Monday, August 30, 2010

Why guys need a lunch break every day.......

Don of PA writes:

“My co-workers and I owe you a round of thanks. Your book is so amazing about how us guys miss out on great opportunities all around. There is this hot little blonde waitress at Crystal’s in downtown Pittsburgh all summer wearing a lot of low cut and open tops. Even though she wears a bra, she has no idea of how much boob shows when she leans over to serve or pick up from our table. Or if she does know, it doesn’t bother her. We don’t care either way. The guys and I have been lunching there for months, and it wasn’t until I heard your book that I started to notice her.

Then I went ahead and told the other guys in the group. Now we are regulars there, and we know to ask for things so she keeps having to come by our table and lean over. We can’t see nipple, but we have all enjoyed the view all the way down her loose fitting bra. Definitely gets us all through the work day!! It’s worth the extra tip money to keep her excellent “service” coming our way. You’re the best!”

Chad of AZ writes:

“It took me several tries, but I finally see what you mean about checking down their tops even when you can tell they are wearing a bra. You were right! This totally hot college chick came into the store I work at last night. When she was leaning over to sign her charge form, her bra was so loose fitting that I could see some pink on top. I’m not sure if it was a flat nipple or that was as far as I could see, but if it hadn’t been for your book and your blog, I wouldn’t have known to be watching. And absolutely no one suspected me of looking, since I was conducting business as usual. You can publish this if you want, but the more important thing is to keep alerting guys about this.”

Thanks Don and Chad for the nice words. That’s the whole idea. As much as I would love to be everywhere a cute babe has something showing, I can’t be. Interesting that you both bring up something I have noticed more and more lately. Bras don’t seem to be as tight fitting as they once were. Maybe it is because we see them more and more. But more and more babes go out in public thinking their bra always covers up more than it really does.

There are 2 aspects to this to keep in mind. One is that the loose fitting applies more to the upper part of the boobs. When looking down a blouse or top going down from the shoulder, more and more bras are loose and you can see more of the top of a boob. In addition, many bras are lower cut on the inside and allow more skin to be open. I have noticed this more and more within the past year when looking in between the button holes of a shirt or blouse. It isn’t always bra anymore. More often I’m seeing skin until the bra takes over just before the nipple.

In addition, a lot more of the college age babes wear athletic bras under a shirt or top when out and about. They don’t realize that these are not tight and when the lean over you can see a good percentage of one or both boobs, depending on your angle.

Remember, guys, not to give up on looking just because she has a regular bra or an athletic bra on. The fit might not be what she thinks it is. Some boob is certainly better than no boobage at all. Even though I still prefer the era of the 70’s, 80’s, and 90’s when more babes would not wear a bra at all. We wouldn’t get to see as much boobage, but would get to see nipple action much more often.

Thanks for writing! Feel free to send your Total Creep questions and comments to me, and let me know if it is OK to publish.

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

It ain't me babe

No, this photo and post are not of me:

Just because the babe who wrote this called the guy a "total creep" doesn't mean that she knows about my book, "Total Creep - A Guy's Guide" or this blog.

But, guys, this is the sort of thing I write and talk about. As tempting as it can be at times, do not be taking photos where you can easily be seen doing so. At least not with an obvious camera.

Now, I'll admit that on only a few rare occasions I have snapped a photo of some "goods" with the camera in my cell phone. But in those instances I appear to be texting or checking messages and maintain an aggravated look on my face as if I am too distracted to notice a hot babe with something showing nearby.

And if I suspect that somebody might be approaching me, I would then hit the delete button and not take any chances.

I realize this sounds a contradiction, telling you guys not to do this, and then explaining how to, but I hope you understand the significance. You can see by the above link the mistake this guy made. Plus, we don't know that anything good was showing.

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Wish I had gone to Lollapalooza

If this is an indication of the crowd, I must make a note to be in Chicago next summer for this festival. Some major scoping of the babes hour after hour, if this is how it is.

I'd sure love to have had the job of taking these photos.

Any of you total creep guys that took this in care to let us know how you liked it?

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Nothing physical here, Becky

Becky A. of NJ writes:

"I can't believe that you go around acting as if it is perfectly OK to disrespect women and their right to privacy and encourage guys to do the same. You should be put away for good. Did it ever occur to you that other guys don't do this "as well" (as you put it) because they know better? Guys like you disgust me. No wonder you conceal your real identity And you can print this. Were you that guy that got busted in New York City? If not, you must know that creep."

Becky, Becky, Becky. You had better believe I'm printing this. First of all, I'm guessing you are referring to this story:

Let's get your facts straight. Nowhere, and I mean absolutely nowhere, in my book, audio book or any of my blog postings ( did I or will I ever say anything positive about any male that actually touches a woman inappropriately and against her will. You fail to understand that such a disgusting act is NOT what I do, write about, or to some extent, teach. Guys like the one just arrested disgust me just as much.

While I will grant you that I can understand why women hate me because of what I write about, I do not encourage (or address) any physical contact whatsoever. Looking down the back side of a pair of low-rise jeans to see butt crack is not the same as actually touching a babe's butt inappropriately.

For the record, I'm glad to read about the arrest made in NYC.

Regarding the rest of your comments, as I have said before, just because I write about guys looking down tops and up skirts and spying on babes at home with binoculars doesn't mean I'm the only one who does this. The next time you see a babe walking down the street with half of her boobs on display, watch the faces of the guys she walks past. See where they are looking. Let me know how many of them are trying to sneak a peek down her top. Constantly. Then you'll know what I mean.

Yes, I conceal my identity. I do that for a number of reasons. One is personal security, since I prefer not to feel at risk if recognized, especially by women. (Even though my photo is on my blog page and Facebook page.) Another reason is that I am a professional who travels a lot and do not wish to have this possibly impact my business dealings, since many are decided by women. In addition, from a marketing position, the name I.C. London is a humorous tie-in with the subject matter.

So, yes, Becky, I have published your letter and responded to it. Please do not put me in a group with men who take inappropriate physical actions on a woman. It's like saying young girls caught sexting SHOULD have to register as sex offenders.

Monday, August 9, 2010

Maybe underwear is sexy - at times.......

Barry G. of MI writes:

“I can understand your complaints about more chicks wearing underwear than they used to, but I often find it sexy to see a lace bra or panties sticking out. It is better than nothing, even if it’s not seeing the entire (boob).”

Actually, Barry, I partially agree with you. This is an interesting debate, and I would love for more guys to weigh in on this. Back in the 70’s, 80’s, and most of the 90’s, a percentage of babes would go out in public not wearing a bra at all some or all of the time. Thus, if you knew what you were doing (and therefore the premise for my book), you would be able to see nipples when babes would bend over, wear a loose fitting sleeveless top, be seated with a loose top on, and other such techniques.

These days, with tops generally more revealing, it seems like 99% or higher wear a bra. Granted, some of the bras are lower cut and looser fitting than years go by, but seeing nipple is becoming a thing of the past. Being old enough and doing this for so long, I’m used to seeing more nipples than I have in the past few years, so to me it is a complaint. You younger guys don’t know what you are missing out on!

Same thing with panties. With shorts and skirts being much shorter, there is more opportunity to see up into panties. Even though in the past only a very small percentage of babes might not wear any when out in public, that percentage has also dropped. (But not the panties, if I may say so as a total creep!).

This becomes the “quantity vs. quality” discussion. You can see more skin on many more babes than you used to while out in public, especially in many professional environments. However, you see way fewer nipples and hardly ever score a bush sighting in public. (Butt crack sightings are way above what they ever were with the wonderful invention of low-rise jeans and shorter tops, so that is one positive over the past few years.)

However, on your point about underwear, I won’t totally disagree. Just this morning on my way to a business meeting I had a perfect example of this. I spotted a babe walking ahead of me in a mid-length skirt, and knew that at the end of the block she would need to walk up a flight of stairs. Since there were no other hotties within my view, I decided to slow down and continue walking behind her. (I also was going up those stairs.) Obviously, I checked her for panty lines and could tell she had full panties on instead of a thong. I could also see the top panty line, and it so happened to be hanging down quite nicely. Even though this was a thin skirt, it was not see through, but I could tell that the top of her panties were down along her butt crack as she walked. I found that to be quite sexy, just as you state. That if that skirt were to come all the way up, I would see butt crack sticking out at the top. It was a nice view for the few hundred feet until she went up the stairs. Even though I could only see the very bottom of those panties, I found her to be quite sexy.

Let’s see what some of you guys think about this!

Friday, August 6, 2010

Art Linkletter DID the darndest things!

How fun is this story? I vaguely remember Art Linkletter, the TV personality from my mother and grandmother seemingly watching him every time he was on TV with “People Are Funny” and his interviews with children. I had absolutely no idea that Art was one of us – a total creep in his own right until I happened to be reading this article earlier in the week:

So there it is in print. Linkletter used to be at work and be spying on the babes at a hotel. The man so widely enjoyed by women for so many years. They had no idea. Now when I get what is in effect hate mail from women who think I am the only disgusting man on earth I have something to share with them. This reinforces that I happened to be the first guy honest enough to reveal what I do and HOW I do it for guys that want to learn the tricks of the trade.

If other guys didn’t spy on babes with binoculars or make an effort to look down a collar or up a skirt or shorts, then I wouldn’t have sold so much as one book or received hundreds of e-mails with comments. (Normally “hundreds” of e-mails would not seem significant, but many guys do not wish to reveal to anyone, even me, that they use the techniques I teach.)

Now, in a way, I’m in the company of the legendary Art Linkletter. What an amazing discovery to be in the San Diego area on business and happen upon this newspaper column. Now I’m curious about which hotel that would have been. It’s probably gone, but still…..

Based on what I see while staying at a friend’s apartment during my stay in the San Diego area, Linkletter would have been amazed at some of the hot young babes who practically wear more to bed than they do when they go outside. At least there are still a few pre babes who go out in public not wearing a bra than most other parts of the country.

Thanks, Art, for having DONE the darndest things!