Friday, May 20, 2011

'The Playboy Club' TV Show Draws Complaint Before It Starts

My oh my. Some "parents group" is complaining to NBC-TV about the upcoming "The Playboy Club" TV show and it hasn't even starting taping yet. As if the network could even show any true nudity?

As if NBC not showing true nudity will stop kids from seeing it? It's not like NBC, CBS, or ABC can show nipple, butt, or bush. Other shows have shown healthy portions of boobs in the past couple of years. This new NBC show doesn't figure to be any different.

The next thing you know these type of "groups" will be complaining about the retailers showing babes modeling bras and panties in newspaper ads.

At least most of the boys in the 12 - 17 age range (from the time they start to notice girls and want to see all they can see) can often see almost as much on a regular basis when the girls in school wear the low necklines (even though most wear a bra) and some butt crack when they squat or sit down. They don't need to wait on NBC.

I wonder how many of these complaining parents are moms who enjoy Sex & The City, especially the HBO version and the movies in which there actually is some nudity from the main characters.

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