Saturday, January 24, 2009

Total Creep sounding good!

Thanks to all of you asking about our progress on the book and the audio book portion. It looks as though the Audio Book version is the way to go, at least based on the response so far.

Ken Collier has finished his amazing narration of every chapter, and it consists of more than 5 HOURS total. I gave Ken the authority to interpret a couple of the parts, and I must say it has me wishing I could change a couple of paragraphs in the print copy.

Hearing him describe, for example, the best angles to see up a babe's skirt brings even more life to the experience. I think I'll be getting "Thank You" cards from guys around the country before too long. The idea is that guys can order the Audio Book on CD's, and then put them on the MP3 player and hide the CD's within the collection. (Babes aren't going to go through your CD collection to find what you are listening to!)

Five hours seems a bit over the edge, but that's how much information there is about seeing babes in various states of undress and how to be in the best position to enjoy it through a variety of techniques and throughout the typical week.

Personally, I look at it that more than 30 years of my doing this and developing and refining the techniques takes "only" five hours or so to reveal.

Over the next few days Ken is helping to transfer his master recordings onto the CD's, and I'm helping with the packaging and a few technical requirements. Please note that the special pre-sale price of $10.95 for the entire Audio Book on CD series remains in effect for a while yet. Be ready. I'll let you know here - or you can check .

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