Wednesday, February 18, 2009

More readers write.............

I continue to appreciate the comments and the feedback as you read or listen to "Total Creep - A Guy's Guide". Keep 'em coming!

Don H. of Ohio writes:

"What suggestions do you have for the cold weather days? It's tough to see down a blouse when you can't even see the blouse because the babes are wearing sweaters and long coats."

Yes, that's the toughest part of winter. I have spent a few winters in the snow and cold, so I certainly understand. Even indoors such as malls and restaurants it is much more of a challenge. I do suggest keeping lookout in places such as the grocery store, where the babes could be there long enough to take off a long coat and walk around. Hopefully that includes bending over or squatting down. If you are able to see into any at home, they still have to change clothes, shower, and do the usual routine. I do have a funny memory of the time my windows were so iced up that I had to open one slightly to see out. There I was kneeling down by my living room window at home at night - wearing my heaviest jacket. A guy has to do what a guy has to do.

Dean V. of Ohio writes:

"Do that many guys really do these things? I thought I was the only one until I started listening to your book. You have absolutely nailed this topic, and it's about time."

Aw, shucks. For years I never gave it much thought until I started noticing other guys looking intently at the babes too. Then I saw them making some of the "mistakes" that I address in the book. I'll admit I wasn't sure how much of an audience there would be when I started writing this a couple of years ago. But I knew that if so many of the guys I know were anxious for this, there must be a market for it around the country. So far, so good.

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