Thursday, December 22, 2011

He Didn't Have To Be Caught Taping Ex-Girlfriend

Quite the story here:

It seems this dude would have gotten away with videotaping his ex-girlfriend having sex with a dude if he hadn't chosen to watch it in his car where he could be and was spotted and turned in.

Granted, what he did wasn't right, but he would have gotten away with it and the babe would never have known he saw her if he hadn't made that stupid mistake of being careless with evidence.

If he had kept the tape and only watched at home or someplace private every time, he would have gotten away with it just fine.

Sunday, September 25, 2011

It's Plane To See

It's another reason I'm always on the lookout to see what I can see. The other night I was on an airplane and had the window seat. In the middle seat of the row in front of me sat a young hottie wearing a loose fitting top. I was hoping that when the plane landed I could get up before she did and get a nice look. She was with her man, who was sitting next to her on the aisle seat and they were chatting away.

But it turns out I didn't have to wait that long. About half way through the flight, they appeared to stop talking. The babe then reclined her seat. Normally, that is annoying as many of you know. Not in this case.

The passenger in front of me had not reclined. Thus, when this babe did, there was a wide gap enabling me to see in between. And as she reclined on the seat, it turned out I could see down her top. The guy in the seat next to me had dozed off, and the woman on the aisle was reading. So the coast was clear.

I was able to lean forward and get an extended look. However, she was wearing a tight fitting bra, and it was one that separates and covered up some of the middle area between her boobs. (If only it was a loose fitting bra or sports bra. I would have had a major look right down the middle.)

Granted, seeing a bra shot isn't that big of a deal. But finding out that if a passenger to one side in front of me reclines and is wearing a loose fitting and/or lower cut top I can see down is still another helpful discovery.

Thought I'd pass that along. As I continue to point out, it helps to pay attention to any and every babe nearby.

Friday, September 23, 2011

Glad She Lost The Weight

Over all my years of thorough viewing and watching of babes, I've been amazed at how a significant weight loss impacts their confidence in different ways. Sometimes a babe will want to stay covered even after losing a lot of weight, and other times I have seen just the opposite.

A few years ago, there was an overweight babe living across the street in one of the apartments I could easily see into with my binoculars. Unlike a lot of guys, I like some meat on the bones, and have spoken highly of some babes that other guys found to be "heavy set", "fat", or other such terms. To me, as long as they are proportionate I'm fine with it. As long as the boobs are greater than, or at the very least equal to, the tummy and the butt area isn't huge compared to the legs, and there are curves, I'm usually fine with it if her face and hair are attractive.

This particular babe did not appeal to me when I first checked her out. A couple of mounds of flab hanging out that took up more room than her boobs. I only saw the boobies once when she had her robe partially open and quickly closed it even though she had no idea anyone could see her. Never did see her butt or bush early on, but I wasn't that interested. Frankly, I would check her apartment to see if she had any cute guests walking around, but the few times she did over the first few months, there was no changing of clothes.

Evidently she started working out or doing something to lose weight, as about six months after she moved in I noticed she was losing those mounds of flab. I saw her a couple of times outside walking in from her car, and she began looking better and better. Her butt area stayed big, but her top half definitely had thinned down and she was looking a lot better. Eventually, she started walking around wearing less on top and I started to watch her more, although she always kept her bottom half covered up. I could tell she felt the need to lose pounds off the bottom.

A couple of weeks ago, a woman I know through a work situation was at a celebration of a co-worker's birthday, and one of them asked me to take some photos. This woman had told some of us that she had lost more than 60 pounds over the past 9 months. To be honest, she still had more to lose, but was looking better to me. She said that she did not wish to be photographed. That's my point. Even though she looked better and felt better with a large weight loss, she seemed so used to not wanting to be photographed.

Yet, some babes react the other way after a weight loss. Earlier this month while on a travel assignment lasting into a weekend, I went to a nude beach I hadn't been to in years. It turns out there weren't too many decent babes there, but there were enough to make it worth my while to stay. Since I was by myself and there were some guys there with women, I had to get naked and go in to the water in order to be able to scope the decent babes from closer in. (I'm always fine with that trade off. They don't care to look at me, and since I'm naked they won't suspect I'm checking them out through my dark sunglasses.)

After I got past most of the decent babes while going into and then out of the water, I noticed a group of three overweight women, all seemingly around 30 or less, that were in the shallow water standing and chatting, each totally naked. I was standing on the beach, near where other people were, and was looking over there. One of them was clearly standing with her back facing where most of the people were. We could see her big butt and flab hanging elsewhere, and it sure didn't bother me that I couldn't see her front. The second woman was standing facing out to the water, and was slightly sideways so that not much could be seen even though she was naked.

But it was the third woman that inspired this commentary. It was easy to tell that she has recently lost a lot of weight in her upper half. Her boobs were well rounded and hung in such a way that I could tell she used to weigh a lot more, but now was very proportionate. Her hair was nice and long, and her face actually quite pretty. Yet, her hips jetted out and her legs were rather thick. From the belly button up she was looking very hot, but below that point had a lot of poundage.

I'm sure a lot of guys would not bother to stare, letting the big hips and thick legs cause them to look elsewhere. But not me. She was quite attractive to me. Part of the reason was how she was standing. It was easy to tell she was confident. Those other two overweight women she was talking with were somewhat slouched over and clearly didn't want their goods showing. (And I didn't care to see them anyway.)

Based on my observations of babes all these years and her body language, she knew exactly what she wanted to have happen. She was feeling proud of her better body and not worried about the lower regions and her legs. (She was only in the water up to her knees.) I say this because she was obviously standing and facing where the people, especially the guys, could see her straight on full frontal, and she wasn't wearing a thing with the sun shining brightly on her. Her body language said "Check me out all you want!". So I did. She might have even noticed that I was enjoying the view, but it wouldn't have mattered. She wanted every guy within range to see all she had. Heck, I might have made her day by looking at her in all her glory and not turning away, like I would have if either of her flabby friends had been facing me.

She probably dragged her friends to a nude beach so she could stand there naked and hope the guys would "finally" start to notice her. I know I did.
There have been a few other instances, both while spying with binoculars and out in public, where I have noticed babes who have lost weight seem more willing to let it show and let the guys enjoy them. (Or, if at home, use the private moments to get used to letting it show.) I'm glad when they do!

Saturday, September 3, 2011

Isla Fisher Pops A Button

We don't get to see nipple, but it's wonderful to be made aware of a woman not wearing a bra when it's not even a revealing dress. 

Scroll down to the 4th photo and you'll see what happened during the scene Isla Fisher was filming. Granted, she doesn't look very hot and actually looks older in the scene, but that's not important to me for the sake of this example.

Us guys need the hope that more women, especially the younger ones, will start going without a bra once again. This is such a welcome change from seemingly endless straps hanging out and undershirts, tank tops, and half of a wardrobe underneath a shirt.

In fact, just this morning I noticed a babe that lives a couple of homes down the street (on the other side of the street) from where I'm staying this weekend come out to water the lawn. She was wearing a white undershirt and shorts. So I went and grabbed my binoculars. She was just outside of her home on a relatively quiet side street. However, when I got a closer look, I could immediately tell she was wearing a bra. Even walking around the house. Her shorts weren't even short enough to get a nice look when she bent over. But, geez, she must be walking around the house wearing a bra. This is what it is coming to.

So, guys, let's give credit to Isla Fisher, and let the babes we know think she's a trend setter! 

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

When Not Seeing Is Still Hot

As much as I love seeing the actual boob, butt, or pussy, it is interesting to admit that twice within the past week I have been somewhat turned on without actually seeing the goods. Now, don't get me wrong. I'm not changing my ways and settling for these. But I'm curious to know if you guys agree or not.

The first instance took place during my lunch hour the other day. Of course, I always walk through areas where babes are sitting and eating or relaxing so that I can (hopefully) get my share of views down tops and down the back, as well as checking up skirts (in case of slim or revealing or no panties). There was a babe walking at an angle in my direction and she must have just left a cold office building or something. She had huge nipples nicely poking through her bra even though it was not a blouse that I could see through. 

Of course, this, fortunately, happens from time to time. I probably average a couple of times each week seeing some solid nipple prints and the babes either don't realize or don't care. This babe had huge nipples, and she knew they were poking through. It turned out she was waking in the angle direction she was because she was walking toward an area which had a corner ledge to sit on, definitely out of the way of any pedestrian traffic. In other words, she was walking to where guys couldn't see those nipple prints. As a result, I'm pretty sure I was the only guy, or one of very few, that got to see those poking through. I started walking much slower to watch her, but she sat down as if to use her phone and showed no sign of getting back up right away.  I couldn't walk over to where she was. It would have been too obvious, and if she caused a scene it wouldn't have been good. 

Still, those were such big nipples and she was clearly aware of what was going on, and it did turn me on almost as much as if I had seen actual boobage.

The other incident that turned me on (without actually seeing anything good) happened earlier this week as well. I was about to walk up an outdoor flight of stairs I take regularly (on the way to this particular job assignment). As usual, I was watching for a babe to walk up those stairs behind. I didn't see any wearing skirts, but did spot a hottie wearing light colored and rather tight pants. 

Of course, if I can't see panty lines before the stairs (although I did since this babe had light colored pants on), I'll certainly see them as she climbs the stairs. Especially when I can walk closely behind her and have my eyes just inches away from her behind. 

Not only could I easily see the panty lines, but I could tell that those panties were her version of "briefs". They didn't cover her entire butt. Even though I couldn't actually see any butt crack through her pants, I enjoyed watching from just inches away being able to tell that I could almost see some butt crack as she climbed the stairs and walked just ahead of me. That was sexy. 

Again, not as exciting as actually seeing some of that butt crack, but it meant more than if she had larger panties on that weren't letting anything display.

It's so great when babes wear those panties that are so low in the back, since they show butt crack when they have a short top or shirt on and sit down. But this babe was looking mighty fine.

So that's the question. Does seeing something such as nipple prints or knowing that butt crack is exposed turn you on, even if you don't actually get to see it?

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Friday, August 5, 2011

Nicki Manaj's wardrobe malfuncion on ABC

I didn't get to see Nicki Manaj's boob slip on ABC-TV this morning, and according to the article below they already removed it from the web stream as well as later broadcasts:

Then again, I don't find her overly attractive. But, still, sorry I missed this....or should I say, it.

Any of you guys get to see this when it happened? How does it look?

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Caught By The Live-In Girlfriend

Not that what this guy did was right, but it's still another example of what I constantly preach to my fellow The Total Creep followers. Don't have any evidence around that could get you in trouble.

This guy got into trouble because his live-in girlfriend found a DVD and was able to determine that this guy had created it. It was his video of babes in the bathroom, and the girlfriend was able to trace it in part from recognizing one of the photos from his Facebook page.

His having that DVD was the evidence that got him into trouble. If he had only kept the video on a web site for videos that only he had access to or on a strict password controlled computer, he would have likely continued to get away with this. No telling how many babes he might have recorded that were not on the DVD.

Even while having a live-in girlfriend, he was able to do this for an undetermined period of time without having been caught.

For those reading along who find this disgusting, it serves as still another reminder that there are plenty of guys who will and do go to this extent to enjoy seeing real babes naked.

Monday, June 27, 2011

Babe Sprays Breast Milk At Cop

To me it's another reason to allow babes to breast feed in public. If she could have done so, this babe would probably not have been put into this situation resulting her reportedly whipping out a boob and spraying a cop with her milk:

Guys, what do you think?

Sunday, June 26, 2011

Limit This Law To The Men

I'm among those who easily understands the desire for this proposed new law in some town which, if passed, will spread to other municipalities:  

However, the spirit of this law is intended to be for guys, and let's be sure it stays that way. If this were to be applied to the babes who keep those jeans, shorts, and skirts dangling low, then I'd rather put up by looking away from some dude's undies.

Guys, we should speak up about this one.

Thursday, June 9, 2011

Wrong Use of Technology

This news story caught my attention as I wanted to read about exactly what the guy was doing. While the guys are thinking "This guy is brilliant" and the women are thinking he should be executed, there are other aspects of this story which should be explored.

Yes, the guy was morally wrong for installing software on babes' computers so he could spy on them via their web cams, but that's for the court to decide.

There are two separate points that this guy proves by all of his actions relative to the case.

First, he allowed for there to be direct evidence, and that will likely prove a major portion of his downfall. I have written plenty over the past few years about how guys should not retain any physical evidence of what they get to see. It's usually best not to take photos or video, but if you do, the idea is to get rid of the evidence as soon as possible.

In this instance, he got to see what he got to see because he placed video cams. Based on the story, the odds are high that he would have been busted anyway, but enabling the authorities to find the video evidence on his computers place the odds even more against him. If the authorities could not find video evidence, he may well have had some form of defense by claiming he did not use the cameras for that purpose. Yet, he would know what he saw and have it in his mind.

One other important point about his actions. This is further proof of a point I have made to both men and women over the years that guys want to see "real" babes naked. This has been my philosophy ever since I "discovered" girls sometime during junior high and continues to this day. I rarely go to strip clubs and have never hired a hooker or dancer. Even though a small percentage of "paid" babes are attractive, I'm not as turned on seeing their bodies because it is a job to them, and it is "expected" their body parts will show.

That is a major part of the appeal to me of seeing "the girl next door" (literally and figuratively), especially when I'm not supposed to. The guy in this news story obviously felt the same way. He could have used his computers to look at porn and nude photos to his heart's content, like so many guys also do. He could have spent his hard earned money at strip clubs. Instead, he acted upon that desire to see college babes and other babes who live and work in his part of the country, and was successful at it until busted.

Once again, it shows the extent that guys will go to in order to see naked babes. That is my other point in looking at this story. While I have never done anything even close to what this total creep did, I understand the thinking behind it. His scheme was elaborate, well thought out, and technically well executed. Yet, it was all in the means to see "real" babes naked. Again, that doesn't make it "right", but I understand it.

Too many women continue to think that it is only an isolated few guys who are degenerate enough to try and see babes coming out of the shower. Trust me, guys will use any creative resource they can in order to make that happen. It's just that some have more dedication than others.

These days, spying on babes has become too dependent upon the technology. And that's where guys are making mistakes. While the technology enables them to see the babes, such as what this guy did, it enables them to get caught.

In that respect, I'm fortunate to have been born more than 50 years ago and have developed this kind of creativity before there was this much technology. It helped me to never get busted.

One of the ways I wrote about in my book is a way I saw the goods on a few college babes. Going back 25 or 30 years ago, fewer college dorms (especially smaller schools) had sufficient laundry facilities. There were certain cities and towns where the students would frequent laundromats near campus.

During some of those years, my work took me to a least one other college town during the course of most weeks, and I quickly learned where the laundromats were that the babes would often go to. College babes often don't have much to spend on clothes, and that included underwear. Sometimes these babes would go to do the laundry and wear little or even no underwear.

Of course, they would be leaning and bending over to get their clothes into and out of the dryer, and in some locations also with front loading washing machines. Jackpot! I would have my basket of laundry in the dryer and appear to be sitting and reading a magazine, lined up behind these babes when they would be bending over or squatting.  Or maybe down the row acting like I'm folding my shirts.

Some would be wearing night shirts, or short shorts, or something revealing figuring they would be safe. There were some nights when all I would see were bras and panties at best, but I got to enjoy some college babes not wearing panties enough to make these laundromat visits worthwhile.  Even the night I dried the same shirts three times and was in there more than 3 hours.

Yet, if I was questioned by security or authorities, I could prove that I was traveling for work. Or, when in my home town, show that I lived in the area. All I had with me was my laundry and some reading material. I never used a camera or anything that would arouse suspicion. They couldn't prove I was in a certain position to see them bend over or sitting where I could see down a shirt or up a dress. No evidence, and these were "real" babes I would see.

These days, college babes rarely even go to the laundromat, so that idea has run its course. My point is that guys need to think of means other than using technology.

And, unlike the guy in the news story, not create evidence.

Thursday, June 2, 2011

She Caught Me Looking

As good as I have become over the years at not getting "caught" checking out a babe in public, it still happens to the best of us. It doesn't happen very often, but today I actually made it a positive experience for both her and for me. That's not easy.

I was in the plaza entering an office building this morning when I noticed a babe wearing a loose fitting top and jeans sitting on one of the benches. As luck had it, she decided to lean forward to get something out of her bag, which she had on the floor by her feet, just as I walking toward her.

At that time, I was maybe 20 feet away and walking straight on toward her. I was determining which side to walk past the bench on, trying to see if either side of her top would get me a look any further down.

It seems she had one of those open bras on that covers little more than the bottom of her boobies and the nipples and leaves the middle wide open. I'd say those are 36 C's, so I slowed down to get a good look. Well, evidently, she realized that her top was hanging and that I had slowed down and suddenly looked right up at me. So I was caught in the act.

As you might expect, she was giving me a very nasty look, and I was less than 10 feet from her looking head on.

It was too late to do my usual act of bringing my wrist watch up or tinkering with my phone to appear that I didn't even see her. (The same act I have been successful at more than 99% of the time over the years.) She knew what I was doing, and, frankly, the view was too good to turn away.

Instead of trying to deny, this time I reacted honestly. And it actually helped. I said to her, "If I wasn't interested in looking, THEN you would have a reason to be upset!".

I suppose it stunned her. But she actually started to crack a smile. So I kept walking and looked away. She didn't say anything else. I decided to walk behind and away from her, rather than my usual approach of going behind to check her for butt crack showing. At that point, it wasn't worth the risk.

A few seconds later, I did turn around, and she was already walking away in the other direction. But at least nothing further came of my getting "caught looking".

That response of my commenting to a babe under similar circumstances is extremely rare. At the time, it was all I could do to not appear to be the total creep I really am. She was attractive and definitely had a nice pair on her, but at least she realized I meant well toward her. Good thing she didn't know that probably a minute later I was already looking down some other babe's shirt as she waited for an elevator to arrive. Business as usual.

Meanwhile, I need to point out that it is never good to get "caught looking" like I did. Even though there were no consequences (She could have called me a creep or made a scene and embarrassed me big time.), I know that I probably ruined it for other guys. She probably won't lean over like that again in a public place. Maybe she won't wear loose fitting tops anymore, and those nice boobies will be a bigger secret because of me.

That's why guys need to learn these skills of how to enjoy but not get caught.

Thursday, May 26, 2011

I Like Her Spirit

This news story caught my attention. I'd sure like to know more about the "spirits" that the woman in the story felt, with the hope that women in their 20's would be able to channel them!!

It's too bad the woman is 52 years old. Maybe that's why she wasn't arrested. On a side note, I think there is some form of discrimination because she was not arrested. You know that if this was done by a male, he would have been arrested under those circumstances. 


Friday, May 20, 2011

'The Playboy Club' TV Show Draws Complaint Before It Starts

My oh my. Some "parents group" is complaining to NBC-TV about the upcoming "The Playboy Club" TV show and it hasn't even starting taping yet. As if the network could even show any true nudity?

As if NBC not showing true nudity will stop kids from seeing it? It's not like NBC, CBS, or ABC can show nipple, butt, or bush. Other shows have shown healthy portions of boobs in the past couple of years. This new NBC show doesn't figure to be any different.

The next thing you know these type of "groups" will be complaining about the retailers showing babes modeling bras and panties in newspaper ads.

At least most of the boys in the 12 - 17 age range (from the time they start to notice girls and want to see all they can see) can often see almost as much on a regular basis when the girls in school wear the low necklines (even though most wear a bra) and some butt crack when they squat or sit down. They don't need to wait on NBC.

I wonder how many of these complaining parents are moms who enjoy Sex & The City, especially the HBO version and the movies in which there actually is some nudity from the main characters.

Friday, May 6, 2011

Ray & His Day At The Gym

Ray of GA sent me a photo of a nip slip that he took over the past weekend using his cell phone. I’m glad I opened it, given how much boobage there is support of her nipple. He said he was in the parking lot outside of the gym when he noticed her walking toward her car and he could see them bouncing enough to know she was not wearing a bra. Her hair was wet, and his best guess is that she was just going to drive home and only put on her tank top and carry her jacket with her gym bag. (After seeing the photo, I’m amazed he noticed what she was carrying!) Her top was loose and dangling, so Ray reached for his phone and got it camera ready.

Sure enough, he reports, as she was leaning over and fumbling for her keys, out came a nipple, and he got the photo from about 15 feet away. Since it was outside, the click of his taking the photo could not be heard. He said that she realized that she may have popped out, and then looked in his direction. By then, he already had taken the photo and when he saw her start to look up he brought the phone toward his ear as if answering a call. She then got into her car, having adjusted her tank top, and drove off.

Let’s analyze what Ray did so that others can learn from his experience, using my nearly 40 years of checking out babe after babe no matter where I’m at.

First, Ray gets a good grade from me for being “on alert” outside of the gym. Granted, because I travel a lot for my real job, I have a membership with a gym with multiple locations (and some reciprocal) around the country. Of course, when traveling I try to go to visit the gym location nearest to either a college campus or where the residential demographics are younger in hopes of more younger babes being there.

Briefly, I’ll comment that most babes are too covered while working out and/or wearing under garments. Thus, when scoping the scene near the various workout machinery, I usually don’t do much better than seeing some nipple pointing through the shirt because of being wet from sweating. Even the swimming pool doesn’t produce much, as I have noticed that since the babes are only in their swimsuits for a few minutes and it is for exercise, they tend to be very careful about preventing any slippage on top or the bottom.

Back to Ray. Because the inside of gym is not that productive, his noticing the hot babe leaving and not wearing a bra was a definite plus. Normally, I don’t approve of guys taking cell phone photos in that manner, because it could be used as evidence in case something goes wrong. In this instance, he was able to get away with doing that. But he never should have sent that to me (even though I appreciate it).

He showed great instinct to observe that she could come bouncing out, and to be watching her before she got to her car. And him seeing her nipple means he was rewarded for his effort. He could have not been paying attention and missed out, as many guys still do.

I can understand Ray taking that photo, but he (and you) need to understand the risks. Suppose she heard or saw him take that photo. She could have called security or authorities. All they had to do was ask him for the phone (camera), and once they see that photo of her nip slip, he is in trouble. However, if she saw him looking and there was no photo, he wasn’t doing anything wrong. Even if she knows he saw, she was outside and not intending to expose herself. Big difference there!

Another crucial element of Ray "getting away with this" is that it was a parking lot and not a crowded area. Even if there are only a few people around, you need to be aware of this. Keep in mind that in this situation, there could have been another female around who could have seen what Ray did and possibly told the babe or tried to confront Ray, likely before he could send the photo to his e-mail and delete it from his phone.

Yet, had guys been nearby, you still can't always take the chance. You just never know if one of those guys isn't a friend or brother of the babe who wouldn't take kindly to a nip slip photo. If you don't know any guys who are around and that they would be OK with it, keep this possibility in mind.

You have to let your best judgement be your guide instead of your instinct. Sure, I'd love to have photos like the one Ray sent me to better remember these babes and to share with friends. But it isn't worth the risk of being discovered having them.

OK, I'll admit that I have taken a few with my cell phone over the years, and not had any problem. Again, you have to know for sure that you can take it without getting caught. And when I have, I have e-mailed the photo to a "secret" e-mail account I have set up which is different from the ones I usually use. Once I send it, I know to immediately delete it from my phone (both the photos and from "sent"!!). By doing this, if by some chance I am "caught", there is no evidence on my phone nor in either of my primary e-mails (personal and business) for anyone to find. Yet, I still can look at the photos when no one is around, or show them to friends in person (I know not to send them) when the situation permits.

I don't know whether or not Ray did that with the photo he got of the babe's nip slip, so hopefully this advice helps him and others for the future.

But remember, it's not about getting the photo. It's about seeing, in Ray's instance, the nip slip.

Nice job, Ray, for seizing the opportunity!

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Renee Zellweger's dress - not that big of a deal

It's not up to me to ask the New York Daily News, and other publications for that matter, why they have women writing about the dresses and the clothing worn by famous women.

As you guys can tell, this writer makes a big deal about the open back, which is of minimal significance to us:

I would have reviewed this dress much differently. I don't really care about what her spine and her back have coming out. My reaction is that the sides don't go out far enough toward the shoulder, which means that guys have no opportunity to see down from behind her shoulder and see any boobage. The lowest point is still well above the top of her butt crack, and it appears there is a big enough margin even when she sits down.

The front of the dress is thin enough that we can tell it has a thick built-in bra, so we won't even get any nipple prints.

Even if one of these steps were taken (the lack of a bra or wider at the upper back), we would have a more attractive dress.

Furthermore, she should have worn her hair down. It would have been much sexier to have her long hair dangling over the bare back.

Those are the reasons not to "replicate" this dress, rather than those the writer points out. I'm no fashion expert, but at least I can cater to what guys like. And that's who should be looking and reviewing!

Monday, May 2, 2011

The Return

OK, I’m back. After a few weeks dedicated to my “real” job, it is with great enthusiasm that I return to my “Total Creep” status on a regular basis once again. And with a few changes that I’m sure guys of all ages will enjoy.
As you know, this blog started in conjunction with the release of my Audio Book “Total Creep – A Guy’s Guide” more than 2 years ago. It was an opportunity to encourage and respond to readers/listeners’ questions and experiences, especially about how they successfully used what they learned from the book.
Now, 2 years later, the book did even better financially for me than I expected. Yes, it’s still available ( , and in fact there are a couple of updated segments I recorded late in 2010. But at this point in time, I’m now doing this blog way more because of how much I enjoy checking out the babes, rather than to encourage book sales. While the responses, mostly from readers/listeners have been enjoyable, for the most part (even from some of the women), it’s time to open things up.
I’ll be posting some updates and thoughts on some of what I see (from checking out babes), some of my updated suggestions, and, of course, responding to questions and posting success stories submitted by guys like you. Whether you have my book or not. In addition, I will do some analysis of attempts which are not successful, including when they happen to me. Even after nearly 40 years of checking out every possible attractive babe, I still have occasion to want to kick myself for a missed opportunity or a wrong move.
I encourage you to comment and to e-mail me with your questions, comments, and successful experiences. As many of you know, I do not publish last names or cities. A “Joe from PA” is the most specific I get. If you prefer I not use any of your comments verbatim, please let me know. It’s just that the more information we have to help each other, the better this will be.
Keep in mind that I use my best judgment to protect specific locations so it doesn’t ruin it for other guys. One example took place a few months ago when a fellow total creep told us about a beach location where he could be up on a hill hiding between some trees and see the area where the babes can shower. Thinking they were protected from view by the wooded area behind and above them, he was (and more importantly, still is) able to watch some babes change out of their tops and sometimes bottoms.
While I’m sure every straight guy within 100 miles of that location would love to know exactly where that is, we obviously can’t post it on here, and we don’t want a group of guys seen going up on that hill, or that opportunity would be over. What I did was post some ideas about how the guy found the location and how he managed to keep hidden from view. (At least as of his last “report”.) He still likes to e-mail me about some of what he sees, and how a few of the babes probably wouldn’t care if they knew he was watching them. I’m probably going to publish more about that in the weeks to come, but not the exact location. In this case, I have given “Jerry” some tips he has found helpful, and in return I am now aware of the specific location and have scheduled to visit there during June when I know the weather will be warm enough to have a lot of babes around.
Of course, your “experiences” are not limited to the beaches, the malls, the schools, and other public places. I enjoy the success stories of “the babe across the street 2 floors down who leaves her bedroom blinds open at night” and sneak peeks in private places.
More to come. It’s great to be back!

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Celebrating Fat Tuesday The Best Possible Way !!

For those looking for something to celebrate:

And it's something guys enjoy even more than the nice young ladies who participate!

If this works well, they should expand to "Fat Week" next year.

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Guys Taking Risks To Catch A Naked Babe

The things guys risk to see a naked babe! Sometimes you need to think it through before you act. Here are a few stories which made news over the past 10 days:

This guy is a landlord, who got caught with a video cam recording a certain tenant, including when she had some friends over:
This guy was caught snapping photos from underneath the curtains of a babe changing clothes in a dressing room:

And this guy was an Army officer, nailed using a telephoto lens for what turned out to be a 16-year old babe. Obviously, she didn't look 16 to him:

Then this dude left his phone with a video cam in too obvious of a location in a tanning salon:

While this guy went out of control and actually went into a women's locker room:
Talk about not thinking things through. This guy peeked under a stall door at a babe in the women's bathroom in a restaurant. His bigger mistake was having paid for his meal with his charge card, which, obviously, led to his arrest:
Although many a guy has tried to check out a babe in a hotel room, your chances of getting away with it are better if you don't use a construction ladder to do so, like this guy did:

Then there was this guy, who wanted to see his "Target" babe and was caught with a camera for her dressing room:

Many women still don't realize how many guys want to see naked babes, and what they are willing to do to see them. Believe me, I don't want these guys around either. They ruin it for the rest of the guys who know the "safe" ways to check out the babes.

Friday, February 25, 2011

Naked people found in stopped truck

To those who say there is nothing to do in Nebraska:

No word in this story about the ages of the babes, however.

Friday, February 11, 2011

How do police identify the victims?

Another of those stories about careless guys who get caught checking out the babes. But this one claims that a dozen of the victims were identified from this guy's photos supposedly looking up skirts.

Got to wonder how the police do that? And who is the lucky one to get that job?

But, ooops, this guy was doing this while at work? Oh, brother.

Actually, he did this with a heavy risk of being caught right out in the open. The technology hurt him rather than helped. That is so often what gets guys in trouble.

When working, and is the vast majority of situations, you can't have anything that could be used as evidence against you when checking out the babes.

Many years ago, I took a part-time job in a clothing store (for both men and women). While I knew that I wouldn't be able to look by the women's dressing room while working in the shopping areas, I was able to scout for when a hot babe would be heading back to try something on. As luck had it, a couple of the dressing booths were at the back corner, which backed up to a wooden wall to the storage room in back.

During my shift, I would try to keep the light off in the back storage room. Someone else who had or did work there also thought like me, and had drilled a small peep hole into both of the dressing booths. From checking angles after the store had closed, I knew that if the storage room light was off, anyone who noticed the hole in the wall (which was up by a corner) could not see any light.

When my work permitted, I would be able to see when a hottie would go into one of the two "visible" booths to try on, and then "just happen" to go back to the storage area to retrieve an item. Of course, I knew exactly where to go and quietly climb the step ladder and get my view into that booth. Only once did I get a babe not wearing a bra, so it was more than 99% bra and panties. Unless you count one babe that pulled her panties about half way down in back and gave me a lot of butt crack while trying on shorts.

But it made the workday a lot more fun.

My point is that I could have had a camera running the whole time that no one would have seen, and then probably edited down to the hot babes. Yet, having done so would have put in the risk of being discovered and arrested. Even if the babes were down to less than underwear, I knew never to take the risk of having any evidence.

Otherwise, if that peep hole was discovered, I could easily have either denied any knowledge or proven where the items were that were necessary for my job there.

By not having any evidence, I was able to add some nice sights to my workday. This guy in the store who got busted could have done a lot better. He could have been restocking while simply looking down a top or the back of a babe squatting over nearby. If she turned around, he could have dropped an item on the floor or appeared to be looking at his inventory sheet. But since he has his camera phone, he was stuck.

Guys like that ruin it for guys like us.

Thursday, February 3, 2011

a pregnant pause

I have had some letters from guys over the past couple of years about checking out pregnant babes, but the guy in this news story seems to have taken it to another extreme:

It's tough to determine why the guy wanted to see her naked while at full pregnancy and to go to that extent to do so. My only guess is that the babe must have smaller boobs (not his preference) and he figured this was his chance to see them at their best. Of course, that doesn't make what he did right.

The story also reports that he had also videotaped her the day before. I'm thinking he must not have gotten a good shot of her if he went back again the next day. This means that if he did get a good shot of her naked the day before, he would have gotten away with it had he not gone back the very next day.

This one is tough since he was a direct neighbor.

Some guys actually do not enjoy seeing pregnant babes naked all that much, based on the e-mails and comments I have received from guys since my book came out, and from what I know while talking to friends about it over the years.

Personally, I'll admit I wasn't much for it while in my teens and 20's, but over the past 20+ years I have come to appreciate and enjoy the pregnant naked body just as much. It usually does mean better boobage. Of course, during the couple of times I have been able to spy on pregnant babes while at home, it gets difficult to see bush while she is in the later stage because of the hang of the tummy. That is both while walking around or when seated. But it's a nice trade off due to the increased boobage.

However, I don't know the age of the guys who e-mailed me about it, and I'd like to know more about if it is guys over 30 who enjoy seeing pregnant babes naked moreso than 20's or teens. Any thoughts, guys?

(And don't worry, I won't use any names. Just your age and your comments, with your permission.)

Monday, January 31, 2011

His best friend's girl - taped while showering

Boy, she must be a very hot babe for the guy to go to this extent:

Of course, that doesn't make it right either. But if the suspect was living in the same house, I'd have to think there would have been an easier and less risky way to see her naked.

Thursday, January 27, 2011

Asking Laura Hamilton To Relax

Sorry to read (below) that Laura Hamilton is "petrified" about a wardrobe malfunction. I can tell you it would help her career and name recognition tremendously if that were to happen.......

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

No upskirt photos in Indiana?

Never mind the economy, the war, the banks, health care, and voting themselves raises. The Indiana Senate is worried about all of the guys that take photos looking up skirts.

I suppose they'll approve spending millions to prosecute, and hours and hours reviewing any and all photos which are captured. Some photos more than others, I'm sure.

Maybe I should apply for the job the government would probably create to review all of the thousands of candid photos of babes already on the internet. There are entire sites of "secret" upskirt and down blouse photos.

Can't wait for officials to find even one of the sites where guys post nude photos of ex-wives and girlfriends. Many of those photos were taken with consent at the time. I don't know of any divorce decrees which specifically prohibit the use of consensual pictures taken while the relationship was strong.

Hopefully there will be public notice for when the House and Senate debate this one. Might as well use more of our tax dollars to deal with this.

Defense attorney caught taping babes

The women who don't like lawyers will have a field day with this story:

While the men wonder why this guy is in Southern California yet focused on a tanning salon instead of hanging out at the beach, scouting the babes at various public locations, and using his binoculars from home or from a location where he could see into babes' homes without risk.

Sunday, January 16, 2011

One way to increase attendance at schools

Just because this babe had posed naked for Penthouse, officials seem to be ignoring her qualifications (to teach, that is) and denying her a teaching position:

Here's what they should do. Hire her to teach in one of the schools with the lowest average attendance among boys. Once the word gets out that a Penthouse Pet is now teaching there, you'd better believe the guys would start to show up for her classes. And when they do, it's more money for the school system.

More money for the school system is supposed to mean better schools, and so on.

Hire her now, while she has a few good years left with those looks.

I'll vote for Kimberly

Very helpful information for the babes out there:

And if this helps them, as well as to start the unofficial voting among us guys, my vote goes to Kimberly, and that's for both photos of her.

Friday, January 7, 2011

Here's a job I'd like to have.....

According to this news story, police are having to go thru videotape of some naked women for the purpose of finding them to help prosecute the guy arrested for recording them.

Now there's an interesting challenge. If that police department wants some help in determining that, I'd be glad to review those tapes. I'd love to know how they expect to do that.

"Can you identify her?" and then show a topless photo of a local woman?
"Do you know who has these?" and show some distinct boobs?

Now, watch. Some big murder case gets put on hold while the police and detective go through these tapes in hopes of being able to identify a familiar face. ??

Here's the story - see for yourself:

Plus, they probably don't think the suspect has any more tape. Ya, right.

Guy caught using hidden camera in a school

Let me get this straight. This is a brand new story about a dude sentenced to 5 years of prison time for taping high school girls changing into bathing suits. Yet, the offenses took place in 2005.

Wonder what else he got away with in the past 5 years. And to think of how much the video technology has improved since then.

Of course, what he did was wrong. But I continue point out how many guys are into seeing naked babes and what they will do to pursue it. It's not just a couple of total creep guys, you know.

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

the Maria Menounos wardrobe malfunction

Way to go,!

They have published the photos of Maria Menounos and her "wardrobe malfunction". Guys, check out the photos of just her in the first 2 rows on the first page of the group of photos.

You'll know where to look, and while not work safe, be amazed at what we get to see.

I'm fortunate enough be traveling in the south this week, and believe me, this makes me want to head for the beach as soon as possible!!

Way to go, Maria!