Friday, August 6, 2010

Art Linkletter DID the darndest things!

How fun is this story? I vaguely remember Art Linkletter, the TV personality from my mother and grandmother seemingly watching him every time he was on TV with “People Are Funny” and his interviews with children. I had absolutely no idea that Art was one of us – a total creep in his own right until I happened to be reading this article earlier in the week:

So there it is in print. Linkletter used to be at work and be spying on the babes at a hotel. The man so widely enjoyed by women for so many years. They had no idea. Now when I get what is in effect hate mail from women who think I am the only disgusting man on earth I have something to share with them. This reinforces that I happened to be the first guy honest enough to reveal what I do and HOW I do it for guys that want to learn the tricks of the trade.

If other guys didn’t spy on babes with binoculars or make an effort to look down a collar or up a skirt or shorts, then I wouldn’t have sold so much as one book or received hundreds of e-mails with comments. (Normally “hundreds” of e-mails would not seem significant, but many guys do not wish to reveal to anyone, even me, that they use the techniques I teach.)

Now, in a way, I’m in the company of the legendary Art Linkletter. What an amazing discovery to be in the San Diego area on business and happen upon this newspaper column. Now I’m curious about which hotel that would have been. It’s probably gone, but still…..

Based on what I see while staying at a friend’s apartment during my stay in the San Diego area, Linkletter would have been amazed at some of the hot young babes who practically wear more to bed than they do when they go outside. At least there are still a few pre babes who go out in public not wearing a bra than most other parts of the country.

Thanks, Art, for having DONE the darndest things!

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