Tuesday, March 17, 2009

The land down under...........

The readers continue to write me at ic.london at live.com:

Jesse of Ohio writes:

"I don't get all of the time you spend talking about seeing panties. It is no big deal."

While I appreciate the comment, Jessie, I don't feel that I did. Panties are only part of the big picture. I explain about the importance of knowing what type of panties she has on. Whether she has "regular" or thong panties, or none at all, has an impact on what would be your best angle when she sits down, squats, or bends over. In addition, there is the practice of having the best angle up a skirt or shorts or down her jeans. Sometimes panties don't cover everything. Sometimes she won't be wearing panties and you will have the best possible angle and view.

I also discuss ways to get to know the panties habits of babes you see on a regular basis. It can help for positioning when you already know what to expect.

To me, it is like in football practice when players on offense do drills to tackle an opponent after a fumble recovery or interception. You don't want for that to occur, but at some point it will, and you want to be ready for it.

My point, with all due respect, is that it is not about seeing panties. It is about what you do and did to see them.

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