Friday, July 16, 2010

Why he saw his sister's boob.........

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Carrie G. of OH writes:
“My younger brother came home from college and had heard your audio book. That is his decision, but it’s how I found out that has me freaked out. He told me that he saw one of my (boobs) last night while we were out at dinner, and he was concerned because he knew I wouldn’t like other guys being able to see them too. After we got home, he showed me in private how he did that, and then told me all about your book and how other guys do the same thing. I must say I was shocked. This was maybe the 3rd time all year I went out without a bra, since we are having this heatwave. He was able to look down my open sleeve and convinced me he saw nipple. I can’t believe you would do this to women. I take it you do not have a sister? Or a female cousin? Is your family a bunch of nudists? Why do you do this?”

As I continue to explain, I was not the first guy to check out the babes. It has nothing to do with my family or personal life, thank you. Since you resent what your brother saw this much, I would say that he did you a major favor. It looks like you will take additional steps to prevent guys from seeing your boobs from here on. Heck, I should be on your brother’s case for ruining the opportunity.

After all, I didn’t tell you not to wear a bra, and then wear a sleeveless top which sometimes gives guys a full view. If your brother wasn’t interested in seeing, he wouldn’t have listened to my audio book. Him, me, and plenty of other guys. Again, I’m here to tell you that the bro did you a favor by telling you. Maybe he didn’t have to go into detail about what he saw, but it obviously drove the point across. I’m not sure too many brothers would do that to a sister, or even care to see her boobs. But guys will be guys.

Frankly, I have been amazed over the years at the number of babes who wear sleeveless or open sleeve tops and don’t think guys can see down when they get the right angle. But I’m glad they do.

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