Wednesday, January 7, 2009

my kind of coffee shop

As if the coffee wouldn't keep me awake, here is a breaking story about the possibility of a topless coffee shop. Great idea, but the problem is this comes from a small town in Central Maine, well away from civilization as far as I'm concerned.

If it happens and were even a couple of hours further south, I'd consider this an upcoming vacation stop.

Yet, I notice one other possible drawback. Obviously, this would prove a draw among male tourists. Or would it? The problem with this being in such a remote area is that there is not enough of a population to employ at this venture.

After all, how many hot babes can there be in and near this town? Probably not very many. I don't even know of a college nearby. That means that when it comes to hiring the waitresses, the pickings will be slim. But the waitresses that would apply would probably NOT be slim, if you get my drift.

Even if there are a few hot babes, chances are they wouldn't be willing to hang them out for a few extra dollars so every guy in town could see them.

Nice thought, though...........

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