Friday, April 17, 2009

A train ride for training

Doing what I can to make a fellow total creep a better passenger on the train...........

Eddie from Chicago writes:

"I was getting on the (commuter) train yesterday and noticed a hot babe with a very low cut shirt on sitting down by a window seat on the first level. Remembering what I learned from your book (" Total Creep - A Guy's Guide ") I went up the steps to try and sit across on the top level so that I could see down to where she was seated. However, there was already some guy sitting in the one seat that had the best view, so all I could do was sit behind him. Her shoulder was blocking my view, and there was nothing I could do.

But it was just as you talk about. The guy in front of me was taking an occasional glance down in her direction trying to see down her top. And twice during the train ride the conductor came down the aisle and both times he looked down in her direction even though her train ticket was on display in the holder in front of her seat. Unfortunately, I had to exit the train before she did, so my effort went for naught. Is there anything I could or should have done?"

Good question and good observation, Eddie. That is just another example of situations that prompted me to write the book in the first place. Wherever you have a babe letting it show you will have guys ready to get a peek. And not many guys know how to get the best possible look.

It is tough to answer accurately because I don't have all the specifics, even though you gave me the information you did. Looks like you had the right instinct by going up to the upper level to try and look down her top. I have had train and bus rides like that where you sit above and across passengers and can get an angle down a top or down the back of a babe, and often for 15 minutes or longer.

From what I recall of commuter trains and from what you describe, it sounds like there were no other seats closer to her on the upper level, so I understand that you couldn't continue past and try to see down her top from above.

You also didn't say whether or not you could see or had the potential to see down her back when she sat up or got up. But from what you described, it sounds like seeing down her top was clearly the priority.

The only reason to sit where you did would be if you had reason to believe she would be leaving the train soon. (It sounds like you had a short journey.) When a babe reaches over to grab her purse or belongings or gets up from the seat, there sometimes is the chance to get a view down the top or her backside, however brief.

You mentioned that you could see the guy in front of you glancing at her, and the conductor deliberately glancing that way as well. If the conductor looked twice it probably means he got a good view walking past her the first time and wanted to see it again. In my "professional" opinion, that was your indicator, and you missed out.

Here is what I would have done. After going up the steps and realizing that I could not get a seat with a good enough view down her top, I would have looked at my watch (as if I was flustered), turned around and gone back down the steps. I would then have walked on the lower level and walked past her innocently. I would know exactly where she is sitting and been looking around, timing it so that I am looking in her direction as I walk by her. Slowly. I would have gotten at least a couple of seconds worth of a view down her top while walking by.

If there was a seat across from or nearby, I would have sat in it. Then been looking around and out the windows as if I am uncertain about the upcoming stop(s) on the train. I would have kept an eye on her as each stop approaches.

In the event I was exiting the train before her, I would be able to walk past her (like the conductor did) and get one more look before leaving.

From this point on, it depends on whether or not she is wearing a bra (which you didn't indicate, although it is possible you couldn't tell.).

Then, if she was NOT wearing a bra and was to get up to exit at an upcoming stop, I would have also gotten up and followed her as if I was exiting at the same stop. I would try to stand behind or along side of her while waiting for the stop. That is often an opportunity for a look down her collar if you get the right angle. Maybe catch a break if there are steps down at the exit door and she was standing on them, giving me a view from slightly above. (Many buses have the exit steps as well and can get you a nice 'over the shoulder' glance, too!)

Keep in mind that in this situation she is in front of you. I would (hopefully) get my look down her top. Since this was not really "my" stop, I would then appear flustered and back off slowly since I would not be exiting the train at this stop.

Next, I would go to the next car of the train and find another seat for the rest of my ride. Of course, while walking down the aisle I would have my cell phone or MP3 player in my hand and appear to be looking at it. That is my method of really looking down tops of babes as I walk down the aisle. And on goes the ride.

If that babe was wearing a bra, I would have been glad to have seen it, and not bothered to get up.

Yes, I am aware that some people take the same train car every day and that if they see me often I could look obvious or suspicious by going down the aisles and looking uncertain. That is why when I have done regular commuter buses or trains in my life, I make it a point to vary the routine. Check out a different car of the train each day or sit in different parts of the bus. Take an earlier or later train or bus if feasible. This way, I am not overly "familiar" with regular passengers. More importantly, it gives me the opportunity to hopefully check out different babes.

In your case, Eddie, I hope you know to watch for this same babe again on your commute. Maybe she regularly wears revealing outfits and you can be ready to sit above her and/or walk by her a couple of times. If that train lets 2 people sit on one seat, maybe you could just happen to sit next to her. If she sits by the window and you could sit on the aisle side, you could appear to be looking out the window but be staring down her collar. Either way, you are enjoying the view.

Thanks for your question!

Again, this is why I wrote an entire book for guys about how to do this sort of thing. You can order " Total Creep - A Guy's Guide " from, and you can write me with your reaction and questions at at

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