Wednesday, March 18, 2009

See the wife or girlfriend

The readers and listeners of "Total Creep - A Guy's Guide" continue to comment at my at e-mail. I'm trying to answer as many as I can.

Mike S. of Georgia writes:

"I don't believe you do things like looking down the blouse of a friend's wife. If this is really an important friend, why would you risk a relationship? And if it wasn't that close of a friend, then why do you make it appear it was?"

A fair question, Mike. Before I answer your questions directly, let me clarify. Total Creep addresses situations where it really is a friend as well as when a babe is with her husband or boyfriend. There are differences in how to handle each situation, and that needs to be made clear.

Yes, I have seen some of the goods of a wife or girlfriend of some of my good friends I have known for years. As the book explains, a big part of doing this is to never let on that you are a "total creep" who would look when the opportunity arises. You can't be obvious or blatant about it. It is all about creating those opportunities and then knowing how to handle them.

Since I want to be sure you understand this, I'll give an example. (So those not already reading or listening to the book can learn, too.) A few years ago I was at a back yard barbeque at the home of a male friend. My wife was chatting with someone else, so I went over to the patio to get some more food. My buddy's girlfriend was bending over to get a can of soda, and was facing at a side angle. Her collar was loose enough to where I could see an entire breast, as it turned out she wasn't wearing a bra.

But here is the point I make in the book, and part of why I wrote it in the first place. The next step is the most important step, which is to act like you didn't see a thing. And the final step is to eliminate any suspicion "she" may have that you were.

Just to make certain she couldn't tell I was looking down her collar, I said something like "Oh, there is the ketchup. It was only right in front of my nose!". This makes her think I was looking somewhere nearby. Of course, you need to be sure there is ketchup nearby. If not, it could be in a "I still can't find the ketchup (or the chips, etc.)" comment. Whatever it takes to have her believe I wasn't looking at her. My (male) friend was in the next room. The 'girlfriend' knowing that my buddy has known me for years and trusts me also plays into this.

Oh yes, one more fact about this wonderful incident. I didn't really need the ketchup or any more food. But I got some and nobody questioned it. I had noticed the girlfriend walking over toward the cooler on the ground with an empty cup and had already noticed her open collar top. Anticipation.

You need to anticipate, know who is where, and have the right situation to be able to see what you can see. And then be ready to cover your tracks.

My point is that I used my years of experience to be able to anticipate a sighting, knew to be in position to get a good angle, get the great view without reacting to it, and then present my "cover".

To those who haven't yet purchased your copy, there are a bunch of examples just like that designed to educate you on how to get the best views and cover your tracks.

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