Saturday, January 31, 2009

another book writer I think I'd like

I doubt I could make it to Portland next Thursday, but if you can, it's a chance to meet the writer of "Live Nude Girl" and ask her about her love for nude modeling.

Meanwhile, I suppose this isn't really that funny, but then again......

The story is about a 14 year old girl getting in trouble for sending a naked picture of herself by text message, and how it has reportedly been sent to more than 100 fellow students. The funny part is that the story is on the news site of "My Fox" TV. Think about it.

So are authorities going to track down high school boys who willingly shared a nude photo of a fellow student? Sure, really a priority over unsolved criminal cases. Wouldn't the girl have been punished enough?

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

The Book Is Out !!

Finally! Almost 2 months later than I had originally thought, but I'm now thinking it is well worth the wait.

"Total Creep - A Guy's Guide" by I. C. London is now available as an Audio Book on CD. Actually it takes 4 CD's and nearly 5 hours of narration to tell the whole story!!

Ken Collier did an amazing job of narrating the story. He added a big amount to the stories. I'm pumped about this.

The idea of doing this as an audio book makes so much sense. Guys can purchase the CD's, put them on their Ipod and listen to their heart's content. And the wife or girlfriend will never know. In fact, I have a few stories about how I would appear to be a gentleman and let my girlfriend walk a step or two in front of me when we were out, and have my arm by her back or shoulder as if I am there to guide her. My real reason for doing this was so that she couldn't see where my eyes were looking and would keep me from bumping into someone or something while scoping out a hot babe walking toward me or along side.

I realized a few years ago that no guy had written anything thorough enough about girl watching. It has been somewhere between a hobby and an obsession with me over the years. I figured someone has to do it.

There are photos, an excerpt, and a special sale price up at . I hope you guys will check it out!

Pregnant woman strip searched????

Granted, this story took place overseas, but the idea that a pregnant woman had to undergo a partial strip search is one thing, but in full view of others is another:

Saturday, January 24, 2009

Should have read the book.............

This is not something I endorse.........

The story is about a guy going into a mall and stores and taking upskirt pictures with his cell phone camera. Then, he makes the added mistake of keeping them on his cell phone instead of getting rid of them by moving them onto a CD or some other place. Taking those pictures isn't right.

Topless photo cause for firing?

Quite the media story in South Florida. This babe is a tutor and works on a boat, but lost the teaching job. The school says it is because they found out she had another job, but a TV station got a hold of a photo of her sitting topless (only from the back, however) on the boat she works on:

Looks to me like a nice incentive to a boy in school to get tutoring!

If I may offer an opinion here, (And I can, it's my blog!) I would point out that the same parents who are in a panic over this photo and what else this babe does then think nothing about spending money for the same boys to see pro athletes who take illegal drugs and drink to excess. How does that differ from sending your kid to a babe that goes topless?

The fans pay to see the athletes and teams play whatever game it is and overlook what these guys do on the own time. How is the situation with this babe any different?

A good article.............

I thought some of you guys might enjoy this article, as I did:

It's called "Let's Face It - Men Like Looking At Women". This is really a "clean" version of what my Total Creep book is about. This writer talks about the hair and the walk the many of the appealing parts of checking out the babes. Good balance............

Total Creep sounding good!

Thanks to all of you asking about our progress on the book and the audio book portion. It looks as though the Audio Book version is the way to go, at least based on the response so far.

Ken Collier has finished his amazing narration of every chapter, and it consists of more than 5 HOURS total. I gave Ken the authority to interpret a couple of the parts, and I must say it has me wishing I could change a couple of paragraphs in the print copy.

Hearing him describe, for example, the best angles to see up a babe's skirt brings even more life to the experience. I think I'll be getting "Thank You" cards from guys around the country before too long. The idea is that guys can order the Audio Book on CD's, and then put them on the MP3 player and hide the CD's within the collection. (Babes aren't going to go through your CD collection to find what you are listening to!)

Five hours seems a bit over the edge, but that's how much information there is about seeing babes in various states of undress and how to be in the best position to enjoy it through a variety of techniques and throughout the typical week.

Personally, I look at it that more than 30 years of my doing this and developing and refining the techniques takes "only" five hours or so to reveal.

Over the next few days Ken is helping to transfer his master recordings onto the CD's, and I'm helping with the packaging and a few technical requirements. Please note that the special pre-sale price of $10.95 for the entire Audio Book on CD series remains in effect for a while yet. Be ready. I'll let you know here - or you can check .

Thursday, January 22, 2009

and now the nudes..........

Sexting continues to become a controversy for those who are caught, including girls:

Personally, I could see guys getting into legal trouble if they TOOK the photos of a girl or girls they know, but in the instances in this story, it seems the guys merely received them. But this seems the wrong punishment if they do have to register as Sex Offenders. Doing so could mean that these teen girls may have to go to classes, hearings, or gatherings and be among boys and men who may have acted violently already toward females and would probably salivate at the sight of basically innocent teen girls in their midst.

In a way, this reminds of a few years ago when a high school babe went into the shower with a few of her boy high school classmates. The punishment harmed the girl's GPA which could impact the rest of her life. Not that she didn't deserve to be punished. The point is that the punishment was far too much for the "crime".

I would suggest to guys that if you receive a Sexting from a chick that you know that you transfer it or them off your phone as soon as possible. If your phone can't be hooked up to your computer for a transfer, maybe you can e-mail it to yourself. But don't keep the image(s) on your computer either. Get it or them onto a CD. This way if your phone or computer is investigated, none of these pictures would be found. Once on a CD, you could keep that CD somewhere you know is safe.

Meanwhile, although the news report doesn't give any details about the woman that sat outside naked, this might have been worth checking out if I had been in the area:

Maybe her protest will be successful, and she will be on to a way for women to protest for what they believe.

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Right place, right time

A "Total Creep" delight this past Saturday night, even though I wasn't there. Wish I could have been. One of my reliable creep friends shared this with me. It is a good lesson for us creeps to pay attention when at a bar or club with a stairway.

He was with a couple of guys in a club located in the Orlando FLA area. (I won't give the name, since I wasn't there and since this was definitely not anything the club caused or could have prevented.) This club has a stairway up to the restrooms and coat room, with a larger than usual landing a few feet up. (I may have been there when I last visited Orlando, as I could picture this as Danny was telling me, but that's not important now.) People in the club dancing near this stairway can easily see up a few feet to this landing. Us creeps have been known to hang underneath as if talking and hope for babes wearing skirts to walk up slowly.

But on Saturday night, this one may have been the all-time experience.

Some hottie was with a guy, but wearing a loose skirt above her knees. It seems that after a few dances and drinks, her and the guy seemed to then be having a disagreement on the dance floor. Then the babe got more animated and appeared to be getting more upset.

She left the dance floor and started walking up that stairway, giving my friends a nice view of her panties as she got near the landing. Then the guy followed her up the stairs and caught up to her and they stood on the landing, near the outside rail. They both got rather animated.

Incredibly, something got the babe even more upset. A couple of other guys were watching and casually came over and stood with my friends since they could all see up her skirt quite easily.
After about one minute or so, the babe got a very angry look on her face, lifted up her skirt, and proceeded to pull her panties down. She leaned over lifted one leg, then the other, and pulled her panties off!

She then took her panties and threw them right into the face of the stunned guy, and proceeded to angrily walk back down the stairs, across the dance floor, and toward the entrance/exit to the club. The guys think she left the club.

The guy may have put the panties in his jacket pocket.

But my friends didn't care about the guy or the fight. They were looking up from below when the babe pulled her panties down and then leaned over to get them off over each shoe. They saw all there was to see.

On one hand, this was a lucky and miraculous break for Danny and his buddies. On the other hand, their practicing what I preach made it possible. If they hadn't been standing by those stairs waiting to watch the skirts go up them, they probably wouldn't have been in position to see all they saw. So this is a combination of luck and skill, in my expert opinion.

It is situations like this that made me glad I finally took their advice and wrote the book on how to make this happen for guys of all ages. Great story, guys!

Friday, January 16, 2009

Naked babes update........Jan. 17

For those who are near these areas and/or have the chance to travel to check out the babes, especially the college age babes, I'm hopeful for some good opportunities within the next 6 weeks.

This year, the "Austin Mardi Gras" is scheduled for Austin TX on Jan. 31st. Last year there was a good supply of babes flashing boobs in return for beads and getting away with it. The fact that I have not seen anything on the official web site or from checking The Statesman (their daily newspaper) about "no flashing" or enforcement seems to be a very good sign for us "creeps".

If it can be done, the weather becomes the next biggest concern. If the temperature doesn't get above 55 or 60 that day (it is January, you know), it is possible that too many of the babes will have too much on to be able to flash a lot.

Texas is also the place to be as Galveston promises its own Mardi Gras, although this goes on for days. Now scheduled for Feb. 13 to 24. With the hurricane damage from last fall, I have to believe that anything goes this year in order to lure tourists (and creeps) to pump revenue into the city. But 2 concerns here. One, this is spread out over too many days. It probably means only a few babes flashing each day and not a fast enough turnover. February might be too early in the year, even that far south, for enough bikini or tube top weather.

Pensacola FL is having a one day Mardi Gras type event. Saturday Feb. 21 is the date now scheduled for that. As long as the weather holds up, this should be boobs a-plenty. The one day events like this are best early in the year since everybody attending does so within a few hours. All it takes is for a few babes to whip those puppies out, and, as they say, the rest will follow. Probably the best one out of all of these mentioned.

Also in FLA, there is Daytona Beach "Bike Week" from Feb. 27 to March 8. I don't normally suggest biker events, but I have heard that flashing isn't limited to the biker babes at this event. I am not a biker, but I have spent a couple hours looking interested and asking questions of the biker dudes while eyeing the babes nearby. If you are in the area and/or are a biker, it could be worth a few boobs to check it out. Otherwise, I wouldn't worry about missing this one.

The audio book coming along well !!

Guys, I'm very pleased with the audio book reading for "Total Creep - A Guy's Guide". The narration is tremendous. More importantly, we are on target to have it ready by the end of January. A lot of you have told me that you are waiting to get in on the CD's so you can transfer it to your Ipods.

The idea is that you can listen privately at your convenience, and your woman will never know you are enjoying the book. Don't worry guys. It comes with tips that I have used about how you can check out the babes while with your woman. I even use several specific examples.

I can't wait to get this finished...............

Monday, January 12, 2009

audio book getting closer and closer...........

I'm totally pumped about the audio book version of "Total Creep - A Guy's Guide" as it continues production. Ken Collier (not the country singer) is my announcer and he is doing a tremendous job. I got to listen to Chapter 3 this morning that he recorded over the weekend. He is doing so well I even gave him my permission to ad-lib if he felt the need. Readers won't know, although I will, that he actually added a couple of nice lines to the book that make it "sound" even better.

It looks like we are on pace to finish up the second take of recording, so that we can compare and bring you the best possible "take" for the final product, within the week. We are on pace to have the Audio book on CD ready to send out by the end of January.

Right now we are ready to take "pre-orders" for the audio version. One of my re-sellers has it available at .

Doing this as an audio book on CD should be a nice push for this, my first full-length book. I figure that guys can listen via their Ipod (or equivalent) at their convenience, and keep the CD's in their collection. This way, your woman won't know you are learning all about checking out the babes.

I'll keep you posted, but it's looking great!

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

update on book - getting closer !!

Thanks to those of you who have been asking. My book, based on more than 30 years of checking out the babes and telling guys of all ages how to do it is now ready. I'm hoping to have its release within the next 10 days.

Meanwhile, I have just secured production of the audio book. Pleased to have hired Ken Collier to handle the voice work. I think that this will allow more privacy for guys who are married or in a serious relationship. Your babe might get upset at seeing my book laying around, but she won't know what is on the CD you are listening to. Recording is scheduled to begin this Friday. Since the book is 90 pages, I'm hoping to have the recording and editing done by the end of this month.

I'm thinking the audio version will outsell the book. I'll let everyone know when both are ready. The web site is already live - just waiting to add in the order information and spread the word.

Again, thanks for your patience!

my kind of coffee shop

As if the coffee wouldn't keep me awake, here is a breaking story about the possibility of a topless coffee shop. Great idea, but the problem is this comes from a small town in Central Maine, well away from civilization as far as I'm concerned.

If it happens and were even a couple of hours further south, I'd consider this an upcoming vacation stop.

Yet, I notice one other possible drawback. Obviously, this would prove a draw among male tourists. Or would it? The problem with this being in such a remote area is that there is not enough of a population to employ at this venture.

After all, how many hot babes can there be in and near this town? Probably not very many. I don't even know of a college nearby. That means that when it comes to hiring the waitresses, the pickings will be slim. But the waitresses that would apply would probably NOT be slim, if you get my drift.

Even if there are a few hot babes, chances are they wouldn't be willing to hang them out for a few extra dollars so every guy in town could see them.

Nice thought, though...........