Thursday, February 21, 2013

Careless Babes

I always tell the guys to always be on the lookout for opportunities to be able to see what we can see when hot babes are near. There are those times when you can luck into a sighting. Here's a couple which I have benefitted from:

I was walking around at an outdoor exhibit, when I noticed one of the vendors was a hot babe selling merchandise who would sometimes lean over to pick up merchandise out of a box. She had a loose fitting top on. As I walked closer, I had the angle on her. Nice timing as someone asked her for an item in the box. She bent over to get it, and thought she was being careful. She put her hand across under her neck sideways thinking she was blocking the view looking down her top. What she didn't realize was that her top was inches below where she had placed her hand. It turned out she was not wearing a bra, and I got to see her small boobies in full hanging down! The only view she "blocked" was her own.

Another time, I was enjoying a walk along a beach when I spotted a really cute babe, probably a college student, wearing a halter dress and stopped to talk with a couple of dudes. The front of her dress was buttoned up. I saw her checking her buttons to be sure they were tightly buttoned as if to be sure she was "safe" from the dudes she was talking with. I could also tell that her sleeve on the right side looked very loose.

There were a couple of guys standing behind this babe also having a conversation. I knew it would not look suspicious to walk behind where she was standing since people were hanging there. Once I got behind her I noticed that her dress was so loose on the right side that I could see her entire boob past her pointy nipple. Those guys having a separate conversation behind her were quietly talking about how they were enjoying seeing that chick's boob. I joined in and we spent about five minutes discussing how nice her boob was looking until she finally left.

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

What Makes Women More Confident?

A most interesting article about female confidence...........   

Although I would have loved to help with this research, these findings fit in with what I have noticed over the past 30+ years of spying on babes in the privacy of their homes.

I have noticed, and wrote about this in my most recent book (Total Creep - A Guy's Guide), how easy it is to tell how confident a woman is by how she carries herself fully or partially naked, even in private.

What is interesting to me is that it is not necessarily how well, or how poorly, she is built. I have observed some petite babes who have kept covered up at all times even when home alone, as well as some chubby babes who walk around naked with total confidence.

I have observed some babes who would sometimes walk around at home with little to nothing on, but appear slouched over or with their shoulders clenched as if to signal they don't like their boobs. This is with no one around and they obviously have no idea that a man is watching them. With others, even when naked, I can tell if they are happier with their boobs than their butt or vice versa.

Even in public, I have seen babes display differing levels of confidence based on their body parts. At one of the naked bike rides I was a spectator at, I remember one babe peddling along totally naked even though one boob was smaller and even hung lower than the other. Not the prettiest set of boobs (although it did not deter me from looking), and she was not shaved further down, but she rode that way and was smiling during the time I saw her. Yet, there were a couple of other babes nearby with much nicer bodies, yet one of them had a bra top on while another was only topless.

But the babe with the "bad" boobies was confident enough to show herself in full on a downtown street during daylight and be smiling.

So if a push-up bra helps the cause, so be it. If us guys can only get the babes under 30 to realize that we want to see no matter what's doing..................

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Ambulance Medic Creates A "Lane" on Female Patient

It's true this is actually a disgusting story about a male ambulance driver fingering and touching a 22 year old babe in the back of an ambulance.

What this story does is, again, brings out how many guys want to see and touch young babes, and how it is not just a few weirdos like many people think.

The one way to determine this guy's true reason for doing what he did is to ask him a couple of questions, and this story doesn't go there. All the judge in this case needs to do is ask him (the paramedic) how many guys he has done this to. If the guy gives an honest answer, it would most likely be none.

Then again, if the guy takes the "I am a paramedic and she was drunk and injured" stance, it might not come to that.

However, from what this story tells us, his actions, while not exactly appropriate, may have helped to bring this babe back to being awake and alert.

I'd also give you odds the babe was decent looking, no matter what her physical state at the time this happened.

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Great new phone app

While some readers dislike me as if I'm the only guy that ever spied on babes both in public and in private and do the things I do, here is more proof positive that a large percentage of guys are just as interested in seeing what they can see:

This story details a new smartphone app that lets people take photos with the phone while hiding the fact that a photo is being taken. Both by making it appear something else is on the screen and by silencing the sound of the photo going off.

This will be perfect for getting that shot down a top, down the backside, up a skirt, and all of the other "usual" situations us guys treasure.

However, guys must not overlook that when you do this, you need to get rid of the evidence as quickly as possible. In other words, don't leave the photos on your phone.

Normally, I'm not in the business of endorsing phone apps. But, guys, this one gets my vote!

To those who don't like what do and write about, tell me. What other use could this application possibly have?

Thursday, December 22, 2011

He Didn't Have To Be Caught Taping Ex-Girlfriend

Quite the story here:

It seems this dude would have gotten away with videotaping his ex-girlfriend having sex with a dude if he hadn't chosen to watch it in his car where he could be and was spotted and turned in.

Granted, what he did wasn't right, but he would have gotten away with it and the babe would never have known he saw her if he hadn't made that stupid mistake of being careless with evidence.

If he had kept the tape and only watched at home or someplace private every time, he would have gotten away with it just fine.

Sunday, September 25, 2011

It's Plane To See

It's another reason I'm always on the lookout to see what I can see. The other night I was on an airplane and had the window seat. In the middle seat of the row in front of me sat a young hottie wearing a loose fitting top. I was hoping that when the plane landed I could get up before she did and get a nice look. She was with her man, who was sitting next to her on the aisle seat and they were chatting away.

But it turns out I didn't have to wait that long. About half way through the flight, they appeared to stop talking. The babe then reclined her seat. Normally, that is annoying as many of you know. Not in this case.

The passenger in front of me had not reclined. Thus, when this babe did, there was a wide gap enabling me to see in between. And as she reclined on the seat, it turned out I could see down her top. The guy in the seat next to me had dozed off, and the woman on the aisle was reading. So the coast was clear.

I was able to lean forward and get an extended look. However, she was wearing a tight fitting bra, and it was one that separates and covered up some of the middle area between her boobs. (If only it was a loose fitting bra or sports bra. I would have had a major look right down the middle.)

Granted, seeing a bra shot isn't that big of a deal. But finding out that if a passenger to one side in front of me reclines and is wearing a loose fitting and/or lower cut top I can see down is still another helpful discovery.

Thought I'd pass that along. As I continue to point out, it helps to pay attention to any and every babe nearby.

Friday, September 23, 2011

Glad She Lost The Weight

Over all my years of thorough viewing and watching of babes, I've been amazed at how a significant weight loss impacts their confidence in different ways. Sometimes a babe will want to stay covered even after losing a lot of weight, and other times I have seen just the opposite.

A few years ago, there was an overweight babe living across the street in one of the apartments I could easily see into with my binoculars. Unlike a lot of guys, I like some meat on the bones, and have spoken highly of some babes that other guys found to be "heavy set", "fat", or other such terms. To me, as long as they are proportionate I'm fine with it. As long as the boobs are greater than, or at the very least equal to, the tummy and the butt area isn't huge compared to the legs, and there are curves, I'm usually fine with it if her face and hair are attractive.

This particular babe did not appeal to me when I first checked her out. A couple of mounds of flab hanging out that took up more room than her boobs. I only saw the boobies once when she had her robe partially open and quickly closed it even though she had no idea anyone could see her. Never did see her butt or bush early on, but I wasn't that interested. Frankly, I would check her apartment to see if she had any cute guests walking around, but the few times she did over the first few months, there was no changing of clothes.

Evidently she started working out or doing something to lose weight, as about six months after she moved in I noticed she was losing those mounds of flab. I saw her a couple of times outside walking in from her car, and she began looking better and better. Her butt area stayed big, but her top half definitely had thinned down and she was looking a lot better. Eventually, she started walking around wearing less on top and I started to watch her more, although she always kept her bottom half covered up. I could tell she felt the need to lose pounds off the bottom.

A couple of weeks ago, a woman I know through a work situation was at a celebration of a co-worker's birthday, and one of them asked me to take some photos. This woman had told some of us that she had lost more than 60 pounds over the past 9 months. To be honest, she still had more to lose, but was looking better to me. She said that she did not wish to be photographed. That's my point. Even though she looked better and felt better with a large weight loss, she seemed so used to not wanting to be photographed.

Yet, some babes react the other way after a weight loss. Earlier this month while on a travel assignment lasting into a weekend, I went to a nude beach I hadn't been to in years. It turns out there weren't too many decent babes there, but there were enough to make it worth my while to stay. Since I was by myself and there were some guys there with women, I had to get naked and go in to the water in order to be able to scope the decent babes from closer in. (I'm always fine with that trade off. They don't care to look at me, and since I'm naked they won't suspect I'm checking them out through my dark sunglasses.)

After I got past most of the decent babes while going into and then out of the water, I noticed a group of three overweight women, all seemingly around 30 or less, that were in the shallow water standing and chatting, each totally naked. I was standing on the beach, near where other people were, and was looking over there. One of them was clearly standing with her back facing where most of the people were. We could see her big butt and flab hanging elsewhere, and it sure didn't bother me that I couldn't see her front. The second woman was standing facing out to the water, and was slightly sideways so that not much could be seen even though she was naked.

But it was the third woman that inspired this commentary. It was easy to tell that she has recently lost a lot of weight in her upper half. Her boobs were well rounded and hung in such a way that I could tell she used to weigh a lot more, but now was very proportionate. Her hair was nice and long, and her face actually quite pretty. Yet, her hips jetted out and her legs were rather thick. From the belly button up she was looking very hot, but below that point had a lot of poundage.

I'm sure a lot of guys would not bother to stare, letting the big hips and thick legs cause them to look elsewhere. But not me. She was quite attractive to me. Part of the reason was how she was standing. It was easy to tell she was confident. Those other two overweight women she was talking with were somewhat slouched over and clearly didn't want their goods showing. (And I didn't care to see them anyway.)

Based on my observations of babes all these years and her body language, she knew exactly what she wanted to have happen. She was feeling proud of her better body and not worried about the lower regions and her legs. (She was only in the water up to her knees.) I say this because she was obviously standing and facing where the people, especially the guys, could see her straight on full frontal, and she wasn't wearing a thing with the sun shining brightly on her. Her body language said "Check me out all you want!". So I did. She might have even noticed that I was enjoying the view, but it wouldn't have mattered. She wanted every guy within range to see all she had. Heck, I might have made her day by looking at her in all her glory and not turning away, like I would have if either of her flabby friends had been facing me.

She probably dragged her friends to a nude beach so she could stand there naked and hope the guys would "finally" start to notice her. I know I did.
There have been a few other instances, both while spying with binoculars and out in public, where I have noticed babes who have lost weight seem more willing to let it show and let the guys enjoy them. (Or, if at home, use the private moments to get used to letting it show.) I'm glad when they do!