Sunday, February 15, 2009

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Paul W. of Illinois writes:

"After listening to your great book, I discovered I can see across into an apartment shared by two hot looking babes from my living room. Obviously, my wife doesn't realize it. The good part of this is that my wife works at a hospital and her hours vary, so there are times she has to start work very early in the morning and thus goes to bed about 9 PM. How can I be sure she doesn't find out or catch me checking out the "neighbors"?"

Good question. I have had to deal with this in recent years since I got married so I understand completely. I (obviously) don't know the layout of your home, but I'll do my best for you.

First, I'll assume you use binoculars to check out the babes. What I have done is to keep them in a brief case or underneath something in a drawer in or near the living room when not in use. You must remember to put them out of sight when you are finished each night.

What I do when the wife is asleep is to keep the TV on softly. Soft enough so I could hear if she was coming down the hall but yet enough so if she wakes up she figures you are watching TV and thinks nothing of it, even with the lights off or very dimly lit. I check on her and make sure she is sleeping. As long as I keep quiet and remember not to react when I see nudity I do fine. (Remember to keep quiet. It's like the old sports saying, "No cheering in the press box".)

The wife's sleeping schedule might get in the way of the best times to check out these babes, but you'll find that out quickly. I have experienced the aggravation of not being able to check out a babe at night until after she has already showered or changed into pajamas. Sometimes you have to hope for a break.

Here's another idea, if you are a sports fan. A couple of times I have mentioned to my wife about a big game I'd like to watch on TV on a weeknight. I suggest maybe she grab dinner with a girlfriend or something. There have been a couple of times she has done just that, and it has given me a couple hours of checking out a babe or two nearby while I have the game on the TV and can check the big plays as needed.

Also, if your schedule and view allow, you might want to check in the morning after your wife has left and before you leave for work. It might be worth getting up 15 to 30 minutes early in the morning if it proves worthy of a great view.

Jerry K. of Minnesota writes:

"Great idea about the workplace! We have a cute intern at our firm who wears a v-neck shirt on occasion. The other day I brought over a file to her desk and asked if she had any questions. She did, and thanks to your book I knew to stand over her while pointing to the paragraph I needed for her to review. She was so attentive to the paper that she didn't realize I got a great view down her top. I never would have thought of that on my own."

Aw, shucks! Your story and the many others like it are the reason I decided to write this book. Too many lost opportunities.

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