Saturday, July 25, 2009

Enjoying the young moms

Even with the changes in fashion trends and everything else going on in the world, it is nice to know that the young moms remain all so focused on their baby or toddler when out and about.

Yesterday I was walking down a block with some stores and office buildings. I noticed a toddler in a stroller about 20 feet ahead of me. Then I quickly noticed the hot young mom tending to him (or her - I never did look at the kid!). As so often happens, she was bending over to do whatever she was doing, and had no idea that her top was hanging down.

Even though she was wearing a bra, it was one of the low cut ones, so I was able to get a good look most of the way down on both boobs. While not as great as years earlier when some young moms, especially those that breast feed, would not wear a bra to have their breasts "free" and available for feeding use, I was getting a healthy glance of boobage for a few seconds, since I slowed my walking speed.

Just as I was coming up along side, she finished whatever she was doing on that side of the stroller and stood up. I wanted to get a look at her overall shape, so I turned and continued to watch her.

She immediately walked over to the other side of the stroller, so I didn't get as much of a glance as I would have liked. And there I was already past her. But then she somewhat made up for that. She was tending to the toddler from the other side of the stroller, and bent over again. Since I was on the other side of her, I was getting still more of a look down her top and as far as her low cut bra would allow.

This is where my years of experience kicked in. I could see that her only concern was the kid and that she was oblivious to her top hanging down. I rarely get to do this, but I could tell she was so focused on the kid that I simply stood there for about 5 seconds and continued that wonderful view. Normally I do not recommend that guys stop and blatantly stand there looking, but my years of experience at this sort of thing gave me the confidence to know I would get away with it. I did, however, turn around and walk away without looking back after about 5 to 10 seconds. If she had finished with the kid and looked up straight ahead, it might not have been the best thing for me. The second and long glance like I did is definitely a judgment call.

But having enjoyed many a young mom too focused on the kid to notice a top hanging down, or squatting down and exposing butt crack, I always love how they think of nothing else but the kid in those situations.

If only she didn't need that tiny bra...............

Any good young mommy stories? at - and I'll keep it private if you request.

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

A fun way to "alert" your woman

I was at a small outdoor concert the other day which had rows of bench seating near the stage. While approaching from the side I spotted a cute hottie sitting with a guy. She was wearing a tight t-shirt, however it was not at all revealing, but I could tell that it was up over her jeans in the back.

As I got behind her I was glad to notice that there was some butt crack showing, and the amount I could see increased slightly as she leaned forward. I suppose the dude she was with was already aware of her low rise jeans, and I could certainly understand that.

Apparently he sat back to grab a look and then realized that others behind her could also enjoy the view.

This brings up the interesting point for guys about what to do when the babe you are with has something good showing. (There are some guys that for some reason don't care, but I do and I find that most guys don't like their babe showing the goods.)

There have been just a couple of times when I have actually mentioned to a girlfriend that she needs to make an adjustment. One was when the most important button on her shirt came open and she realized it just as I was saying it. She even got a kick out of how quickly I noticed, and I responded with something like "You already have my attention!".

Another time a date was not wearing a bra but she was wearing a tight shirt and came pointing through. After I noticed a dude staring her down as we walked past (just like I would have done had I been in his position) I asked her to put on a sweater so that only I would know how great her chest is. She did so.

But this guy wasn't about to say anything. Instead, he put his hand on her lower back. The actual lower back - below where her t-shirt ended. He then stroked and actually brought a couple of fingers down and rubbed them across the top of her butt crack. (Must have been fun!) She then got the hint and reached behind and quickly pulled her t-shirt all the way down over the top of her jeans while sitting back.

I found that a most interesting way for to alert her, doing so by getting a quick feel of the top of her butt. Yet, she responded. And dang it, that shut off my view. At least for a couple minutes until she leaned up slightly and the t-shirt came up again. However, this time there wasn't as much of her butt crack showing so I soon moved on to scope another babe.

Were that me sitting there with her, I'm sure I also would have noticed that. I have always checked out my girlfriends while in public for a look down her top or wherever else. Believe me, if I were with this particular babe and she was wearing low cut jeans, I definitely would have been checking the butt as much as possible.

Yet, I think I would have just told her she needs to adjust her shirt or pants, rather than put my hand or fingers there. At least while in public. I probably would have put my hand inside her jeans later once we were in private and let her know how much I love getting glances at her butt.

So, fellow total creeps, what you have done? Or not done, in that situation?

Thursday, July 16, 2009

You can be a total creep almost anywhere..........

The readers and listeners of “ Total Creep – A Guy’s Guide “ continue to write with questions and comments. Tommy of Maryland writes:

“You make it obvious that you travel and you have your spots for the babes in various parts of the country. Why are you so hesitant to reveal them?”

There are several reasons that I didn’t in the book and why it is generally not a good idea to do that. (The only exceptions are a couple of nude beaches and regular beaches I specifically mention.) One reason is actually the babes themselves. If even one hot babe finds out that guys are going to “whatever” plaza to try and look down tops, up skirts, and the like, and then stops going, it takes away opportunities for us total creep guys. We don’t want that.

Besides, a prime idea in my creating the book is to help you guys to watch for and create opportunities in your every day existence. I don’t need to be traveling, as I am always thinking like a total creep.

Another reason I do not is for personal security. After all, I. C. London is not my real name, and I actually do not live full-time in Vegas like my profile states. I’m sure there are some women who would lynch me if they knew where I was. Many resent what I write about, even though they fail to understand how just about every straight guy would do these things if he knew how to do it better and more often like I do.

Mainly, I don’t need to list specific locations. You should be able to find your own. I go on about festivals, concerts, sports events, food courts, outdoor plazas, schools, and the like. It is also a factor in why I do this blog. The reader story posted a few weeks back about the guy who “just happened” to be in a self-serve laundry near a campus and saw a babe unloading the dryer with no panties on was probably the most rewarding e-mail I have received since I put out my book. He didn’t need to ask me for locations. He listened to the audio book and took my advice.

Readers and listeners can reach me at at

Friday, July 10, 2009

A total creep is not a peeping tom..........

I guess this is the Total Creep version of point – counterpoint, but I got an interesting response to my previous answer. Readers and listeners of “ Total Creep – A Guy’s Guide” are always welcome to send questions and comments to me at at

Jimmy C. of FLA writes:

“I hope it is OK to disagree, but I wanted you to know that I disagree with Jay’s question about why you included so many stories in your excellent book. Your response was perfect about how you had reasons to include them. I thought this was especially true when you described the times you almost got into some trouble over what you do, and how you handled them. The story about standing on the sidewalk outside of that garden apartment and saw that topless babe is practically worth the price of the book right there. I don’t live near any tall apartment or condo buildings and your story showed me exactly what to do!”

First, Jimmy, this is America and of course it is OK to disagree. I’m not sure I needed to be defended, but thanks for that as well. However, I was not able to include the rest of what you wrote, although I will address that.

I completely understand how that story can make me appear to be just like a peeping tom. My intent with that story is to show exactly how I could have talked my way out of that situation if authorities had nabbed me. To briefly recap, I was able to see into a babe’s garden apartment bedroom from the sidewalk walking through the complex, and she realized that I probably saw her topless. Yes, I stopped and watched for about 20 seconds. Yet, in the book I detail exactly what I did before and after those few precious seconds of enjoying the view and how nothing further ever came of it, including presenting how I would have handled other scenarios which could have arisen from that.

However, Jimmy, your story (which I took out for this blog) most likely was a peeping tom situation. Unless you left out some important details, such as your “reason” for being there, I’m afraid you could have gotten into trouble and were fortunate to have not been discovered. That babe, someone who knows or even lives with her, or someone working for the building she lives in could have found footprints. She could also find one of the plants by her patio moved slightly or some other indication that someone was out there looking in. While I am glad you saw what you saw, I would advise you not to go back there to see the rest, and to stay away from that complex for a while in case someone saw you and gave a description. There is a huge difference between walking from someone’s apartment (which could be proven) and happening by a neighbor babe who happened to be topless vs. your practically walking onto a chick’s patio for an extended glance up a nightgown. From what you shared with me, I don’t think you could have explained your way out of that one.

Believe it or not, I actually had a related experience (if you want to call it that) on a visit to California a couple years back. I was walking down a side street and came upon a woman standing outside of her condo telling 2 police officers how she saw the man they were holding in the police car at the curb climbing a tree behind her bedroom window just as she was coming in from the shower. (That was another of reasons I created my book – so guys don’t have to face that.) Again, what you described sounded just as blatant. There are times when it is truly not worth the legal risk of seeing what you got to see, no matter how much you enjoyed it.

Boy, ‘Dear Abbey’ sure wouldn’t have answered this way!

Monday, July 6, 2009

This creep wants more results...........

The readers and listeners to “ Total Creep – A Guy’s Guide “ continue to e-mail me with questions and comments…..

Jay T. of GA writes:

“I totally enjoyed your book and how well it is narrated, but I don’t get why you have so many stories about the good things you personally saw. Don’t get me wrong, as I enjoyed the book, but a story about how you saw up a skirt without panties underneath didn’t bring me any joy. Couldn’t you have had more of your helpful tips?”

Thanks for the good review, Jay, but I must tell you that the personal stories I included had purpose for the book. The best analogy I can give you would be that it is like a baseball coach writing a book about hitting, and commenting about how he tried a new position while hitting and he hit a homerun in the first at bat. You might not care that he hit a homerun, but that isn’t the point. It is to show the result. Same with me.

For example, you probably recall my story about how I used to stand on the top floor balcony of an apartment building I lived in which overlooked the swimming pool and building patio. From there, I could also see into several of the apartments along the side. I detailed how I would appear to be looking toward the pool when in fact I would really be looking into certain apartments, and how I would maintain a calm demeanor. I tell the story about how I saw a hot babe walk out of the shower and into her bedroom stark naked and then realize her curtains were open. My point in telling that story was not to share my enjoyment of seeing all she had to offer, but to provide my expertise on how I got away with it, even after she started watching me after it happened. I never got questioned or into any trouble over this, and I was living in the same building at the time.

The point of that story, and others like it, is to let guys know exactly how I got results using the techniques I teach.

Even the chapter called “So Stupid” which contains nothing but stories about babes doing some extremely careless things is designed to provide guys with a variety of possibilities to be ready for. I’m sure I don’t need to remind you, but every babe’s body is unique. Until we both see them all, there is a lot of “work” to be done. I’m here to help you get your own results. Let me know how you do!