Friday, January 7, 2011

Here's a job I'd like to have.....

According to this news story, police are having to go thru videotape of some naked women for the purpose of finding them to help prosecute the guy arrested for recording them.

Now there's an interesting challenge. If that police department wants some help in determining that, I'd be glad to review those tapes. I'd love to know how they expect to do that.

"Can you identify her?" and then show a topless photo of a local woman?
"Do you know who has these?" and show some distinct boobs?

Now, watch. Some big murder case gets put on hold while the police and detective go through these tapes in hopes of being able to identify a familiar face. ??

Here's the story - see for yourself:

Plus, they probably don't think the suspect has any more tape. Ya, right.

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