Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Ambulance Medic Creates A "Lane" on Female Patient

It's true this is actually a disgusting story about a male ambulance driver fingering and touching a 22 year old babe in the back of an ambulance.

What this story does is, again, brings out how many guys want to see and touch young babes, and how it is not just a few weirdos like many people think.

The one way to determine this guy's true reason for doing what he did is to ask him a couple of questions, and this story doesn't go there. All the judge in this case needs to do is ask him (the paramedic) how many guys he has done this to. If the guy gives an honest answer, it would most likely be none.

Then again, if the guy takes the "I am a paramedic and she was drunk and injured" stance, it might not come to that.

However, from what this story tells us, his actions, while not exactly appropriate, may have helped to bring this babe back to being awake and alert.

I'd also give you odds the babe was decent looking, no matter what her physical state at the time this happened.

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Great new phone app

While some readers dislike me as if I'm the only guy that ever spied on babes both in public and in private and do the things I do, here is more proof positive that a large percentage of guys are just as interested in seeing what they can see:

This story details a new smartphone app that lets people take photos with the phone while hiding the fact that a photo is being taken. Both by making it appear something else is on the screen and by silencing the sound of the photo going off.

This will be perfect for getting that shot down a top, down the backside, up a skirt, and all of the other "usual" situations us guys treasure.

However, guys must not overlook that when you do this, you need to get rid of the evidence as quickly as possible. In other words, don't leave the photos on your phone.

Normally, I'm not in the business of endorsing phone apps. But, guys, this one gets my vote!

To those who don't like what do and write about, tell me. What other use could this application possibly have?