Thursday, July 8, 2010

Sizing up his girlfriend

Greg G. of TN writes:

"My girlfriend and I were walking to her car when a chick who was jogging along was coming toward us. As good fortune had it, one of her (boobs) popped out from her bra top. She was pretty quick about covering up, but I got to see nipple action. However, my girlfriend also saw and quickly looked over at me to, I suppose, see my reaction. What she saw was my eyes wide open and an obvious smile on my face, leaving her with no doubt that I saw and enjoyed it. It's as if I was busted. She got upset and we spent the rest of our walk arguing before I took her home earlier than planned. It's not like I could deny that I saw and enjoyed it. I was explaining that I had no control over that happening, and that as a guy of course I would enjoy that. But I wasn't with that chick. I was "with" her. I'm not sure what else I could have said or done to make the situation better. You will probably say I should have kept a straight face and played it down, but I can't help how I reacted. (You can tell I listened to your book!) I think my GF reacted that harshly because she has much smaller (boobs) than the jogger. Do you think that's why?"

It well could be, Greg. Some babes with smaller boobies are very sensitive about guys liking bigger ones. I recall a girlfriend of mine years back who several times commented about how her sister "has all of the family boobs". (That sister sure did, since I was fortunate enough to also see hers on one wonderful occasion, but I digress.) But as I wrote in my Total Creep book, the most important thing is to always (and I mean, always) act like you don't care around babes in your life, especially a girlfriend or wife.

The times my then-girlfriend made those comments I would remain calm, and maybe throw in a "I'm happy with everything about you", or "It doesn't matter to me". While in my mind I was waiting for her sister to come into the room so I could keep an eye on those puppies.

So, yes, I'm telling you to maintain a straight face, or at the very least, your composure. I know it's not easy, but use the threat of losing your girlfriend (if you care enough) as an incentive. Be ready in case you get a lucky break like that again. Even if it is obvious you saw, the important part to your woman is how you handle it.

My suggestion would have been a simple "How embarassing!" or "No wonder she is running so fast!", and move on. No matter how nice the boob was, just don't let on how much you enjoyed it.

And if your girlfriend has gotten over it and things are fine, I would say that the next few times you are in bed with her, spend some extra time on her boobs. Make her feel more secure about them, and you'll be fine.

Again, part of my secret to success is that seeing the hundreds of babes and body parts that I see help me when it comes to making love to my wife, since I am even more excited from what I saw earlier in the day. Keep that in mind as well. Oh, and let me know where that walking path is!

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