Wednesday, July 22, 2009

A fun way to "alert" your woman

I was at a small outdoor concert the other day which had rows of bench seating near the stage. While approaching from the side I spotted a cute hottie sitting with a guy. She was wearing a tight t-shirt, however it was not at all revealing, but I could tell that it was up over her jeans in the back.

As I got behind her I was glad to notice that there was some butt crack showing, and the amount I could see increased slightly as she leaned forward. I suppose the dude she was with was already aware of her low rise jeans, and I could certainly understand that.

Apparently he sat back to grab a look and then realized that others behind her could also enjoy the view.

This brings up the interesting point for guys about what to do when the babe you are with has something good showing. (There are some guys that for some reason don't care, but I do and I find that most guys don't like their babe showing the goods.)

There have been just a couple of times when I have actually mentioned to a girlfriend that she needs to make an adjustment. One was when the most important button on her shirt came open and she realized it just as I was saying it. She even got a kick out of how quickly I noticed, and I responded with something like "You already have my attention!".

Another time a date was not wearing a bra but she was wearing a tight shirt and came pointing through. After I noticed a dude staring her down as we walked past (just like I would have done had I been in his position) I asked her to put on a sweater so that only I would know how great her chest is. She did so.

But this guy wasn't about to say anything. Instead, he put his hand on her lower back. The actual lower back - below where her t-shirt ended. He then stroked and actually brought a couple of fingers down and rubbed them across the top of her butt crack. (Must have been fun!) She then got the hint and reached behind and quickly pulled her t-shirt all the way down over the top of her jeans while sitting back.

I found that a most interesting way for to alert her, doing so by getting a quick feel of the top of her butt. Yet, she responded. And dang it, that shut off my view. At least for a couple minutes until she leaned up slightly and the t-shirt came up again. However, this time there wasn't as much of her butt crack showing so I soon moved on to scope another babe.

Were that me sitting there with her, I'm sure I also would have noticed that. I have always checked out my girlfriends while in public for a look down her top or wherever else. Believe me, if I were with this particular babe and she was wearing low cut jeans, I definitely would have been checking the butt as much as possible.

Yet, I think I would have just told her she needs to adjust her shirt or pants, rather than put my hand or fingers there. At least while in public. I probably would have put my hand inside her jeans later once we were in private and let her know how much I love getting glances at her butt.

So, fellow total creeps, what you have done? Or not done, in that situation?

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