Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Leading the cheers

Don B. of Tampa writes:

"I enjoyed listening to your Audio Book (" Total Creep - A Guy's Guide "). The guy (Ken Collier) does a great job of interpreting rather than just reading. But one question for you. I enjoy local high school and college games and since hearing your book I have been paying more attention to the cheerleaders. I don't recall you mentioning anything about cheerleaders in your book. Have you had any luck seeing anything good?"

Good question, Don. I like the way you think. You would think that the skimpy cheerleader outfits would enable something to show that isn't supposed to once or twice a game and that if you pay close enough attention you would see the benefits of that. But, like many things in real life, it doesn't seem to work that way.

Cheerleader uniforms, especially for high school and college teams, are tight fitting for a reason. They can't have anything show that isn't supposed to, and it appears that every precaution is taken. In addition, the outfits are made to cover and protect the bra and panties. Or, if anything "shows", it might be underwear at most.

For football, and sometimes for basketball games, many cheerleaders also wear pantyhose with additional protection around the crotch area, adding an extra layer of covering along with the outfit and the panties.

Personally, I enjoy sports events too, and I have had the chance to sit near the basketball court and football field for games. And I will admit that, of course, I have chosen to sit near the cheerleaders when possible at school games. (With pro games, it is often cost prohibitive to sit that close, but I have splurged a couple of times.)

I have yet to see anything I shouldn't, even with girls doing pyramids and being held up high and having a view all the way up the legs, other than slight panties, and even that is rare. The outfits seem to always be made to allow room underneath to cover the panties.

There was a photo on the internet a couple of years ago of an NFL cheerleader who didn't wear panties under her cheerleader costume. The photo showed her doing a high leg kick and you could see some pubic hair showing on one side. Three cheers to that photographer, but I have to think that additional measures were taken after that photo got out to prevent anything like that from happening.

Your best bet at school games is not to sit in the first row or two. You could still sit low and close enough to check out the cheerleaders, but having even some of the crowd in front of you gives you the chance to see over a shoulder down a top and/or down the lower back of babes in front of you.

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Monday, April 20, 2009

A " window" of opportunity for guys

Cathy B. of Texas writes:

“While I get what you are saying with your ‘total creep’ name, I find you and what you do a total disgust, if you ask me. How do justify it being OK for you and other guys to watch women undress in private using binoculars? What do you do when there is a family living in an apartment? Actually, I don’t think I want to know on that last question.”

Thanks for asking, Cathy, as well as the rest of you who have read or listened to my book “ Total Creep – A Guy’s Guide “ over the past few months since it has been available. Let me address your questions and comments.

Obviously, the book and the advice is not intended for women. Guys have been checking out hot young women and will continue to do it whether there is a book about the best methods or not. While I respect your point of view, there are also books and manuals about how to aim and fire a loaded gun. I have never used a gun for any purpose, and wish that others wouldn’t either, but I can’t stop books from being written or people from using them either. There are “how to” books about practically every subject we can both think of, whether we like them or not. While some women keep covered up and keep the shades down, others walk around both in private and in public with a lot of skin showing, and guys are going to look if given the opportunity.

When there is a family living in a home or unit I can see into, it depends on exactly who is living there, rather than how many. While I admit it seems disgusting to be looking through high powered binoculars and see a little kid running around naked, the times I have seen naked men (without a family) are just as unpleasant to me, but there is “risk” along with the rewards of looking into all possibilities. This is probably not the answer you are looking for, but seeing the robe of a young mom come untied and open up revealing nothing on underneath while chasing a toddler in her living room is totally worthwhile for me. I could care less about the kid. Another example, which is mentioned in the book, is an apartment with just a single mom and her teen daughter, and my getting to see the goods on both of them. That was a “family” I certainly enjoyed checking out.

You also seem to overlook that some babes simply don’t care. There are some that walk around naked knowing full well the curtains are open and people could see in. I once was looking up a high rise condo with binoculars from across the street and saw a young guy and wife (or girlfriend) standing right by their window looking out at the view. The wife had a short t-shirt on, and that was absolutely the only item of clothing either of them was wearing. So yes, I saw the guy naked, but I also got to verify the young lady’s natural hair color as they stood there in the window for several minutes. It’s not as if they didn’t know they could be seen.

And I’m sure you have seen your share of babes walking in public with a wide open collar and nothing else on underneath or pants hanging down over butt crack for all to see, and it doesn’t bother them in the least. A lot of guys enjoy that, and we didn’t ask these babes to do that. Those guys are my audience.

Jerry C. of Charlotte NC asks:

“I would love to meet you and have you sign my Audio Book version, but I can understand that might be difficult for you to do an appearance. What about the guy that does such a great job of narrating this? Would he do an appearance? I think you guys have done a fantastic job.”

Aw shucks, Jerry. I appreciate your asking, and I would love to do it, but as you realize, it probably would not be completely safe. It’s not as if guys could bring the wife or girlfriend with to meet me, and not like there wouldn’t be some women there who would come wanting to lynch me. Also, I do happen to be happily married now and have step children, and I would never do anything to jeopardize my relationships or create concerns for their safety and well being. Meanwhile, Ken Collier did a magnificent job of narrating and interpreting for the Audio Book version, to the point of adding some of his own words to bring the point across. But he wouldn’t be able to answer the questions or provide the expertise the book brings out. And quite honestly, he makes himself available for other voiceover work and wouldn’t want to risk that by association with this book. I have thought about doing some sort of a webcast. However, I realize that some guys need to keep having the book a secret and might want to have a history come up on such a webcast. But keep the suggestions coming!

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Friday, April 17, 2009

A train ride for training

Doing what I can to make a fellow total creep a better passenger on the train...........

Eddie from Chicago writes:

"I was getting on the (commuter) train yesterday and noticed a hot babe with a very low cut shirt on sitting down by a window seat on the first level. Remembering what I learned from your book (" Total Creep - A Guy's Guide ") I went up the steps to try and sit across on the top level so that I could see down to where she was seated. However, there was already some guy sitting in the one seat that had the best view, so all I could do was sit behind him. Her shoulder was blocking my view, and there was nothing I could do.

But it was just as you talk about. The guy in front of me was taking an occasional glance down in her direction trying to see down her top. And twice during the train ride the conductor came down the aisle and both times he looked down in her direction even though her train ticket was on display in the holder in front of her seat. Unfortunately, I had to exit the train before she did, so my effort went for naught. Is there anything I could or should have done?"

Good question and good observation, Eddie. That is just another example of situations that prompted me to write the book in the first place. Wherever you have a babe letting it show you will have guys ready to get a peek. And not many guys know how to get the best possible look.

It is tough to answer accurately because I don't have all the specifics, even though you gave me the information you did. Looks like you had the right instinct by going up to the upper level to try and look down her top. I have had train and bus rides like that where you sit above and across passengers and can get an angle down a top or down the back of a babe, and often for 15 minutes or longer.

From what I recall of commuter trains and from what you describe, it sounds like there were no other seats closer to her on the upper level, so I understand that you couldn't continue past and try to see down her top from above.

You also didn't say whether or not you could see or had the potential to see down her back when she sat up or got up. But from what you described, it sounds like seeing down her top was clearly the priority.

The only reason to sit where you did would be if you had reason to believe she would be leaving the train soon. (It sounds like you had a short journey.) When a babe reaches over to grab her purse or belongings or gets up from the seat, there sometimes is the chance to get a view down the top or her backside, however brief.

You mentioned that you could see the guy in front of you glancing at her, and the conductor deliberately glancing that way as well. If the conductor looked twice it probably means he got a good view walking past her the first time and wanted to see it again. In my "professional" opinion, that was your indicator, and you missed out.

Here is what I would have done. After going up the steps and realizing that I could not get a seat with a good enough view down her top, I would have looked at my watch (as if I was flustered), turned around and gone back down the steps. I would then have walked on the lower level and walked past her innocently. I would know exactly where she is sitting and been looking around, timing it so that I am looking in her direction as I walk by her. Slowly. I would have gotten at least a couple of seconds worth of a view down her top while walking by.

If there was a seat across from or nearby, I would have sat in it. Then been looking around and out the windows as if I am uncertain about the upcoming stop(s) on the train. I would have kept an eye on her as each stop approaches.

In the event I was exiting the train before her, I would be able to walk past her (like the conductor did) and get one more look before leaving.

From this point on, it depends on whether or not she is wearing a bra (which you didn't indicate, although it is possible you couldn't tell.).

Then, if she was NOT wearing a bra and was to get up to exit at an upcoming stop, I would have also gotten up and followed her as if I was exiting at the same stop. I would try to stand behind or along side of her while waiting for the stop. That is often an opportunity for a look down her collar if you get the right angle. Maybe catch a break if there are steps down at the exit door and she was standing on them, giving me a view from slightly above. (Many buses have the exit steps as well and can get you a nice 'over the shoulder' glance, too!)

Keep in mind that in this situation she is in front of you. I would (hopefully) get my look down her top. Since this was not really "my" stop, I would then appear flustered and back off slowly since I would not be exiting the train at this stop.

Next, I would go to the next car of the train and find another seat for the rest of my ride. Of course, while walking down the aisle I would have my cell phone or MP3 player in my hand and appear to be looking at it. That is my method of really looking down tops of babes as I walk down the aisle. And on goes the ride.

If that babe was wearing a bra, I would have been glad to have seen it, and not bothered to get up.

Yes, I am aware that some people take the same train car every day and that if they see me often I could look obvious or suspicious by going down the aisles and looking uncertain. That is why when I have done regular commuter buses or trains in my life, I make it a point to vary the routine. Check out a different car of the train each day or sit in different parts of the bus. Take an earlier or later train or bus if feasible. This way, I am not overly "familiar" with regular passengers. More importantly, it gives me the opportunity to hopefully check out different babes.

In your case, Eddie, I hope you know to watch for this same babe again on your commute. Maybe she regularly wears revealing outfits and you can be ready to sit above her and/or walk by her a couple of times. If that train lets 2 people sit on one seat, maybe you could just happen to sit next to her. If she sits by the window and you could sit on the aisle side, you could appear to be looking out the window but be staring down her collar. Either way, you are enjoying the view.

Thanks for your question!

Again, this is why I wrote an entire book for guys about how to do this sort of thing. You can order " Total Creep - A Guy's Guide " from TotalCreepBook.info, and you can write me with your reaction and questions at ic.london at live.com

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

No more phoning it in

The news story about some late 40’s dude being arrested while naked in a 20-something babe’s apartment going through her underwear is both funny and scary. But as much of a total creep as I have been over the years, and for as much as I have done to see naked babes, I never even thought about doing anything as disgusting as breaking in to a home.

Yet, this story reminded me of an incident that I experienced many years ago along with an outdated method of seeing babes that I didn’t bother to include in my book “Total Creep – A Guy’s Guide”. The incident I am about to refer to is one that would make an interesting “What would I have done?” discussion.

It took place more than 25 years ago when I was living alone in an apartment on a block filled with apartment buildings. One of the units across the street at an angle from me had a college babe with a great body that lived on the same level as mine, giving me a view of the hallway, some of her living room, some of her kitchen, some of her bedroom, and the entrance to her bathroom.

I knew she was a college student because I could see her parking space and would sometimes see her arrive and leave with books, and could see a local university sticker and out of state plates. (I did reference her in the book as the babe that would often study in her bedroom totally naked.) When her bedroom curtains were open enough, I could tell when she was coming into and out of the bathroom shower, even though I could not see into the shower area.

One night, I happened to see her arrive home after dark, park in her space, and carry her books upstairs as usual. But after she came in through the front door and went back toward the kitchen, I could see that her front door swung open. Then I realized that she thought she closed it, and was going about her business as if all was well.

A few minutes later, she started taking off her clothes and then went into her bathroom to take her shower. Yet, I could see that her front door was open and anyone could have walked in while she was alone and taking a shower. Fortunately for her, she lived at the end unit and one needed to be well above street level to tell that her door was open.

My first thought was that if I was a burglar, I would have about 5 minutes to get in and get out with whatever valuables I could find, walk out the back entrance of the building, around the block, and appear to be walking home from the store. But I’m not a burglar, have never been arrested, and didn’t act on it. If I were willing to risk arrest, which I wasn’t and am not, I probably would have been standing with a camera when she came out of the shower and then run, but I wouldn’t risk that either.

Knowing I had a few minutes until she would come out of the shower, I pondered the situation. What if someone else in the building noticed her door was open and lights on? What if they called out and got no answer (because she was in the shower and couldn’t hear)? Somebody certainly could have gone in there and had about 5 minutes to rip off whatever they could. But if someone had, I would have seen it happen.

Suppose I had seen a robbery. I thought about that later. If I had been a witness, I would certainly have helped the girl. However, I would have had to explain why I was a witness. (Again – someone could have run out the back door and in the other direction which could not be seen from street level.) Explaining that I was in my apartment a few hundred feet away with high powered binoculars waiting to see her come out after her shower probably wouldn’t have earned me a hero’s welcome.

The story had a happy ending, at least for her. After all that, a few minutes later when she came out this time she already had her towel wrapped around so I couldn’t see any of her goods. She then walked out toward the kitchen and I could see the expression on her face when she looked and realized the front door was open! She raced over, looked out into the hallway, and then closed it and looked around to see that nothing happened. In a way, she never knew she had “protection” on her apartment while she showered. Then again, she never knew I had the rewards of seeing her great body in all of its glory.

Then there is my “outdated” technique for checking out babes. Thinking about this made me realize that I didn’t include it in the book since technology made this far too risky to be used today. While Caller ID from the phone company has its benefits for all of us, I suppose it is a setback for us total creep guys.

It used to be possible to ring someone’s home phone and not worry about being detected. Many years ago when I was in high school and living in an apartment building with my parents, I was already using my binoculars to see girls in the next building over. A single woman in her early 30’s lived on the level below us across the porch. From my kitchen window I could see into her kitchen and part of the hallway. My folks were friendly with her and I would say hello when coming up the back stairs and she would be in the kitchen, often with the back door open to let the air in. (No central air in those days.)

Even though she was at least 15 years older than me, she was at the “borderline” age but was attractive enough that I wanted to see her naked if possible, but didn’t think it would happen. (Actually, it never did, but it wasn’t for lack of trying.) One summer night I was coming home and walking up the steps. Her kitchen shade was up, the light was on, and the window was open. But the back door was closed. As I got near the window (walking past on the stairs) I then heard the sound of running water. I could see some of the hallway, enough to tell that the bathroom light was on. She was filling the tub to take a bath!

I then hustled upstairs and entered my apartment. I called out, and realized that no one else was home. That’s when my idea came to use. I went over by our phone, opened my mom’s address book, and looked up her phone number. Our phone cord stretched over by our window, from which I could see into her kitchen. I realized that if she was going to answer the phone, she would have to come out of the bath tub to do it. (This was also before most people had answering machines, so every phone call seemed important.) She would be intent on getting that phone call, and would not be looking out her window to see me standing above. And if by some chance she did, how would I know she was coming out of the bath?

Next I dialed her number. I figured I could let it ring 4 or 5 times and hang up. Back then it was a reasonable enough time to wait for someone to answer. Even if I didn’t hang up until after she answered, there was no way she could track the call, and would figure they would call back later, and not think anything of it.

Sure enough, after about 3 rings, out she came. However, by the time she got to the kitchen, she already had her big bath towel wrapped around her, so I didn’t get to see anything other than some cleavage. She answered the phone, figured whoever it was didn’t wait, and kept the towel on as she walked back to the bathroom.

In effect, my idea was a success, even if the results weren’t. I kept this in mind over the next few years after I moved out on my own. I had tried to get the phone number of that college babe who left her door open before that incident, but it wasn’t listed. (I got her name by having walked into that building across the street one night and the mailboxes had the unit numbers on them, and had called directory assistance.) I could have had some big time fun if I had her number, considering the times I knew she was going into the shower.

How does this tie together? I could have called that college babe and in effect alerted her that the front door was open without her knowing it was me. And she probably would have come out naked, too.

But not anymore. Between caller ID and cell phones, a total creep’s options are more limited.

Sunday, April 12, 2009

The monthly cycle..........

Doug B. of Houston writes:

"I thought you'd like this idea that I noticed while riding my bicycle on a bike path through a city park. There is a point where the bike path curves and riders need to slow down for it coming from either direction. I brought a towel with me, and spread out in the grass next to that curve, laying my bike on its side and appearing to be taking a rest from my ride. Because riders need to slow down, it gave me the opportunity to get a glance up at babes wearing loose fitting shorts. Only a couple of them were, and the one I could see up into was wearing panties. The rest of the babes had tight fitting pants or shorts on. But it was going to rain, so I left. I'll definitely be back there. Thought you would appreciate this."

Doug, thanks for the suggestion! Here in Vegas there is nothing like that, but I have done some bicycle riding in other cities over the years. One technique I did a couple of times (but didn't include the book) was to watch who was riding toward me in the other direction. When I would see a babe wearing a loose fitting or open top or collar, I would then stand up on the bike as if I was peddling harder and try to get a look down as she leaned forward riding right by me. But I hadn't thought to try being on the grass nearby.

Let that be an example of how inspiring " Total Creep - A Guy's Guide " can be!

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Friday, April 10, 2009

No potty break

James C. of Denver writes:

"As much as I enjoyed the book, I didn't appreciate the references to seeing chicks using the bathroom. I like seeing a naked girl as much as the next guy, but I think that while using the bathroom it should be off limits. In and out of the shower is one thing (and a very good thing, I might add.)"

(First, let me say that I other than spelling or cleaning up a term for a body part or activity, I have done very little editing of these questions. In this instance, James went into more detail about what he, understandably considers "off limits" with his questions. I did my best to give you all the gist of his comment.)

Let me address your concern. For those who enjoy this blog but have yet to read or hear the book, there are a couple of instances where I refer to an experience of having seen a babe in her bathroom. In some instances, I have been able to see a babe getting into and/or out of a shower or bath. Other times it has been to watch her using makeup, combing hair, or some form of grooming.

What James is referring to, obviously, is when using the toilet. And James is right that it can be gross or disgusting to watch (anyone) using the toilet. So I will clarify.

The vast majority of dwellings have the toilet itself placed where it is not easily visible, if at all, from outside of the bathroom. My experience has been that I can tell where the toilet is, but either can't see it at all or at most could see a small part of it. There have been a few times when I could see her legs knowing that she is sitting on the toilet. A couple of other times when I could see her head and above the waist while seated, but I don't recall actually seeing a babe directly using the toilet. I agree that would not be in good taste.

The experiences I wrote about for the book cover what I saw and how I was able to see it when babes were in the bathroom. Some of them are when she was getting ready or had just finished actually using the toilet. This includes clothing and panties being pulled down or up on the way to and from. On a couple of other occasions, I could see some of her legs and be able to be ready for when she would be stepping away from the toilet and be open for a good look. Again, this would be after having used the toilet itself.

I thought I spelled that out in the book, but if not I hope this answers the questions. Ideally, you will have pre and post-shower views to enjoy instead!

As always, your comments and questions about " Total Creep - A Guy's Guide " are welcome at my e-mail of ic.london at live.com.

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Keeping quiet

Darrin C. of Iowa asks:

"Have you ever told a babe what you saw, or been tempted to do that? Last night I saw a neighbor babe across the courtway take off her top and bra to change, and this morning I saw her in the garage. It was so tempting to tell her I like her little blue nightie but I knew I had better not."

First, Darrin, congrats on your sighting! Let me tell you how much I understand exactly what you mean. It is difficult to keep it quiet sometimes, but common sense takes over and you don't and shouldn't let on to a babe. One slip of the lips could do you a lot of harm. You need to always remember that. She could tell others that you did or said something.

Let me relate a personal "non-experience" I had. I remember years ago walking down the block from my car with my girlfriend at the time heading toward my apartment. We walked by a young lady that lived in the next apartment building over, and like we occasionally did, we exchanged a "hello" when passing. After we passed, I remember telling my girlfriend that I see her going to her car and I "think she lives in that brown building over there".

What I didn't tell my girlfriend was that I had seen her completely naked several times and knew her car and her boyfriend's car. But I thought about what could have happened if that babe somehow knew I had seen her naked with binoculars. She could have caused a lot of damage to my relationship. And I have kept that thought ever since.

As tempting as it gets, don't say anything or let on. Telling a buddy who will keep your secret is one thing. But always be careful who you tell.

But I certainly understand the temptation. I once saw a babe who lived across the street and managed a simple "hello". As much as I wanted to ask her if she today was one of the days when she didn't wear any underwear, but I knew that chances are she would have freaked out. She could have alerted authorities who could have been watching me and nailed me for good. Better to think I am a friendly neighbor. And better for me to know I could still see her naked from time to time. A better choice, I am sure!

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Sunday, April 5, 2009

Finding the right size

Billy from Michigan asks:

"A couple of times in the book you mention seeing a 'big' girl as if that is not a good thing if she is heavy. I happen to enjoy big women and I know for a fact that a lot of guys do as well. Why would you do that?"

I need to defend myself on this one. I went back and re-read the mentions you refer to, and I still don't find anything wrong with my comments. There are only a couple of instances where I refer to "big" women, but it is absolutely not anything negative. Within the chapter about the tendencies of young women, I comment about how I have observed that "big" women most often seem to prefer to hide their hips but are not ashamed of having an ample supply on top. That is an observation based on my years of experience, and certainly not a knock at all.

One of the general challenges of my book, "Total Creep - A Guy's Guide" is that it is written for guys in general, and guys around the country often have different tastes in the women they want to check out. Some guys do not find large women worth looking at at all, while others totally adore them. Guys have a tougher time distinguishing body parts on dark skinned women, and that can impact the techniques I discuss.

My point is that I feel that no opinions about big women, or any specific physical characteristic of women, are included in the book. But I made some distinctions about tendencies of different sized women. I hope you will re-read those chapters.

But I will also tell you that I enjoy checking out a babe that is well proportioned regardless of how little or how much she weighs. What matters is whether or not I consider her to be attractive. I happen to enjoy some meat on the bones, as well as finely tuned. The fact that every female's body is different in some way makes it all worthwhile. I like variety. However, the book isn't there to tell you what I like. It is about how to check it out.

As always, readers and listeners (to the Audio Book version) of "Total Creep - A Guy's Guide" are welcome to e-mail me with comments at ic.london at live.com.

Thursday, April 2, 2009

Clothing adjustments in your favor

Charlie from New Jersey writes:

"I'm not understanding what you mean by "clothing adjustments" and why you consider them important."

Charlie is referring to a couple of points in " Total Creep - A Guy's Guide " where I comment about watching for when babes adjust their clothing.

There are times, and you have to be totally ready to see them, when what she thinks is a simple double-checking or tucking in could lead to a brief but significant view if you have the best angle.

I give a couple of examples in the Guide, but I'll review again. Some babes are actually not very careful during the couple of seconds they are checking or adjusting and let something show without knowing it.

One avenue I did not put in the book but probably should have uses this example on elevators in professional and office buildings. A babe could be on the way to an appointment or perhaps an interview. She gets on the elevator and will often start making those final adjustments. For example, she reaches into her shirt near a shoulder to make sure the bra strap is where she wants it. But in doing so, she is really pulling the shirt away from her shoulder. Thus, if you are standing along side her you could get a glimpse down the inside of her bra without her realizing it.

That is just the type of incident that makes " Total Creep - A Guy's Guide " so important. Most guys I have talked with about this never noticed or even thought to be on guard for that to happen.

Another one to watch for is after a babe not wearing a belt gets up from a low chair, bench, or seat. Even if the pants or skirt don't slip down enough to see any butt crack or what panties she has on, sometimes a babe will reach back to be sure they are properly pulled up. I have seen where some babes will actually pull their pants down an inch or two before pulling up. Better yet, I have seen a couple of babes pull their pants away by a few inches to check the inside and make sure their panties are not showing. When they have done that, I have been able to sneak a glance down into their pants. There are some that purposely leave their panties a few inches further down so they don't show, which results in being able to see more crack.

So let them adjust and check their clothing. As you realize and start to watch for this, hopefully you will know to be ready and get a good angle every now and then.