Thursday, April 2, 2009

Clothing adjustments in your favor

Charlie from New Jersey writes:

"I'm not understanding what you mean by "clothing adjustments" and why you consider them important."

Charlie is referring to a couple of points in " Total Creep - A Guy's Guide " where I comment about watching for when babes adjust their clothing.

There are times, and you have to be totally ready to see them, when what she thinks is a simple double-checking or tucking in could lead to a brief but significant view if you have the best angle.

I give a couple of examples in the Guide, but I'll review again. Some babes are actually not very careful during the couple of seconds they are checking or adjusting and let something show without knowing it.

One avenue I did not put in the book but probably should have uses this example on elevators in professional and office buildings. A babe could be on the way to an appointment or perhaps an interview. She gets on the elevator and will often start making those final adjustments. For example, she reaches into her shirt near a shoulder to make sure the bra strap is where she wants it. But in doing so, she is really pulling the shirt away from her shoulder. Thus, if you are standing along side her you could get a glimpse down the inside of her bra without her realizing it.

That is just the type of incident that makes " Total Creep - A Guy's Guide " so important. Most guys I have talked with about this never noticed or even thought to be on guard for that to happen.

Another one to watch for is after a babe not wearing a belt gets up from a low chair, bench, or seat. Even if the pants or skirt don't slip down enough to see any butt crack or what panties she has on, sometimes a babe will reach back to be sure they are properly pulled up. I have seen where some babes will actually pull their pants down an inch or two before pulling up. Better yet, I have seen a couple of babes pull their pants away by a few inches to check the inside and make sure their panties are not showing. When they have done that, I have been able to sneak a glance down into their pants. There are some that purposely leave their panties a few inches further down so they don't show, which results in being able to see more crack.

So let them adjust and check their clothing. As you realize and start to watch for this, hopefully you will know to be ready and get a good angle every now and then.

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