Monday, January 31, 2011

His best friend's girl - taped while showering

Boy, she must be a very hot babe for the guy to go to this extent:

Of course, that doesn't make it right either. But if the suspect was living in the same house, I'd have to think there would have been an easier and less risky way to see her naked.

Thursday, January 27, 2011

Asking Laura Hamilton To Relax

Sorry to read (below) that Laura Hamilton is "petrified" about a wardrobe malfunction. I can tell you it would help her career and name recognition tremendously if that were to happen.......

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

No upskirt photos in Indiana?

Never mind the economy, the war, the banks, health care, and voting themselves raises. The Indiana Senate is worried about all of the guys that take photos looking up skirts.

I suppose they'll approve spending millions to prosecute, and hours and hours reviewing any and all photos which are captured. Some photos more than others, I'm sure.

Maybe I should apply for the job the government would probably create to review all of the thousands of candid photos of babes already on the internet. There are entire sites of "secret" upskirt and down blouse photos.

Can't wait for officials to find even one of the sites where guys post nude photos of ex-wives and girlfriends. Many of those photos were taken with consent at the time. I don't know of any divorce decrees which specifically prohibit the use of consensual pictures taken while the relationship was strong.

Hopefully there will be public notice for when the House and Senate debate this one. Might as well use more of our tax dollars to deal with this.

Defense attorney caught taping babes

The women who don't like lawyers will have a field day with this story:

While the men wonder why this guy is in Southern California yet focused on a tanning salon instead of hanging out at the beach, scouting the babes at various public locations, and using his binoculars from home or from a location where he could see into babes' homes without risk.

Sunday, January 16, 2011

One way to increase attendance at schools

Just because this babe had posed naked for Penthouse, officials seem to be ignoring her qualifications (to teach, that is) and denying her a teaching position:

Here's what they should do. Hire her to teach in one of the schools with the lowest average attendance among boys. Once the word gets out that a Penthouse Pet is now teaching there, you'd better believe the guys would start to show up for her classes. And when they do, it's more money for the school system.

More money for the school system is supposed to mean better schools, and so on.

Hire her now, while she has a few good years left with those looks.

I'll vote for Kimberly

Very helpful information for the babes out there:

And if this helps them, as well as to start the unofficial voting among us guys, my vote goes to Kimberly, and that's for both photos of her.

Friday, January 7, 2011

Here's a job I'd like to have.....

According to this news story, police are having to go thru videotape of some naked women for the purpose of finding them to help prosecute the guy arrested for recording them.

Now there's an interesting challenge. If that police department wants some help in determining that, I'd be glad to review those tapes. I'd love to know how they expect to do that.

"Can you identify her?" and then show a topless photo of a local woman?
"Do you know who has these?" and show some distinct boobs?

Now, watch. Some big murder case gets put on hold while the police and detective go through these tapes in hopes of being able to identify a familiar face. ??

Here's the story - see for yourself:

Plus, they probably don't think the suspect has any more tape. Ya, right.

Guy caught using hidden camera in a school

Let me get this straight. This is a brand new story about a dude sentenced to 5 years of prison time for taping high school girls changing into bathing suits. Yet, the offenses took place in 2005.

Wonder what else he got away with in the past 5 years. And to think of how much the video technology has improved since then.

Of course, what he did was wrong. But I continue point out how many guys are into seeing naked babes and what they will do to pursue it. It's not just a couple of total creep guys, you know.

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

the Maria Menounos wardrobe malfunction

Way to go,!

They have published the photos of Maria Menounos and her "wardrobe malfunction". Guys, check out the photos of just her in the first 2 rows on the first page of the group of photos.

You'll know where to look, and while not work safe, be amazed at what we get to see.

I'm fortunate enough be traveling in the south this week, and believe me, this makes me want to head for the beach as soon as possible!!

Way to go, Maria!