Wednesday, December 30, 2009

He who hesitates is lost

Joey C. of NJ writes:

"I enjoyed listening to your audio book two times. Your advice is great, and I especially liked your tips for when going to ballgames and outdoor concerts. As a 24 year old single guy, I also had the ability to check out some apartments across the courtway. I have seen a married chick one floor down who sometimes walks around with her shirt completely unbuttoned and her (boobs) pop out all the time.

However, even as a horny as I get on nights I don't have a date, I still don't know that I could do some of the things you talk about. I think it's one thing to see a check walking around with her shirt open, but frankly I think you take it too far. Watching chicks sleeping, having sex, grooming, and taking a shower doesn't seem right. Don't you really feel guilty about that?"

A fair question Joey, and thanks for the permission to post your note. I usually get these comments and questions from women (see the next question). In your case, you see the value of spying on the babes, and you can watch for whatever you want. Yes, it is extremely invasive to watch a babe when she assumes she has privacy. Not that this makes it "right", but the saying "What she doesn't know can't hurt her" means everything.

You never know what you'll see when you look into someone's home. In my book I wanted to cover any and all possibilities, because I have certainly seen my share in 35+ years and while living or staying in numerous cities across the country. I don't like watching a babe have sex with a guy either. Seeing a naked guy is a huge turnoff for me. If I know when the couple starts the sex act, I will often check back every couple minutes. It's not the act I want to see, and certainly not the guy, but I want to see the babe naked when they are done. I find that most of the time she will either sit up or get up to cover herself or put something on to head into the bathroom. That's the only moment I'm truly watching for. In that instance of her being with a guy, I also point out to you that she is well aware that a guy is seeing her naked. Same when babes walk around the house with little or nothing on right in front of her significant other. They know that a guy is seeing their body, even though they don't know it's more than one.

When I have watch babes while sleeping, it is really waiting for them to wake up and get out of bed in the morning so I can see what's doing under the covers. As detailed in the book, some wear nightgowns but without panties underneath, while others sleep wearing little or nothing. It has also happened where I have waited an hour or more for a babe to get up only to have it turn out that she is wearing full pajamas or a non-revealing nightgown, but those are the risks we take.

Personally, I love watching a babe taking a shower, or watching the shower area knowing she is in there and will be coming out stark naked any second. While I have admitted that watching them on the toilet still feels awkward, I always keep the purpose in mind. I don't enjoy that she is relieving herself. Rather, I wait for the moment that she stands up so that I can see what I can see while she pulls up her panties or pants.

One solution to your concern, since not all of that is for you, is to not look into her bedroom or bathroom window if a view becomes available. Glad you enjoyed the chapters on public events, too. Let me know how you handle this.

Sherry K. of OH writes:

"You telling guys how to watch women at home with binoculars should be cause to have you locked up without a key. This is a complete breach of privacy. I just sent a boyfriend of two months away for good after he let me listen to about 5 minutes of your audio. I wouldn't want a guy who would do that anywhere near me. Or any other woman for that matter. I can't even ask how you would like it if you were watched in the shower or undressing, because most guys don't care. You don't understand how you violate our right to privacy. Your neighbors are not in a porn movie. You disgust me."

Well, Sherry, sorry if I helped cost you a boyfriend. Not to be difficult or not respect your opinion, but nobody is forcing guys to buy my book or audio book and to take my advice and utilize my experiences. In some ways, it is a compliment to these babes that guys enjoy seeing them partially or fully naked. I don't watch just any female. There are many that I could have seen but wasn't interested despite the opportunity. I don't care to look if she isn't attractive. There are guys who enjoy checking out much older women and I think that's disgusting. But they can use my advice and experience for whatever purpose.

If I didn't see a lot of other guys doing these things and checking out the babes no matter what, I wouldn't have taken the hours and hours to create my book and sell more than I had anticipated. I would bet the ranch that every boyfriend you get wouldn't want to see you and other women naked at every opportunity. Don't shoot the messenger.

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