Wednesday, December 30, 2009

He who hesitates is lost

Joey C. of NJ writes:

"I enjoyed listening to your audio book two times. Your advice is great, and I especially liked your tips for when going to ballgames and outdoor concerts. As a 24 year old single guy, I also had the ability to check out some apartments across the courtway. I have seen a married chick one floor down who sometimes walks around with her shirt completely unbuttoned and her (boobs) pop out all the time.

However, even as a horny as I get on nights I don't have a date, I still don't know that I could do some of the things you talk about. I think it's one thing to see a check walking around with her shirt open, but frankly I think you take it too far. Watching chicks sleeping, having sex, grooming, and taking a shower doesn't seem right. Don't you really feel guilty about that?"

A fair question Joey, and thanks for the permission to post your note. I usually get these comments and questions from women (see the next question). In your case, you see the value of spying on the babes, and you can watch for whatever you want. Yes, it is extremely invasive to watch a babe when she assumes she has privacy. Not that this makes it "right", but the saying "What she doesn't know can't hurt her" means everything.

You never know what you'll see when you look into someone's home. In my book I wanted to cover any and all possibilities, because I have certainly seen my share in 35+ years and while living or staying in numerous cities across the country. I don't like watching a babe have sex with a guy either. Seeing a naked guy is a huge turnoff for me. If I know when the couple starts the sex act, I will often check back every couple minutes. It's not the act I want to see, and certainly not the guy, but I want to see the babe naked when they are done. I find that most of the time she will either sit up or get up to cover herself or put something on to head into the bathroom. That's the only moment I'm truly watching for. In that instance of her being with a guy, I also point out to you that she is well aware that a guy is seeing her naked. Same when babes walk around the house with little or nothing on right in front of her significant other. They know that a guy is seeing their body, even though they don't know it's more than one.

When I have watch babes while sleeping, it is really waiting for them to wake up and get out of bed in the morning so I can see what's doing under the covers. As detailed in the book, some wear nightgowns but without panties underneath, while others sleep wearing little or nothing. It has also happened where I have waited an hour or more for a babe to get up only to have it turn out that she is wearing full pajamas or a non-revealing nightgown, but those are the risks we take.

Personally, I love watching a babe taking a shower, or watching the shower area knowing she is in there and will be coming out stark naked any second. While I have admitted that watching them on the toilet still feels awkward, I always keep the purpose in mind. I don't enjoy that she is relieving herself. Rather, I wait for the moment that she stands up so that I can see what I can see while she pulls up her panties or pants.

One solution to your concern, since not all of that is for you, is to not look into her bedroom or bathroom window if a view becomes available. Glad you enjoyed the chapters on public events, too. Let me know how you handle this.

Sherry K. of OH writes:

"You telling guys how to watch women at home with binoculars should be cause to have you locked up without a key. This is a complete breach of privacy. I just sent a boyfriend of two months away for good after he let me listen to about 5 minutes of your audio. I wouldn't want a guy who would do that anywhere near me. Or any other woman for that matter. I can't even ask how you would like it if you were watched in the shower or undressing, because most guys don't care. You don't understand how you violate our right to privacy. Your neighbors are not in a porn movie. You disgust me."

Well, Sherry, sorry if I helped cost you a boyfriend. Not to be difficult or not respect your opinion, but nobody is forcing guys to buy my book or audio book and to take my advice and utilize my experiences. In some ways, it is a compliment to these babes that guys enjoy seeing them partially or fully naked. I don't watch just any female. There are many that I could have seen but wasn't interested despite the opportunity. I don't care to look if she isn't attractive. There are guys who enjoy checking out much older women and I think that's disgusting. But they can use my advice and experience for whatever purpose.

If I didn't see a lot of other guys doing these things and checking out the babes no matter what, I wouldn't have taken the hours and hours to create my book and sell more than I had anticipated. I would bet the ranch that every boyfriend you get wouldn't want to see you and other women naked at every opportunity. Don't shoot the messenger.

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Wednesday, December 23, 2009

The readers wonder

The readers and listeners of "Total Creep - A Guy's Guide" continue to write:

Steve C. of OH writes:

"Thanks for some great advice. You are right about how many guys can use your information. You have helped me to see some really hot babes taking off their tops. If I may ask, after all of your years of spying and observing, what is your most favorite sighting?"

Good going, Steve. (I decided to edit out your description of where you see them.) As far as a favorite, that's so hard to choose. I gave it some thought, and actually came up with a specific answer for you. It wasn't easy. It's tough to pick something ahead of being at nude beach when a group of college age babes arrive and I watched some get totally naked and others take off their tops. Then there are the babes I have watched take a shower, and others I have spied on while they freely walk around their apartments stark naked. Another one that comes to mind was a babe who lived across the courtway from me and would come home late on weekend nights. Most of the time she didn't pay attention to the angled blinds and I could watch her strip down from fully dressed to stark naked.

But to answer your question, if I really have to pick one favorite, I'd go back to a sighting back in the early 90's. One of the babes I spied on regularly would sometimes not close her bedroom blinds all the way. This was a night when I saw her light on and focused in just in time to see her laying on her bed wearing a t-shirt and panties. She was reaching and pulling her panties down but not off, and pulled her t-shirt up, although not as far as I would have liked.

For the next few minutes, she was playing with herself. Big time. I have seen just a few babes doing themselves over the years, but none like this babe. She was moving and spreading her legs and manipulating her hands as if she were conducting an orchestra. Maybe she has music playing. I don't know. But she was totally and completely into it. It's as though she was acting as both the guy and the girl and her every movement showed how much she was enjoying those few minutes.

Minutes later, she got very frantic and I could tell that she finished. Then she laid there for a moment. That was fine with me since it gave me a good look at it. She then got up and headed toward the bathroom but slowly pulled her panties back up as she was walking away. Even though I didn't get to see her boobs that night, your question helped me to recall how entertaining and wonderful it was to watch her.

Thanks for the question, Steve. Let me know if you get to see even more babes.

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Out-Creeping The Competition

OK, so it wasn't really competition, but a funny story nonetheless at lunch time today.

Whenever possible I try to sit and have lunch where I can choose my seat and get a good view of a nearby babe. It may be looking up a skirt or seated where she would have to turn toward me when getting up, a side view down a collar, behind looking down her jeans or skirt, or perhaps near a stairway or ramp for better up or down angles.

Today while scouting I noticed a decent looking babe sitting at a table with a guy. They were sitting close together and it was obviously a husband or boyfriend and not co-workers. I'm in a cold weather city this week, so she had her coat hanging on the chair behind her. As I came up by the table next to them (across the small aisle), I saw that she had low rise jeans on and that her shirt was up enough so that I could see some butt crack.

She wasn't the most attractive babe around, and it was maybe an inch and a half of butt crack visible, but that made for the best available view to enjoy while having lunch. I immeidately knew to sit at the nearby table, positioning the chair to look sideways at where she was sitting.

Since she had her coat behind her on the chair, she probably figured that no one could see down her jeans. And from behind her, she was right. But she didn't realize that I had a direct side view and could see some butt crack on my side, while her guy was blocking a view for anyone from the other side. In other words, I was the only one who could see it.

I had a clear view except when a couple of people walked by in that aisle. I did notice that the second person to walk down that aisle walked by rather slowly. Needless to say, that aggravated me since it took away a couple of seconds from my view of the babe's butt crack. I looked over to see it was a young guy walking away.

A moment later, I saw the same guy walking right back in the same aisle and looked at his face. Sure enough, he slowed up just as he was coming up behind that babe. I watched as his eyes looked down as he was passing by her from behind. He walked past her (and where I was sitting), then looked ahead, and sped up his pace to walk away. So there it was. He noticed those precious low rise jeans and went back down the aisle to get a glance at her butt crack, too!

It was like an out-of-body experience to watch someone else do as I do. And he did it well. From that angle he had to have seen. And probably saw more butt crack than I could, however brief in his case. While I got a much longer look.

My first thought was to say something to try and catch his attention and ask if he had read or heard "Total Creep - A Guy's Guide". He did that move so well that I truly believe he knows my book. I couldn't, though, since the babe and her man would have heard. The guy might have denied it. Plus, I know it isn't good to reveal my true identity, especially in a busy area.

Yet, I consider this a funny and wonderful story. Seeing someone else do exactly as I have done for years, and having it be successful.

Besides, I wanted to wait until the babe got up. There was the chance that her man would get up first and she would get up behind him and turn her back toward where I was sitting and show even more butt crack. Alas, she turned toward me and got up, so no additional view.

Maybe I'll go back by that same food court tomorrow and watch for that same guy. I could maybe watch him make the rounds before I sit down and use him to help me find one or more babes giving a view. Then again, since I eat there on occasion, maybe he knows to watch where I sit.

Could this be the start of Team Creep?

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Sunday, December 6, 2009

Why sexting "laws" need to be re-defined

Way too many people, mostly parents and women over 30, need to rethink punishing teens for sexting, and especially the implications it can have long term.

First of all, Sexting is really use of modern technology to do something that has been going on for years. To hear some people tell it, no one ever heard of sending partially or fully naked photos of themselves to girls or guys until cell phones came with cameras. Nothing could be further from the truth.

I can't help but believe that some of the moms and older women who are offended now were "victims" of this 20 to 30 years ago. People seem to forget the wonderful invention of the "instant" camera years ago. You could take a photo and within seconds it came out of your camera and you had your snapshot. No waiting for a roll of film to finish and rewind to be taken to a retailer for development. (!!)

There it was. The perfect means for girls to take partially or fully naked photos of themselves, whether straight down or in the mirror, just like they do now. Or let the boyfriend take it. Within a few seconds, they had a photo to give to a boyfriend. Maybe even multiple photos. No one would find out. And, of course, the boyfriend then had the choice of keeping the photo all for himself to enjoy, or sharing by showing it to other guys.

Before that, you took your chances. I knew of one guy who worked in a camera store (that would develop film for customers) who got a hold of some nude photos of a babe in the neighborhood she actually brought in to have developed.

Heck, I still joke privately with a longtime friend about him showing me topless pics of a babe he was seeing on the side back in the 80's. I also recall visiting a couple of dorm rooms in the 80's and guys reaching into the "secret desk drawer" to share some mighty fine photos of their college conquests. Face it, I can't have been the only guy to know and know of guys who used to do this and/or benefit from instant cameras in this same way.

The only difference with Sexting is that the technology makes it easier for guys to SEND the photos to their friends. However, based on the laws and regulations, which were written BEFORE cell phone cameras made this happen, guys and girls are now easily caught with evidence.

Girls are caught with "evidence" because of sending pics of their bodies to guys. Guys who share via cell phone are caught with "evidence" because of the receiving and sending. Now, this seems to be a prominent issue.

My point is that nude photos of teen "friends" are such a not a new thing, as many of the parents and others would have you believe. The only thing that has changed is that the modern means of distribution allows teens to be "caught" much more easily than in the past.

In that respect, it was much easier for guys years ago, even if they weren't able to easily share these photos with other guys. Personally, I took the selfish route, and that is why I still recommend that (selfish route) for guys.

I didn't take any photos of the girls I saw naked. While I had none to share with my friends, there was no way I could get caught with evidence of what I had seen. There were a few times I had guy friends over and had them bring their binoculars so they could see some girls along with me, but again, there was no evidence.

In my book (Total Creep - A Guy's Guide, available via I wrote about how to do this. One of my favorite stories from when I was in high school was about a girl a year younger (she was a junior while I was a senior) who lived in the next building over from me. I knew her and she was really cute, but she had a boyfriend. In fact, I knew him too.

There were a few instances when I would see her stark naked in her bedroom using my binoculars. I'm pretty sure I saw more of her than her boyfriend ever did, at least in her apartment. But, so what, I wasn't able to share any photos with my friends. I also never got into trouble, and she never knew what I saw. (The funny part of the story is that when the guy realized I was a neighbor he asked if I knew her, and I said "I'm familiar with her". If he only knew!) I developed many of my spying techniques using binoculars from my parents' apartment windows, and would watch several high school and college babes. The difference is I never got caught, and never distributed any photos or "evidence" of what I saw.

Sexual things take place at parties involving high school students these days that didn't happen when I was growing up. Guys' pants come down in the dark, girls tops come up. But unless a parent or adult supervisor finds out, or a girl complains to an adult, these activities go on unreported and with no consequences.

In other words, it is so much easier for guys to enjoy seeing classmates and schoolmate girls partially or fully naked than it ever was when I was growing up. But there have always been opportunities, and that percentage of girls willing to show breasts or better to the guys.

For that matter, just yesterday I came across this story written by a female student at Purdue, in which she reveals she is ready to share naked pics of guy friends. Technically, she is inviting legal trouble, and her name and e-mail address are right there:

Don't get me wrong. I am not saying it was the same for me to see unsuspecting teen girls naked using binoculars as the girls who send naked photos of themselves voluntarily. However, girls who were violated in a sense by me invading their privacy had no idea of what happened, compared with girls who are willingly sending out nude photos, even if intended for confidence.

Teen boys are not sex offenders or pornographers and shouldn't be treated as such. If they didn't have access to those photos, they wouldn't do this. By now, teen girls know the consequences of these photos getting out.

That doesn't make it right, but it shouldn't mean they are subject to punishment or arrest. In my opinion, teen guys seeing teen babes naked should not be placed in the same category as an adult male having photos of a 16 year old. This is not sex. Many 15, 16, and 17 year olds are fully developed and have a woman's body. Looking is not the same as touching.

To the moms and women over 35 who have problems with Sexting, I understand the concerns. However, stopping cell phone distribution of photos doesn't stop the activities at parties, girls flashing a group of guys, spring break, wet t-shirt contests, and for that matter, digital cameras that hold photos until such time as they are easily deleted. I can tell you that more and more high school and college guys are aware of the risks of sexting, and already have other means to privately share photos of girlfriends and/or classmates with their friends.

Meanwhile, I'm going to continue spying with binoculars and using my techniques while in public to check out the babes down shirts, up skirts, down jeans, and any other glances I can see. Without any evidence. No harm, no foul.

As for Sexting, the punishment should be different than that for a sex offender or worse. Sending photos to others is not the same as a rape or sex crime. It's up to the girls not to send these photos, or for guys to find other ways to enjoy them without evidence. That will eliminate these Sexting issues once and for all!

Thursday, December 3, 2009

A total creep doesn't need technology

This is not the only e-mail I have received about this topic, but this is one that is fine with having his question published, so here goes:

Joe V of WA writes:

"As much as I enjoyed listening to your book and your expertise, your experiences seem to have happened before we had the benefits of today's technology. You don't tell us how we can get video of chicks next store or where to focus the zoom lens when we can see into more than one room at night. I'm sure 20 years ago when all you had were binoculars you were the best. Can you update your book to make it more modern?"

Joe and others, you are missing a key point. The idea is to SEE their body parts whenever possible. It is not to film or photograph them. (Granted, I didn't have an internet with photos and videos of naked babes while growing up and well into my adult life, but to me seeing photos was nowhere near as exciting as seeing the real thing anyway. My book and audio book is to help you to see the real thing.)

Yes, I know there are cell phones with cameras, portable hand-held cameras and videocams with zoom lenses, and advanced surveillance set ups. But using these devices are what get guys of all ages in trouble.

As an aside, let me comment about sexting to help make my point. Normal teen guys are getting arrested for sending topless (or better in some cases) photos of classmates and female friends to each other, with some having to register as sex offenders. While the authorities and most women carry on as if this sort of thing is only happening because of the technology. They have no clue that the "instant camera" device from 30+ years ago enabled guys to get these photos, show them to friends, and (as much as it hurt) destroy or hide them. It is because these photos today can be seen and traced to cell phones and computers that teens are getting caught with evidence.

Look at the number of stories about guys getting arrested with video cams looking up skirts, in bathrooms, and holding them up to windows and the like. These devices provide others with evidence to convict them and potentially ruin their lives.

I completely understand the temptations of today's technology. It would be nice to have a video of the babe next door coming out of the shower so you wouldn't have to spend time huddled in a dark room peeking through your blinds on weeknights. I get it. However, I also understand that if I were to have such a tape in my home, there is that chance that somebody could find it and then I would be in serious trouble.

Am I getting through?

A set of powerful binoculars is all I need at home, and the naked eye (pardon the pun) is good enough when I'm outside of home. NO ONE can prove anything I have seen through those wonderful binoculars I have owned over the years.

Be careful what you wish for, Joe.

Having said that, I will now go ahead and remind you of one good use of technology for my purposes. Just like I have in the book.

A cell phone is often the perfect "excuse" in public to get a good look at a hottie in many situations. For example, in the book I talk about the time I was standing on a train aisle and "just happened" to be slightly behind a babe wearing a loose fitting top and no bra. Yet, other passengers could see me if I was blatantly looking there, and that could have been trouble. So, I pulled out my trusty cell phone, opened it, and appeared to be typing a text message. I "just happened" to be holding the phone at arm's length, with the arm pointed in her general direction. I kept an expression on my face as if I was aggravated about something while texting.

Yet, the entire 2 minutes or so I appeared to be texting were actually spent looking right down that top, and as the hottie moved a bit and then stroked her hair a couple of times, I got to see all the way past her right nipple. And my cell phone was not even on!!

With the noise of the train moving along, I probably could have snapped a very choice photo of her. But then there would have been "evidence". So I knew not to, and did what I had to do to seize and enjoy the moment.

That is how you use technology. Even though I actually didn't use it.

And no one who was on that train knows I did anything I wasn't supposed to. If the babe had looked up, she would have seen some old guy trying to text and not been alarmed. And she had nice boobies, too. I'd say 34B.

Please, Joe, keep this in mind. Hide the camera, and only see for yourself. The only technology you really need is an MP3 or CD player to hear the audio book!!

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Wednesday, December 2, 2009

First date for a total creep

Danny of GA writes:

"I messed up on a first date with a hot chick over the weekend. She works in a store near where I work and it got to the point where I was stopping in there with any excuse to see her. I finally got the nerve to ask her out, and she agreed to go for dinner and then hang at a bar we like after. Until the date, we only saw each other well dressed for work.

When we met at the restaurant Saturday night, she was absolutely stunning. And she had on a cute low collar shirt that went quite a way down. She leaned toward me early in the conversation and it didn't look like she was wearing a bra, but I couldn't tell for sure. I'll admit that her fantastic chest was a distraction. During the meal, she started getting quiet and sat back a lot more on her side of the booth.

We finished the meal and she leaned forward again. Next thing I know she was looking me in the eyes with a look that could kill. She then told me that she did not appreciate me talking to her breasts instead of her face and that she tests guys that way. She said I failed miserably and that her evening with me was finished. She offered to pay for her portion of the dinner, but I told her it was on me since I had asked, and that I was sorry. But she is long gone. She gave me a dirty look when I went into the store today to say hello. So I blew it. And I didn't even get to find out if she really didn't have a bra on. Now I'll never get another look.

I listened to your audio book and loved it. I know I screwed up by letting her catch me looking at them, but I couldn't help it. She was looking so hot. How have you handled it when a chick you were dating would give you an opportunity to see in?"

Great question, Danny. Sorry you lost out on this one. I've got to hand it to that babe. That is quite a test for a guy.

You were somewhat of a victim of circumstance. Probably too bad you and her got a booth instead of a table. If you had gotten a table, you might have been able to sit to one side instead of in front of her, and then be able to see down her collar when she leans forward to bite her food. But that option wasn't available.

I thought about it, and I did have one first (or maybe second) date where she was wearing something revealing, so I understand the situation you were in. From what I remember, this one also had an open top and I couldn't tell if she was wearing a bra either. But it was a circle top so even sitting by her side I couldn't see far enough down.

When we got up to leave the restaurant, I knew to let her walk slightly ahead of me, and that gave me a glance down her sleeve. But it wasn't very light and I couldn't see down enough to tell. Obviously, I had to know if she had a bra on or not. I know what you were going through. A few seconds later, we got to the revolving doors at the front. I casually put my hand on her back as if to quickly guide her into the door like a gentleman would. My "casual" placement of my hand felt the top of her bra, and I quickly pulled away as if I was sorry I put my hand there. It came off totally innocent. Yet, the result was that I now knew she was wearing a bra and that I didn't need to risk being caught (like what happened to you) if I couldn't see a nipple anyway.

As luck had it, we wound up having several more dates and eventually having sex, so I was able to see her naked on several occasions.

I do understand how you felt, and how you reacted to what she was wearing. You'll just have to chalk that one up to experience. And think to get a table and sit along side her next time. Maybe the "new" store you will start shopping at will have a nice hottie working there.

But here is another first date story I experienced that I did not put in my book. I tried to do something wrong, and do not recommend this, but it shows how I understand your frustration last weekend.

A first date I had with a babe was going slowly. We got along well, but it wasn't turning into a dating connection. We enjoyed the movie and stopped off for just one drink after, but it turned in to one of those "polite" dates where nothing was wrong, but it was obvious that neither of us cared to take it any further. I had picked her up at her condo and was fine with taking her home, and then walking her to her unit since it was after dark.

I knew we wouldn't go out again, and I was fine with that. She did have a great body, however. I'd say she had 36 C's, although she was dressed warmly and not revealing anything. After we said goodnight, without even a kiss, she went inside. I'll admit that I figured she might be getting undressed to stay home for the night and I liked her body a lot more than her personality.

So I began a very slow walk back to my car. By way of walking around the side and back of her unit taking a very long way around to the guest parking area. I'll admit that what I was doing bordered on being a peeping tom, since not everywhere I walked was a truly public walkway. Not something I would "normally" have done. But I figured that was my one chance to see some of that hot body.

It didn't work anyway. I saw lights go on upstairs in what I'm guessing was her bedroom and then her bathroom. (You can almost always determine which is the bathroom light.) Not only were they upstairs, but she had the blinds closed anyway. I could see into part of her kitchen downstairs, but knew it wasn't worth the risk of waiting for her to come downstairs. By that time, I would not have had any excuse to still be outside.

However, I kept that incident (or lack thereof) in mind over the years I was single and dating around. I reminded myself that was wrong and risky. Ever since, I only use my techniques for seeing down her top, jeans, or wherever else I can sneak a look. Otherwise, seeing her naked or partially naked would just have to wait until we would have sex.

So, Danny, you can learn from your experience. Only use opportunities to sneak a glance when you know she can't catch you in the act. And change your approach. If and when you date another babe who is letting it show, you would probably pick up points from her by not looking at all (that she could ever catch you) and appearing unphased by it all. I have to believe that babe you saw last Saturday does that to every guy she goes out with and most of them fail her test. But think about it. If you pass her "test" by dating her head instead of her boobies, those boobs will be available to you in short time.

Good luck!

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