Saturday, January 24, 2009

Topless photo cause for firing?

Quite the media story in South Florida. This babe is a tutor and works on a boat, but lost the teaching job. The school says it is because they found out she had another job, but a TV station got a hold of a photo of her sitting topless (only from the back, however) on the boat she works on:

Looks to me like a nice incentive to a boy in school to get tutoring!

If I may offer an opinion here, (And I can, it's my blog!) I would point out that the same parents who are in a panic over this photo and what else this babe does then think nothing about spending money for the same boys to see pro athletes who take illegal drugs and drink to excess. How does that differ from sending your kid to a babe that goes topless?

The fans pay to see the athletes and teams play whatever game it is and overlook what these guys do on the own time. How is the situation with this babe any different?

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