Thursday, March 12, 2009

Keeping abreast of the readers' thoughts.........

Again, thanks for the great feedback about "Total Creep - A Guy's Guide". You can write me at at I'll try to respond to as many as I can here.

Arnie C. of Minnesota writes:

"Your audio book is awesome. My brother sent it to me here at college. I have been listening while in the workout area on campus and actually have been watching some babes while listening to you. (Note - I don't narrate the book. Ken Collier does and is excellent!) The best part was yesterday afternoon when I finished working out. I was walking up the outside stairway back to my dorm when I noticed a (female student) sitting on the stairs wearing a skirt. I was able to get a good angle looking all the way up. Then I took your advice and casually turned around after going up past her and got to see a bit of her butt. Never would have thought of that if not for you! Why did you take so long to publish this?"

Thanks, Arnie. A long question, but I appreciate that. I can answer you by saying, again, that it is experiences such as yours that are the reason I 'finally' put this out. There have been many instances where I have been able to see the goods on a babe when there are other guys around who could also enjoy but aren't paying enough attention to realize it. It's not like I can stand there and wave and point to guys I don't know to come and take a look.

Eddie O. of Indiana writes:

"I enjoyed hearing your book as much as everyone else seems to be. But I'm fascinated with the number of experiences you have had seeing (breasts). I have been able to see a lot of bra, but am not getting anywhere with all of the (breast). What gives?"

There are no guarantees in life, Eddie. What gives seems to be the fashion lords. On one side, more and more young ladies wear tops which reveal a ton of skin. Sometimes even to work and to school, which never was acceptable until the past few years. And often even more revealing when out socially. The down side to that is that it increases their need to protect some or most of their breasts. Showing bra straps and even the top inch of bra isn't even questioned anymore.

While it is most enjoyable to more easily see a lot of skin and get more easy looks down into a bra, this fashion trend has significantly increased the percentage of young ladies who wear a bra most or all of the time.

Until this decade, it seemed that more young ladies would not wear a bra but not wear tops that were revealing. It was during those times that my "full" breast sightings were more common. When she would lean over and not realize her collar came down enough to give a quick look all the way down. Or be seated where I could walk by and get a nice glance down over her shoulder and see it all. Especially in warm weather hubs such as Los Angeles, Miami, and others where a summer stroll would totally make your day.

So to answer your question, seeing all of the breasts is much more of a challenge because of the percentage who now wear a bra. Hopefully that will change back in the next couple of years. However, the trade off has been the shorter tops and t-shirts that allow for so many panties and butt crack views. I would say I saw maybe 3 or 4 butt views in public over the 20+ years of looking until this decade. In the past couple of years, to me it is as if the butt views and full breast views have almost switched places.

And I hear what you are saying. The last couple of summers, I have noticed that the few babes not wearing a bra are wearing something not as revealing and it takes a break such as leaning over or a loose collar while seated for me to be able to see in. We all have no choice but to wait and see what the trends are.

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