Sunday, March 29, 2009

My past girlfriends and wife

Hank S. of Delaware writes:

"I especially enjoyed the parts of the book where you explain about seeing the goods on babes who are wives or girlfriends of your friends. I was fortunate enough to get the chance to use one of your suggestions and it worked. But I know I sure wouldn't like it if I knew another guy could see my wife's (breasts) or butt. Do you feel the same way? If so, do have you any preventive measures?"

Interesting question, Hank, and glad to have helped you already. I will tell you that I have always had the selfish attitude that it is OK for me to check out any babe I want to but not OK for guys to "see" the woman I am with.

Personally, I have gone as far as to ask a then serious girlfriend to make an adjustment so that guys wouldn't be able to see. There was one night when I drove up to get her for a night out and she came out wearing a tight and partially see-through top without a bra. Instinctively I could see through to her breasts while she opened the door to get in the car. A few minutes later, we were walking into a restaurant and a young guy we were walking past had his mouth hanging open and was, shall we say, enjoying the view.

Well, I knew exactly where he was looking and certainly didn't like it. Later that night, in the privacy of the car, I came right out and told her that as much as she absolutely turned me on by wearing that outside, I prefer and appreciate being the only one to get to see and enjoy what she has going on under her shirt. I then told her about that guy in the restaurant staring at them and that I didn't like that. And from that point on, I never saw her outside of her home or mine wearing anything that revealing again.

But I know she appreciated how I told her and saw it as a compliment. After that, she did even more to turn me on even more when we were at home and in private. This was more than 20 years ago and I still remember her for this. She would always wear underwear and not reveal too much when we were out, but then would take off her underwear and unbutton or unzip a lot more after we got home. Just for me.

It is funny in a way, but my wife has always been good about this, and I never had to bring it up. She didn't and still doesn't show anything when she goes out, but is quite sexy at home.

But that is for the woman I am with. Otherwise, it is fair game, even if it is a babe going with a family member or great friend.

I know, and I am sure you do to, of many guys who don't care or are not phased when the woman they are with, even a wife, is wearing something revealing. Us total creeps should continue to be thankful for them.

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