Wednesday, January 28, 2009

The Book Is Out !!

Finally! Almost 2 months later than I had originally thought, but I'm now thinking it is well worth the wait.

"Total Creep - A Guy's Guide" by I. C. London is now available as an Audio Book on CD. Actually it takes 4 CD's and nearly 5 hours of narration to tell the whole story!!

Ken Collier did an amazing job of narrating the story. He added a big amount to the stories. I'm pumped about this.

The idea of doing this as an audio book makes so much sense. Guys can purchase the CD's, put them on their Ipod and listen to their heart's content. And the wife or girlfriend will never know. In fact, I have a few stories about how I would appear to be a gentleman and let my girlfriend walk a step or two in front of me when we were out, and have my arm by her back or shoulder as if I am there to guide her. My real reason for doing this was so that she couldn't see where my eyes were looking and would keep me from bumping into someone or something while scoping out a hot babe walking toward me or along side.

I realized a few years ago that no guy had written anything thorough enough about girl watching. It has been somewhere between a hobby and an obsession with me over the years. I figured someone has to do it.

There are photos, an excerpt, and a special sale price up at . I hope you guys will check it out!

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