Friday, September 17, 2010

The best tips for young waitresses...........

Some of you know that even though very few people post publicly even though many read my updates, I get a good amount of private responses to my posts. Others ask questions but do not wish to have them published, which I most certainly respect.

This morning I received an interesting private response, which I am addressing without names, and that is understandable. A couple weeks back I published a nice note from a guy in Pennsylvania commenting about a “regular restaurant” waitress who apparently doesn’t wear much on top, and how he and his friends enjoy having lunch there and having her bring extra stuff to their table so they can enjoy the view down her top.

The writer pointed out that he felt I was in error to have published the name and general location of the restaurant. After thinking about it for a few minutes, I realized he is correct. I should not have published that with the names included. Then again, total creep guys will be guys. Why would this guy be so concerned?

It seems that he is a restaurant manager himself. The real reason he didn’t want even his initials posted is that he also told me that he understood exactly where the writer of the e-mail was coming from. He knows to hire hot babes to be the hostess or waitress, and to encourage them to “unbutton some more” if they want to see more tip money.

Let’s face it. Many guys don’t tip as well as women in restaurants. So as a service to female waitresses, especially those under 30 who are attractive, it looks like we have stumbled upon a way to increase your tip money. I have no shame in admitting that I have personally tipped better over the years when a hottie is waiting on me and leans over at the table with an extra button or two open or a loose fitting or lower cut top.

Why do I tip better under these circumstances? It is not because of getting to see a nice boob or bra view. So I don’t want to hear protests from less attractive women about this. There is another reason I tip better when this happens. It is because of the extra trips she is called upon to make at my table!

Sorry, but as of now I don’t have any such ideas for guys who are waiters to increase their tips. Anyone?

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