caught in the act

Being a total creep is one thing, but maintaining control is another. Here is a news story about a guy who got nailed for trying to check out a babe while she showered in a dorm room:


I'll bet the guy didn't know that she is the daughter of a police officer. But her seeing enough of the guy's clothes to be able to track him down is definitely the fault of the guy. The news story doesn't say whether or not he saw her naked, nor does it indicate if this was a "women only" floor or portion of the dorm. There are instances where women's bathrooms and showers are in or near areas where guys could have access. In that event, guys should be able to make a nice sighting appear to be accidental.

There are usually other opportunities to see at least partial nudity on campus without having to take the risks this guy in the story did.

Monday, October 11, 2010

Addressing spying on the babes

Guys, this news story confirms my previous comments about not using cameras (whether video cam, cell phone, digital, etc.) when checking out babes. The guy in this crime in Minnesota was seen video taping, and if he is or was caught there would be evidence of his actions.

However, more significant to this story, in my opinion, is that the reporter gives the block on which this guy was doing his spying.


With the block being listed, and the photo of the hottie at the top of the story, this also gives total creep guys a more specific idea of where some college babes are. The reporter should have left the street name out of the mix.

But again, had the guy the authorities are looking for chose to use a camera. Otherwise, he could have appeared to be calmly walking down the street without incident. Let's hope they catch him!

Friday, October 8, 2010

Is it an invasion of privacy or not?

It’s either invasion of privacy or it isn’t. And I find myself on both sides of the discussion, even though I just realized it. Since I started blogging and responding to questions regarding my “Total Creep – A Guy’s Guide” book, I have, understandably, heard from some women who would prefer that I am never heard from again. I get it. Women do not appreciate that I openly detail my having spied on babes at home during private moments with binoculars from numerous places I lived and stayed at over the years. Kind of a long distance peeping tom, according to some.

My “argument” to the women who complain is that, while not the most moral of conduct, I am not putting any of the babes I check out at risk in any way. I don’t stand by a window, set foot on their private property, or try to be seen, like some creeps do and are justifiably arrested for. The babes I see don’t know that I saw what I saw. It’s not my fault that they didn’t close the blinds or curtains and I could watch a babe undress, take a shower, or walk around with little or nothing on in private. They don’t know they were being seen, and in my opinion, that means no harm done, even though it could technically be considered an invasion of privacy.

Yet, more than ever, my own privacy gets invaded practically every day. I’m getting really tired of being asked for my personal phone number, e-mail address, zip code, and other such information in order to make a simple consumer purchase. It’s the book store, the shoe store, the department store, the haircut place, and the list goes on.

If I were a betting man I’d bet you that many of the same women who dislike my very being for “invasion of privacy” by spying on babes in private moments are some of the ones who have no problem asking customers for personal information as a routine part of their jobs, and feel no guilt or shame.

Add to all of this the information age we are in, and the technology that goes with it. How can babes be concerned about a guy watching them walk topless in a private moment without knowing it when they are also subjected to revealing personal information on a daily basis?

What made me realize this? Last night I had another wonderful opportunity to watch a cute babe (who appears to be a local college student based on her young look and the shirts and sweaters she wears) sitting at her table using her laptop. Based on her changing facial expressions and how she appeared to be typing something every few seconds, I’m guessing she was either on Facebook or IM’ing her significant other. It didn’t matter to me what she was doing, actually. She put her leg up on the chair to relax, and was wearing a short night shirt with NO panties. I think she was communicating with her sig other because she was touching herself you-know-where every once in a while.

During this time, she had no idea that a man (me) was able to get the full view of her natural state. I was also in the privacy of my home, and in no way a physical threat to her, was not trespassing, and not distracting anyone else from doing anything. I don’t care what she was doing on the computer or who she was communicating with. Yet, chances are she was on that computer sharing her private details and information with the outside world.

Heck, she might have spent her time at work earlier in the day capturing personal information which should remain private from customers.

By the way, I may be a total creep, but I am an honest one. Over the years, I have been able to note whether or not a babe is at home (car parked or not), seen where valuables are placed, and tracked schedules to know when “she” would be most likely to come home. There was one incident where a babe’s front door to her apartment came open and she didn’t know it, and then she proceeded to take a shower. (I could have burglarized the place, but didn’t – so I wouldn’t miss her coming out of the shower.) I possibly could have witnessed a robbery, and then had the dilemma of admitting I was spying OR keeping quiet about it. Therefore, I won’t even use the “private” information I gather via my binoculars.

So, I ask you. Who is really invading whose privacy?

Thursday, October 7, 2010

ESPN producer arrested as peeping tom

The guy has ruined his own life and he probably didn't have to. It makes it tougher for us total creep guys who enjoy this sort of thing but in a more private and less intimidating manner.


He never should have taken a step stool by the babe's window. A definite no-no. Nor do you do what he was doing in public, however exciting his view was. Yikes.

The guy lives in the same complex. Not sure whether or not he had a view into her unit from his using binoculars or a zoom lens, but obviously that would have been the way to go.

Guys don't have to put themselves at heavy risk to check out the babes.

Monday, September 27, 2010

Under that gown!

Chuck of MD writes:
"I wanted you to know how much your advice helped me over the weekend. Even with all of the fantastic information in your book, I must thank you for the chapter about appearing to be composed when you see something great. If not for that, I'd be in a lot of trouble with my loved ones.

While visiting my daughter in the hospital over the weekend (and she is fine now and already home), I was seated along side of her and facing toward the next bed. In that bed was a very attractive (babe), probably early 20's. When I came in, she was resting on her side and her gown was open most of the way down her back. I couldn't see all the way down, but knew the chances were good she had nothing on underneath. Certainly no bra, but I wasn't sure about panties. She looked over toward us and said hello before sitting up and resting.

A few minutes later, I was getting ready to leave but still chatting with my lovely daughter. As luck had it, a nurse came in to check on the other girl's readings, and stood on the side in between my daughter's bed and hers. The (babe) then sat up and moved her legs over toward the side of the bed which was facing us. Sure enough, the gown came way up and open and I could easily see all the way up between her legs. Indeed, no panties!

My daughter was not always looking at me so neither of them could tell that I was trying to see what I could of the other (babe). But when she turned toward me and her gown opened up, that (babe) could tell that I saw what I saw.

Luckily, your book was totally on my mind. That was how I knew to watch where both my daughter and the other (babe) were looking to know when I could try to sneak a peek.

And I instantly recalled your story about your girlfriend's sister not wearing panties that time and how you handled it. Worked like a charm!

The other (babe) knew I saw. I somehow managed to do an Academy Award performance on the spot. I flashed a concerned look on my face, raised a hand as if to wave, and said "Oh, I'm sorry. I should leave" to her. The (babe) showed an exasperated look, realizing that I had seen her bush, and managed to say "I understand. Don't worry about it."

My daughter asked what happened, and I said that "Her gown almost came open" and that "I probably shouldn't be here". Then my daughter turned to the (babe) and apologized as well.

So I was able to finish up and leave right away with both of them (and the nurse) thinking I was truly sorry. As you can understand, the only thing I was sorry about was that I didn't get a longer look up her legs!

Your book made all of the difference. Not only did I realize I had an opportunity there, but I also knew how to get out of major ramifications without incident.

Have you had any similar hospital experiences like this? Or is this new territory, even for you?"

Thanks for sharing, Chuck. If my book were done as a class, you would be my best student. Glad you kept everything in mind from knowing only to look when the others were not and for acting as though you didn't mean to see what you saw. I understand how much "acting" was involved there!

Meanwhile, your hospital question is a tough one. Yes, I have had a nice sighting or two in a hosptial environment over the years. I did not and would not write about it. Young women in a hospital (or related medical enviornment) should not have to worry about us total creep guys lurking around. On one hand, it is difficult for me to endorse this enviornment as a "good" source for being a total creep. But on the other hand, I would have done the same thing as you did if the situation arose. And hopefully handled it as well as you did!

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

He lowered the bar to see her

The readers and listeners to "Total Creep - A Guy's Guide" continue to keep the comments and questions coming:

Armando of FL writes:
"You give the best advice. After your book I started looking up skirts all over again. It was just like you said. I saw a ton of panties, but just last night I was in a bar and noticed a babe about to sit on one of the couches wearing a tight skirt. Before she could position her drink over her legs I saw that she was not wearing panties and got a view of her beaver. I was trying to be nearby when she got up from the couch, but she had her legs crossed and kept them quite guarded. After the 3rd or 4th time I walked by, she gave me a pained look as if she knew that I knew and seemed to wait until I passed by completely before getting up. Then she didn't sit down for the remainder of the time she was there. Obviously, I wasn't going to leave before her! But your advice to keep looking was great."

While you are most welcome for the advice, Armando, I wish you had taken my advice about not letting on so easily. From what you described you are probably correct that she knew you saw all the way up. You should go back to my chapter about maintaining composure when you see something that good. You either had that look in your eye or on your face, or were too obvious when you were walking by and trying to look up her skirt and she caught on. Don't blow it for the rest of us total creep guys! Now she may well be wearing panties when she goes out to a bar, and we can't afford to lose even one of these babes to underwear.

Good move to be ready to look just as she sat down on the couch. Many bar couches (and even comfortable chairs) are set lower, and that is a great opportunity for us when babes are wearing skirts.

(Along those same lines, when babes sit like that and are wearing low rise jeans, maybe you can a view from behind or off to the side and catch some butt crack action. A side or back angle might also reduce your risk of being noticed looking there, especially when compared to the straight on view you had up the skirt.)

Yes, I understand from personal experience that it is difficult to keep a straight face and maintain composure after you see what you saw, or open breasts, etc. That does tend to make your day, especially after hundreds of panties shots until you see the real thing. I wish there was a practice field for this, but there isn't. Don't make it so obvious, Armando. It will lead to more of the same!

Friday, September 17, 2010

The best tips for young waitresses...........

Some of you know that even though very few people post publicly even though many read my updates, I get a good amount of private responses to my posts. Others ask questions but do not wish to have them published, which I most certainly respect.

This morning I received an interesting private response, which I am addressing without names, and that is understandable. A couple weeks back I published a nice note from a guy in Pennsylvania commenting about a “regular restaurant” waitress who apparently doesn’t wear much on top, and how he and his friends enjoy having lunch there and having her bring extra stuff to their table so they can enjoy the view down her top.

The writer pointed out that he felt I was in error to have published the name and general location of the restaurant. After thinking about it for a few minutes, I realized he is correct. I should not have published that with the names included. Then again, total creep guys will be guys. Why would this guy be so concerned?

It seems that he is a restaurant manager himself. The real reason he didn’t want even his initials posted is that he also told me that he understood exactly where the writer of the e-mail was coming from. He knows to hire hot babes to be the hostess or waitress, and to encourage them to “unbutton some more” if they want to see more tip money.

Let’s face it. Many guys don’t tip as well as women in restaurants. So as a service to female waitresses, especially those under 30 who are attractive, it looks like we have stumbled upon a way to increase your tip money. I have no shame in admitting that I have personally tipped better over the years when a hottie is waiting on me and leans over at the table with an extra button or two open or a loose fitting or lower cut top.

Why do I tip better under these circumstances? It is not because of getting to see a nice boob or bra view. So I don’t want to hear protests from less attractive women about this. There is another reason I tip better when this happens. It is because of the extra trips she is called upon to make at my table!

Sorry, but as of now I don’t have any such ideas for guys who are waiters to increase their tips. Anyone?

Monday, August 30, 2010

Why guys need a lunch break every day.......

Don of PA writes:

“My co-workers and I owe you a round of thanks. Your book is so amazing about how us guys miss out on great opportunities all around. There is this hot little blonde waitress at Crystal’s in downtown Pittsburgh all summer wearing a lot of low cut and open tops. Even though she wears a bra, she has no idea of how much boob shows when she leans over to serve or pick up from our table. Or if she does know, it doesn’t bother her. We don’t care either way. The guys and I have been lunching there for months, and it wasn’t until I heard your book that I started to notice her.

Then I went ahead and told the other guys in the group. Now we are regulars there, and we know to ask for things so she keeps having to come by our table and lean over. We can’t see nipple, but we have all enjoyed the view all the way down her loose fitting bra. Definitely gets us all through the work day!! It’s worth the extra tip money to keep her excellent “service” coming our way. You’re the best!”

Chad of AZ writes:

“It took me several tries, but I finally see what you mean about checking down their tops even when you can tell they are wearing a bra. You were right! This totally hot college chick came into the store I work at last night. When she was leaning over to sign her charge form, her bra was so loose fitting that I could see some pink on top. I’m not sure if it was a flat nipple or that was as far as I could see, but if it hadn’t been for your book and your blog, I wouldn’t have known to be watching. And absolutely no one suspected me of looking, since I was conducting business as usual. You can publish this if you want, but the more important thing is to keep alerting guys about this.”

Thanks Don and Chad for the nice words. That’s the whole idea. As much as I would love to be everywhere a cute babe has something showing, I can’t be. Interesting that you both bring up something I have noticed more and more lately. Bras don’t seem to be as tight fitting as they once were. Maybe it is because we see them more and more. But more and more babes go out in public thinking their bra always covers up more than it really does.

There are 2 aspects to this to keep in mind. One is that the loose fitting applies more to the upper part of the boobs. When looking down a blouse or top going down from the shoulder, more and more bras are loose and you can see more of the top of a boob. In addition, many bras are lower cut on the inside and allow more skin to be open. I have noticed this more and more within the past year when looking in between the button holes of a shirt or blouse. It isn’t always bra anymore. More often I’m seeing skin until the bra takes over just before the nipple.

In addition, a lot more of the college age babes wear athletic bras under a shirt or top when out and about. They don’t realize that these are not tight and when the lean over you can see a good percentage of one or both boobs, depending on your angle.

Remember, guys, not to give up on looking just because she has a regular bra or an athletic bra on. The fit might not be what she thinks it is. Some boob is certainly better than no boobage at all. Even though I still prefer the era of the 70’s, 80’s, and 90’s when more babes would not wear a bra at all. We wouldn’t get to see as much boobage, but would get to see nipple action much more often.

Thanks for writing! Feel free to send your Total Creep questions and comments to me, and let me know if it is OK to publish.

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

It ain't me babe

No, this photo and post are not of me:


Just because the babe who wrote this called the guy a "total creep" doesn't mean that she knows about my book, "Total Creep - A Guy's Guide" or this blog.

But, guys, this is the sort of thing I write and talk about. As tempting as it can be at times, do not be taking photos where you can easily be seen doing so. At least not with an obvious camera.

Now, I'll admit that on only a few rare occasions I have snapped a photo of some "goods" with the camera in my cell phone. But in those instances I appear to be texting or checking messages and maintain an aggravated look on my face as if I am too distracted to notice a hot babe with something showing nearby.

And if I suspect that somebody might be approaching me, I would then hit the delete button and not take any chances.

I realize this sounds a contradiction, telling you guys not to do this, and then explaining how to, but I hope you understand the significance. You can see by the above link the mistake this guy made. Plus, we don't know that anything good was showing.

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Wish I had gone to Lollapalooza

If this is an indication of the crowd, I must make a note to be in Chicago next summer for this festival. Some major scoping of the babes hour after hour, if this is how it is.

I'd sure love to have had the job of taking these photos.


Any of you total creep guys that took this in care to let us know how you liked it?

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Nothing physical here, Becky

Becky A. of NJ writes:

"I can't believe that you go around acting as if it is perfectly OK to disrespect women and their right to privacy and encourage guys to do the same. You should be put away for good. Did it ever occur to you that other guys don't do this "as well" (as you put it) because they know better? Guys like you disgust me. No wonder you conceal your real identity And you can print this. Were you that guy that got busted in New York City? If not, you must know that creep."

Becky, Becky, Becky. You had better believe I'm printing this. First of all, I'm guessing you are referring to this story:


Let's get your facts straight. Nowhere, and I mean absolutely nowhere, in my book, audio book or any of my blog postings (TheTotalCreep.blogspot.com) did I or will I ever say anything positive about any male that actually touches a woman inappropriately and against her will. You fail to understand that such a disgusting act is NOT what I do, write about, or to some extent, teach. Guys like the one just arrested disgust me just as much.

While I will grant you that I can understand why women hate me because of what I write about, I do not encourage (or address) any physical contact whatsoever. Looking down the back side of a pair of low-rise jeans to see butt crack is not the same as actually touching a babe's butt inappropriately.

For the record, I'm glad to read about the arrest made in NYC.

Regarding the rest of your comments, as I have said before, just because I write about guys looking down tops and up skirts and spying on babes at home with binoculars doesn't mean I'm the only one who does this. The next time you see a babe walking down the street with half of her boobs on display, watch the faces of the guys she walks past. See where they are looking. Let me know how many of them are trying to sneak a peek down her top. Constantly. Then you'll know what I mean.

Yes, I conceal my identity. I do that for a number of reasons. One is personal security, since I prefer not to feel at risk if recognized, especially by women. (Even though my photo is on my blog page and Facebook page.) Another reason is that I am a professional who travels a lot and do not wish to have this possibly impact my business dealings, since many are decided by women. In addition, from a marketing position, the name I.C. London is a humorous tie-in with the subject matter.

So, yes, Becky, I have published your letter and responded to it. Please do not put me in a group with men who take inappropriate physical actions on a woman. It's like saying young girls caught sexting SHOULD have to register as sex offenders.

Monday, August 9, 2010

Maybe underwear is sexy - at times.......

Barry G. of MI writes:

“I can understand your complaints about more chicks wearing underwear than they used to, but I often find it sexy to see a lace bra or panties sticking out. It is better than nothing, even if it’s not seeing the entire (boob).”

Actually, Barry, I partially agree with you. This is an interesting debate, and I would love for more guys to weigh in on this. Back in the 70’s, 80’s, and most of the 90’s, a percentage of babes would go out in public not wearing a bra at all some or all of the time. Thus, if you knew what you were doing (and therefore the premise for my book), you would be able to see nipples when babes would bend over, wear a loose fitting sleeveless top, be seated with a loose top on, and other such techniques.

These days, with tops generally more revealing, it seems like 99% or higher wear a bra. Granted, some of the bras are lower cut and looser fitting than years go by, but seeing nipple is becoming a thing of the past. Being old enough and doing this for so long, I’m used to seeing more nipples than I have in the past few years, so to me it is a complaint. You younger guys don’t know what you are missing out on!

Same thing with panties. With shorts and skirts being much shorter, there is more opportunity to see up into panties. Even though in the past only a very small percentage of babes might not wear any when out in public, that percentage has also dropped. (But not the panties, if I may say so as a total creep!).

This becomes the “quantity vs. quality” discussion. You can see more skin on many more babes than you used to while out in public, especially in many professional environments. However, you see way fewer nipples and hardly ever score a bush sighting in public. (Butt crack sightings are way above what they ever were with the wonderful invention of low-rise jeans and shorter tops, so that is one positive over the past few years.)

However, on your point about underwear, I won’t totally disagree. Just this morning on my way to a business meeting I had a perfect example of this. I spotted a babe walking ahead of me in a mid-length skirt, and knew that at the end of the block she would need to walk up a flight of stairs. Since there were no other hotties within my view, I decided to slow down and continue walking behind her. (I also was going up those stairs.) Obviously, I checked her for panty lines and could tell she had full panties on instead of a thong. I could also see the top panty line, and it so happened to be hanging down quite nicely. Even though this was a thin skirt, it was not see through, but I could tell that the top of her panties were down along her butt crack as she walked. I found that to be quite sexy, just as you state. That if that skirt were to come all the way up, I would see butt crack sticking out at the top. It was a nice view for the few hundred feet until she went up the stairs. Even though I could only see the very bottom of those panties, I found her to be quite sexy.

Let’s see what some of you guys think about this!

Friday, August 6, 2010

Art Linkletter DID the darndest things!

How fun is this story? I vaguely remember Art Linkletter, the TV personality from my mother and grandmother seemingly watching him every time he was on TV with “People Are Funny” and his interviews with children. I had absolutely no idea that Art was one of us – a total creep in his own right until I happened to be reading this article earlier in the week:


So there it is in print. Linkletter used to be at work and be spying on the babes at a hotel. The man so widely enjoyed by women for so many years. They had no idea. Now when I get what is in effect hate mail from women who think I am the only disgusting man on earth I have something to share with them. This reinforces that I happened to be the first guy honest enough to reveal what I do and HOW I do it for guys that want to learn the tricks of the trade.

If other guys didn’t spy on babes with binoculars or make an effort to look down a collar or up a skirt or shorts, then I wouldn’t have sold so much as one book or received hundreds of e-mails with comments. (Normally “hundreds” of e-mails would not seem significant, but many guys do not wish to reveal to anyone, even me, that they use the techniques I teach.)

Now, in a way, I’m in the company of the legendary Art Linkletter. What an amazing discovery to be in the San Diego area on business and happen upon this newspaper column. Now I’m curious about which hotel that would have been. It’s probably gone, but still…..

Based on what I see while staying at a friend’s apartment during my stay in the San Diego area, Linkletter would have been amazed at some of the hot young babes who practically wear more to bed than they do when they go outside. At least there are still a few pre babes who go out in public not wearing a bra than most other parts of the country.

Thanks, Art, for having DONE the darndest things!

Friday, July 16, 2010

Why he saw his sister's boob.........

The readers, and sometimes relatives of readers and listeners to "Total Creep - A Guy's Guide" continue to e-mail me at ic.london at live.com:

Carrie G. of OH writes:
“My younger brother came home from college and had heard your audio book. That is his decision, but it’s how I found out that has me freaked out. He told me that he saw one of my (boobs) last night while we were out at dinner, and he was concerned because he knew I wouldn’t like other guys being able to see them too. After we got home, he showed me in private how he did that, and then told me all about your book and how other guys do the same thing. I must say I was shocked. This was maybe the 3rd time all year I went out without a bra, since we are having this heatwave. He was able to look down my open sleeve and convinced me he saw nipple. I can’t believe you would do this to women. I take it you do not have a sister? Or a female cousin? Is your family a bunch of nudists? Why do you do this?”

As I continue to explain, I was not the first guy to check out the babes. It has nothing to do with my family or personal life, thank you. Since you resent what your brother saw this much, I would say that he did you a major favor. It looks like you will take additional steps to prevent guys from seeing your boobs from here on. Heck, I should be on your brother’s case for ruining the opportunity.

After all, I didn’t tell you not to wear a bra, and then wear a sleeveless top which sometimes gives guys a full view. If your brother wasn’t interested in seeing, he wouldn’t have listened to my audio book. Him, me, and plenty of other guys. Again, I’m here to tell you that the bro did you a favor by telling you. Maybe he didn’t have to go into detail about what he saw, but it obviously drove the point across. I’m not sure too many brothers would do that to a sister, or even care to see her boobs. But guys will be guys.

Frankly, I have been amazed over the years at the number of babes who wear sleeveless or open sleeve tops and don’t think guys can see down when they get the right angle. But I’m glad they do.

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Megan doesn't like me

Megan of TX writes:

“You’ll never publish this but I give you permission. There should be laws against you. How dare you encourage guys to spy on women in the privacy of their own home? How would you feel if you were naked in a personal and private moment and noticed a group of people watching your every move? Your book and your blog totally disgust me, and I’m sure you get notes from other women feeling the same way.

If I ever catch you or someone that disgusting trying to look down my shirt or into my condo I will get a lawyer and womens groups and go after you until you can’t afford to keep your own binoculars. I don’t believe you are married. You probably haven’t had a single date in your adult life and trying to see some boobs is all you can do to have a woman in your life. Then I read your support of a letter from some nerd who described watching a young lady in a very private intimate moment. You should have that guy sent away, and then follow him there.”

Since you gave me permission, Megan, I am publishing your entire comments. Sorry you don’t believe that I really am married and have had dates and girlfriends over the years as much as most guys. Don’t make assumptions based on your emotions.

Like I have said before, my target audience is straight guys of all ages. I never forced any of them to purchase my audio book or to use any of the ideas and true personal experiences I have had on their own. All I did was notice how many guys miss out on opportunities to see the body parts of women and provide them with some tips. The next time you are in a busy area and see a young hottie walking around with her blouse open, take a look at the guys nearby. Watch how many guys will stare her down as the walks by. Some with their eyes bulging out and a smile on their faces. Guys have and will do that whether they know of my audio book or not. My book does not tell them to do this sort of thing. It tells them HOW to do it.

Truthfully, I know (and so do the guys) that watching babes through binoculars while they are in private is not morally proper. What they don’t know won’t hurt them. That doesn’t make it OK to do. I understand your dislike of me, but I’m one of the few men open enough to admit that I do these things and the only one to provide tips to other guys who also enjoy doing this. If you choose to keep your body totally covered at all times in public and keep the shades or curtains closed while you are at home, you won’t have these worries. See you at the beach!

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

He can't quite put his finger on it.......

Wendell G. of OH writes:
“Your suggestions are so on target it is incredible. I have been a total creep for about 3 months and was never glad I lived next to another big apartment building until I listened to your book. Your ideas about the best times of the day and night are tremendous and have probably saved me hours. Especially the part about keeping track of schedules when possible. I have had a few great sightings, although it will be tough to top the one I saw last night.

There are a couple of 20-something chicks who are roommates and don’t mind walking around with very little on. Last night, only the cuter of the 2 was home and was on the couch watching TV or a movie or something. Whatever she was watching must have turned her on. She was wearing a robe but not facing toward my view at first. I was checking on her with my binoculars every few minutes. After a while, she got up from the chair and sat on the floor, and I got a nice break as she was now facing my view. She sat down on the floor with her back against the sofa. She then spread her legs and lifted up her robe over them. And she had nothing on.

She then spent about 20 minutes fingering herself, but stopping and moving her hand away every couple of minutes which gave me a great view every time. I could see the look on her face and could tell when she satisfied herself. Then she sat back with the robe wide open so I could see everything for a couple of minutes while she relaxed. Next, she got up off the floor and took off the robe completely while walking toward the shower. Wow! Even though I have seen her and the cute roommate naked a few times already, I never imagined I would get a show like that. And if it wasn’t for your great book, I never would have known how to see it. I think guys should hire you to coach them. You are the best!”

Thanks, Wendell. I have been thinking more and more about the “coaching” idea. Even with my years of experience as a total creep, different cities and areas have different settings. Obviously, not all residential buildings are built the same or offer the same views to guys looking in with binoculars or even the naked eye. What works to see into one building may not work for another, just as guys have different schedules and situations to be able to do this.

Just to let you know, I am exploring an option using a web cam to make this happen. Guys could use their web cam to hopefully show me the naked-eye view from their windows or wherever they can spy from with the lowest risks. Then I could make specific recommendations. Please give me some time to work out details. This isn’t exactly webinar material where groups of guys want to be seen or heard asking me questions. But I have to believe we can use this technology to further our quest to see as many babes partially or fully naked as we can.

Thursday, July 8, 2010

Sizing up his girlfriend

Greg G. of TN writes:

"My girlfriend and I were walking to her car when a chick who was jogging along was coming toward us. As good fortune had it, one of her (boobs) popped out from her bra top. She was pretty quick about covering up, but I got to see nipple action. However, my girlfriend also saw and quickly looked over at me to, I suppose, see my reaction. What she saw was my eyes wide open and an obvious smile on my face, leaving her with no doubt that I saw and enjoyed it. It's as if I was busted. She got upset and we spent the rest of our walk arguing before I took her home earlier than planned. It's not like I could deny that I saw and enjoyed it. I was explaining that I had no control over that happening, and that as a guy of course I would enjoy that. But I wasn't with that chick. I was "with" her. I'm not sure what else I could have said or done to make the situation better. You will probably say I should have kept a straight face and played it down, but I can't help how I reacted. (You can tell I listened to your book!) I think my GF reacted that harshly because she has much smaller (boobs) than the jogger. Do you think that's why?"

It well could be, Greg. Some babes with smaller boobies are very sensitive about guys liking bigger ones. I recall a girlfriend of mine years back who several times commented about how her sister "has all of the family boobs". (That sister sure did, since I was fortunate enough to also see hers on one wonderful occasion, but I digress.) But as I wrote in my Total Creep book, the most important thing is to always (and I mean, always) act like you don't care around babes in your life, especially a girlfriend or wife.

The times my then-girlfriend made those comments I would remain calm, and maybe throw in a "I'm happy with everything about you", or "It doesn't matter to me". While in my mind I was waiting for her sister to come into the room so I could keep an eye on those puppies.

So, yes, I'm telling you to maintain a straight face, or at the very least, your composure. I know it's not easy, but use the threat of losing your girlfriend (if you care enough) as an incentive. Be ready in case you get a lucky break like that again. Even if it is obvious you saw, the important part to your woman is how you handle it.

My suggestion would have been a simple "How embarassing!" or "No wonder she is running so fast!", and move on. No matter how nice the boob was, just don't let on how much you enjoyed it.

And if your girlfriend has gotten over it and things are fine, I would say that the next few times you are in bed with her, spend some extra time on her boobs. Make her feel more secure about them, and you'll be fine.

Again, part of my secret to success is that seeing the hundreds of babes and body parts that I see help me when it comes to making love to my wife, since I am even more excited from what I saw earlier in the day. Keep that in mind as well. Oh, and let me know where that walking path is!

Friday, July 2, 2010

Was he obvious as a total creep?

Rick K. of FL writes:

"I hope I didn't mess up. I had listened to the part of your excellent book where you discuss not letting on to others that you are looking at them (the babes). This morning at work I was by the front desk when the cute receptionist was leaning over to work on a form. I couldn't help it. She had one of those open bras on and I could see almost to the nipple. I guess I had an obvious smile on my face from enjoying the view. However, when I started walking past her, I looked up and one of the male bosses was looking right at me. I'm sure he could tell what I had just seen from where he was standing. In trying not to act frightened, I winked at him and shrugged my shoulders as if to use body language to say "You missed a great view". Then I went on with my work, and nothing at all was said. The receptionist either never knew I looked or didn't complain to anyone. Nothing was said by anyone for the rest of the day, so I seem to be safe. Is there anything else I could have done?"

Good question, Rick. I thought about this one for a while. I have been in that same situation a couple of times myself. One that I recall was when another male co-worker and I were across from the desk of a young hottie and were talking with each other about something work related. She probably didn't realize it, but she got up from her chair and then bent over to get something out of the file cabinet next to her desk, giving both of us a great view down her top. She was (also) wearing a loose fitting bra, so we got quite a view. Being the composed total creep I am, I continued talking about whatever it was, so she had no idea of what we both saw.

Then, she took the file she got and left the room to take it to whomever. The other guy and I then smiled at each other, and he reached across to slap five with me. Nothing further was said about it. He basically thanked me for continuing to talk and make it appear to the babe that we were not paying attention. So I understand things like that happen.

In this instance, and those such as your incident, the important thing is that the babe didn't know what was really going on. Sounds like the guy you had at work understood that you happened to be there. If she was leaning over and others saw you walk over and very deliberately look, that would probably be a different story with consequences.

I would say, in cases like these, that is OK to let it be known that you enjoyed the view, as long as you (or I) didn't deliberately go out of the way to get a glance.

This is not to say that there shouldn't be times that you purposely move to look. If you do, you need to be careful, as I discuss throughout the book. But since in the above instances others noticed, it's probably OK to act as though it was a one-time fluke, you enjoyed it, and you move on.

This week, I am in an eastern city on business. This morning I was on a commuter train when a cute babe had a wardrobe malfunction (like I need to be politically correct for this blog?). She was not wearing a bra, and had a loose fitting sleeveless top on, thank you very much. As she was adjusting her collar, it pulled her sleeve are up a few inches toward the front. Almost all of her left boob was clearly visible for a few seconds until she re-adjusted. As soon as she adjusted and it wasn't showing, I noticed the guy next to me on the right turning his head away with a big smile on his face. So these things happen a lot. Yet, if someone was watching us, the other guy smiling was a giveaway that he saw. On the other hand, I maintained a straight face, so no one could tell I saw anything if they were watching me.

Putting these stories together, I can now answer your question. I would bet the guy at work could tell by your expression that you got a good look. The trick is to maintain a straight face and act like you didn't see anything no matter what. Had you known to do that, you probably would have avoided the fear of that guy making it a problem for you at work.

Monday, June 28, 2010

This total creep likes the 40+ women.......

Everett J. of OH writes:

"Count me among those who totally love your audio book. Great idea to put it on my (MP3 player). I even thought to rename the file so that if my girlfriend happens to check the playlist she wouldn't notice it. I do want to ask you about the age factor. You comment mostly about gals of college age or into their 20's. I enjoy checking out the ladies over 40 up to maybe mid-50's. This seems to be more of a challenge than you indicate. What suggestions do you have?"

Good question, Everett. When it comes to being on the lookout for naked women, age does matter. When it comes to 40+, you have to take the good with the bad in terms of your techniques.

When out in public, the "good" is that women of that age generally do not get looked over nearly as much as the younger babes. Therefore they might not suspect you trying to glance down a shirt or wherever opportunity knocks. While not nearly the percentage of younger babes that do so, there are some who leave the shirt open another button or wear a loose fitting top.

However, it is practically a one in a million shot to find a 40+ not wearing a bra or even totally revealing her bra. (Frankly, it's getting to be a challenge to find younger ones not wearing a bra these days.) The 40+ women do not want boobs hanging or bouncing, and especially tend to keep more of the hip area covered. Not as many wear low rise jeans with shorter shirts compared with the younger babes. Butt crack views are pretty rare in this group. The exceptions are generally those few who still look like they are age 30 and who keep the young appearance. (My guess is that you don't pay much attention to them anyway.)

My suggestion for when out in public is to do what I call "situational looking". Again, the majority of 40+ women do not dress to reveal. I would go into upscale retailers or department stores rather than hang at a park or street corners. Although I don't "check out" 40+ women very often, I have found that the best opportunities for a good look come from situations such as bending over. Watch for 40+ women working at counters where they have to lean over to get a bag or to reach for a receipt.

For example, find one working the register at the grocery store, get in her line, and then wait for when she leans over for a bag. Better yet, maybe she needs to mark a coupon and leans over to do so on the counter, giving you a nice view, even if it is always bra.

These older women always wear panties, and usually ones that cover them much more than the younger babes. Even butt crack is tough to come by, so my thinking is to concentrate on the boobs.

When spying on 40+ women who are at home, there are also a few different guidelines. You are much better off to find one who lives alone or with female roommates. As I point out in "Total Creep - A Guy's Guide", the younger babes living with boyfriend or husband will often walk around with little or nothing on to please her man. However, the 40+ women tend to be much more covered up even in the privacy of home when the man is around.

It is when they are alone or only with other women that you stand a better chance to see some partially or fully naked action. That is probably the most important difference to keep in mind when seeking to look at 40+ women.

Your best find would be a 40+ woman who is divorced and on her own that has one or more daughters living with her. I have been fortunate enough to see a few of these situations over the years, and that definitely works. One of my favorite instances was when I could see into both bedrooms (and entrances to their bathrooms) of a unit where a mother (probably about 40 or 42) lived with her teen daughter. I saw both of them stark naked in their respective bedrooms, mainly because neither closed the door since it was only the other one living there. Several times one or both would forget to close the curtains and, of course, not be aware that anyone was looking at them through binoculars.

You are correct that I had not gone into this in my book, and I apologize for that. I tend to focus on the babes in the 18 to 30 range. That is partially because that continues to be my preference, and partially because this is what guys have been telling me is their preference for many years.

I hope this helps. And, please, Everett, let me know how you do!

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

More bounce to the ounce

Joe V. of VA writes:

"Your point about always being on the lookout is so true. I'll admit that your book served as a nice wake-up call for me, and I'm sure for other guys, even if they won't admit it. This afternoon I was at a busy intersection in Richmond waiting for the light to change. Since taking your advice, I now know to scout around for a decent (babe). One was starting to cross the street coming toward where I was standing, and she had a nice bounce as she walked along. As luck had it, the light went yellow and she had to hurry across. She was totally bouncing across before she clutched her purse tightly across that wonderful chest to try and stop. I'm sure any guys sitting in their cars got the same enjoyment I did. So it wasn't seeing her naked at all, but it was still some major entertainment and sure made my lunch hour. I'd like to share in your advice and remind other guys to always look around."

Thanks, Joe. I'll add that the only regret is that this happened in June and not during a cold day! A good bouncing set is a great thing, even if it's not as amazing as the days when a percentage of babes wasn't wearing a bra. How I miss the days of "live ones" bouncing along making it obvious she wasn't wearing a bra. Whenever time permitted, I would change course if need be to try and get a look between buttons or hope for a leaning over. Always better to know for sure she wasn't wearing a bra then to use up time only to find out she was wearing a big bra that covered everything.

But as you point out, too, it helps to remind guys to keep on the lookout at every opportunity. You can be a total creep at all times.

Monday, June 21, 2010

fun in Madison for a total creep

Being a total creep made all the difference in the world on Saturday morning (6/19). As many of you know I travel a lot for my (real) job, and I love it because of the opportunities it often affords to check out the babes in different regions.

With some luck and even more planning, I was in Northern Wisconsin on business on Friday, and decided to stay over into Saturday after I heard about the first ever Naked Bike Ride scheduled for Saturday in Madison. Whereas, the ride in Chicago the week before (which I was not able to attend) was late at night, the Madison group decided to have their protest ride during the midday.

A fellow total creep friend tipped me off to the starting location, and there was some publicity about "observation locations" throughout the ride. But I feared this ride might not go as planned, and sure enough it didn't:


As the story indicates, there were several arrests. Worse yet, female riders were especially targeted and had to cover up.

But, as readers/listeners to my "Total Creep - A Guy's Guide" can attest, I was prepared for this one, and fortunately, did get to see the babes that participated either totally or partially naked prior to the "cover up". It would have been a major bummer to have traveled to Madison just for this and then missed out. I can tell you from seeing past rides in other cities (this is part of a "World Naked Bike Ride" national grouop) that they do get a percentage of babes of college age and in their 20's to ride.

I was tipped off as to the meeting point for the riders. I drove my rental car over, and saw where the riders, still fully dressed, were following the leaders over to a vacant garage. Unfortunately for me, they were inside to disrobe and for some to apply body paint.

I then drove away and scouted out the first "observation point" and it looked good. It was about 15 minutes into the ride, and was a bike path in a park along one of the lakes in Madison. Better yet, other than a few creeps like me, there wasn't a crowd there, and the bike path is not very wide. That meant that I could get close to the path when the time came. This was an ideal situation. The other rides like this I have seen go down actual streets, so you can only get to curbside. Thus, any babes on the other side of the street, or even in the middle between guys, are tougher to see a good look at.

Yet, I knew I had better see this "ride" early on, in case of police problems. I then drove back near the starting point, which was them riding down a busy street for the first few blocks. Sure enough, there were several babes worth seeing, even though I was back on the sidewalk, but I had an idea of where they were in the line. (Naturally, it's mostly guys riding in these things, but you got to take the bad with the good!)

After they passed by, I jumped back into my rental car and went back to that park. I parked close and walked over to the bike path with about 4 minutes to spare. So I was able to walk to the start of the park and get right up along the bike patch. I'm talking maybe 10 feet between me and the other side of the bike path, so they were all going to ride right by me! And I had an idea of who to look for.

Of the babes in the ride, there were about 5 or 6 decent lookers who were completely naked, and maybe 8 to 10 others who were topless. Two of the completely naked babes had no body paint where it mattered, thus leaving everything out in the open. Since I was able to stand so close to where they were riding, even when one of them stopped peddling in order to keep her legs straight while passing by me, I was able to see her boobs while she was coming up, look over her left leg as she rode by (since it was steady) and see the beaver, and then get a nice butt view after she passed by. It was nice to see another of the completely naked babes that was completely shaved down there not paint over it.

It was also nice that a couple of the babes were willing to show themselves even though they would normally have even more reasons to keep covered. One had what appeared to be different sized boobies that each hung at a slightly different angle, while another had what looked to be a scar on her butt. They deserve a lot of credit for doing the ride!

There were maybe 80 to 100 people or so on the ride in total. Never mind the fat guy with blue body paint with his you-know-what totally hanging out as he led the group. I was easily able to not bother with the guys and spot the babes in the group.

After they all passed by, I had originally planned to go to another vantage point on their way back to the start/end point. But I also saw a police presence a few hundred feet beyond where I went. And, guys, that turned out to be my best move to catch these babes early. I had a hunch this ride wouldn't go well, and actually decided to head back to the airport early.

Sure enough, as the news reports indicate, there were some complaints, arrests, and worse yet, the babes were among those asked to cover up. So if you are going to check out a naked bike ride in the future, do whatever it takes to get an early vantage point.

Oh, and if the babe who had black paint looking like tire marks on her right boob is reading this - please know that you were the best looking one in the ride, even though you were wearing bottoms.

Now today, I can't believe there were arrests. Part of this ride went onto the University of Wisconsin campus. A major party school. You can't tell me there isn't nudity at other times for the police to deal with. They could have let this go, and made it a better day for the guys in town!

Friday, June 18, 2010

Keeping Barry abreast........

Barry of NJ writes:

"I also loved your book and learned a lot. You are so right about guys missing opportunities by not paying attention. I saw some good stuff right away that I would have missed without your help.

Just curious, though. You mentioned that you like all (breast) sizes. I thought every guy liked big ones a lot better, and that when it comes to (boobs) size matters. Do you really feel that way? Or is it because you want to enjoy what you see every day?"

Not exactly a book related question, Barry, but I'll answer it anyway. I tried to stay away from my personal preferences as much as possible when writing the book. However, I felt it important to reveal that I enjoy boobs of all shapes and sizes for a couple of reasons.

First, I do know that not every guy prefers the biggest ones. Some guys I have talked with fear that many of the 'big ones' are not natural, and they prefer natural. The smaller-boobed babes are most likely natural.

For the purpose of my Total Creep book, I wasn't about to focus on only the large sizes. The idea is that guys can enjoy all shapes and sizes. If you prefer big boobs, but can see a small chested babe walking topless, my hunch is that you would not turn away!

Second, big boobs can be tough for seeing nipples in public. When babes are not wearing a bra (which, unfortunately is all too rare these days), it is the smaller boobs that are more easily seen all the way down. I have enjoyed many a big boobed babe leaning over, but because there is so much boobage it can be tough to see nipple. Whereas a small breasted babe can lean over not as far and nipple action is there for the viewing.

Finally, I must admit that I also prefered the bigger ones much more when in my teens, 20's, and into my 30's. In the last 20 years I have come to appreciate smaller and medium ones a lot more. These days, I continue to enjoy the variety.

In fact, since writing the book, I have noticed that there are some flat or small chested babes that are more willing to wear see-through and lower cut tops than they used to. It's as if they decided to "fight" the big boobed babes by calling attention to what little they have by being more willing to let guys know what the nipples look like. Just a theory, however.

My book was not written only for guys who like big ones. It's for all guys to enjoy whatever sized boobs they like the most, and whenever possible.

Good question!!

Readers and listeners to "Total Creep - A Guy's Guide" are welcome and encourage to e-mail me with comments and questions. Let me know if you wish kept private or published with name withheld. ic.london at live.com

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

There's gold in them thar hills.......

J. C. writes:

“You were so right about playing a hunch if you can. I have gone to (withheld) Beach several times over the years, and was aware that some of the (babes) change to and from bathing suits in a secluded location very near the entrance to the showers. For years I sat back and wished there was a way to see in there, since it is actually an outdoor location, but the wooden fence surrounding is about 8 feet tall.

After I listened to your book, I went to that beach with a small group of guys and girls a couple of Saturdays ago. While waiting outside of the girls’ shower area, I noticed that there is a nearby hill and appeared to be a path going up toward the top. I had not paid attention to that before. On my own, I went back the next day (a Sunday), and took an innocent walk up on that hill with my backpack in place. Sure enough, it was not busy at all, since everyone was at the beach part. I ducked down behind a couple of trees and realized that with my binoculars I could see into some of the open area just outside of the women’s showers. Sure enough, I saw one (babe) walking out topless and another who changed and went naked, even though I only saw her from behind and got a butt view. She was very hot looking!

Per your advice, I only stayed about 10 minutes, and got those 2 good looks. It appears to be park property and not heavily supervised. I looked around to be sure there were no cameras or surveillance where I was, and I didn’t see anything. I believe that I appeared to be a guy taking a short hike up the hill and back. I could see where it could be suspicious if I spent hours up there, so I know that’s not a good idea. (Tempting as it is.)

I need your expertise. I know you have done some outdoor spying, but I also know how you caution others. I would like to go back on the hot days and stay there for maybe 15 minutes or so and see what I can. What do you suggest?”

First, J.C., I used your initials and took out your location, which I don’t usually do. As incredible as it may seem, I’m pretty sure I have been to that area in the past. It’s true there are some hotties in that area due to nearby college campuses, so I understand the urgency for you. Like you, I especially love checking out the babes in the college age group.

It is difficult for me to suggest continuing to do this, however, since I don’t have enough of a grip on the situation. But I do think your approach of only a few minutes is a good one. It shows me you listened to the book and heeded the advice. I can see where it would be tempting to set up shop and spend hours in the trees waiting for hotties to come out of the shower and/or change clothes thinking there is total privacy.

Here is my “if it were me” answer, but do so at your own risk. I would go mid-to-late afternoon on a busy day, and appear to have just gone to the men’s room and to be waiting for others. My backpack would be on and I’d be ready to go. When I would see a couple of hotties heading into the shower area, I would then look at my watch and look aggravated, as if I am waiting for others. Then I would shrug my shoulders as if I’m going to leave, and start walking. This way, no one will think anything of your walking away by yourself. I would head up the hill to those trees within the next few minutes and then hope to see those babes when they come out of the shower. (You would have a better idea of how much time you need to get to your spot, so plan accordingly.) I agree that you should keep it to a few minutes, and as tough as it is to do so, only once a day maximum. You don’t want people to see you there all of the time doing the same thing.

Also, my suggestion is to keep this a secret. You may think it’s no big deal to invite a friend to come along, but it would be. Seeing two guys go off and come back like that might seem unusual and could arouse suspicion. Plus, if you were to be caught, you would not want anyone else to know that you really were doing this.

I would do things such as have a CD player in my backpack, and then carry a loose CD that I didn’t need and I would roll it in the dirt. I’m sure you are asking what this has to do with spying on babes. Plenty. When you do leave your viewing spot a few minutes later (and hopefully with success), I would be walking out toward the pathway holding my “dirty” CD and looking upset as if it rolled down the path and was ruined. It is this type of move that can remove suspicion. Hopefully if anyone questions you, they would not check and find that you have binoculars with you. Yet, they can’t prove where you used them.

This is also why you should not have or use a camera. As I have stated numerous times already, you must not have any evidence of what you saw.

Let me know if you go ahead with this, and how it turns out. I will not publish any location or personal details. Good find, by the way. Maybe I’ll see you there one of these days!

NOTE: Readers and listeners to "Total Creep - A Guys' Guide" are welcome to e-mail me with questions and comments at ic.london at live.com. Let me know if you wish kept private.