Monday, August 30, 2010

Why guys need a lunch break every day.......

Don of PA writes:

“My co-workers and I owe you a round of thanks. Your book is so amazing about how us guys miss out on great opportunities all around. There is this hot little blonde waitress at Crystal’s in downtown Pittsburgh all summer wearing a lot of low cut and open tops. Even though she wears a bra, she has no idea of how much boob shows when she leans over to serve or pick up from our table. Or if she does know, it doesn’t bother her. We don’t care either way. The guys and I have been lunching there for months, and it wasn’t until I heard your book that I started to notice her.

Then I went ahead and told the other guys in the group. Now we are regulars there, and we know to ask for things so she keeps having to come by our table and lean over. We can’t see nipple, but we have all enjoyed the view all the way down her loose fitting bra. Definitely gets us all through the work day!! It’s worth the extra tip money to keep her excellent “service” coming our way. You’re the best!”

Chad of AZ writes:

“It took me several tries, but I finally see what you mean about checking down their tops even when you can tell they are wearing a bra. You were right! This totally hot college chick came into the store I work at last night. When she was leaning over to sign her charge form, her bra was so loose fitting that I could see some pink on top. I’m not sure if it was a flat nipple or that was as far as I could see, but if it hadn’t been for your book and your blog, I wouldn’t have known to be watching. And absolutely no one suspected me of looking, since I was conducting business as usual. You can publish this if you want, but the more important thing is to keep alerting guys about this.”

Thanks Don and Chad for the nice words. That’s the whole idea. As much as I would love to be everywhere a cute babe has something showing, I can’t be. Interesting that you both bring up something I have noticed more and more lately. Bras don’t seem to be as tight fitting as they once were. Maybe it is because we see them more and more. But more and more babes go out in public thinking their bra always covers up more than it really does.

There are 2 aspects to this to keep in mind. One is that the loose fitting applies more to the upper part of the boobs. When looking down a blouse or top going down from the shoulder, more and more bras are loose and you can see more of the top of a boob. In addition, many bras are lower cut on the inside and allow more skin to be open. I have noticed this more and more within the past year when looking in between the button holes of a shirt or blouse. It isn’t always bra anymore. More often I’m seeing skin until the bra takes over just before the nipple.

In addition, a lot more of the college age babes wear athletic bras under a shirt or top when out and about. They don’t realize that these are not tight and when the lean over you can see a good percentage of one or both boobs, depending on your angle.

Remember, guys, not to give up on looking just because she has a regular bra or an athletic bra on. The fit might not be what she thinks it is. Some boob is certainly better than no boobage at all. Even though I still prefer the era of the 70’s, 80’s, and 90’s when more babes would not wear a bra at all. We wouldn’t get to see as much boobage, but would get to see nipple action much more often.

Thanks for writing! Feel free to send your Total Creep questions and comments to me, and let me know if it is OK to publish.

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