Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Keeping quiet

Darrin C. of Iowa asks:

"Have you ever told a babe what you saw, or been tempted to do that? Last night I saw a neighbor babe across the courtway take off her top and bra to change, and this morning I saw her in the garage. It was so tempting to tell her I like her little blue nightie but I knew I had better not."

First, Darrin, congrats on your sighting! Let me tell you how much I understand exactly what you mean. It is difficult to keep it quiet sometimes, but common sense takes over and you don't and shouldn't let on to a babe. One slip of the lips could do you a lot of harm. You need to always remember that. She could tell others that you did or said something.

Let me relate a personal "non-experience" I had. I remember years ago walking down the block from my car with my girlfriend at the time heading toward my apartment. We walked by a young lady that lived in the next apartment building over, and like we occasionally did, we exchanged a "hello" when passing. After we passed, I remember telling my girlfriend that I see her going to her car and I "think she lives in that brown building over there".

What I didn't tell my girlfriend was that I had seen her completely naked several times and knew her car and her boyfriend's car. But I thought about what could have happened if that babe somehow knew I had seen her naked with binoculars. She could have caused a lot of damage to my relationship. And I have kept that thought ever since.

As tempting as it gets, don't say anything or let on. Telling a buddy who will keep your secret is one thing. But always be careful who you tell.

But I certainly understand the temptation. I once saw a babe who lived across the street and managed a simple "hello". As much as I wanted to ask her if she today was one of the days when she didn't wear any underwear, but I knew that chances are she would have freaked out. She could have alerted authorities who could have been watching me and nailed me for good. Better to think I am a friendly neighbor. And better for me to know I could still see her naked from time to time. A better choice, I am sure!

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