Thursday, May 26, 2011

I Like Her Spirit

This news story caught my attention. I'd sure like to know more about the "spirits" that the woman in the story felt, with the hope that women in their 20's would be able to channel them!!

It's too bad the woman is 52 years old. Maybe that's why she wasn't arrested. On a side note, I think there is some form of discrimination because she was not arrested. You know that if this was done by a male, he would have been arrested under those circumstances. 


Friday, May 20, 2011

'The Playboy Club' TV Show Draws Complaint Before It Starts

My oh my. Some "parents group" is complaining to NBC-TV about the upcoming "The Playboy Club" TV show and it hasn't even starting taping yet. As if the network could even show any true nudity?

As if NBC not showing true nudity will stop kids from seeing it? It's not like NBC, CBS, or ABC can show nipple, butt, or bush. Other shows have shown healthy portions of boobs in the past couple of years. This new NBC show doesn't figure to be any different.

The next thing you know these type of "groups" will be complaining about the retailers showing babes modeling bras and panties in newspaper ads.

At least most of the boys in the 12 - 17 age range (from the time they start to notice girls and want to see all they can see) can often see almost as much on a regular basis when the girls in school wear the low necklines (even though most wear a bra) and some butt crack when they squat or sit down. They don't need to wait on NBC.

I wonder how many of these complaining parents are moms who enjoy Sex & The City, especially the HBO version and the movies in which there actually is some nudity from the main characters.

Friday, May 6, 2011

Ray & His Day At The Gym

Ray of GA sent me a photo of a nip slip that he took over the past weekend using his cell phone. I’m glad I opened it, given how much boobage there is support of her nipple. He said he was in the parking lot outside of the gym when he noticed her walking toward her car and he could see them bouncing enough to know she was not wearing a bra. Her hair was wet, and his best guess is that she was just going to drive home and only put on her tank top and carry her jacket with her gym bag. (After seeing the photo, I’m amazed he noticed what she was carrying!) Her top was loose and dangling, so Ray reached for his phone and got it camera ready.

Sure enough, he reports, as she was leaning over and fumbling for her keys, out came a nipple, and he got the photo from about 15 feet away. Since it was outside, the click of his taking the photo could not be heard. He said that she realized that she may have popped out, and then looked in his direction. By then, he already had taken the photo and when he saw her start to look up he brought the phone toward his ear as if answering a call. She then got into her car, having adjusted her tank top, and drove off.

Let’s analyze what Ray did so that others can learn from his experience, using my nearly 40 years of checking out babe after babe no matter where I’m at.

First, Ray gets a good grade from me for being “on alert” outside of the gym. Granted, because I travel a lot for my real job, I have a membership with a gym with multiple locations (and some reciprocal) around the country. Of course, when traveling I try to go to visit the gym location nearest to either a college campus or where the residential demographics are younger in hopes of more younger babes being there.

Briefly, I’ll comment that most babes are too covered while working out and/or wearing under garments. Thus, when scoping the scene near the various workout machinery, I usually don’t do much better than seeing some nipple pointing through the shirt because of being wet from sweating. Even the swimming pool doesn’t produce much, as I have noticed that since the babes are only in their swimsuits for a few minutes and it is for exercise, they tend to be very careful about preventing any slippage on top or the bottom.

Back to Ray. Because the inside of gym is not that productive, his noticing the hot babe leaving and not wearing a bra was a definite plus. Normally, I don’t approve of guys taking cell phone photos in that manner, because it could be used as evidence in case something goes wrong. In this instance, he was able to get away with doing that. But he never should have sent that to me (even though I appreciate it).

He showed great instinct to observe that she could come bouncing out, and to be watching her before she got to her car. And him seeing her nipple means he was rewarded for his effort. He could have not been paying attention and missed out, as many guys still do.

I can understand Ray taking that photo, but he (and you) need to understand the risks. Suppose she heard or saw him take that photo. She could have called security or authorities. All they had to do was ask him for the phone (camera), and once they see that photo of her nip slip, he is in trouble. However, if she saw him looking and there was no photo, he wasn’t doing anything wrong. Even if she knows he saw, she was outside and not intending to expose herself. Big difference there!

Another crucial element of Ray "getting away with this" is that it was a parking lot and not a crowded area. Even if there are only a few people around, you need to be aware of this. Keep in mind that in this situation, there could have been another female around who could have seen what Ray did and possibly told the babe or tried to confront Ray, likely before he could send the photo to his e-mail and delete it from his phone.

Yet, had guys been nearby, you still can't always take the chance. You just never know if one of those guys isn't a friend or brother of the babe who wouldn't take kindly to a nip slip photo. If you don't know any guys who are around and that they would be OK with it, keep this possibility in mind.

You have to let your best judgement be your guide instead of your instinct. Sure, I'd love to have photos like the one Ray sent me to better remember these babes and to share with friends. But it isn't worth the risk of being discovered having them.

OK, I'll admit that I have taken a few with my cell phone over the years, and not had any problem. Again, you have to know for sure that you can take it without getting caught. And when I have, I have e-mailed the photo to a "secret" e-mail account I have set up which is different from the ones I usually use. Once I send it, I know to immediately delete it from my phone (both the photos and from "sent"!!). By doing this, if by some chance I am "caught", there is no evidence on my phone nor in either of my primary e-mails (personal and business) for anyone to find. Yet, I still can look at the photos when no one is around, or show them to friends in person (I know not to send them) when the situation permits.

I don't know whether or not Ray did that with the photo he got of the babe's nip slip, so hopefully this advice helps him and others for the future.

But remember, it's not about getting the photo. It's about seeing, in Ray's instance, the nip slip.

Nice job, Ray, for seizing the opportunity!

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Renee Zellweger's dress - not that big of a deal

It's not up to me to ask the New York Daily News, and other publications for that matter, why they have women writing about the dresses and the clothing worn by famous women.

As you guys can tell, this writer makes a big deal about the open back, which is of minimal significance to us:

I would have reviewed this dress much differently. I don't really care about what her spine and her back have coming out. My reaction is that the sides don't go out far enough toward the shoulder, which means that guys have no opportunity to see down from behind her shoulder and see any boobage. The lowest point is still well above the top of her butt crack, and it appears there is a big enough margin even when she sits down.

The front of the dress is thin enough that we can tell it has a thick built-in bra, so we won't even get any nipple prints.

Even if one of these steps were taken (the lack of a bra or wider at the upper back), we would have a more attractive dress.

Furthermore, she should have worn her hair down. It would have been much sexier to have her long hair dangling over the bare back.

Those are the reasons not to "replicate" this dress, rather than those the writer points out. I'm no fashion expert, but at least I can cater to what guys like. And that's who should be looking and reviewing!

Monday, May 2, 2011

The Return

OK, I’m back. After a few weeks dedicated to my “real” job, it is with great enthusiasm that I return to my “Total Creep” status on a regular basis once again. And with a few changes that I’m sure guys of all ages will enjoy.
As you know, this blog started in conjunction with the release of my Audio Book “Total Creep – A Guy’s Guide” more than 2 years ago. It was an opportunity to encourage and respond to readers/listeners’ questions and experiences, especially about how they successfully used what they learned from the book.
Now, 2 years later, the book did even better financially for me than I expected. Yes, it’s still available ( , and in fact there are a couple of updated segments I recorded late in 2010. But at this point in time, I’m now doing this blog way more because of how much I enjoy checking out the babes, rather than to encourage book sales. While the responses, mostly from readers/listeners have been enjoyable, for the most part (even from some of the women), it’s time to open things up.
I’ll be posting some updates and thoughts on some of what I see (from checking out babes), some of my updated suggestions, and, of course, responding to questions and posting success stories submitted by guys like you. Whether you have my book or not. In addition, I will do some analysis of attempts which are not successful, including when they happen to me. Even after nearly 40 years of checking out every possible attractive babe, I still have occasion to want to kick myself for a missed opportunity or a wrong move.
I encourage you to comment and to e-mail me with your questions, comments, and successful experiences. As many of you know, I do not publish last names or cities. A “Joe from PA” is the most specific I get. If you prefer I not use any of your comments verbatim, please let me know. It’s just that the more information we have to help each other, the better this will be.
Keep in mind that I use my best judgment to protect specific locations so it doesn’t ruin it for other guys. One example took place a few months ago when a fellow total creep told us about a beach location where he could be up on a hill hiding between some trees and see the area where the babes can shower. Thinking they were protected from view by the wooded area behind and above them, he was (and more importantly, still is) able to watch some babes change out of their tops and sometimes bottoms.
While I’m sure every straight guy within 100 miles of that location would love to know exactly where that is, we obviously can’t post it on here, and we don’t want a group of guys seen going up on that hill, or that opportunity would be over. What I did was post some ideas about how the guy found the location and how he managed to keep hidden from view. (At least as of his last “report”.) He still likes to e-mail me about some of what he sees, and how a few of the babes probably wouldn’t care if they knew he was watching them. I’m probably going to publish more about that in the weeks to come, but not the exact location. In this case, I have given “Jerry” some tips he has found helpful, and in return I am now aware of the specific location and have scheduled to visit there during June when I know the weather will be warm enough to have a lot of babes around.
Of course, your “experiences” are not limited to the beaches, the malls, the schools, and other public places. I enjoy the success stories of “the babe across the street 2 floors down who leaves her bedroom blinds open at night” and sneak peeks in private places.
More to come. It’s great to be back!