Monday, September 27, 2010

Under that gown!

Chuck of MD writes:
"I wanted you to know how much your advice helped me over the weekend. Even with all of the fantastic information in your book, I must thank you for the chapter about appearing to be composed when you see something great. If not for that, I'd be in a lot of trouble with my loved ones.

While visiting my daughter in the hospital over the weekend (and she is fine now and already home), I was seated along side of her and facing toward the next bed. In that bed was a very attractive (babe), probably early 20's. When I came in, she was resting on her side and her gown was open most of the way down her back. I couldn't see all the way down, but knew the chances were good she had nothing on underneath. Certainly no bra, but I wasn't sure about panties. She looked over toward us and said hello before sitting up and resting.

A few minutes later, I was getting ready to leave but still chatting with my lovely daughter. As luck had it, a nurse came in to check on the other girl's readings, and stood on the side in between my daughter's bed and hers. The (babe) then sat up and moved her legs over toward the side of the bed which was facing us. Sure enough, the gown came way up and open and I could easily see all the way up between her legs. Indeed, no panties!

My daughter was not always looking at me so neither of them could tell that I was trying to see what I could of the other (babe). But when she turned toward me and her gown opened up, that (babe) could tell that I saw what I saw.

Luckily, your book was totally on my mind. That was how I knew to watch where both my daughter and the other (babe) were looking to know when I could try to sneak a peek.

And I instantly recalled your story about your girlfriend's sister not wearing panties that time and how you handled it. Worked like a charm!

The other (babe) knew I saw. I somehow managed to do an Academy Award performance on the spot. I flashed a concerned look on my face, raised a hand as if to wave, and said "Oh, I'm sorry. I should leave" to her. The (babe) showed an exasperated look, realizing that I had seen her bush, and managed to say "I understand. Don't worry about it."

My daughter asked what happened, and I said that "Her gown almost came open" and that "I probably shouldn't be here". Then my daughter turned to the (babe) and apologized as well.

So I was able to finish up and leave right away with both of them (and the nurse) thinking I was truly sorry. As you can understand, the only thing I was sorry about was that I didn't get a longer look up her legs!

Your book made all of the difference. Not only did I realize I had an opportunity there, but I also knew how to get out of major ramifications without incident.

Have you had any similar hospital experiences like this? Or is this new territory, even for you?"

Thanks for sharing, Chuck. If my book were done as a class, you would be my best student. Glad you kept everything in mind from knowing only to look when the others were not and for acting as though you didn't mean to see what you saw. I understand how much "acting" was involved there!

Meanwhile, your hospital question is a tough one. Yes, I have had a nice sighting or two in a hosptial environment over the years. I did not and would not write about it. Young women in a hospital (or related medical enviornment) should not have to worry about us total creep guys lurking around. On one hand, it is difficult for me to endorse this enviornment as a "good" source for being a total creep. But on the other hand, I would have done the same thing as you did if the situation arose. And hopefully handled it as well as you did!

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

He lowered the bar to see her

The readers and listeners to "Total Creep - A Guy's Guide" continue to keep the comments and questions coming:

Armando of FL writes:
"You give the best advice. After your book I started looking up skirts all over again. It was just like you said. I saw a ton of panties, but just last night I was in a bar and noticed a babe about to sit on one of the couches wearing a tight skirt. Before she could position her drink over her legs I saw that she was not wearing panties and got a view of her beaver. I was trying to be nearby when she got up from the couch, but she had her legs crossed and kept them quite guarded. After the 3rd or 4th time I walked by, she gave me a pained look as if she knew that I knew and seemed to wait until I passed by completely before getting up. Then she didn't sit down for the remainder of the time she was there. Obviously, I wasn't going to leave before her! But your advice to keep looking was great."

While you are most welcome for the advice, Armando, I wish you had taken my advice about not letting on so easily. From what you described you are probably correct that she knew you saw all the way up. You should go back to my chapter about maintaining composure when you see something that good. You either had that look in your eye or on your face, or were too obvious when you were walking by and trying to look up her skirt and she caught on. Don't blow it for the rest of us total creep guys! Now she may well be wearing panties when she goes out to a bar, and we can't afford to lose even one of these babes to underwear.

Good move to be ready to look just as she sat down on the couch. Many bar couches (and even comfortable chairs) are set lower, and that is a great opportunity for us when babes are wearing skirts.

(Along those same lines, when babes sit like that and are wearing low rise jeans, maybe you can a view from behind or off to the side and catch some butt crack action. A side or back angle might also reduce your risk of being noticed looking there, especially when compared to the straight on view you had up the skirt.)

Yes, I understand from personal experience that it is difficult to keep a straight face and maintain composure after you see what you saw, or open breasts, etc. That does tend to make your day, especially after hundreds of panties shots until you see the real thing. I wish there was a practice field for this, but there isn't. Don't make it so obvious, Armando. It will lead to more of the same!

Friday, September 17, 2010

The best tips for young waitresses...........

Some of you know that even though very few people post publicly even though many read my updates, I get a good amount of private responses to my posts. Others ask questions but do not wish to have them published, which I most certainly respect.

This morning I received an interesting private response, which I am addressing without names, and that is understandable. A couple weeks back I published a nice note from a guy in Pennsylvania commenting about a “regular restaurant” waitress who apparently doesn’t wear much on top, and how he and his friends enjoy having lunch there and having her bring extra stuff to their table so they can enjoy the view down her top.

The writer pointed out that he felt I was in error to have published the name and general location of the restaurant. After thinking about it for a few minutes, I realized he is correct. I should not have published that with the names included. Then again, total creep guys will be guys. Why would this guy be so concerned?

It seems that he is a restaurant manager himself. The real reason he didn’t want even his initials posted is that he also told me that he understood exactly where the writer of the e-mail was coming from. He knows to hire hot babes to be the hostess or waitress, and to encourage them to “unbutton some more” if they want to see more tip money.

Let’s face it. Many guys don’t tip as well as women in restaurants. So as a service to female waitresses, especially those under 30 who are attractive, it looks like we have stumbled upon a way to increase your tip money. I have no shame in admitting that I have personally tipped better over the years when a hottie is waiting on me and leans over at the table with an extra button or two open or a loose fitting or lower cut top.

Why do I tip better under these circumstances? It is not because of getting to see a nice boob or bra view. So I don’t want to hear protests from less attractive women about this. There is another reason I tip better when this happens. It is because of the extra trips she is called upon to make at my table!

Sorry, but as of now I don’t have any such ideas for guys who are waiters to increase their tips. Anyone?