Thursday, January 7, 2010

Benefits of binoculars

Jim K. of WA writes:

"Great book! It's about time somebody stepped up and helped us guys. I live in the (omitted) section near Seattle on an upper floor and can see into about 40 different apartments. I had seen a few chicks topless or naked, but I never thought of some of the things you mention. Moving day, the parking lot, some great ideas. Thanks! One thing you didn't mention is about the binoculars you use. Do you use different sets depending on circumstances? Any recommendations?"

Having good binoculars is obviously important for spying on babes, especially for situations like yours where you have a nice selection of apartments (or condos) to check out. However, I'm not much of a help these days. I still use a set I bought more than 10 years ago, so I haven't kept up on the changes with binoculars.

One problem I am aware of is that the newer sets tend to be smaller and lighter weight, and often not as powerful as some of the older versions like what I have. You want strong and powerful ahead of size and weight.

Obviously, you can't reveal your purpose for use (especially if the sales person is female!). When you go to the sporting goods shop or whatever retailer to investigate, you might wear a Mariners or Seahawks cap or shirt and appear to be a fan who has crappy seats and wants to be able to see the game. Or perhaps say that you go hunting early in the morning and want something with good night vision. Better yet, do your research on the most powerful models and check online so that nobody in your area sees you purchasing them.

From what you told me, you need a set more powerful. Hopefully you'll find something within your budget.

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