Tuesday, March 31, 2009

the bars and more

Alan R. of Georgia writes:

"I enjoyed the book, but you hardly mention bars and clubs or concerts where babes sometimes flash their (breasts) or better. How could you overlook the clubs as such good sources?"

That is because the book "Total Creep - A Guy's Guide" is intended to serve a different void. When a babe flashes or exposes herself in public it means she wants guys to see. Or it means she is drunk or out of control and doesn't realize what she has done. And, yes, I'm pleased to say that I have had a few of those experiences over the years as well. And I have enjoyed them as much as if not more than any other guy.

However, that type of experience is a matter of being in the right place at the right time. It's not like you can make that happen all by itself.

The vast majority of babes do not want guys to see what is doing under their clothes, but a lot of them provide opportunities for a "total creep" like me to enjoy the view. My focus is on how to make those opportunities work for you.

My having lived in apartments or condos most of my life has enabled me to check out literally hundreds of babes in the privacy of their own home, and now I am sharing the knowledge and experience. Instead of hanging out in a club hoping some babe will lift up her top, I could be at home waiting for a hottie living across the street to get home from a night out. After her boyfriend drops her off and leaves, I get to see her take everything off and go into and out of the shower. There is no special knowledge needed to see a babe flash, but there is to gain from what I have learned over the years.

Stan K. of Ohio writes:

"Man, I can't believe you haven't been arrested doing some of the things you did. Are you sure you never got into any trouble with the law?"

A fair question, Stan. I'll admit that at my horniest in my early 20's I did a couple of things I would not write about. Somehow I made myself realize that I could do enough things without risk to see naked babes to not further the risk. I will also tell you that stalking and privacy laws were not as strict years ago, and I came to respect those. Please let me clarify.

One time many years ago I was in a store when an incredibly hot chick came in to pick up an order. I was at the counter and saw her name and address, and knew the block she lived on. Later in the week I actually went there, parked the car, and walked around behind where she lived to try and see in from the alley behind. Not close enough to be a peeping tom, but I'm sure that a guy hanging around in a dark alley behind a babe's apartment and then walking up the outside stairs of the building across the way wasn't exactly being a good samaritan.

I was probably lucky that both nights that I tried the shades and curtains were tight and I couldn't see a thing. Then I decided it wasn't worth the risk and did not go back. But this is one incident of something questionable. There were a couple of times that followed babes home, from a distance, to see where they lived to know if I could see in from a distance. Again, this was before the laws were understandably tightened in this regard. I was never caught or questioned, but I was not able to see anything worthwhile either.

Well, one time I did. One night about 20 years ago I had gone to some event about an hour away from home that was near a residential area. I noticed an apartment complex with basement apartments with windows, and it was about 10:00 on a weeknight. I parked down the block and while walking toward one of the courtways I noticed a hottie walking toward me. I said a neighborly "hello" and she said "hi" and walked past me. I turned around and noticed she was turning to go down another courtway, so I waited a moment and then turned around and saw where she was going into an entrance. I could see her walk in through the security door and then head down stairs.

It looked like she was going into the first apartment, which had a couple of windows near the walkway. Sure enough, I saw lights go on in that apartment. I waited about 3 minutes, and walked back around there, noticing that the curtains were open in one of the rooms. The walkway was about 15 feet from the window, which was mostly below ground level.

Just as I looked in, I saw her from behind and she was down to her underwear. I stood there quietly in the dark for a minute or two (looking around to make sure no one else was coming). Sure enough, within 2 minutes she came walking out and was now topless! I then calmly (calm on the outside) walked away and did not look back. I think that if she saw a shadow or someone she would have thought someone was walking by. I casually walked around to the other side of the building, then back out toward the street, and got in my car and left. I never went back.

I must emphasize that this was before stalking became a public issue. Now, I would never do this. Nor did I write about this for the book, and I don't suggest any guy do anything like this anymore. Heck, I could probably write another book, or at least a couple more chapters, about my experiences in what were dangerous (in terms of risking arrest or public embarassment) or no longer legal.

So to answer your question, Stan, I get where you are coming from. Now I hope you understand that even when spying on a babe while within your own home, you need to take the precautions I write about so that you do not get into trouble.

To put it another way, it makes life a lot easier when I can see down a babe's jeans when she sits down in the food court compared with standing in a dark alley hoping for a shade to be pulled up a few inches.

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