Sunday, April 12, 2009

The monthly cycle..........

Doug B. of Houston writes:

"I thought you'd like this idea that I noticed while riding my bicycle on a bike path through a city park. There is a point where the bike path curves and riders need to slow down for it coming from either direction. I brought a towel with me, and spread out in the grass next to that curve, laying my bike on its side and appearing to be taking a rest from my ride. Because riders need to slow down, it gave me the opportunity to get a glance up at babes wearing loose fitting shorts. Only a couple of them were, and the one I could see up into was wearing panties. The rest of the babes had tight fitting pants or shorts on. But it was going to rain, so I left. I'll definitely be back there. Thought you would appreciate this."

Doug, thanks for the suggestion! Here in Vegas there is nothing like that, but I have done some bicycle riding in other cities over the years. One technique I did a couple of times (but didn't include the book) was to watch who was riding toward me in the other direction. When I would see a babe wearing a loose fitting or open top or collar, I would then stand up on the bike as if I was peddling harder and try to get a look down as she leaned forward riding right by me. But I hadn't thought to try being on the grass nearby.

Let that be an example of how inspiring " Total Creep - A Guy's Guide " can be!

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