Monday, June 28, 2010

This total creep likes the 40+ women.......

Everett J. of OH writes:

"Count me among those who totally love your audio book. Great idea to put it on my (MP3 player). I even thought to rename the file so that if my girlfriend happens to check the playlist she wouldn't notice it. I do want to ask you about the age factor. You comment mostly about gals of college age or into their 20's. I enjoy checking out the ladies over 40 up to maybe mid-50's. This seems to be more of a challenge than you indicate. What suggestions do you have?"

Good question, Everett. When it comes to being on the lookout for naked women, age does matter. When it comes to 40+, you have to take the good with the bad in terms of your techniques.

When out in public, the "good" is that women of that age generally do not get looked over nearly as much as the younger babes. Therefore they might not suspect you trying to glance down a shirt or wherever opportunity knocks. While not nearly the percentage of younger babes that do so, there are some who leave the shirt open another button or wear a loose fitting top.

However, it is practically a one in a million shot to find a 40+ not wearing a bra or even totally revealing her bra. (Frankly, it's getting to be a challenge to find younger ones not wearing a bra these days.) The 40+ women do not want boobs hanging or bouncing, and especially tend to keep more of the hip area covered. Not as many wear low rise jeans with shorter shirts compared with the younger babes. Butt crack views are pretty rare in this group. The exceptions are generally those few who still look like they are age 30 and who keep the young appearance. (My guess is that you don't pay much attention to them anyway.)

My suggestion for when out in public is to do what I call "situational looking". Again, the majority of 40+ women do not dress to reveal. I would go into upscale retailers or department stores rather than hang at a park or street corners. Although I don't "check out" 40+ women very often, I have found that the best opportunities for a good look come from situations such as bending over. Watch for 40+ women working at counters where they have to lean over to get a bag or to reach for a receipt.

For example, find one working the register at the grocery store, get in her line, and then wait for when she leans over for a bag. Better yet, maybe she needs to mark a coupon and leans over to do so on the counter, giving you a nice view, even if it is always bra.

These older women always wear panties, and usually ones that cover them much more than the younger babes. Even butt crack is tough to come by, so my thinking is to concentrate on the boobs.

When spying on 40+ women who are at home, there are also a few different guidelines. You are much better off to find one who lives alone or with female roommates. As I point out in "Total Creep - A Guy's Guide", the younger babes living with boyfriend or husband will often walk around with little or nothing on to please her man. However, the 40+ women tend to be much more covered up even in the privacy of home when the man is around.

It is when they are alone or only with other women that you stand a better chance to see some partially or fully naked action. That is probably the most important difference to keep in mind when seeking to look at 40+ women.

Your best find would be a 40+ woman who is divorced and on her own that has one or more daughters living with her. I have been fortunate enough to see a few of these situations over the years, and that definitely works. One of my favorite instances was when I could see into both bedrooms (and entrances to their bathrooms) of a unit where a mother (probably about 40 or 42) lived with her teen daughter. I saw both of them stark naked in their respective bedrooms, mainly because neither closed the door since it was only the other one living there. Several times one or both would forget to close the curtains and, of course, not be aware that anyone was looking at them through binoculars.

You are correct that I had not gone into this in my book, and I apologize for that. I tend to focus on the babes in the 18 to 30 range. That is partially because that continues to be my preference, and partially because this is what guys have been telling me is their preference for many years.

I hope this helps. And, please, Everett, let me know how you do!

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

More bounce to the ounce

Joe V. of VA writes:

"Your point about always being on the lookout is so true. I'll admit that your book served as a nice wake-up call for me, and I'm sure for other guys, even if they won't admit it. This afternoon I was at a busy intersection in Richmond waiting for the light to change. Since taking your advice, I now know to scout around for a decent (babe). One was starting to cross the street coming toward where I was standing, and she had a nice bounce as she walked along. As luck had it, the light went yellow and she had to hurry across. She was totally bouncing across before she clutched her purse tightly across that wonderful chest to try and stop. I'm sure any guys sitting in their cars got the same enjoyment I did. So it wasn't seeing her naked at all, but it was still some major entertainment and sure made my lunch hour. I'd like to share in your advice and remind other guys to always look around."

Thanks, Joe. I'll add that the only regret is that this happened in June and not during a cold day! A good bouncing set is a great thing, even if it's not as amazing as the days when a percentage of babes wasn't wearing a bra. How I miss the days of "live ones" bouncing along making it obvious she wasn't wearing a bra. Whenever time permitted, I would change course if need be to try and get a look between buttons or hope for a leaning over. Always better to know for sure she wasn't wearing a bra then to use up time only to find out she was wearing a big bra that covered everything.

But as you point out, too, it helps to remind guys to keep on the lookout at every opportunity. You can be a total creep at all times.

Monday, June 21, 2010

fun in Madison for a total creep

Being a total creep made all the difference in the world on Saturday morning (6/19). As many of you know I travel a lot for my (real) job, and I love it because of the opportunities it often affords to check out the babes in different regions.

With some luck and even more planning, I was in Northern Wisconsin on business on Friday, and decided to stay over into Saturday after I heard about the first ever Naked Bike Ride scheduled for Saturday in Madison. Whereas, the ride in Chicago the week before (which I was not able to attend) was late at night, the Madison group decided to have their protest ride during the midday.

A fellow total creep friend tipped me off to the starting location, and there was some publicity about "observation locations" throughout the ride. But I feared this ride might not go as planned, and sure enough it didn't:

As the story indicates, there were several arrests. Worse yet, female riders were especially targeted and had to cover up.

But, as readers/listeners to my "Total Creep - A Guy's Guide" can attest, I was prepared for this one, and fortunately, did get to see the babes that participated either totally or partially naked prior to the "cover up". It would have been a major bummer to have traveled to Madison just for this and then missed out. I can tell you from seeing past rides in other cities (this is part of a "World Naked Bike Ride" national grouop) that they do get a percentage of babes of college age and in their 20's to ride.

I was tipped off as to the meeting point for the riders. I drove my rental car over, and saw where the riders, still fully dressed, were following the leaders over to a vacant garage. Unfortunately for me, they were inside to disrobe and for some to apply body paint.

I then drove away and scouted out the first "observation point" and it looked good. It was about 15 minutes into the ride, and was a bike path in a park along one of the lakes in Madison. Better yet, other than a few creeps like me, there wasn't a crowd there, and the bike path is not very wide. That meant that I could get close to the path when the time came. This was an ideal situation. The other rides like this I have seen go down actual streets, so you can only get to curbside. Thus, any babes on the other side of the street, or even in the middle between guys, are tougher to see a good look at.

Yet, I knew I had better see this "ride" early on, in case of police problems. I then drove back near the starting point, which was them riding down a busy street for the first few blocks. Sure enough, there were several babes worth seeing, even though I was back on the sidewalk, but I had an idea of where they were in the line. (Naturally, it's mostly guys riding in these things, but you got to take the bad with the good!)

After they passed by, I jumped back into my rental car and went back to that park. I parked close and walked over to the bike path with about 4 minutes to spare. So I was able to walk to the start of the park and get right up along the bike patch. I'm talking maybe 10 feet between me and the other side of the bike path, so they were all going to ride right by me! And I had an idea of who to look for.

Of the babes in the ride, there were about 5 or 6 decent lookers who were completely naked, and maybe 8 to 10 others who were topless. Two of the completely naked babes had no body paint where it mattered, thus leaving everything out in the open. Since I was able to stand so close to where they were riding, even when one of them stopped peddling in order to keep her legs straight while passing by me, I was able to see her boobs while she was coming up, look over her left leg as she rode by (since it was steady) and see the beaver, and then get a nice butt view after she passed by. It was nice to see another of the completely naked babes that was completely shaved down there not paint over it.

It was also nice that a couple of the babes were willing to show themselves even though they would normally have even more reasons to keep covered. One had what appeared to be different sized boobies that each hung at a slightly different angle, while another had what looked to be a scar on her butt. They deserve a lot of credit for doing the ride!

There were maybe 80 to 100 people or so on the ride in total. Never mind the fat guy with blue body paint with his you-know-what totally hanging out as he led the group. I was easily able to not bother with the guys and spot the babes in the group.

After they all passed by, I had originally planned to go to another vantage point on their way back to the start/end point. But I also saw a police presence a few hundred feet beyond where I went. And, guys, that turned out to be my best move to catch these babes early. I had a hunch this ride wouldn't go well, and actually decided to head back to the airport early.

Sure enough, as the news reports indicate, there were some complaints, arrests, and worse yet, the babes were among those asked to cover up. So if you are going to check out a naked bike ride in the future, do whatever it takes to get an early vantage point.

Oh, and if the babe who had black paint looking like tire marks on her right boob is reading this - please know that you were the best looking one in the ride, even though you were wearing bottoms.

Now today, I can't believe there were arrests. Part of this ride went onto the University of Wisconsin campus. A major party school. You can't tell me there isn't nudity at other times for the police to deal with. They could have let this go, and made it a better day for the guys in town!

Friday, June 18, 2010

Keeping Barry abreast........

Barry of NJ writes:

"I also loved your book and learned a lot. You are so right about guys missing opportunities by not paying attention. I saw some good stuff right away that I would have missed without your help.

Just curious, though. You mentioned that you like all (breast) sizes. I thought every guy liked big ones a lot better, and that when it comes to (boobs) size matters. Do you really feel that way? Or is it because you want to enjoy what you see every day?"

Not exactly a book related question, Barry, but I'll answer it anyway. I tried to stay away from my personal preferences as much as possible when writing the book. However, I felt it important to reveal that I enjoy boobs of all shapes and sizes for a couple of reasons.

First, I do know that not every guy prefers the biggest ones. Some guys I have talked with fear that many of the 'big ones' are not natural, and they prefer natural. The smaller-boobed babes are most likely natural.

For the purpose of my Total Creep book, I wasn't about to focus on only the large sizes. The idea is that guys can enjoy all shapes and sizes. If you prefer big boobs, but can see a small chested babe walking topless, my hunch is that you would not turn away!

Second, big boobs can be tough for seeing nipples in public. When babes are not wearing a bra (which, unfortunately is all too rare these days), it is the smaller boobs that are more easily seen all the way down. I have enjoyed many a big boobed babe leaning over, but because there is so much boobage it can be tough to see nipple. Whereas a small breasted babe can lean over not as far and nipple action is there for the viewing.

Finally, I must admit that I also prefered the bigger ones much more when in my teens, 20's, and into my 30's. In the last 20 years I have come to appreciate smaller and medium ones a lot more. These days, I continue to enjoy the variety.

In fact, since writing the book, I have noticed that there are some flat or small chested babes that are more willing to wear see-through and lower cut tops than they used to. It's as if they decided to "fight" the big boobed babes by calling attention to what little they have by being more willing to let guys know what the nipples look like. Just a theory, however.

My book was not written only for guys who like big ones. It's for all guys to enjoy whatever sized boobs they like the most, and whenever possible.

Good question!!

Readers and listeners to "Total Creep - A Guy's Guide" are welcome and encourage to e-mail me with comments and questions. Let me know if you wish kept private or published with name withheld. at

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

There's gold in them thar hills.......

J. C. writes:

“You were so right about playing a hunch if you can. I have gone to (withheld) Beach several times over the years, and was aware that some of the (babes) change to and from bathing suits in a secluded location very near the entrance to the showers. For years I sat back and wished there was a way to see in there, since it is actually an outdoor location, but the wooden fence surrounding is about 8 feet tall.

After I listened to your book, I went to that beach with a small group of guys and girls a couple of Saturdays ago. While waiting outside of the girls’ shower area, I noticed that there is a nearby hill and appeared to be a path going up toward the top. I had not paid attention to that before. On my own, I went back the next day (a Sunday), and took an innocent walk up on that hill with my backpack in place. Sure enough, it was not busy at all, since everyone was at the beach part. I ducked down behind a couple of trees and realized that with my binoculars I could see into some of the open area just outside of the women’s showers. Sure enough, I saw one (babe) walking out topless and another who changed and went naked, even though I only saw her from behind and got a butt view. She was very hot looking!

Per your advice, I only stayed about 10 minutes, and got those 2 good looks. It appears to be park property and not heavily supervised. I looked around to be sure there were no cameras or surveillance where I was, and I didn’t see anything. I believe that I appeared to be a guy taking a short hike up the hill and back. I could see where it could be suspicious if I spent hours up there, so I know that’s not a good idea. (Tempting as it is.)

I need your expertise. I know you have done some outdoor spying, but I also know how you caution others. I would like to go back on the hot days and stay there for maybe 15 minutes or so and see what I can. What do you suggest?”

First, J.C., I used your initials and took out your location, which I don’t usually do. As incredible as it may seem, I’m pretty sure I have been to that area in the past. It’s true there are some hotties in that area due to nearby college campuses, so I understand the urgency for you. Like you, I especially love checking out the babes in the college age group.

It is difficult for me to suggest continuing to do this, however, since I don’t have enough of a grip on the situation. But I do think your approach of only a few minutes is a good one. It shows me you listened to the book and heeded the advice. I can see where it would be tempting to set up shop and spend hours in the trees waiting for hotties to come out of the shower and/or change clothes thinking there is total privacy.

Here is my “if it were me” answer, but do so at your own risk. I would go mid-to-late afternoon on a busy day, and appear to have just gone to the men’s room and to be waiting for others. My backpack would be on and I’d be ready to go. When I would see a couple of hotties heading into the shower area, I would then look at my watch and look aggravated, as if I am waiting for others. Then I would shrug my shoulders as if I’m going to leave, and start walking. This way, no one will think anything of your walking away by yourself. I would head up the hill to those trees within the next few minutes and then hope to see those babes when they come out of the shower. (You would have a better idea of how much time you need to get to your spot, so plan accordingly.) I agree that you should keep it to a few minutes, and as tough as it is to do so, only once a day maximum. You don’t want people to see you there all of the time doing the same thing.

Also, my suggestion is to keep this a secret. You may think it’s no big deal to invite a friend to come along, but it would be. Seeing two guys go off and come back like that might seem unusual and could arouse suspicion. Plus, if you were to be caught, you would not want anyone else to know that you really were doing this.

I would do things such as have a CD player in my backpack, and then carry a loose CD that I didn’t need and I would roll it in the dirt. I’m sure you are asking what this has to do with spying on babes. Plenty. When you do leave your viewing spot a few minutes later (and hopefully with success), I would be walking out toward the pathway holding my “dirty” CD and looking upset as if it rolled down the path and was ruined. It is this type of move that can remove suspicion. Hopefully if anyone questions you, they would not check and find that you have binoculars with you. Yet, they can’t prove where you used them.

This is also why you should not have or use a camera. As I have stated numerous times already, you must not have any evidence of what you saw.

Let me know if you go ahead with this, and how it turns out. I will not publish any location or personal details. Good find, by the way. Maybe I’ll see you there one of these days!

NOTE: Readers and listeners to "Total Creep - A Guys' Guide" are welcome to e-mail me with questions and comments at at Let me know if you wish kept private.

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Know her parking space

Reed of OH writes:

“I enjoyed listening to part of your book. Sorry, but I don’t understand how things like you watching the parking space of a (babe) who lives next door helps me to see a naked babe. Why so many of your personal experiences? I thought your book was supposed to be educational.”

While I value my readers (the paying customers), I must say I’m disappointed in that question. There is plenty behind my sharing of actual and personal experiences during my quest to see body parts of as many attractive babes as I can. The purpose was not to encourage you to find parking spaces or to do that without reason. Stories I shared such as that are among the ways I found to be able to see hot babes naked.

That story is another example. The babe I wrote about had an assigned parking space, which I could see from my window, and I knew which one it was. This way, I had an idea that she might be home if her car was there at night and would know to grab my binoculars and check. But the specific story was about seeing her come home and park late at night, knowing that the curtains were open into her bedroom, and that I had a strong chance to see her come home and get out of her clothes. If I hadn’t seen her park there, I probably would not have known to be watching at the exact moment she undressed.

Without that knowledge, it could have been hours checking her empty apartment hoping to be watching when she got home, or not knowing when she arrived at home and missing such a golden opportunity.

The chapter about monitoring babes who are married or live with guys is important for very much the same reason. It is easy for guys, not knowing this, to think there is a guy there so they won’t see anything. Not always the case. That’s why I shared several stories about babes parading around with little or even nothing on to please their man, not realizing that at least one other guy was also seeing her at the time.

What I share is not speculation, or what “could” happen. It is exactly what happened to let me see the babes. In many cases, I made it happen by knowing when and where to be looking. That is often a key to success when spying from home or a safe place to do so.

Trust me on this. Knowing, for example, that a hottie works late on Thursday nights and doesn’t get home until 10:30 can be quite valuable when she comes home tired, forgets to close the blinds, and immediately pulls that work uniform off. Otherwise, you would either have been watching her place for hours with no results, or have missed out on the opportunity.

Same goes for babes in public. It should help you to know to be on high alert when at the bottom of a stairway or when a babe with low rise jeans is about to sit or squat down and you can get a view. I’m not speculating. I’m sharing my specific experience from learning how to do so.

If I might ask, I hope you will listen again to the key chapters keeping this in mind. The experiences I share are because they are part of the “how to”.