Monday, February 23, 2009

More readers write.............

Thanks for the nice notes about the photo page on Flickr. Meanwhile, some more questions from readers and listeners of "Total Creep - A Guy's Guide".............

Mike M. of Ohio writes:

"You make a few references to seeing breasts and more of friends and family members' wives or girlfriends. Aren't you fearful of being 'caught'? I would think that could severely damage a relationship. I'm afraid to ever try that, and I have younger brothers with babes that look better than my wife does."

I understand the concern, Mike. That is why I also include the steps necessary, and I do mean necessary, toward reaching the point where you can see the goods. Your note did make me realize that my stories about this are throughout the book, rather than a chapter or segment specific to seeing friends and relative's wives or girlfriends.

You can certainly re-read or re-listen to the chapters other than "Safe At Home". The best advice I can give you is to learn and practice the techniques outside of your circle of friends and relatives. Get the confidence that you can see the goods on others. When you know how to get the best angle and have your techniques in gear, then you can work your way into your circle.

There is no limit to the amount of training you can get. Please see my response to one of the letters last week about how the babes are too covered up in cold weather. I'm sure you are having that in northern Ohio this time of the year. So put the time to good use. Walk behind the babes and do what you can to get an "over-the-shoulder" view. Even when she is wearing a turtleneck, scarf, or high collar outfit and you can't see a thing, you can develop the confidence to know that if there was a view down her top, you would have had it. You can't get enough practice. And you can have your story ready and get in the habit.

The sooner you develop the confidence and the knowledge that you can get the view you want, whether down a top or jeans, up a dress or robe, etc., the quicker you will be able to enjoy your brothers' young friends!

Les C. of Massachusetts asks:

"I saw the news articles about women protesting Facebook's policy of banning photos of breast feeding and how women have been sending them in. You mention in your book about seeing some babes breast feeding in public over the years. Where can I go to see for myself?"

Les, there isn't exactly a specific location to see any breast feeding, and if there were, I wouldn't think that guys would be welcome. The incidents I wrote about happened in public places, so as always, keep your eyes open. I don't (yet) have a Facebook account to search for these, but I sort of doubt that women would let me in as a friend so I could see their pictures, if they are allowed.

It is part of the reason to be on the lookout for young moms with babies or toddlers with them. They could be candidates for breast feeding, and again, I have seen some in very public places lift that shirt and let it show before that towel covers up. If not breast feeding, there is the possibility of bending or leaning over to attend to the child and getting a nice view down her top. Moms get so focused on their children they often forget the view they allow. Good luck!

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