Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Right place, right time

A "Total Creep" delight this past Saturday night, even though I wasn't there. Wish I could have been. One of my reliable creep friends shared this with me. It is a good lesson for us creeps to pay attention when at a bar or club with a stairway.

He was with a couple of guys in a club located in the Orlando FLA area. (I won't give the name, since I wasn't there and since this was definitely not anything the club caused or could have prevented.) This club has a stairway up to the restrooms and coat room, with a larger than usual landing a few feet up. (I may have been there when I last visited Orlando, as I could picture this as Danny was telling me, but that's not important now.) People in the club dancing near this stairway can easily see up a few feet to this landing. Us creeps have been known to hang underneath as if talking and hope for babes wearing skirts to walk up slowly.

But on Saturday night, this one may have been the all-time experience.

Some hottie was with a guy, but wearing a loose skirt above her knees. It seems that after a few dances and drinks, her and the guy seemed to then be having a disagreement on the dance floor. Then the babe got more animated and appeared to be getting more upset.

She left the dance floor and started walking up that stairway, giving my friends a nice view of her panties as she got near the landing. Then the guy followed her up the stairs and caught up to her and they stood on the landing, near the outside rail. They both got rather animated.

Incredibly, something got the babe even more upset. A couple of other guys were watching and casually came over and stood with my friends since they could all see up her skirt quite easily.
After about one minute or so, the babe got a very angry look on her face, lifted up her skirt, and proceeded to pull her panties down. She leaned over lifted one leg, then the other, and pulled her panties off!

She then took her panties and threw them right into the face of the stunned guy, and proceeded to angrily walk back down the stairs, across the dance floor, and toward the entrance/exit to the club. The guys think she left the club.

The guy may have put the panties in his jacket pocket.

But my friends didn't care about the guy or the fight. They were looking up from below when the babe pulled her panties down and then leaned over to get them off over each shoe. They saw all there was to see.

On one hand, this was a lucky and miraculous break for Danny and his buddies. On the other hand, their practicing what I preach made it possible. If they hadn't been standing by those stairs waiting to watch the skirts go up them, they probably wouldn't have been in position to see all they saw. So this is a combination of luck and skill, in my expert opinion.

It is situations like this that made me glad I finally took their advice and wrote the book on how to make this happen for guys of all ages. Great story, guys!

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