Thursday, June 2, 2011

She Caught Me Looking

As good as I have become over the years at not getting "caught" checking out a babe in public, it still happens to the best of us. It doesn't happen very often, but today I actually made it a positive experience for both her and for me. That's not easy.

I was in the plaza entering an office building this morning when I noticed a babe wearing a loose fitting top and jeans sitting on one of the benches. As luck had it, she decided to lean forward to get something out of her bag, which she had on the floor by her feet, just as I walking toward her.

At that time, I was maybe 20 feet away and walking straight on toward her. I was determining which side to walk past the bench on, trying to see if either side of her top would get me a look any further down.

It seems she had one of those open bras on that covers little more than the bottom of her boobies and the nipples and leaves the middle wide open. I'd say those are 36 C's, so I slowed down to get a good look. Well, evidently, she realized that her top was hanging and that I had slowed down and suddenly looked right up at me. So I was caught in the act.

As you might expect, she was giving me a very nasty look, and I was less than 10 feet from her looking head on.

It was too late to do my usual act of bringing my wrist watch up or tinkering with my phone to appear that I didn't even see her. (The same act I have been successful at more than 99% of the time over the years.) She knew what I was doing, and, frankly, the view was too good to turn away.

Instead of trying to deny, this time I reacted honestly. And it actually helped. I said to her, "If I wasn't interested in looking, THEN you would have a reason to be upset!".

I suppose it stunned her. But she actually started to crack a smile. So I kept walking and looked away. She didn't say anything else. I decided to walk behind and away from her, rather than my usual approach of going behind to check her for butt crack showing. At that point, it wasn't worth the risk.

A few seconds later, I did turn around, and she was already walking away in the other direction. But at least nothing further came of my getting "caught looking".

That response of my commenting to a babe under similar circumstances is extremely rare. At the time, it was all I could do to not appear to be the total creep I really am. She was attractive and definitely had a nice pair on her, but at least she realized I meant well toward her. Good thing she didn't know that probably a minute later I was already looking down some other babe's shirt as she waited for an elevator to arrive. Business as usual.

Meanwhile, I need to point out that it is never good to get "caught looking" like I did. Even though there were no consequences (She could have called me a creep or made a scene and embarrassed me big time.), I know that I probably ruined it for other guys. She probably won't lean over like that again in a public place. Maybe she won't wear loose fitting tops anymore, and those nice boobies will be a bigger secret because of me.

That's why guys need to learn these skills of how to enjoy but not get caught.

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