Thursday, February 26, 2009

More readers write.............

Again, during and after your listen to or read "Total Creep - A Guy's Guide" you are most welcome to e-mail your questions and comments to at I hope you are all enjoying this as much as I am!

Jerry of CT writes:

"I enjoyed listening to most of the book. I didn't think anyone could spend more than 4 hours talking about girl watching, but here it is. One question. I am not sure why you spent time about how to tell about her bra and panties. Wouldn't guys already know that from an early age?"

Thanks, Jerry. It took closer to 5 hours for this book, and since it looks as though I could have added another chapter or two. The bra and panties question may seem obvious, but there is good reason for reviewing that. Many times a "total creep" has to make a split-second decision about where to look if a babe is about to squat, lean over, sit up, etc. If he knows ahead of time that she is wearing a "thick" bra, he knows the chances are not good of seeing much if he gets a look down her top. In that case, he is better trying to see down her back for thong or butt crack action, and needs to angle his walk and look accordingly.

Guys who don't have this book probably wouldn't be on guard to do that, and could miss out on a golden opportunity. Whether she has a thong or regular panties on also makes a difference if she is bending over. That is why I review this, so that you have the ways to anticipate.

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

More readers write..............

I continue to enjoy the responses from readers/listeners to "Total Creep - A Guy's Guide", and plan to continue to answer e-mails here. You are welcome to give me your thoughts, positive or negative, at at

Danny H. of Georgia writes:

"Thank you so much for all of the tips! These really do work. Today, while at work a few of us had a meeting in our conference room which included a young hottie that happened to be wearing a v-neck shirt. She was already seated and before the meeting started I was pouring myself some coffee. I asked her if she wanted some. I brought it over to the table. Of course, not wanting to spill, I reached over her shoulder to place a coaster on the desk and then slowly and carefully put her cup of coffee down. I looked and she was watching the coffee to be sure nothing spilled. And I was able to get a great glance down her top! No one else caught on. I never would have thought of that if it wasn't for you. You're the best!"

You are welcome, Danny! That story is exactly why I decided to write "Total Creep" after more than 30 years of doing that sort of thing on a regular basis. It's good to know that opportunities like this are being taken advantage of.

Brandon T. of Massachusetts writes:

"Not only am I enjoying listening a little bit every day, but I wanted to thank you for the idea of sending the CD's in a promotions company envelope. By doing that, and billing me under that company name, my wife has no idea I am learning about checking out the young babes. She thinks I ordered a business presentation. I'm enjoying my drive to and from work when I get to listen for about 1/2 hour each day. This is already my third time through. I want to be the best creep ever! Plus, I wanted to thank you for the college babe idea. I never thought of that, and I have been working about 10 minutes away from one of the big schools in Boston. I have already enjoyed some butt crack action at lunch time, and I can't wait until the weather warms up."

You are also welcome, Brandon! We tried to think of everything when it comes to distributing this "valuable" information for guys only. Several other guys have commented about the college thing. The babe students sit down and don't care or don't realize the view from behind. May your weather be warmer.....

Monday, February 23, 2009

More readers write.............

Thanks for the nice notes about the photo page on Flickr. Meanwhile, some more questions from readers and listeners of "Total Creep - A Guy's Guide".............

Mike M. of Ohio writes:

"You make a few references to seeing breasts and more of friends and family members' wives or girlfriends. Aren't you fearful of being 'caught'? I would think that could severely damage a relationship. I'm afraid to ever try that, and I have younger brothers with babes that look better than my wife does."

I understand the concern, Mike. That is why I also include the steps necessary, and I do mean necessary, toward reaching the point where you can see the goods. Your note did make me realize that my stories about this are throughout the book, rather than a chapter or segment specific to seeing friends and relative's wives or girlfriends.

You can certainly re-read or re-listen to the chapters other than "Safe At Home". The best advice I can give you is to learn and practice the techniques outside of your circle of friends and relatives. Get the confidence that you can see the goods on others. When you know how to get the best angle and have your techniques in gear, then you can work your way into your circle.

There is no limit to the amount of training you can get. Please see my response to one of the letters last week about how the babes are too covered up in cold weather. I'm sure you are having that in northern Ohio this time of the year. So put the time to good use. Walk behind the babes and do what you can to get an "over-the-shoulder" view. Even when she is wearing a turtleneck, scarf, or high collar outfit and you can't see a thing, you can develop the confidence to know that if there was a view down her top, you would have had it. You can't get enough practice. And you can have your story ready and get in the habit.

The sooner you develop the confidence and the knowledge that you can get the view you want, whether down a top or jeans, up a dress or robe, etc., the quicker you will be able to enjoy your brothers' young friends!

Les C. of Massachusetts asks:

"I saw the news articles about women protesting Facebook's policy of banning photos of breast feeding and how women have been sending them in. You mention in your book about seeing some babes breast feeding in public over the years. Where can I go to see for myself?"

Les, there isn't exactly a specific location to see any breast feeding, and if there were, I wouldn't think that guys would be welcome. The incidents I wrote about happened in public places, so as always, keep your eyes open. I don't (yet) have a Facebook account to search for these, but I sort of doubt that women would let me in as a friend so I could see their pictures, if they are allowed.

It is part of the reason to be on the lookout for young moms with babies or toddlers with them. They could be candidates for breast feeding, and again, I have seen some in very public places lift that shirt and let it show before that towel covers up. If not breast feeding, there is the possibility of bending or leaning over to attend to the child and getting a nice view down her top. Moms get so focused on their children they often forget the view they allow. Good luck!

Saturday, February 21, 2009

Readers Can Get The Picture

Guys looking to become a fellow "Total Creep" continue to pass along some great ideas to me, and I appreciate it. I'm sure guys around the country will as well.

Those of you who have listened to or read the book know about some of my real life experiences seeing the babes. Along with my tips for getting the best angle and being in the right place at the right time. I had been wanting a way for guys to get the visual, and now I have one.

I joined the Flickr web site, which allows for the public posting of a series of photos. It's not like I could restrict to those who purchase the book, so these photos are there for the looking.

There are some great photo examples. A few guys have questioned me about seeing up a skirt when a babe is sitting on steps while walking up a stairway. Now I have a photo online which is taken from the angle I suggest you be at. Another photo shows a possible view when you walk behind and above a babe who is seated and can get a glance down her top. You can see why the grocery store can be a more enjoyable place than you could have imagined.

If you have listened to or read the book, these photos will definitely help for you to visualize and improve upon the tips you received. And if you haven't read the book, these photos will show you exactly the type of advice I give and how you can benefit.

Your feedback on this is also welcome. Check it out:

More readers write..............

Keep 'em coming! I'm enjoying the feedback from guys who are or have listened to "Total Creep - A Guy's Guide" over the past few weeks.

Eugene C. of NJ writes:

"You give what seems like good advice about being able to check out college babes. Like you, I also really like to look at babes in the 18-25 age range. But you seem to indicate you still do this. You are obviously not a college student and do not work at a school. How do you do it?"

A fair question, Eugene. First, let me go back a few years before I began in my current situation. I have lived in big cities all of my life. Any big or medium sized city will have at least one, and usually more, college or university campuses within a half hour drive. I would become aware of where the campuses were and what was nearby.

Schools within city limits will be near a park (and if luck is on your side a beach), as well as a part of the city with bookstores, fast food restaurants, movie theaters, and other such places frequented by the local students. Those are available to anyone. (For example, this is the situation that led to the babe with the untied bikini top story in the book.)

When there is a big school away from the city but with a sprawling campus, there are reasons for "older" visitors, at least during the day when classes are in session. Some university libraries are open to anyone, and some offer unique or special research. I have actually called a university library to inquire and been told I could come and do research on a specific topic they have materials about which cannot leave the library. And then gone to do this "research" on a hot day.

Back when I was single, there were a few times I brought a few clothing items in a basket to a laundromat near a campus. If there were some college babes doing laundry (and not exactly dressed to the max), I would throw in a few items and stay. If not, I would put them back in the car and go somewhere else. You can definitely create your opportunities.

My current situation helps in this regard, but not everyone has these opportunities. Having step children of high school and college age enables me to visit college campuses in warm weather locations. In addition, the travel that I do professionally sometimes has me visiting and staying over in big cities. There are times when I have a choice of where to stay and will book a hotel in a college area.

Based on where you are writing me from, I know you can create numerous opportunities within an hour or two of your residence. Good luck!

Thursday, February 19, 2009

More readers write.............

Bill of IL writes:

"I am enjoying listening to the book! But maybe I'm not quite getting your points. This morning I walked behind a babe sitting at a table reading. But when I got close enough to see down her top, I couldn't even see any of her bra. You make it sound as if I should have seen all there was to see. And this babe had a lot to see, if I could have. What gives?"

Thanks for writing, Bill. I saw on the weather that it was something like 10 degrees outside in Chicago this morning. Therein lies the problem. The babes are not as likely to let any skin show or wear as much thin or revealing clothing in the cold weather.

As I have mentioned, I have spent a few winters in cold weather cities. Chicago is a great one for checking out the babes most of the year. Based on my experience, you can keep trying to catch a break during the cold days, but they are fewer and further between.

What I do when I am in a cold weather location (I do travel a lot on business, so it still happens to me occasionally), I look at it as sort of a spring training. Keep my skills sharp.

Let the fact that you knew to get in position to see down that babe's top and would have seen (according to what you describe) if it were there for the viewing stand for something positive. The more you attempt it, the better you get.

Last week I was in Philadelphia for a couple of days during colder weather than I normally experience. I remember one situation where I was walking through a hotel lobby and I saw a totally hot babe seated and looking over to one side with her coat (overcoat) open. I then "just happened" to be walking behind her in the general direction of a restaurant menu, and could tell I was lined up to get a nice angle down her top. I couldn't tell how low it went from behind her.

I got the perfect angle looking down over her shoulders. However, it turned she was wearing a turtleneck shirt. So I couldn't see a thing. I feel your aggravation. But I look at this way. Had there been a view down her top, I would have had the best possible view. I thought about the hundreds of times I have walked behind or past a hottie and realized I should have been a couple steps further over to get a better view.

As I said, that trip to Philly turned out to be "spring training" for me. In your case, and for the majority of my readers, this is good training. Look at it that it is better to learn the best angles and strategy by your "mistakes". And when she is bundled up, you don't miss out on seeing the goods if you don't get a good angle. Plus, you don't have the pressure of being "caught". No one will suspect you looking when there is nothing to see.

One more thing, Bill. You didn't say, but if this babe was seated somewhere you walk by on a regular basis, maybe you will start noticing that she is there sometimes. Or perhaps other babes will be sitting there. If that is the case, you will be ready for the warmer days!

Perhaps this area you refer to is a place to check out some babes, and you could have your regular "walk through" each morning on the way to work to see what you can see.

So don't get discouraged, Bill. Keep training. The rewards will come.

Steve of New Mexico writes:

"I love your story about the balcony light being off and fooling that one babe into thinking you weren't home. I can see into a young couple's room from my balcony, but not that well without binoculars. The sliding door to the balcony is not clear so I can't see through it. But I'm on the top floor of my condo building and there is a side wall so that my neighbors along side couldn't see me. Is it worth the risk?"

I'm glad you asked, Steve. My answer is no it isn't. All it takes is for one person to see you from across the street or a roof top or something. Since you say you have a condo, it is not as though you could run away and hide. But I do have an idea.

I know it is probably warm or hot outside the majority time in New Mexico. I understand that the door to your balcony is not see-through. Here's what I suggest. If it isn't too riskly to let bugs or flies in, leave the door to the balcony open, and have the lights off in the room (which feeds onto the balcony). You can stand back from the balcony in the dark and then use the binoculars. You will probably sweat a bit, but if the view proves worth it, that is the safe way. This is probably better than the cold weather city I commented about where I had ice on the windows and was wearing a heavy jacket in my living room to look out an open window using binoculars.

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

More readers write.............

I continue to appreciate the comments and the feedback as you read or listen to "Total Creep - A Guy's Guide". Keep 'em coming!

Don H. of Ohio writes:

"What suggestions do you have for the cold weather days? It's tough to see down a blouse when you can't even see the blouse because the babes are wearing sweaters and long coats."

Yes, that's the toughest part of winter. I have spent a few winters in the snow and cold, so I certainly understand. Even indoors such as malls and restaurants it is much more of a challenge. I do suggest keeping lookout in places such as the grocery store, where the babes could be there long enough to take off a long coat and walk around. Hopefully that includes bending over or squatting down. If you are able to see into any at home, they still have to change clothes, shower, and do the usual routine. I do have a funny memory of the time my windows were so iced up that I had to open one slightly to see out. There I was kneeling down by my living room window at home at night - wearing my heaviest jacket. A guy has to do what a guy has to do.

Dean V. of Ohio writes:

"Do that many guys really do these things? I thought I was the only one until I started listening to your book. You have absolutely nailed this topic, and it's about time."

Aw, shucks. For years I never gave it much thought until I started noticing other guys looking intently at the babes too. Then I saw them making some of the "mistakes" that I address in the book. I'll admit I wasn't sure how much of an audience there would be when I started writing this a couple of years ago. But I knew that if so many of the guys I know were anxious for this, there must be a market for it around the country. So far, so good.

Sunday, February 15, 2009

More readers write..............

Your questions and comments during and after you read or listen to "Total Creep - A Guy's Guide" are welcome at at

Paul W. of Illinois writes:

"After listening to your great book, I discovered I can see across into an apartment shared by two hot looking babes from my living room. Obviously, my wife doesn't realize it. The good part of this is that my wife works at a hospital and her hours vary, so there are times she has to start work very early in the morning and thus goes to bed about 9 PM. How can I be sure she doesn't find out or catch me checking out the "neighbors"?"

Good question. I have had to deal with this in recent years since I got married so I understand completely. I (obviously) don't know the layout of your home, but I'll do my best for you.

First, I'll assume you use binoculars to check out the babes. What I have done is to keep them in a brief case or underneath something in a drawer in or near the living room when not in use. You must remember to put them out of sight when you are finished each night.

What I do when the wife is asleep is to keep the TV on softly. Soft enough so I could hear if she was coming down the hall but yet enough so if she wakes up she figures you are watching TV and thinks nothing of it, even with the lights off or very dimly lit. I check on her and make sure she is sleeping. As long as I keep quiet and remember not to react when I see nudity I do fine. (Remember to keep quiet. It's like the old sports saying, "No cheering in the press box".)

The wife's sleeping schedule might get in the way of the best times to check out these babes, but you'll find that out quickly. I have experienced the aggravation of not being able to check out a babe at night until after she has already showered or changed into pajamas. Sometimes you have to hope for a break.

Here's another idea, if you are a sports fan. A couple of times I have mentioned to my wife about a big game I'd like to watch on TV on a weeknight. I suggest maybe she grab dinner with a girlfriend or something. There have been a couple of times she has done just that, and it has given me a couple hours of checking out a babe or two nearby while I have the game on the TV and can check the big plays as needed.

Also, if your schedule and view allow, you might want to check in the morning after your wife has left and before you leave for work. It might be worth getting up 15 to 30 minutes early in the morning if it proves worthy of a great view.

Jerry K. of Minnesota writes:

"Great idea about the workplace! We have a cute intern at our firm who wears a v-neck shirt on occasion. The other day I brought over a file to her desk and asked if she had any questions. She did, and thanks to your book I knew to stand over her while pointing to the paragraph I needed for her to review. She was so attentive to the paper that she didn't realize I got a great view down her top. I never would have thought of that on my own."

Aw, shucks! Your story and the many others like it are the reason I decided to write this book. Too many lost opportunities.

Thursday, February 12, 2009

More readers write.............

Eddie H. from Pennsylvania writes:

"I enjoyed listening to your book and appreciate this blog and your answers. One thing I noticed is that you comment a lot about college and high school aged babes, even though you are now middle aged. (Sorry - no offense meant.) I am also in my 40's and I like checking out women in their 30's and 40's - maybe even a bit older if they still have it in the looks department. Isn't that different?"

Good observation, Eddie. While I do mention a couple of times in the book that many of the techniques apply toward checking out women of all ages, there are some contributing factors. As women get a bit older, they reach a point where they gradually start to cover up more and dress more conservatively. Fewer women over 35 will wear a revealing blouse or low rise jeans in comparison with the younger babes. Some do, and that is great.

Of course, if you are fortunate enough to be in a situation of being able to see into one or more apartments (or condos, etc.) you will likely have a choice of the age of woman you wish to scope. Personally, I have always most wanted to check out the younger babes. It wasn't until I got to around 35 or so that I started to enjoy checking out babes in their 30's. Now, there are some that look to be in their early 40's that I like looking at.

But again, a cute and hot woman in her upper 30's is less likely to be as revealing in public and making some of the "mistakes" that the younger babes make that let us "total creep" guys get a good glance at them.

To the other extreme, guys interested in really older women could probably have a field day checking out the senior ladies at senior centers and senior care facilities, and when in a hospital or medical facility. If I had chosen to look, I could have seen a lot of really old ladies.

Most of the techniques I wrote about are not age specific. As they say, "To each his own!".

Monday, February 9, 2009

More readers write..............

Questions and comments about your reading or listening to "Total Creep - A Guy's Guide" are welcome! You are welcome to comment here, or if you prefer, e-mail me directly at at I use either first names or initials on here to maintain your privacy.

Vic B. from Texas writes:

"I didn't read anything about using binoculars from the roof of a building. With everything that you cover in the book, and it is a lot, why is the roof not included?"

Good question, Vic. I didn't want to have a list of "no-no's" in the book, and rooftops are certainly on that list. The roof of an apartment or condo building, or of a commercial building is private property. In most cases, you would be considered trespassing, let alone the consequences of being "caught" with binoculars. Whoever nabs you could think you are using binocs to case a residence or office for potential robbery. Saying that you were planning to spy on a babe doesn't exactly set you free either.

If it is your roof, such as the roof of your house or townhome, it is not trespassing, but you would run the risk of being seen by anyone from a neighbor to someone passing by on ground level to whomever you are 'watching'.

Part of this I know from experience. When I was in college, I tried this by being up on the roof of an apartment building I lived in with my binoculars. I was a few feet back from the edge, but could still see up and down the street, as well as into the apartment building across the street. After about 10 minutes, I saw a car coming down the street, and quickly realized it was a police car. I ducked down and ran toward the ladder to hurry down. I quickly whipped into the apartment I was living in. But from climbing down the ladder so quickly my hands were filthy. I heard footsteps coming up the wooden outside stairs, since that was the only way onto the roof.

I quickly and quietly closed and locked the kitchen door of the apartment (where I had just come in). I ran into the bathroom and washed my hands, and quickly dried them. Sure enough, by the time I dried them, I heard a loud knock on the back door. I slowly opened it, and it was a police officer standing there. He asked me if I had been on the roof. I said "No, but I thought I heard some noises out here, but I thought it was my neighbor throwing out the garbage or something."

The officer then said "Let me see your hands!". I showed them to him, and they were clean. He knew whoever did it would have had dirty hands. Then, the old lady neighbor across the way came to the door and said she heard the noises too. I said something like "Is he still up there? I think there is another entrance to the roof, but I'm not sure." (There was another entrance to the roof on the other side a few hundred feet away.) I told the officer I had been up there before, but I certainly wouldn't go after dark and do something crazy like that. The officer said his partner was up there looking around. I told him I would keep my eyes and ears open and call them if I heard or saw anything else. He left. And I never went back on that roof again.

I didn't put this in the book because Total Creep is about how to successfully do these things, rather than about things that went wrong. But I'm glad you asked that.

Steve V. of Oklahoma writes:

"You really are a creep. I stopped listening after the 2nd CD. I have a 22 year old daughter and I would harm somebody if she caught them watching her or looking down her top or these other things you describe."

Sorry you didn't enjoy, Mr. V. You are entitled to your opinion. But I do need to remind you of something. I am not advising guys to do these things. I am explaining ways to do them so they don't get in trouble. There is a difference. Millions of guys have been checking out millions of babes for many years. I didn't start them doing it, and you nor I are going to stop them. Plus, there must be a reason that you bought this book or someone bought it for you. Hopefully your daughter can handle her own life.

Saturday, February 7, 2009

More readers write..............

T.G. of Virginia writes:

"I am still enjoying listening to the audio book. I was telling my younger brother about it today. He is away at (name removed) College, and he told me that from a couple of nearby dorm rooms he could see into some of the girls' dorm rooms at night with binoculars. I heard the part where you comment about colleges being a challenge. What do you think? Should my brother take advantage of the opportunity?"

Good question, T. From what you told me, it doesn't sound like your brother could use his dorm room. If he would have to tell other guys in the dorm what he is doing, I would suggest that he NOT pursue it. On one hand, I'm sure some of the other guys would enjoy the chance to check out some fellow students, especially if they are hot looking. But one slip of the lips could lead to serious trouble. Especially with binoculars involved.

If even one babe finds out the word could spread quickly and your brother would then be in for a rough time because of it. Babes could also complain to campus security. There is even a chance that a guy on the floor of your brother's dorm might have different moral standards and alert someone with authority. There is a reason why I say not to pursue using binoculars on a school campus.

On the other hand, if your brother were in off-campus housing or had a position to see into a girls' dorm from outside of campus property, with the right precautions it could work. But, as I point out in the book, it is very very rare to have an opportunity to see into girls dorms.

Dan from Minneapolis asks:

"As much as I love your advice, do I have to wait until spring? My windows get icy, and almost all of the windows I try to see into are covered with snow and ice and/or have curtains and blinds tight shut in this cold weather."

It's true that cold weather presents a challenge for home viewing. I have spent a few winters up north during snow and icy sub-freezing weather. There really isn't anything you can do if you can't see in to the apartments or units you desire, other than wait for a burst of warmer temperatures and hoping for a slip-up by one of the babes that she will forget to close the curtains or blinds.

A few times I put on a heavy sweater and actually cracked my window open a bit so that I could see out through my binoculars and into one or more places where a babe was. If your schedule and your angle allow, check early mornings before daylight gets too bright to see if curtains come open to let some light in. When the weather is that cold, the babes don't expect anyone to be near their own windows for any length of time to be looking in.

Cold weather days also hurt at work or school, since the babes wear more clothes and they are usually less revealing. Not much you can do, other than wait until the weather gets warmer.

Friday, February 6, 2009

The readers write..................

Ken Collier not only did a great job narrating, or as I should say, interpreting my work into the audio book of “Total Creep – A Guy’s Guide”, but he has come up with another great idea. I certainly never thought of myself in the same breath as Ann Landers, but Ken’s idea of my responding to readers and listeners about their personal experiences is a great one.
Don’t worry. If anyone understands, it is me who understands that an identity cannot be revealed. So at the most, I would use a first name (if common enough) and a state for identification. I already have a few to start this off:

Ron from Oregon writes:
“Dear I.C. – I loved hearing about your experience with seeing your girlfriend’s sister under her robe. But how could you be looking there that often without fear of being caught? My sister-in-law has a better body than my wife and I’ve been over when she has loose fitting pajamas on. I hadn’t want to risk it, but now I see where you are coming from on this.”

Dear Ron – Good question! It is like the book and audio says. There are 2 key elements. The first is to maintain a straight face. The second is to watch for opportunities and then be ready. You should also already know that she is not wearing a bra underneath. (If she is, it is not worth the risk to see a bra shot.) For example, maybe you notice her bending over by the sink to put dishes away. If you were nearby when she did, you could see down her pajama top. In that example, try to time it so that you are “helping” by bringing a couple of dishes over to her just as she would be bending over. Be coming around toward her, maybe saying something like, “Oh, here’s more” as if you are not trying to startle her. Like you are being helpful. If luck is truly on your side, you could keep bringing as she keeps bending over to load the dishwasher or cabinet and get multiple glances.

Of course, you might wind up having to then do this at home for your wife. But if doing so leads to some nice glances at her sister’s chest, it could be worth the trade off. If not in the kitchen, again, the point is to look for opportunities and then know when to pounce.

“Dear I. C. – I lost a good chance this morning. I was walking through the lobby of the office building I work in when a young babe walking a few feet ahead of me dropped something out of her wallet. She squatted down to pick them up, but she was facing toward me and I wasn’t close enough to see anything down her top. Then when I turned back and saw her walking away, her top was short and I probably could have seen down from behind. What could I have done differently? Jeff from Ohio”

Dear Jeff – Glad you read or heard the book, so you are aware of these opportunities. It’s tough to be specific based on what you have given me. But it sounds like you could have capitalized. That is a judgment call. It looks like you had a couple seconds to make a decision. If she was ahead of you when she dropped the items, you could/should have already known her blouse or shirt was short. Once you saw which way she was squatting down, you could have continued walking at the same pace behind her. Her focus would be on her dropped items and not by people in an office building lobby. Then you do the glance over as if you are curious about what dropped, if something broke, etc. Keep a straight face, or get that “wow, the babe couldn’t even hold her mirror!” look. Either would hide a “I’m seeing butt crack!” look, and you should be fine. But sometimes you don’t have that option to go behind. In that case, try to walk close enough to see down a top but only if you can do so without a drastic change in course. Again, depending upon the specifics of the situation, you could also go right over and offer to help, standing above her while you can hopefully see down her top. But, Jeff, I’m betting that you won’t miss the next opportunity that comes your way!

Readers or "listeners" are welcome to e-mail me here or via at and I'll do my best to help!

Monday, February 2, 2009

Singapore sillyness

Well, maybe not so silly, but here's to this couple walking naked in public:

Meanwhile, the Bare To Breakers nude run in San Francisco has been scheduled for May 17: