Wednesday, December 30, 2009

He who hesitates is lost

Joey C. of NJ writes:

"I enjoyed listening to your audio book two times. Your advice is great, and I especially liked your tips for when going to ballgames and outdoor concerts. As a 24 year old single guy, I also had the ability to check out some apartments across the courtway. I have seen a married chick one floor down who sometimes walks around with her shirt completely unbuttoned and her (boobs) pop out all the time.

However, even as a horny as I get on nights I don't have a date, I still don't know that I could do some of the things you talk about. I think it's one thing to see a check walking around with her shirt open, but frankly I think you take it too far. Watching chicks sleeping, having sex, grooming, and taking a shower doesn't seem right. Don't you really feel guilty about that?"

A fair question Joey, and thanks for the permission to post your note. I usually get these comments and questions from women (see the next question). In your case, you see the value of spying on the babes, and you can watch for whatever you want. Yes, it is extremely invasive to watch a babe when she assumes she has privacy. Not that this makes it "right", but the saying "What she doesn't know can't hurt her" means everything.

You never know what you'll see when you look into someone's home. In my book I wanted to cover any and all possibilities, because I have certainly seen my share in 35+ years and while living or staying in numerous cities across the country. I don't like watching a babe have sex with a guy either. Seeing a naked guy is a huge turnoff for me. If I know when the couple starts the sex act, I will often check back every couple minutes. It's not the act I want to see, and certainly not the guy, but I want to see the babe naked when they are done. I find that most of the time she will either sit up or get up to cover herself or put something on to head into the bathroom. That's the only moment I'm truly watching for. In that instance of her being with a guy, I also point out to you that she is well aware that a guy is seeing her naked. Same when babes walk around the house with little or nothing on right in front of her significant other. They know that a guy is seeing their body, even though they don't know it's more than one.

When I have watch babes while sleeping, it is really waiting for them to wake up and get out of bed in the morning so I can see what's doing under the covers. As detailed in the book, some wear nightgowns but without panties underneath, while others sleep wearing little or nothing. It has also happened where I have waited an hour or more for a babe to get up only to have it turn out that she is wearing full pajamas or a non-revealing nightgown, but those are the risks we take.

Personally, I love watching a babe taking a shower, or watching the shower area knowing she is in there and will be coming out stark naked any second. While I have admitted that watching them on the toilet still feels awkward, I always keep the purpose in mind. I don't enjoy that she is relieving herself. Rather, I wait for the moment that she stands up so that I can see what I can see while she pulls up her panties or pants.

One solution to your concern, since not all of that is for you, is to not look into her bedroom or bathroom window if a view becomes available. Glad you enjoyed the chapters on public events, too. Let me know how you handle this.

Sherry K. of OH writes:

"You telling guys how to watch women at home with binoculars should be cause to have you locked up without a key. This is a complete breach of privacy. I just sent a boyfriend of two months away for good after he let me listen to about 5 minutes of your audio. I wouldn't want a guy who would do that anywhere near me. Or any other woman for that matter. I can't even ask how you would like it if you were watched in the shower or undressing, because most guys don't care. You don't understand how you violate our right to privacy. Your neighbors are not in a porn movie. You disgust me."

Well, Sherry, sorry if I helped cost you a boyfriend. Not to be difficult or not respect your opinion, but nobody is forcing guys to buy my book or audio book and to take my advice and utilize my experiences. In some ways, it is a compliment to these babes that guys enjoy seeing them partially or fully naked. I don't watch just any female. There are many that I could have seen but wasn't interested despite the opportunity. I don't care to look if she isn't attractive. There are guys who enjoy checking out much older women and I think that's disgusting. But they can use my advice and experience for whatever purpose.

If I didn't see a lot of other guys doing these things and checking out the babes no matter what, I wouldn't have taken the hours and hours to create my book and sell more than I had anticipated. I would bet the ranch that every boyfriend you get wouldn't want to see you and other women naked at every opportunity. Don't shoot the messenger.

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Wednesday, December 23, 2009

The readers wonder

The readers and listeners of "Total Creep - A Guy's Guide" continue to write:

Steve C. of OH writes:

"Thanks for some great advice. You are right about how many guys can use your information. You have helped me to see some really hot babes taking off their tops. If I may ask, after all of your years of spying and observing, what is your most favorite sighting?"

Good going, Steve. (I decided to edit out your description of where you see them.) As far as a favorite, that's so hard to choose. I gave it some thought, and actually came up with a specific answer for you. It wasn't easy. It's tough to pick something ahead of being at nude beach when a group of college age babes arrive and I watched some get totally naked and others take off their tops. Then there are the babes I have watched take a shower, and others I have spied on while they freely walk around their apartments stark naked. Another one that comes to mind was a babe who lived across the courtway from me and would come home late on weekend nights. Most of the time she didn't pay attention to the angled blinds and I could watch her strip down from fully dressed to stark naked.

But to answer your question, if I really have to pick one favorite, I'd go back to a sighting back in the early 90's. One of the babes I spied on regularly would sometimes not close her bedroom blinds all the way. This was a night when I saw her light on and focused in just in time to see her laying on her bed wearing a t-shirt and panties. She was reaching and pulling her panties down but not off, and pulled her t-shirt up, although not as far as I would have liked.

For the next few minutes, she was playing with herself. Big time. I have seen just a few babes doing themselves over the years, but none like this babe. She was moving and spreading her legs and manipulating her hands as if she were conducting an orchestra. Maybe she has music playing. I don't know. But she was totally and completely into it. It's as though she was acting as both the guy and the girl and her every movement showed how much she was enjoying those few minutes.

Minutes later, she got very frantic and I could tell that she finished. Then she laid there for a moment. That was fine with me since it gave me a good look at it. She then got up and headed toward the bathroom but slowly pulled her panties back up as she was walking away. Even though I didn't get to see her boobs that night, your question helped me to recall how entertaining and wonderful it was to watch her.

Thanks for the question, Steve. Let me know if you get to see even more babes.

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Out-Creeping The Competition

OK, so it wasn't really competition, but a funny story nonetheless at lunch time today.

Whenever possible I try to sit and have lunch where I can choose my seat and get a good view of a nearby babe. It may be looking up a skirt or seated where she would have to turn toward me when getting up, a side view down a collar, behind looking down her jeans or skirt, or perhaps near a stairway or ramp for better up or down angles.

Today while scouting I noticed a decent looking babe sitting at a table with a guy. They were sitting close together and it was obviously a husband or boyfriend and not co-workers. I'm in a cold weather city this week, so she had her coat hanging on the chair behind her. As I came up by the table next to them (across the small aisle), I saw that she had low rise jeans on and that her shirt was up enough so that I could see some butt crack.

She wasn't the most attractive babe around, and it was maybe an inch and a half of butt crack visible, but that made for the best available view to enjoy while having lunch. I immeidately knew to sit at the nearby table, positioning the chair to look sideways at where she was sitting.

Since she had her coat behind her on the chair, she probably figured that no one could see down her jeans. And from behind her, she was right. But she didn't realize that I had a direct side view and could see some butt crack on my side, while her guy was blocking a view for anyone from the other side. In other words, I was the only one who could see it.

I had a clear view except when a couple of people walked by in that aisle. I did notice that the second person to walk down that aisle walked by rather slowly. Needless to say, that aggravated me since it took away a couple of seconds from my view of the babe's butt crack. I looked over to see it was a young guy walking away.

A moment later, I saw the same guy walking right back in the same aisle and looked at his face. Sure enough, he slowed up just as he was coming up behind that babe. I watched as his eyes looked down as he was passing by her from behind. He walked past her (and where I was sitting), then looked ahead, and sped up his pace to walk away. So there it was. He noticed those precious low rise jeans and went back down the aisle to get a glance at her butt crack, too!

It was like an out-of-body experience to watch someone else do as I do. And he did it well. From that angle he had to have seen. And probably saw more butt crack than I could, however brief in his case. While I got a much longer look.

My first thought was to say something to try and catch his attention and ask if he had read or heard "Total Creep - A Guy's Guide". He did that move so well that I truly believe he knows my book. I couldn't, though, since the babe and her man would have heard. The guy might have denied it. Plus, I know it isn't good to reveal my true identity, especially in a busy area.

Yet, I consider this a funny and wonderful story. Seeing someone else do exactly as I have done for years, and having it be successful.

Besides, I wanted to wait until the babe got up. There was the chance that her man would get up first and she would get up behind him and turn her back toward where I was sitting and show even more butt crack. Alas, she turned toward me and got up, so no additional view.

Maybe I'll go back by that same food court tomorrow and watch for that same guy. I could maybe watch him make the rounds before I sit down and use him to help me find one or more babes giving a view. Then again, since I eat there on occasion, maybe he knows to watch where I sit.

Could this be the start of Team Creep?

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Sunday, December 6, 2009

Why sexting "laws" need to be re-defined

Way too many people, mostly parents and women over 30, need to rethink punishing teens for sexting, and especially the implications it can have long term.

First of all, Sexting is really use of modern technology to do something that has been going on for years. To hear some people tell it, no one ever heard of sending partially or fully naked photos of themselves to girls or guys until cell phones came with cameras. Nothing could be further from the truth.

I can't help but believe that some of the moms and older women who are offended now were "victims" of this 20 to 30 years ago. People seem to forget the wonderful invention of the "instant" camera years ago. You could take a photo and within seconds it came out of your camera and you had your snapshot. No waiting for a roll of film to finish and rewind to be taken to a retailer for development. (!!)

There it was. The perfect means for girls to take partially or fully naked photos of themselves, whether straight down or in the mirror, just like they do now. Or let the boyfriend take it. Within a few seconds, they had a photo to give to a boyfriend. Maybe even multiple photos. No one would find out. And, of course, the boyfriend then had the choice of keeping the photo all for himself to enjoy, or sharing by showing it to other guys.

Before that, you took your chances. I knew of one guy who worked in a camera store (that would develop film for customers) who got a hold of some nude photos of a babe in the neighborhood she actually brought in to have developed.

Heck, I still joke privately with a longtime friend about him showing me topless pics of a babe he was seeing on the side back in the 80's. I also recall visiting a couple of dorm rooms in the 80's and guys reaching into the "secret desk drawer" to share some mighty fine photos of their college conquests. Face it, I can't have been the only guy to know and know of guys who used to do this and/or benefit from instant cameras in this same way.

The only difference with Sexting is that the technology makes it easier for guys to SEND the photos to their friends. However, based on the laws and regulations, which were written BEFORE cell phone cameras made this happen, guys and girls are now easily caught with evidence.

Girls are caught with "evidence" because of sending pics of their bodies to guys. Guys who share via cell phone are caught with "evidence" because of the receiving and sending. Now, this seems to be a prominent issue.

My point is that nude photos of teen "friends" are such a not a new thing, as many of the parents and others would have you believe. The only thing that has changed is that the modern means of distribution allows teens to be "caught" much more easily than in the past.

In that respect, it was much easier for guys years ago, even if they weren't able to easily share these photos with other guys. Personally, I took the selfish route, and that is why I still recommend that (selfish route) for guys.

I didn't take any photos of the girls I saw naked. While I had none to share with my friends, there was no way I could get caught with evidence of what I had seen. There were a few times I had guy friends over and had them bring their binoculars so they could see some girls along with me, but again, there was no evidence.

In my book (Total Creep - A Guy's Guide, available via I wrote about how to do this. One of my favorite stories from when I was in high school was about a girl a year younger (she was a junior while I was a senior) who lived in the next building over from me. I knew her and she was really cute, but she had a boyfriend. In fact, I knew him too.

There were a few instances when I would see her stark naked in her bedroom using my binoculars. I'm pretty sure I saw more of her than her boyfriend ever did, at least in her apartment. But, so what, I wasn't able to share any photos with my friends. I also never got into trouble, and she never knew what I saw. (The funny part of the story is that when the guy realized I was a neighbor he asked if I knew her, and I said "I'm familiar with her". If he only knew!) I developed many of my spying techniques using binoculars from my parents' apartment windows, and would watch several high school and college babes. The difference is I never got caught, and never distributed any photos or "evidence" of what I saw.

Sexual things take place at parties involving high school students these days that didn't happen when I was growing up. Guys' pants come down in the dark, girls tops come up. But unless a parent or adult supervisor finds out, or a girl complains to an adult, these activities go on unreported and with no consequences.

In other words, it is so much easier for guys to enjoy seeing classmates and schoolmate girls partially or fully naked than it ever was when I was growing up. But there have always been opportunities, and that percentage of girls willing to show breasts or better to the guys.

For that matter, just yesterday I came across this story written by a female student at Purdue, in which she reveals she is ready to share naked pics of guy friends. Technically, she is inviting legal trouble, and her name and e-mail address are right there:

Don't get me wrong. I am not saying it was the same for me to see unsuspecting teen girls naked using binoculars as the girls who send naked photos of themselves voluntarily. However, girls who were violated in a sense by me invading their privacy had no idea of what happened, compared with girls who are willingly sending out nude photos, even if intended for confidence.

Teen boys are not sex offenders or pornographers and shouldn't be treated as such. If they didn't have access to those photos, they wouldn't do this. By now, teen girls know the consequences of these photos getting out.

That doesn't make it right, but it shouldn't mean they are subject to punishment or arrest. In my opinion, teen guys seeing teen babes naked should not be placed in the same category as an adult male having photos of a 16 year old. This is not sex. Many 15, 16, and 17 year olds are fully developed and have a woman's body. Looking is not the same as touching.

To the moms and women over 35 who have problems with Sexting, I understand the concerns. However, stopping cell phone distribution of photos doesn't stop the activities at parties, girls flashing a group of guys, spring break, wet t-shirt contests, and for that matter, digital cameras that hold photos until such time as they are easily deleted. I can tell you that more and more high school and college guys are aware of the risks of sexting, and already have other means to privately share photos of girlfriends and/or classmates with their friends.

Meanwhile, I'm going to continue spying with binoculars and using my techniques while in public to check out the babes down shirts, up skirts, down jeans, and any other glances I can see. Without any evidence. No harm, no foul.

As for Sexting, the punishment should be different than that for a sex offender or worse. Sending photos to others is not the same as a rape or sex crime. It's up to the girls not to send these photos, or for guys to find other ways to enjoy them without evidence. That will eliminate these Sexting issues once and for all!

Thursday, December 3, 2009

A total creep doesn't need technology

This is not the only e-mail I have received about this topic, but this is one that is fine with having his question published, so here goes:

Joe V of WA writes:

"As much as I enjoyed listening to your book and your expertise, your experiences seem to have happened before we had the benefits of today's technology. You don't tell us how we can get video of chicks next store or where to focus the zoom lens when we can see into more than one room at night. I'm sure 20 years ago when all you had were binoculars you were the best. Can you update your book to make it more modern?"

Joe and others, you are missing a key point. The idea is to SEE their body parts whenever possible. It is not to film or photograph them. (Granted, I didn't have an internet with photos and videos of naked babes while growing up and well into my adult life, but to me seeing photos was nowhere near as exciting as seeing the real thing anyway. My book and audio book is to help you to see the real thing.)

Yes, I know there are cell phones with cameras, portable hand-held cameras and videocams with zoom lenses, and advanced surveillance set ups. But using these devices are what get guys of all ages in trouble.

As an aside, let me comment about sexting to help make my point. Normal teen guys are getting arrested for sending topless (or better in some cases) photos of classmates and female friends to each other, with some having to register as sex offenders. While the authorities and most women carry on as if this sort of thing is only happening because of the technology. They have no clue that the "instant camera" device from 30+ years ago enabled guys to get these photos, show them to friends, and (as much as it hurt) destroy or hide them. It is because these photos today can be seen and traced to cell phones and computers that teens are getting caught with evidence.

Look at the number of stories about guys getting arrested with video cams looking up skirts, in bathrooms, and holding them up to windows and the like. These devices provide others with evidence to convict them and potentially ruin their lives.

I completely understand the temptations of today's technology. It would be nice to have a video of the babe next door coming out of the shower so you wouldn't have to spend time huddled in a dark room peeking through your blinds on weeknights. I get it. However, I also understand that if I were to have such a tape in my home, there is that chance that somebody could find it and then I would be in serious trouble.

Am I getting through?

A set of powerful binoculars is all I need at home, and the naked eye (pardon the pun) is good enough when I'm outside of home. NO ONE can prove anything I have seen through those wonderful binoculars I have owned over the years.

Be careful what you wish for, Joe.

Having said that, I will now go ahead and remind you of one good use of technology for my purposes. Just like I have in the book.

A cell phone is often the perfect "excuse" in public to get a good look at a hottie in many situations. For example, in the book I talk about the time I was standing on a train aisle and "just happened" to be slightly behind a babe wearing a loose fitting top and no bra. Yet, other passengers could see me if I was blatantly looking there, and that could have been trouble. So, I pulled out my trusty cell phone, opened it, and appeared to be typing a text message. I "just happened" to be holding the phone at arm's length, with the arm pointed in her general direction. I kept an expression on my face as if I was aggravated about something while texting.

Yet, the entire 2 minutes or so I appeared to be texting were actually spent looking right down that top, and as the hottie moved a bit and then stroked her hair a couple of times, I got to see all the way past her right nipple. And my cell phone was not even on!!

With the noise of the train moving along, I probably could have snapped a very choice photo of her. But then there would have been "evidence". So I knew not to, and did what I had to do to seize and enjoy the moment.

That is how you use technology. Even though I actually didn't use it.

And no one who was on that train knows I did anything I wasn't supposed to. If the babe had looked up, she would have seen some old guy trying to text and not been alarmed. And she had nice boobies, too. I'd say 34B.

Please, Joe, keep this in mind. Hide the camera, and only see for yourself. The only technology you really need is an MP3 or CD player to hear the audio book!!

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Wednesday, December 2, 2009

First date for a total creep

Danny of GA writes:

"I messed up on a first date with a hot chick over the weekend. She works in a store near where I work and it got to the point where I was stopping in there with any excuse to see her. I finally got the nerve to ask her out, and she agreed to go for dinner and then hang at a bar we like after. Until the date, we only saw each other well dressed for work.

When we met at the restaurant Saturday night, she was absolutely stunning. And she had on a cute low collar shirt that went quite a way down. She leaned toward me early in the conversation and it didn't look like she was wearing a bra, but I couldn't tell for sure. I'll admit that her fantastic chest was a distraction. During the meal, she started getting quiet and sat back a lot more on her side of the booth.

We finished the meal and she leaned forward again. Next thing I know she was looking me in the eyes with a look that could kill. She then told me that she did not appreciate me talking to her breasts instead of her face and that she tests guys that way. She said I failed miserably and that her evening with me was finished. She offered to pay for her portion of the dinner, but I told her it was on me since I had asked, and that I was sorry. But she is long gone. She gave me a dirty look when I went into the store today to say hello. So I blew it. And I didn't even get to find out if she really didn't have a bra on. Now I'll never get another look.

I listened to your audio book and loved it. I know I screwed up by letting her catch me looking at them, but I couldn't help it. She was looking so hot. How have you handled it when a chick you were dating would give you an opportunity to see in?"

Great question, Danny. Sorry you lost out on this one. I've got to hand it to that babe. That is quite a test for a guy.

You were somewhat of a victim of circumstance. Probably too bad you and her got a booth instead of a table. If you had gotten a table, you might have been able to sit to one side instead of in front of her, and then be able to see down her collar when she leans forward to bite her food. But that option wasn't available.

I thought about it, and I did have one first (or maybe second) date where she was wearing something revealing, so I understand the situation you were in. From what I remember, this one also had an open top and I couldn't tell if she was wearing a bra either. But it was a circle top so even sitting by her side I couldn't see far enough down.

When we got up to leave the restaurant, I knew to let her walk slightly ahead of me, and that gave me a glance down her sleeve. But it wasn't very light and I couldn't see down enough to tell. Obviously, I had to know if she had a bra on or not. I know what you were going through. A few seconds later, we got to the revolving doors at the front. I casually put my hand on her back as if to quickly guide her into the door like a gentleman would. My "casual" placement of my hand felt the top of her bra, and I quickly pulled away as if I was sorry I put my hand there. It came off totally innocent. Yet, the result was that I now knew she was wearing a bra and that I didn't need to risk being caught (like what happened to you) if I couldn't see a nipple anyway.

As luck had it, we wound up having several more dates and eventually having sex, so I was able to see her naked on several occasions.

I do understand how you felt, and how you reacted to what she was wearing. You'll just have to chalk that one up to experience. And think to get a table and sit along side her next time. Maybe the "new" store you will start shopping at will have a nice hottie working there.

But here is another first date story I experienced that I did not put in my book. I tried to do something wrong, and do not recommend this, but it shows how I understand your frustration last weekend.

A first date I had with a babe was going slowly. We got along well, but it wasn't turning into a dating connection. We enjoyed the movie and stopped off for just one drink after, but it turned in to one of those "polite" dates where nothing was wrong, but it was obvious that neither of us cared to take it any further. I had picked her up at her condo and was fine with taking her home, and then walking her to her unit since it was after dark.

I knew we wouldn't go out again, and I was fine with that. She did have a great body, however. I'd say she had 36 C's, although she was dressed warmly and not revealing anything. After we said goodnight, without even a kiss, she went inside. I'll admit that I figured she might be getting undressed to stay home for the night and I liked her body a lot more than her personality.

So I began a very slow walk back to my car. By way of walking around the side and back of her unit taking a very long way around to the guest parking area. I'll admit that what I was doing bordered on being a peeping tom, since not everywhere I walked was a truly public walkway. Not something I would "normally" have done. But I figured that was my one chance to see some of that hot body.

It didn't work anyway. I saw lights go on upstairs in what I'm guessing was her bedroom and then her bathroom. (You can almost always determine which is the bathroom light.) Not only were they upstairs, but she had the blinds closed anyway. I could see into part of her kitchen downstairs, but knew it wasn't worth the risk of waiting for her to come downstairs. By that time, I would not have had any excuse to still be outside.

However, I kept that incident (or lack thereof) in mind over the years I was single and dating around. I reminded myself that was wrong and risky. Ever since, I only use my techniques for seeing down her top, jeans, or wherever else I can sneak a look. Otherwise, seeing her naked or partially naked would just have to wait until we would have sex.

So, Danny, you can learn from your experience. Only use opportunities to sneak a glance when you know she can't catch you in the act. And change your approach. If and when you date another babe who is letting it show, you would probably pick up points from her by not looking at all (that she could ever catch you) and appearing unphased by it all. I have to believe that babe you saw last Saturday does that to every guy she goes out with and most of them fail her test. But think about it. If you pass her "test" by dating her head instead of her boobies, those boobs will be available to you in short time.

Good luck!

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Sunday, November 29, 2009

A wise shopper

There is one positive to the crowded department stores on the busiest weekend of the year. Always a nice share of hot babes out and about.

I was checking out one babe on Saturday, probably around 30, who was clothes shopping with her husband. (I'm guessing husband since she was wearing a ring but it doesn't matter.) In this particular store I couldn't see to her fitting room, however, but I had a good vantage point to enjoy the scenery, and figured I'd wait and see how she would look in the low cut top she was trying on.

Sure enough, a couple minutes later she came out and was looking good, even though she had buttoned up the top she tried on. Couldn't even see any bra. I was about to move on, when she looked at her husband who was seated on the bench in front of the clothing rack I appeared to be looking at. She said something like "I like this, but my butt crack would show". Obviously, that caught my attention. She then proceeded to turn around and sit down with her back to her husband and reach back with one hand.

I'm pleased to report that she was right! She sat down to reveal a couple inches of butt crack and felt it showing. She obviously thought only her husband saw and that they were the only ones that knew. She had no idea that I was about 3 feet behind the hubby and I had just as good of a view as he did!

Granted, it was only a couple inches, but it was the timing that made this fun. Plus, I figure that if she was this concerned about butt crack showing that she probably is not one who walks around in public and lets her body show like so many babes do and bless us guys. This may have been a rare chance to see any of her goods, yet she made it so easy.

That was a break, since I had hoped to see some of what she had on top. It would have been worth waiting for. The break was her making that comment about butt crack just as I was about to give up on her and seek out another hottie to watch.

Moments later, it was on to walking past the cosmetics counters. I got the timing right on one of the employee babes wearing a loose top, and caught a glance as she was leaning over to get a bag for a customer. This one was wearing one of those wonderful skimpy bras that cover the nipples but very little else. This was basically the glance I was anticipating from the one that showed the butt crack. The babe at the counter wasn't quite as hot looking overall, but I think was better endowed by one cup size, so that helped.

So guys, the women are right about this weekend. It's a good time to browse the department stores.

Saturday, November 14, 2009

Bottoms up in Palm Beach

Steve of SC writes:

"I enjoyed your story about your experience at that bar in Baltimore a few days back. It's always great when something like that happens in a bar or club.

But it is just as much fun if the (babe) is showing herself on purpose. I just got back from spending a few days in Palm Beach Florida. The other night I was in a bar (near the Breakers) after midnight. A cute babe came in by herself and seemed to know several of the people there. She had a couple of drinks and then started dancing, not paying a whole lot of attention to her jeans slipping down over her thong.

After another drink, a couple of the guys cheered for her, and then she got up, stood up on a chair, and pulled her jeans down below her rear end. She then pulled her thong down about half way in the back. Unfortunately, she stopped short of going the entire way down, but it was still a good view for all the guys as it was. Then she turned around and pulled the front of her panties down slightly, but not enough to see any (of the vagina).

Next, she pulled up her thong, pulled up her jeans, and lifted her top. She was wearing a very low cut bra. She pulled the bra out, but since she was on a chair none of us could see nipple. She stopped there, and let her t-shirt fall back over her bra. Then she sat back down.

That was quite a show for a bar. It was not a strip club by any means. After a few more minutes it became evident she wasn't going to do anymore. I went over and asked one of the guys at the bar if they had ever seen anything like that. The guy told me "She's in here all the time and always does that." He told me that he has heard she also does that at another bar nearby.

Why not go to bars and clubs to see naked chicks?"

Cool story, Steve. Sounds like you had a fun time in Palm Beach! And here I thought it was older women that frequented that area.

Anyway, while you and I have both enjoyed incidents with babes in a bar of late, it does not compare to what you can see if you are fortunate enough to be able to spy on babes from home or a safe location with binoculars. Seeing a flashing or an accident in a bar, as we recently have, is limited opportunity. While it is true you might have to wait a couple hours to see a babe at home, you might get a longer look as she comes out of the shower and towels off, changes clothes, or even walks around topless, bottomless, or completely naked.

That doesn't even count the number of times I have seen roommates or babes that have friends or relatives staying with them and you see multiple babes naked over the course of an evening or weekend.

In addition, seeing what we both saw in bars or clubs is a stroke of luck. Still enjoyable, but I'll take spying on countless hundreds of babes over the years any time vs. going to bars or clubs specifically to see nudity. And that includes butt crack from babes seated wearing low rise jeans.

Readers and listeners of "Total Creep - A Guy's Guide" are welcome to e-mail me with questions and experiences at at

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

A close shave for a Total Creep

The readers and listeners to Total Creep - A Guy's Guide continue to write:

Jerry of VA writes:

"Your techniques are amazing to me. I found a cute 20 something across the street and can sometimes see into her bedroom and part of the bathroom with binoculars. She is also on an upper floor and isn't that concerned about the blinds. I saw where some other guy asked you about watching ladies in very private moments. I have now watched this lady shave her (vagina) area twice. She puts on quite a display. One of the times after she finished she stood in front of the mirror to check how she shaved and then wash off a bit. As much as I enjoy that, I admit that I feel a bit guilty for watching such a private thing. How do you feel about it?"

Interesting question, Jerry. Also, I edited down your lengthy note since I wouldn't want to publish the specifics you gave about your building and the angles you have to the units across the street.

I'll directly answer your question by saying it is very wrong of us to watch when a babe is shaving herself there. But it's also wrong to be watching them at all in the privacy of the home. It just doesn't stop a lot of us guys from doing so anyway.

The only times I have looked away while spying on a babe were the couple of times I could see them actually on the toilet. I have looked away, glancing back every few seconds to be ready for when she stands up. Once she stands, I consider her fair game, and there is the moment in time when she is pulling up her panties, pajama bottoms, or shorts when I get to see her bottom.

As I think about it, the few times I have seen actually shaving down there have all been within the past 10 to 12 years. The first time I could see it I didn't realize what she was doing for a couple minutes. I have seen one that shaved very much like you described to me in more detail. She was leaning against the top of the sink and made it easy for me to see. The other babes I have seen do this usually sit, whether on a vanity chair, the toilet top, or on the edge of the bathtub.

There was one night I finally got to see a babe go naked for the first time after a few weeks, and then she sat on the edge of the tub to shave, but had her legs inside the tub. I suppose it was so she could wash the hairs down the drain, but I mostly saw her butt from behind the entire time. Luckily she was facing in my direction to towel herself off when she finished.

Actually, this is not something that I addressed in my book. I should have, especially since so many more babes shave there these days compared with decades gone by. (We're talking totally shaved or a landing strip, as opposed to a quick grooming.)

If you get to see this, and she is facing the other way, enjoy her butt. Chances are as soon as she is finished she will turn around. It may be to towel off, such as the example I just gave, or it could be to reach for something to put on.

However, I think there are some babes that shave there while in the shower, so there is no chance for us to see. If you are able to see into the bathroom and notice that maybe once every week to 10 days they take a longer than usual shower, it may be due to using that time to shave.

Another thing I find interesting about this is that a couple of the babes I have watched shave actually were wearing something on top. One I remember from a couple years ago would always wear a button down robe, and would unbutton from the bottom up, but keep it buttoned to below her boobs while having the bottom part wide open. Another would go bottomless and keep her t-shirt or tank top on while she shaved and then put her panties on for the rest of the night. In both instances, both had smaller boobs.

If any of you guys have seen a babe shaving and have had an experience different from the instances mentioned here, please let me know and we will discuss it.

You can e-mail me at at

Thursday, November 5, 2009

Babes from the balcony.......

Jerry C. of AZ writes:

“I loved listening to your book. I thought I was the only one who thought of spying on the babes with binoculars but I guess not. Your suggestions are amazing. You really did your homework. You did mention about spying from your balcony on some occasions. Isn’t that way too risky of being seen? There are a couple of college girls sharing a place down one level across the courtway from my condo. I can just barely see in there from my kitchen, but if I’m out on my balcony I can see into their living room and down the hallway toward the bathroom and bedrooms. Sometimes the blinds are open at night. I’m waiting on your answer before trying anything. Please help!”

Thanks, Jerry. I knew I wasn’t the only one and that’s part of what inspired me to share this information for guys like you that I knew are out there. Getting to your important question, the answer actually depends on a few variables. The examples I give in the book were from when my balcony was close enough to the nearby apartments that I could see in without using binoculars. That’s the best way. If are close enough to be able to do that, you can have your alibi in place. For example, you could have your phone in your pocket and, if “discovered” show how you had left your phone on the balcony earlier in the day and finally found it. You mentioned in your e-mail to me (which was edited down) that you are over 40 years old. Your alibi, if discovered, is going to be more believable than one from a teen guy or a guy in college.

You will also recall my experience with knowing to appear to be facing in a different direction. I was able to fool a neighbor babe who I watched come out of the shower and saw me standing outside into thinking I was looking somewhere else when I didn’t react to her. As the book describes, there are several ways to pull this off with success, and without binocs.

Without knowing the specifics of where you live, here are factors to consider. How much or how little light is there on your balcony after dark? If you can turn your balcony light off, there is your answer. If you cannot, it could be a problem. Are there neighbors on either side of you, as well as up above, who could easily see you on there at night? You can’t risk it if the nosy old lady next door could be washing the dishes and see you kneeling down with binoculars looking across the way.

If you can keep it dark enough, and have little to no fear of being noticed by neighbors, my suggestion is to wear dark clothing and maybe a cap, and go for it. If you can kneel down so that only your head appears over the railing or top of your balcony wall or fence and you can see in to their unit, you should be OK. You don’t want others to see you standing up if at all possible. Once I was able to use a plastic stool to rest a knee so I would be more comfortable when doing just that, since others could not see the stool on my balcony.

In the event there is too much light and/or others could see you, there is one other possibility. Go for odd hours. If these are college babes (or in that age range) chances are they will be out late on the weekends and during vacation time. Check your balcony during evening hours on a Friday or Saturday night. A quick glance into their place (if the blinds are open) will tell you whether or not they are home. Over the course of days or weeks, you should have no problem learning if or what lights they leave on when they go out. Also, scout your neighbors who can see you and try to get an idea when they go “lights out”. After you gather your information you would be in the situation to deal with this. Let’s say your neighbors go “lights out” by 11:00 on a Saturday night, and you can tell the babes across the way are both out for the evening. What you can do is to watch every few seconds from your kitchen (or whatever room) and see when their living room or hallway light goes on. I have even done this on many occasions while watching TV, reading, or online while waiting for a hottie to get home at night.

Sometimes roommates go out together, but not always. You might luck out and see one come home earlier and be all alone. Which means she doesn’t need to cover up when walking around to unwind from her night out. You might need to stay up later than you would care to, but it’s a way to see them naked. Once when I was faced with this situation, I lucked into seeing a babe come home more than once between 1:30 and 2 AM and saw her strip down completely both times. No way she would suspect anyone looking in at that hour. Little did she know that I couldn’t risk spying on her very often before midnight because of my neighbors at the time.

Also, you didn’t say if they live in the same complex as you or not. Either way, maybe you can find out where they park (if there are assigned spaces) and then you can check to see whether or not they are home. No one is going to question you walking through your parking lot, or if you can see it from a window no one will know you are checking. That’s still another way.

Let me know how this goes for you. Good luck!

Readers and listeners of “ Total Creep – A Guy’s Guide “ can write me at at The audio book is available through .

Monday, November 2, 2009

my Halloween treat

Some guys have politely pointed out that I tend to share my adventures from years ago even more than recent, so it’s time to change that.

It can be of benefit for a Total Creep to pay attention to what’s going on nearby and to know to watch for certain signs. This past Friday night (Oct. 30), I was in Baltimore on a business presentation, and had decided to stay there overnight instead of returning on a very late flight. However, I couldn’t see into any apartment or condo units or hotel rooms from where I was staying, so I ventured out to what looked to be a hangout type bar in the very nice downtown harbor area.

There were definitely some hot looking babes parading around. After about 20 minutes, I noticed an attractive babe walking toward the back corner where there was a small waiting area with chairs near the entrance to the bathrooms. She seemed to be staggering a bit and as she walked past where I was sitting, I could tell she had quite a few by that point. Looked like she was pretty drunk. Then I looked down and realized that her jeans were wet, as if she had either spilled a drink in the wrong place or possibly peed in her pants. Couldn’t tell which. She made it toward the bathroom door, which was out of my view.

About 10 minutes later, 3 guys came walking around the corner with that look on their faces of OMG. I’m not a lip reader but I could tell one of the guys said something like “Do you believe that?”. That look they had was the look that guys get when they have just seen something that turns them on. One had his mouth wide open. Knowing to recognize that look, I immediately got up from my seat and headed over toward the bathroom area.

I turned the corner by that waiting area and immediately saw what made those guys react as they did. There was the obviously drunk babe sitting in one of the chairs facing where people could walk by. Not only were her jeans still wet in the crotch area, but it turned out she was wearing button down jeans, rather than zipper. She was clearly too drunk and out of it to deal with buttons, or if she tried she and failed miserably. Miserably for her. She was sitting there facing out and without her jeans buttoned her fly was wide open. She either lost her panties, threw them out because they were too soaked, or she wasn’t wearing any in the first place. As a result, as I stood there looking, I could see her little landing strip in her natural dark hair color and about 2/3 of the way down her you-know-what!!!

Next I pulled out my phone and appeared to be fumbling to get a message so it would appear that’s why I went back there. She had her head down and was still in a daze, totally oblivious to what was happening. It was too bad she had a t-shirt on so there was no way to see anything on top, and I think she had a sports bra under that. But I continued as if listening to messages so it wouldn’t look odd for a middle-aged guy to be standing there while a young 20-something babe is exposed like that.

A couple minutes later, a guy and a girl came hurrying back to the waiting area. My guess is that the guy is her older brother and was with his wife or girlfriend. There was a bit of a facial resemblance. I’m not sure whether or not they were in the bar or if they were nearby and somebody called them to come and get the drunk girl. The other reason I’m convinced it was the brother was the look on his face when he saw her jeans wide open. He had more of a horrified look on his face. Had that been a guy friend or relative such as a brother in-law, no way he would have appeared horrified. This babe was attractive and there is no way a guy wouldn’t also enjoy the view I and the others got. The girl he was with was also horrified, but that’s understandable. She wouldn’t want a babe she knows, especially, to be exposed like that.

They both knew what was showing, but neither one was going to reach there and try to cover up. Which means she probably did pee in her pants. The girl wasn’t about to reach or touch that area, and neither was the guy. The girl stood in front of the drunk babe to try and block the view while making sure the babe had her purse, which somehow she did. (First time I noticed the purse!) The guy then went over toward the bar area and came back about 30 seconds later with a section of newspaper. He gave it to the girl who then put it over the drunk babe’s crotch area to cover up. But the drunk babe then took and tossed it down on the ground. The two helped her up, and got her to walk toward the exit, still with her fly open and her wet jeans around that area. After they got her standing, the girl then walked directly in front to block the view of others, while the guy was holding her shoulders and helping her from behind. They got her out of the bar.

I then came back around the corner as if closing my phone and acting like I had been waiting for the couple to get that babe out of there. By that time, at least 6 guys saw into those open pants.

Just as with my book, “ Total Creep – A Guy’s Guide “, there is a purpose to this story. The fact that I saw those 3 guys reacting as they did and knew to get over there and check is really what got me that little show. Especially after noticing that babe walking by who appeared to have peed in her pants. Otherwise I would have missed this.

My Halloween treat!

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Sunday, October 25, 2009

Total Creep helps the "knee" dee

The readers and listeners of " Total Creep - A Guy's Guide " continue to write me at at with questions...........

Les C. of NY writes:

"I absolutely loved hearing your book and can tell you spent years on this. But I am in my upper 50's and now have a bad leg. I usually have to wear a soft cast and cannot walk for long stretches. It seems like I can't take advantage of the opportunities you suggest. Any ideas?"

Never give up, Les. I thought about it and now think your having a cast could open up some good opportunities for you. If you are walking slowly and wearing a cast, people around you would not question it if you stop at an unlikely place.

For example, you are walking past a ledge where people are sitting and you see a babe wearing a low neck top. You could walk slowly over near where she is sitting, and either put up your good leg or (if you can lift it) your bad leg up on the ledge and appear to be resting it or adjusting your walking cast. Instead, you can really be looking down her top.

Depending on how you handle stairs, it could be an "excuse" to stop on a landing or on a stair, and not appear suspicious while looking up a skirt or down a top on the next level.

When walking to your seat in a restaurant, you could go especially slow if walking past a table where a babe is seated and you can see down her top or the back of her pants.

Hopefully you get the idea.

You didn't say whether or not you can spy on any babes from home, so I can't address that for you. I know from my experience that there are times when I need to stand for long periods to get a good angle with binoculars, or maybe kneel down on one knee to rest my elbow on a window sill or ledge to be able to see. Hopefully you can get a good view from a comfortable position for you.

Again, don't count yourself out. If some young babes need to think your knee is worse than it really is so that you can be near them, then so be it.

Let me know if you need more help.

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Seeing her bra isn't so difficult

Chris M. of OH writes:

“I enjoyed your Audio Book, but mainly the parts about spying on girls from home. I think the chapters about all you do just to see down a shirt are overstated. Maybe years ago that was what you had to do, but now I can walk down the street and see a bra all the time. Same with butt crack. Why is this such a big deal? I wish you had gone into more detail about places to spy on girls instead. You are definitely on to something.”

Thanks for the feedback and the question, Chris. I must admit I do see your point. The book was written based on more than 30 years of practice at doing what I do. During the 70’s and 80’s things were different, indeed. Back when tops were less revealing, there was a different game plan since a percentage of babes would not be wearing a bra. Some of my advice and experience deals with that scenario, which is different than today’s.

However, I will defend myself regarding low rise pants and skirts. It is true that us guys are blessed with some blatant butt crack showings when babes are seated and don’t realize or don’t care that we can see. Yet, there are numerous instances where it takes the extra effort I preach about it to see even more. Whereas my tips and experience from years ago used to go toward seeing boobs, it now applies more toward butt crack. (I realize that seeing butt crack doesn’t hold the same value as seeing boobs, but we have to take advantage of opportunities.)

So hang on to those CD’s with the Audio Book, Chris. Fashions do change. I, for one, am hopeful that we will see a return to styles that allow babes to not wear a bra like it was until a few years ago.

Meanwhile, the long chapters about spying on babes from home or office go into tremendous detail. You are correct, that will remain a constant. I must say the only change I have seen to this is an ironic one. A few of the babes I have spyed on in the past couple of years often have more covered up walking around the kitchen than they did when they were outside. But others make up for that when they walk around in underwear, since bras and panties cover less than they did years ago.

Readers and listeners of " Total Creep - A Guy's Guide " are encouraged to e-mail me with comments and questions at at

The book is available at .

Sunday, September 13, 2009

Not if she can help it........

Well, not everybody enjoys " Total Creep - A Guy's Guide ", especially if they are female.

Debbie M. writes:

"My boyfriend let me read a couple chapters of your book, and then I found your blog. You and guys like you disgust me. If my bra is showing it is not because I want anybody to see. How dare you? Now you make it seem like I don't dare open the blinds to my condo unless I am fully dressed. I already know better than to walk around at home and put on a show for anyone. It is no wonder that you and a lot of guys can't do any better than gawking at us women. Just go away."

Thanks for the permission to use this, Debbie. I won't ignore your comments. You are entitled to your opinion and I asked for reader feedback. Even with the flack I get from women, all I do is write about what a lot of guys are thinking and would like to say. I don't ask babes to not wear underwear when they go out, to bend over and not protect their clothing, or to leave the blinds open when they come out of the shower. But as long as they do this, and other things like these, guys like me will take advantage of every opportunity we get to take in the view.

As much as I travel, I currently have a residence in Las Vegas. I could spend money and go to a club every night and see topless and naked babes. Those women choose to do that in order to make a living. All I have done is written about how to find other ways to get the same result - seeing babes partially and fully naked.

By the way, I am happily married and had steady girlfriends over the years prior to finding the 'right one' to marry. I have never physically cheated on any of them. I am professionally employed and make a good living. In my case, seeing young babes partially or fully naked, seeing up skirts and down tops, and the things I enjoy about checking out the babes cause no financial harm. There is no physical contact.

If you wish to keep your blinds closed and wear clothing that keeps you fully covered, go right ahead.

Readers and listeners comments are always welcome at at

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

His date gave him a window of opportunity

The readers and listeners of " Total Creep - A Guy's Guide " continue to send in questions and comments..................

Eddie J. of OH writes:

"Thanks for producing this as an audio book. The announcing was great, and I learned a lot, especially about watching for opportunities that come up if you are a quick thinker. I have a success story to share from (Labor Day weekend) for you.

I had a 2nd date with a really hot looking girl with a great body. However, she didn't like the meal I suggested and after hitting a couple of bars she asked me to take her home. I understood and drove her to her condo and even walked her to the building entrance since it was after midnight. Just a polite hug and kiss, but I knew she wouldn't go out with me again and that was as far as I would get with her.

She went in and down the hallway to her ground level unit. I walked out of the entrance and toward the parking lot where I had parked. As I went around the corner I realized that I could see into her unit, and noticed that her kitchen blinds were not closed all the way. Sure enough, she had just gotten in and turned on the lights, and I could see in far enough to see down the hallway toward the entrance to her bedroom and a bathroom, maybe 15 - 20 feet away.

Then I remembered hearing your story about seeing a babe undress by doing that, and I looked around and didn't see anybody. I was legitimately walking to my car. So I stood there for a moment and kept looking. About 2 minutes later, I saw a shadow come toward the hallway. Then, there she was, walking toward the kitchen while taking off her bra. I got to see those great looking (boobs) bounce a couple of times. I could see her standing topless in the kitchen. She did something by the sink (I don't know what, but who cares) and then walked back to the bedroom, pulling her pants down on the way. As luck had it, she was wearing a thong, so I got a good view of her butt. Then she went into the bedroom and turned off the light. I knew not to chance it any further, thanks to your advice, so I left and went home. It was worth the date to see those (boobs) and not have to put up with her bitchy attitude. Thanks to you, I consider the night a success."

Quite a story, Eddie, but I am glad you got away with doing that. Yes, I have had a couple of situations like that myself and made the most of them. But in your case, I consider the risk to be higher. When I did it, I did not know who the babe was and had other "business" being outside of the apartment or condo. That makes a difference. You see, this babe knows who you are and why you were there. If she had seen you out there, or if someone else did and caught you, the babe would have realized you were out there watching her since minutes had passed since you left her. You might have been treated like a peeping tom and that has ramifications.

You need to understand that I do not in any way encourage or endorse any guy being a peeping tom. Standing outside looking into a window is exactly that. I realize it was late at night and you looked around and were careful, but you minimized the risk you took. Not a good idea since the babe knows who you are and why you were there (if you were caught).

When I struck gold under a similar situation, I was leaving a friend's place in the development and therefore had my story if caught and accused. My friend would have backed me up that I was leaving his place and I could show I was walking to my car. You would not have had that option. As odd as this seems, if you were leaving late at night and happened to see a babe you didn't know walking topless, you could have enjoyed the view, moved on quickly as you did, and had a "way out". I am glad you thought as you did and saw what you saw, but please be careful about taking risks like that in the future.

Here's hoping you get to see the next babe you date in the same room and not outside the window!

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Sunday, September 6, 2009

What a total creep has learned

A guy in his mid-40's who does not want his e-mail to me to be used asked me a very interesting question that deserves attention. He had listened to the audio book version of " Total Creep - A Guy's Guide " and picked up on a few of the points in a different way than the other readers/listeners I have heard from.

He obviously paid close attention, especially to the chapters about how to spy on babes using binoculars, and from what he told me, has successfully used many of the techniques the book describes. But his question to me was really a curiosity. He wanted to know what else I have learned from my experiences and how those discoveries may have helped.

This got me to thinking, and soon made me realize how much my reader was on to something. What started in high school by using high power binoculars to spy on girls in nearby apartments and evolved into an obsession for seeing "real" babes fully or partially naked has actually helped me to learn much more besides how to do it well.

In thinking about it more after getting the e-mail, I have come to realize that I have learned a lot in the areas of psychology and surveillance without even trying.

Actually, I realized the surveillance part years ago. If I had a criminal mind, I would be dangerous. As I wrote about in a few months ago in an earlier blog, I realized this on a night when I literally could have robbed an apartment and gotten away with it based on information I had.

To recap, a hot college babe I used to spy on from across the street had her own apartment. I could see into the hallway window to the front door, along with seeing into some of her living room, kitchen, and bedroom as blinds and curtains were open and allowed a view. Her building also had assigned parking, so I could see her parking spot to know whether or not she was home.

She didn't always have the curtains or blinds open, but there were times that I saw her come out of the shower, and times that she would sit on her bed and study while totally naked. Of the babes I could spy on at that time, she was definitely the best looking.

One night, I saw her car pull in. That gave me about 90 seconds to grab my binocs, turn off my lights, and hope to get a good show. I saw her go in her front door as usual. But on this night I'm thinking maybe nature was calling. She pushed the front door behind her without looking, and went through the kitchen and bedroom to the bathroom. (I could only see the bathroom light in her bedroom, not into the bathroom itself.) But then I saw the front door was still partially open. She didn't look to be sure it was closed.

My hunch was right, as a few minutes later she came out into the bedroom and to my delight got ready for her shower. But she had no clue that her front door was part way open and ANYONE could have walked in. While she was in the back taking a shower. That moment many years ago was when I realized the potential of my surveillance.

If I were a criminal, I know I would have had time to casually walk across the street, walk right in to her apartment, and help myself. I realized I knew where she put her purse down when she came home and where her jewelry box was in the bedroom. Then I could have closed her front door on my way out. But I'm not a criminal. I'm a creep and the draw to me was that if I robbed her place I would have missed a chance to see her come out of the shower. It was minutes later, after she put her cute little pajamas on, that she came out and was startled to see her front door still open. She closed it looked around, had a look of concern on her cute face, and went on about her business.

That incident made me realize how much the surveillance of apartments, condos, and townhomes played a part in my spying, and how much I could find out by watching them over the course of weeks, months, and in some cases years. I would know routines, schedules, sometimes parking spaces to know who when she or they were home, where valuables were kept, and things such as which lights were left on when people were not at home.

Yet, it wasn't just for units where hot babes lived. There were times I would monitor guys' apartments on weekends for when they had a girlfriend over. Other times I would see the daughter come to visit the older parents. And so it goes. Knowing this information saved me hours of watching an empty apartment and helped me to zero in on my best opportunities to see babes undressing, getting dressed, walking around partially or completely naked, even if just for a few seconds.

As I think about it, this information has helped me in other ways. I don't leave my wallet in the same place all of the time, vary my routines more, and know to leave different lights on when not home at night. I just didn't acknowledge until now that my extra precautions actually came my way as a result of my obsession to see as many babes as possible naked as often as I can.

Next there is the psychology aspect. Babes across the country (since I have lived for at least 3 years in 3 different time zones during my adult life) have combined to teach me a lot about self confidence, or lack thereof.

Watching babes in the privacy of their own homes would be interesting even if it wasn't for the purpose of waiting for them to be naked. (Not the same level of interesting, of course!) It is a huge measure of how they feel about themselves. I could go on and on.

Some so obviously don't like their boobs to the point of not going topless even when they are all alone, yet they wear a short nightshirt without panties. Others are free and easy about being topless but always have their bottoms covered.

On the other hand, I recall one babe who was obviously very confident and felt good about her body. She would often do housework, including wiping the windows (thank you very much!!), wearing only panties or be completely naked, even with her husband walking around with shorts on. Now that's confidence. And she had a small chest.

Body type and weight are not always a factor in this. I have seen some thick babes who walk around topless or naked with confidence and their weight doesn't matter. They are well groomed and when I would see them with street clothes on the clothes would project confidence and the grooming and appearance would project beauty. While others who are overweight practically wear a tent even when all alone, and walk around slouching and ashamed.

My book contains some experiences of seeing how wives walk around the house with the husband or boyfriend around. My observations range from me seeing more of her body than her husband seemingly could to others that would walk around topless or bottomless to those that were very modest and kept covered up. I use this information for spying purposes. For example, if a babe doesn't like being undressed when her man is around but walks around naked when he's not, then I know that if I see her man at home my chances of seeing her naked are not very good for that night.

The personal result of that? When last I was single, how a babe walked around and groomed and took care of her overall appearance had become more of a factor with me than I would have ever imagined years ago.

So, yes, I have learned a lot of useful information during the process of seeing literally thousands of babes partially or completely naked. Maybe I do have a sequel after all................

(Since I know people don't like to post comments, you can e-mail me at at I do my best to answer questions to my readers/listeners. And others from time to time.)

Friday, September 4, 2009

Adventures - the front door vision

Continuing with the idea that I share some of my experiences and adventures as a "total creep" not included in my book, " Total Creep - A Guy's Guide ". There are some fun stories which are not as instructional in nature as those in the book itself.

I had a wonderful "quick thinking" experience a few years ago. It was during a stretch of a few months when I was renting a townhouse. A nice townhouse and close to work, but miserable for a total creep like me, since I could only see into 4 other units easily with my binoculars. (I worked some at night, so in a way it was good that I wasn't missing being able to spy on hot babes during the late night hours.) And only one of those units had a babe living in it, but she always wore panties around the house, and all I could see was into her living room and dining room.

There was a nice young couple that lived across the street and over one building. I knew them enough to say hi to and had a few conversations. I gave the husband a ride to the store one night. That sort of thing. The wife was cute and had a really good body, but she would always wear a bra and nothing very revealing when outside. Worse yet, they kept their curtains closed the majority of the time and even when they were open, I had a poor angle looking across the street from one side. Living at street level, they understandably were very cautious at night and tended to keep the curtains closed after dark. Months went by and I didn't think I would get the chance to check out the wife's great body before I moved away.

Finally, one of the nights I was not working and at home for the evening turned out to be a nice and cool evening. One of those nights when people would open windows and doors to enjoy the breeze and the fresh air. The babe across the street wasn't even home and her curtains were closed anyway. But about 10:00 that night, I checked by my window and looked over by where that couple lived.

Their curtains were all closed as usual, and they had closed most of the windows, but they were at home. And, they had opened their front door about half way. Their screen door was glass on top and a screen on the bottom, which was ideal for my purposes, since it meant I had a clear view through the glass on the top part. With the door open about half way, I could only see part of their dining room area and the part of their living room which had a big chair facing in the direction I was looking. I knew from the one time I was over there that one of them would often sit in that chair to watch TV.

After months of wanting to see the wife's body and not having a decent opportunity, I figured it was worth risking an hour or so. I grabbed the binoculars and went into my den and closed the door before opening my blinds enough to see out. Since the den was completely dark and my living room lights were on, it appeared from the outside that I was in my living room (or another room) with the curtains closed and that no one was in the den.

I stood up on the couch against the window so I could see out through my upper blinds. As I focused the binoculars I had a good view in through the clear glass screen door. After a few minutes of standing and looking only at the furniture I could see, the wife came into the dining room area, and she was wearing a robe. She turned toward where I was looking and I could see that the top of her robe was open down the middle past her boobs, but the robe was tied way too tight. It didn't look like they would come popping out.

But as she stood by the dining table, I could see that she was talking to her husband. This was perfect! Not only because I couldn't see him, but it meant that he was not sitting in the chair I could see.

Sure enough, a few seconds later, the babe came into the living room and sat down in that chair that was facing almost directly toward me. If she were to look straight ahead and across the street, she could only see my living room lights on and curtains closed and then my den window with no lights on and the blinds closed most of the way. She would have no idea that I had my binoculars were already focused in on her from behind those blinds.

When she sat down on the chair, the top of her robe stayed tight. Unfortunately, nothing popped open or out. She immediately crossed her legs, but her robe was looser on the bottom and I could see all the way up on one side. It appeared to my expert eyes (and from my years of looking up skirts with legs crossed in that same way) that she was not wearing panties either. There was the possibility of a thong, but from observing her outside several times I saw panty lines so I knew she always wore regular panties and not a thong.

She then started talking to her husband and looking in his direction. Based on the angle she was looking and from my knowing the layout of their living room, I'm thinking she may have been watching TV and talking with him while he was in the hallway by the closet or the entrance to their bedroom. About 2 minutes later, she moved around on the chair and there was the break I was waiting for!

She opened up her legs, and they were pointing right in my direction. And sure enough, no panties indeed! What she was doing was looking sexy for her husband without showing him the goods. He would know she had nothing on underneath, but there was no boobage showing and he could not see all the way up her legs from his angle, but he probably could tell it was showing. Jackpot! I could see right to her promised land, and her hubby could not. She sat that way for about 10 to 15 wonderful minutes!

After that, she got up from the chair, but her robe stayed tight on top. She closed the front door. Must have gotten cool in the living room. But standing on a couch with one leg resting on the top and holding the binoculars steady for about 40 minutes, including about 10 looking at just furniture, proved worthwhile. As it turned out, in about 8 months there, that was the only time I got to see in when she wasn't fully dressed. Never saw the boobs either.

But a funny post script to this story. The next afternoon I was walking over to the (common area) mailboxes and the wife was walking back. She said "Nice weather!". And then I said "yes, and that was great last night!". If she only knew..............

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Monday, August 31, 2009

Hair today, gone tomorrow

The readers and listeners of " Total Creep - A Guy's Guide " continue to write with questions and comments........

Don of California writes:

"I especially enjoyed all of your great insights into spying with binoculars. I am fortunate enough to live where I can see into about 20 apartment units and find your advice to be right on target. But I have a challenge. One of the ladies I watch wears a nice short nightgown, and I don't think she wears panties underneath. Even with good binoculars, I can't zoom in enough to tell if I really am seeing her (vagina) or not. I think she is completely shaved there, and without a close up view it's tough to tell. How do you know?"

Great question, Don, and sorry you can't zoom in enough to know for certain. Until the past few years this was very rarely an issue for me since in my early years the babes would not totally shave that area. In fact, there were a few instances where I had the opposite "problem". I saw a few with a lot of dark colored hair there and actually thought they were wearing black panties until I would see butt or enough around the area to realize I saw the goods.

But in the past few years more babes are shaved partially or even completely and it can make it more of a challenge to know for sure that you have indeed seen to the promised land.

Since these babes live where you can regularly see them, I would suggest to give it more time if you aren't sure. At some point you will probably catch her bending over from behind, and if you see her butt crack (without a thong at the top) then you know she is shaved in front. You might also get a full spread view as she sits down or gets up and that will be an indication whether or not she is wearing panties. Hopefully you'll be able to see her undress completely or coming into our out of the shower and know for sure if she is naked or bottomless at the time.

I also take into consideration her hair color, especially if she is a brunette. If she has darker hair, she is not going to lighten the hair around her vag. Even if she keeps a runway or is closely groomed there, you could still see enough dark hair to identify what you see. Even in the years before shaving became so prominent, I ran into this obstacle with some babes who were obviously natural blondes. But at some point, I would be able to tell whether or not they wore panties or be given a definitive opportunity such as seeing her naked.

One other way to tell could be her body language or level of confidence. Often times a babe wearing panties will not care if her legs are spread open, especially at home. Yet, even with no one around, I have noticed some babes who tend to keep covered or watch how they sit when they have nothing on underneath. I suppose it is out of habit.

Aside from suggesting even more powerful binoculars, that is the best I can do. Be thankful you have the "problem". At least you can always tell when you see boobies!

Let me know how this turns out. I like to see success stories from my readers!

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Tuesday, August 18, 2009

A total creep version of college prep

Alan of VA writes:

"I love your audio book! I am 18 and just yesterday moved into my freshman dorm room at college. Wish I would have had your book in high school. But now I will be in a dorm that has girls on another part of the floor I'll be living on. Like us guys, the girls will need to walk down the hallway to get to the bathroom and to the showers. The door that leads to the wing where the girls are has a small glass window that shows through to the hallway where the girls would be walking.

In just the first day and a half I have seen a couple of really cute girls that have rooms in that next hallway over. Unfortunately, if I were to be seen by girls looking through that window, it would be obvious to them that I am trying to see them going to or from the bathroom or shower. I know I can't stand there for more than a few seconds at best. It seems the girls' resident assistant rooms right near that door, so she would probably be watching to make sure it stays closed early morning and later at night. I'm going to keep an eye on that and see what the possibilities are. I saw in your book that you commuted to college, so I take it you did not have the dorm experience. What techniques can you suggest for checking out the babes? Also, does it matter if they are not all 18?"

While it is true I commuted to school, back then the guys and the women were in separate buildings and not in the next wing, so it didn't matter. Trust me, that would have been a reason for me to go away to school!

This one is tough to answer because I don't know the floor plan of your dorm. It looks like you have a challenge due to limited time by that door. But I know that boys will be boys. I have to believe that you aren't the only one that would love to keep watch on that hallway around shower time. Try to watch your side of the door to see if other guys are trying to look, or to find a reason to go over to the girls' side of the dorm. Most schools allow time for guys to be in the girls dorm and vice versa for study groups, parties, etc.

If this were me, I would know the schedule of when guys are able to be over on the girls' side. Find reasons to be over there. Sometimes doors are left open during the day in dorms or you can see who comes and goes. I want to find out which rooms the hottest babes are in, and then determine the distance they need to walk to and from the bathrooms. This tells me that if I have a hottie that has to walk several rooms down to and from, I have a longer window of opportunity, but if she lives really close to the bathrooms it isn't likely.

I would also watch for what the girls are wearing when hanging around the dorm rooms. Some will keep covered up all the time, but others may wear short shorts or open clothing, and that is often an indication they may let it show. The idea is to find a babe that could reveal something good that has a longer walk to and from the shower.

Of course, when walking in that hallway I would do my best to glance into any open doors looking to find out where the good lookers are or maybe catch a good peek.

Ideally, I would try to make friends with a girl at the far end of that hallway and maybe offer to study or need to bring books or materials to. Then I would try to be visiting her room very close to the deadline of guys having to leave. For example, say the girls dorm is off limits after 10 PM. I would try to be there just before 10, and then try to stay until about 10:05 and act like I don't realize it is really after 10. Just maybe a babe or two would think the hall is safe and head over to the shower while I'm still in the hallway.

In addition, I would try to keep watch by the doorway (with the window) to get an idea of when guys or girls are nearby or coming through. I would keep track. Maybe I realize that between 7:20 and 7:40 in the morning that nobody leaves for class and the coast is clear. I would then try to hang nearby and occasionally glance through that window and down the hall. Keep in mind that students have consistent schedules throughout the semester. Maybe I could find out that a babe tends to get out of the shower at 7:22 and I could be ready. But I would know to be very careful.

I would probably try getting up earlier than I would like to check for other babes who are early risers, and yet give me time to get ready for my class. Also, if I can see to the elevator or stairs for who comes and goes from the floor, I would watch for late on weekend nights to see when girls are coming back to their rooms. Maybe there would be a party going on in one of the guy's room and I could scoot out as if I'm going to the bathroom, but instead check by the door with the window to see if a babe that just got home is headed for the shower and thinks that no guys can see. Basically, it's trial and error, but don't make the error!

Even if you can't see anything down the hall, look for other opportunities. A coed dorm will have common areas for laundry, student lounge, and study areas. You will have your chances to get some peeks down the top, down the back of low rise jeans, and up skirts. The girls will be wearing loose clothing, shorts, and other very casual and not be as cautious as you would normally expect.

You might also catch a break. Just last year I heard a college girl telling a friend of hers about some babe on her dorm floor that went across to the shower naked even though there were guys nearby and how she didn't seem to care. I don't know how true it is. But I do know from my years of spying on girls at home that as they develop and get ready to go off to college they become much more open about their bodies walking around the house. And, there are some girls who want the attention of guys seeing them partially undressed. So be ready.

As for the age question, I never worried about it because there is no physical contact. I know for a fact I have spyed on high school sophomores who would be either 15 or 16. But they were worth seeing. You can't always tell a babe's age. I have probably seen the goods on more younger babes than I realize, but also have probably enjoyed women in their 40's that still look years younger. I'm not here to give legal advice, but I would tell you not to worry if you are checking out a babe who is 17.

Good luck with your "studies". Let me know how things go for you!

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