Sunday, May 31, 2009

Still learning after 30+ years..........

Even after 30+ years of being a total creep and obsessively checking out the babes, I can still come across a "first". Of course, I feel the need to pass this along to the readers and listeners of "Total Creep - A Guy's Guide".

Yesterday I was in a grocery store for a few items. Of course, when time allows I go to food stores in communities where hot babes are more likely to be shopping. I was near the dairy section when I noticed a babe wearing an unrevealing top and tight black sweat pants. As she was walking away from where I was toward her shopping cart, it looked like the outline of a thong underneath.

Just as I was about to give up on her and start looking for someone else, she bent over big time to get or put something into her cart. Being right next to the dairy shelves, the extra bright lighting resulted in what I call the "spotlight effect".

Her having thin black sweatpants facing the extra bright lighting and then her bending over making her sweats super tight made them see through for a few seconds. I could see through to her butt even though she had a thong on.

While this was not that special of a view, this was the first time I realized that the "spotlight effect" could happen that way from lower well lit shelves. This is something to keep in mind as another possible location for a good sighting in a grocery store.

Sometimes babes don't wear any panties underneath sweats. (I know this from seeing babes arrive home and seeing when they take them off.) So if this particular babe hadn't been I might have hit the jackpot with this sighting, especially if and when she was standing facing the dairy products or her cart and I could see her from the front.

I have been aware of and did write about the "spotlight effect" in my book, and have had several instances of seeing entire live boobs and thong or panties views right through clothing when the babe has no idea we can see anything. What I learned from this in the grocery store is another possible location for this to happen.

Meanwhile, a couple of guys have pointed out lately that I comment about mistakes that guys make in attempting to be a total creep, but I rarely point out a deed well done. Good point.

Last night I was at a concert. There was a babe that I did not find attractive standing with her guy, who obviously had a different opinion of her looks than I did. She had a low cut loose fitting top on, and the guy was a few inches taller. The guy knew to do the stand behind her with his arms on her shoulders bit. She was watching the performer, and he was looking down her top. So, yes, some guys can handle themselves quite well.

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Friday, May 29, 2009

A total creep almost out "creeped"

If I hadn’t already written my book based on nearly 40 years of constant babe watching, an incident today during my lunch hour could easily have served as inspiration to for me to do so. I might have been a victim of amateur hour at the plaza. Some guys have the best of intentions but don’t know what they are doing.

There I was making my “rounds” during lunch hour. Today I was walking around an outdoor plaza checking out the babes when I noticed one sitting on a ledge and who appeared to be texting with her cell phone. More importantly, she was leaning forward and wearing a somewhat open circle neck top. Better yet, she had a good sized chest and a tiny bra, leaving an ample portion on display while she was leaning forward to type on her phone.

From past experience I know that if I come up to the ledge and get too close to her, that would distract her and she would leave. As long as I keep my distance, I would have a while to take in the nice view she was making available. Moments like these are what make the invention of texting and extended cell phone applications worthwhile to us total creep guys. She, like other babes, was too focused on her phone to realize just how loose her top had become.

So I went over to ledge and put my foot up and my hand over my eyes as if to be looking for someone while standing about 6 feet away from her. Enough to not be in her personal space. Yet close enough to be able to get a nice angle down her left breast.

However, after about 5 seconds, and just as I was starting to lean further to see all the way down her top, some guy (I’m thinking late 40’s) came along and sat down in between. And the first thing he did was to look right at her. I’m thinking he saw her sitting there like that, just as I had, and wanted to catch that view for himself.

Instead, he ruined it for everybody. Once he cut in front of me to sit down, he momentarily blocked my view down her top and distracted me as I realized he was sitting there, almost squeezing me out. The moment he turned his head toward the babe, it was over. She, as most babes would, then felt the presence of a man in her comfort zone. Or as I should say, a guy nearby. Within an instant, she got up and walked away.

It could have been a coincidence. She might have finished and sent her text. But she also could have saved it and walked somewhere else (without guys hanging around) to finish it. I don’t know. To make matters worse, and to not appear obvious (since this is a plaza I frequent just for this purpose), I had to hang around for about 30 seconds standing there as if looking for someone with that jerk of a guy the only person next to me on either side.

There is no way he could have seen as good of a view as I got down her top, but he also ruined my chance to see even more. During my appearing to wait time, I thought about telling the guy about my book. He sure needs it. You don't just sit right down and expect to look down a babe's top. But I didn’t want to reveal my identity in one of the places I frequent.

Guys, there is a science to seeing quality body action from hot babes. This was my version of an extra in a movie scene waving during the 5 seconds he is in a camera shot. It just shouldn’t have been.

After about 30 seconds, I left the ledge, but needed to go in another direction from where that babe went. So I didn’t get my chance to see even more inside that top of hers. But, as a total creep like me must do, I forgot my frustrations and moved on to the next challenge.

But fear not, as at least I went in the right direction. About 50 feet later I watched as another hottie was just about to sit on an open back chair and was putting some food on a table. Wearing a tank top that only came down to her belt. I pulled out my trusty cell phone and appeared to be getting a text. Just then, that babe sat down, and sure enough there was a couple inches of pure butt crack showing. As I walked closer, I got more of a look and I did not see panties. (Many babes keep their panties down lower so underwear doesn't show.) But as I stopped as if I was texting, she then reached back and pulled her top down and blocked the view.

In this instance, my being there did not cause her to check her top, since I was behind her. No way she could have seen me. (If she had, I appeared to be concentrating on my phone, just as anyone else nearby would have thought.) Many babes check their back (so to speak) within 5 or 10 seconds after sitting down.

At least I made this a positive. Had that jerk not ruined my further view down the first babe’s top, I probably wouldn’t have had my 5 to 10 second window of opportunity to see some butt action. At least in that area of the plaza. While that jerk missed every opportunity to see the goods. The moral of the story - if you are going to do something, do it right.

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Saturday, May 23, 2009

When being a Total Creep takes work............

Brandon K. of MA writes:

"I also totally enjoyed listening to your (audio) book. Now I'm wondering. I work in an office building with an 8 story apartment building across the street, and I can easily stay late or come in early to get some "work" done. I had a big project to finish and wound up working until almost 10 PM the other night. Before leaving work, I realized that with binoculars I could see into some of the units and I could tell that curtains were open. I'm going to "work" late one night next week. But I don't understand how you know which units have the babes. I sure don't want to be looking at old men."

I understand, Brandon. But doing research is part of learning about an apartment or condo building you can spy on. There is no one set way. It depends upon your situation. Often times you need to check out every (apartment or condo) unit you can see into and see who lives there. So, yes, there is a chance you'll see some fat old man in his undies. There is some trial and error. But if you see a young man living there, check back in the event he has a wife or girlfriend living there as well.

This is part of the reason I wrote "Total Creep - A Guy's Guide". If you could just get some binoculars and start looking, the book wouldn't be necessary. You need to do your research to identify which units are worth checking out. I have had situations where I could also see the parking area for a building, notice babes coming home, and then see which apartment lights go on seconds later. But it varies.

But if you are doing this from work, be sure to be aware of a cleaning crew, security guard, and work colleagues who have access to the office or room you would use. You don't want to be discovered. Listen again to my chapter about procedures. Let me know how it goes!

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Wednesday, May 20, 2009

I could be much worse than a " Total Creep "

While I can understand that a lot of women find me completely disgusting, they could take heart in knowing that I am not out to pose any threat. But if I were, my experience as a “total creep” combined with today’s technology could easily be a dangerous combination.

(By way of background, my book “Total Creep – A Guy’s Guide” describes my personal experiences and expertise over the past 30+years in pursuit of seeing the bodies of young females.)

Yesterday was just another day for me. I spent some of my lunch hour during work walking a plaza where people sit and eat outside and enjoy the nice weather. Got a pretty good luck down the blouse of a hottie wearing a loose fitting bra, and some butt crack from another babe who sat down and didn’t check the location of her shirt.

Later, as part of my work day, I had occasion to go to a nearby office building. In keeping with my techniques, I stood near a young babe also waiting for an elevator, and we both were among those who got on. Unfortunately, the blouse she was wearing was not at all revealing, and her pants were dark colored and not tight enough for me to get a reading as to if she was wearing a thong or regular panties.

Yet, while looking her over, I couldn’t help but notice her photo badge for the building had her name on it and it was very easy to read. She left the elevator a couple of floors before I did. Within those few seconds I knew her name and where she worked (even if not the company – I knew the floor).

Cathy (I’m sure it’s safe to use her first name – it’s not unique) is attractive, but I didn’t consider her a major hottie. Not worth following up to seek out a way to see her boobs or better. You see, there were a few times many years ago that I found out the name and information about a hot babe and actually went to a home address to determine if I could safely spy on her and try to see her naked. Frankly, I was successful a couple of times at doing that from locations across the street or hidden spots. Please note that these earlier times were prior to stalking regulations and laws coming into play, prior to my getting older and having more to risk if caught, and my not having any criminal intent.

As I was returning to work a few minutes later, I started thinking about Cathy. This is the information age. I would like to write more for this blog besides answering reader questions and comments and continue to share my expertise with guys of all ages. Once I got back to work, I decided to treat this as if Cathy was a major knockout and as if I would make a big effort to see what’s going on under her clothes.

One option would have been to go back to that building and take the elevator to the floor she works on, get the names of the companies, and call them asking for her until I find where she works. But in today’s information age, I went back to work and went on Google. Success! Within 5 minutes I knew her age (and I guessed well - mid-20's) from a running event she had entered, and even saw a photo of her (to verify it’s the right person) on her Facebook profile. So I logged in to Facebook and checked out her friends and also found out a little bit more about her.

Even though I could not find a home address or phone number for her, knowing where she works and at least one organization she belongs to would be a good start. If I was going to pursue this, I could even follow her after work to her car, bus, or a ride. A lot of people are leaving that office building at the end of the work day, so she wouldn’t realize somebody was actually watching where she goes. I could have seen her car, and then know roughly where she parks. I could then go back the next day during work hours and check her car for a city sticker or other visible clues about her residence location. Or seen what bus she takes, etc. Simply put, within a couple of days, I could have a ton MORE information about Cathy.

In my case, the only information I could use would be if I could “safely” see into her home with curtains or blinds open after dark and knowing when she comes in or out from the shower. I am not out to date or stalk “Cathy”, do her any harm, burglarize or vandalize her home, or even have her know that I exist. Yet, in my quest to do so, this is how “easily” I could get enough information to be a threat.

Over the years, my use of high power binoculars at most hours of the day and night on apartments, condos, townhomes, etc., in quest of naked babes has included a degree of surveillance on my part. My book contains several experiences of learning the tendencies of babes so I could be ready to see them walking around with little to nothing on, undressing, changing clothes, etc. Heck, I have watched a couple dozen babes TAKE a shower. I would often know which lights and certain precautions they would take when not at home, and in some cases when they would consistently return from work, school, or whatever. In other words, I could have been a successful criminal if I wasn’t only doing these things to see as many naked babes as possible.

At first, I was going to use my perverted sense of humor and wrap this up by suggesting that “Cathy” start wearing low cut tops and more revealing clothes so that guys wouldn’t even bother to notice her name tag.

Deep down I know this is not a matter to joke about, however. “Cathy” and babes like her need to be a lot more careful about making her name and information available that could do them true harm. Again, I could have been anybody. Instead, I’m just another total creep of a guy who was disappointed I couldn’t even see her bra, let alone anything doing under her clothes. But I certainly don’t want any harm to come to “Cathy”. The longer she leads a safe existence, the more opportunity I might have to eventually see those boobies.

Monday, May 18, 2009

Cleaning up at the laundromat

Liking the questions and comments from readers/listeners of " Total Creep - A Guy's Guide ", available at .

A.J. of Texas writes:

"Not only is your book tremendous, but you were so right so often!! I used a couple of your suggestions and even though I didn't get to see much, I can see where more practice and experience will work in the long run. But I am a major believer after last night. I decided to try your suggestions and visit a laundromat like you said.

It is so unbelievable how right you were, even though it probably doesn't happen that often. I appeared to be sitting and reading a magazine, but I was angled looking toward the dryers. A (cute babe) was waiting on her stuff, and was wearing what was either an old style loose fitting skirt or it could have been a nightgown. OMG! She had to reach toward the back to get something and bent over. She wasn't wearing panties!!

I got a great view for a few seconds. It was awesome. I can't thank you enough. I don't speak too well and a (babe) like her wouldn't give me the time of day. She probably didn't notice me sitting there. But whatever. Your book is so great!"

Glad to help, A.J. I had to edit out a few things you wrote since it is not a good idea to let the specific location be known. Congrats!

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Saturday, May 16, 2009

Guys: Total creep timing is everything

I'll admit it. I didn't heed my own advice. A few months after putting out a 17 chapter 100 page book and a nearly 5 hour Audio Book, " Total Creep - A Guy's Guide ", I missed out on a nice opportunity.

But I will take the opportunity to emphasize to my readers how important timing is to creating the opportunities I write and coach guys on.

Here's what happened, and what I did "wrong". I was walking down a busy street about 15 feet behind a babe wearing a tank top with a sports bra underneath. Her top was too long to allow any possibility of seeing butt crack, but I had not been able to see her in front yet to see if anything was pointing through her sports bra.

It turns out that I was too focused on getting in front of her to check for "pointing", but at the time I thought that was my best chance to see anything good. (She was the only babe worth trying to see anything on within view during the time I was making this walk. Had there been a hot babe with more potential for a good view, I would have pursued that.)

She was carrying a purse along with a couple of packages. As she walked by a ledge adjoining a grassy area along the sidewalk, she stopped and put her packages down on the ledge. It looked as though she wanted to improve her grip or maybe switch hands.

As you know (if you read or listened to my book), this is a snap judgment moment. She was standing in front of where she put the bags, and would need to bend over in my general direction (behind where she was walking) in order to pick up the bags.

For some unknown reason, I anticipated this being a very fast stop. She was walking quickly and with authority, and in this instance, that threw me. If I were a betting man, I would have bet she would have quickly switched hands and kept right on walking.

My split second decision was to keep on walking. Had she done what I anticipated, I would have been about 5 feet away when she leaned back in my direction and given me a good view down her top. And with her wearing a sports bra, as opposed to a regular bra, I should have had the chance to see a lot of boob without breaking stride.

Then I would have passed her, kept walking, and at some point casually turned around in her direction. Since this was outside and I had my sunglasses on, she would not have been able to tell that I would have been checking out her top to see if anything is pointing through the sports bra.

So my instant decision was made to keep walking while she stopped. But I blew it. She stood there for a few seconds, and then leaned over to pick up her bags. The problem was that I was right by her just at the instant she started leaning, and I got a less than one second glance down her top from the side. What a burn! Just as I could see a little ways down her top, enough to tell that I could see into that sports bra, I was past her. I had totally blown what would have turned out to be a great view down her top.

Next, it got even more aggravating. She was leaning over for a few seconds to slowly grip the packages she was carrying. And I had no "excuse" to slow down. By the time she picked up everything she was carrying and turned around to continue walking, I was already too far past her to see anything pointing through her top. It is possible that nothing was pointing through, but I couldn't tell for sure. But I do know she had one fine chest and I missed my chance for a wonderful view, even if most and not all of the way down.

So I'm not 100% on these opportunities. Even after nearly 40 years of trying, and an entire book all about it.

However, I owe it to myself and my readers to review this and be sure I know how to handle this for the next opportunity. I approach this like a football coach, even though I unfortunately can't go back and look at the film. My defensive coordinator screwed up on this play.

Upon further review, here is what I should have done. I actually was ready, as always, for the opportunity this hottie provided me. My cell phone was in my shirt pocket, as always when I am walking outside. But my mistake was trying to get in front of her instead of putting myself in position to be able to stop BEFORE she was ready to bend over.

Like with football, the idea is to visualize what should have happened, for future reference. If and when I have this to do over again, it will go this way (like so many opportunities already have).

As soon as she stopped and turned to put her stuff on that ledge. I should have appeared to get a call or text message and slowed down to a stop while pulling my cell phone out and opening it. With my sunglasses on, she couldn't tell where I was looking (what phone??), but would not be alarmed or threatened because I slowed or stopped near her.

I would then appear to be reading a text message, and put an aggravated look on my face. If she was looking at me, she would believe that I am focused on my phone getting information I didn't like as I look down at the phone. Or so she thinks.

Next, I stop. And wait until she bends over to deal with her purse and packages. In this particular instance, since she was bent over for a few precious seconds, I would have acted like I was pressing buttons on my phone to respond, but really looking down her top the entire time.

In this instance, I would have gotten a few seconds to look, and been close enough at the best angle for a major view of her boobage.

That is what should have happened. I had my sunglasses on and cell phone ready. I just wasn't thinking straight, and it cost me a wonderful view.

It goes to show that as a total creep, we need to be both mentally and physically prepared for such an opportunity.

Normally, I answer questions and comments from readers of " Total Creep - A Guy's Guide ", available at , via at Today, it is my turn.

Then again, today should bring me more opportunities to be a total creep!

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Assists from guys?

Tom R. from Texas writes:

"I would also like to say that I love the book and learned so many things from you in a short period of time. Your points about catching a break reminded me about the time last year that I saw some guy at an outdoor concert tug on the shorts his (wife or girlfriend) was wearing and actually exposed significant (butt) crack with a crowd around. Have you ever seen something like this? If so, why didn't you write about it?"

Glad to be of service, Tom. I have been fortunate enough to see a few incidents such as the one you described over the years. And I would have to believe that these are now former girlfriends and not wives. I remember one night at a baseball game I was seated in a row just behind a hottie with a loose tank top and not wearing a bra (which was no coincidence I might add). The guy with her was clearly aware that it was all her under that top. I could see him trying to get close to her so he could get a look down. (The jerk was blocking my view!) At one point, he put his hand by her shoulder and tugged at her top as if he was going to pop out a breast. She put her hand up there in time, and her face was livid. I'd bet the ranch that was her last date with him.

Actually, I was happy with him, since he gave me a significant glance, but truthfully I'm sorry he did that to her. That was not proper behaviour and not respectful.

Anyway, getting back to your question, while I have seen that type of incident, I didn't write about it because that was not the intent of the book. The stories I tell are to demonstrate using the various techniques and how to get the best views, what to do, etc. Being in the right place at the right time to see some guy do something like you described is merely a matter of timing.

There is a significant difference between having a straight on angle when a babe bends over and her top comes down and waiting for some guy to lift her top.

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Sunday, May 10, 2009

Keeping track on the train

Dave C. of Chicago writes:

"Now I believe those testimonials even more! You were so right with your techniques. Please let me share with you. Most days I take the (commuter) train in the Chicago area, which has an upper level. While getting on the train I saw a really hot gal wearing loose fitting top sitting on the main level. I thought about your book, and went up the steps to the upper level across from where she was sitting. The train was not very crowded, so I managed to sit across the aisle slightly behind her and from above I could see down her top. I looked behind me, and there was no one there, so I knew that it was not likely anyone could see where I was looking. She was wearing a bra, but it was a loose fit. When she leaned up slightly to do a text on her phone, I could see almost all of a breast. What an enjoyable train ride! I almost missed my stop, but it would have been worth it if I had. Before listening to your (audio) book, I never would have known to do that. You rock!"

Congrats, Dave! And what great timing after my blog about checking for loose fitting bras just a few days ago. If I had a " Total Creep Award " for the week, you would win it. You handled the situation very well. Great job noticing that you could go to the upper level and then to notice that no one was behind you meaning that you had all the time you needed to get some good looks. (If there had been others nearby, you probably couldn't have kept a constant view. I hate it when you can't overdo it when checking out a babe.)

Having spent time in Chicago over the years, I am familiar with the train and the situation you are talking about. My suggestion is that when you are alone, try to sit in the upper level as often as you can. Even if there are no hot babes sitting below that you can look at, you can still learn the angles and sharpen your skills. In addition to looking down a top, you might also catch down the pants or skirt when they lean up, sit down, or get up, from a seat on or across the aisle below you. Continued good luck!

Thursday, May 7, 2009

The Total Creep and the bra

J.P. of Baltimore asks:

“I think your (audio book) is great. But why is seeing her bra such a big deal? These days you can look at ads in the newspaper and see a babe in her bra or less.”

Yes, the ads have gotten better over the years. But back to your serious question. While I’m not happy that a larger percentage of babes wear a bra compared with the 70’s and 80’s, at least these days there are important variations with bras for us total creeps.

Some babes prefer a sports bra or an extra undershirt or tank top instead of a bra. This gives us a much better view when they are bending over and when seated at an angle you can see down her top. When each breast is not individually covered you can sometimes see at least one entire boob even if you don’t see nipple.

In addition, some bras have a loose fit and babes don’t realize that they could have some give and allow us to see much more than they realize. I have seen all the way to the nipple in a loose fitting bra. Several times I have seen all the way down on the inside even if not seeing nipple.

Actually, as coincidence has it, just today during my lunch break I was walking through a food court and eyed a cutie with a loose tank stop sitting and eating. As I walked past her slowly and took my look down her top while she was leaning up for another bite, it turned out she had a regular bra on (not a sports bra). Yet, I saw almost all the way down. Her boobs were slightly bigger than I thought but it turned out her bra was even larger. I’m certain she had no clue that anything could be seen.

At my level of expertise, and as nice as it was to get such a nice glance, I was disappointed in my abilities because I didn’t realize her boobs were that big. I would have angled my walk a bit more to get more of a side glance instead of almost straight down. But for my total creep guys in training (my readers/listeners), it’s more important to keep trying. Yes, there are many times when all I see is bra (that I could see elsewhere). But the times such as today or seeing most or all of what is under that bra make it all worthwhile.

Readers (and listeners to the Audio Book) of “ Total Creep – A Guy’s Guide “ know that spend most of a chapter about getting the best angles and views when looking down a babe’s top, even when you know she has a regular bra on. You can see more doing this than in any newspaper!

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Nice dessert - for the waiter

Bobby F. of Pennsylvania writes:

"I love your book, but I got a first hand lesson about your points about keeping a straight face no matter what you see. I work part-time as a waiter in a mid-scale restaurant. I have managed to see down some jeans thanks to your advice, mostly when walking to and from my section rather than risk it with any of my customers.

(Last) night, however, I sat a young couple in a booth and when the young lady sat down her blouse folded out and it was almost too easy to see all the way down. She only had on an undershirt instead of a bra so I saw everything right as she sat down. Both she and her man were looking at their menus while ordering, so I got another nice glance. I definitely remembered your advice and acted calm.

But after they had finished and I was getting ready to bring out the check, the bus boy came back with a guilty smile on his face. I asked him what's up, and he told me that he saw the (breasts) on the hottie at Table 10. Uh-oh. Sure enough, when I walked back over with the check, she had her hand clutching her blouse and both her and her man had annoyed looks on their faces. I politely asked if something was wrong, and the guy said "Your bus boy acted inappropriately". I apologized for him and said I would get the manager. He said "that's OK" and promptly paid the check. And left me only a 10% tip. I guess I can't blame him. I would have been mad, too. But here I got away with seeing her (breast) by maintaining my cool, only to have the dum bus boy blow the whole thing. Is there anything I could have done?"

Sorry about the bad tip, Bobby, but you did get a nice view. It sounds like you handled your part of it very well by not letting on. The bus boy is another example of why I wrote the book. If he would not have been so obvious it would have made a difference. Now that couple is probably telling their friends not to eat there unless dressed like a nun. And that costs you more chances to see what you can see while working.

The city you work in is one of the biggest in PA, so maybe you can find a waiter position at a similar or better establishment and get your chance to check out the babes once again. I would think you could use that bus boy story in your favor as a reason to want to leave there.

If you are going to look elsewhere, watch for chairs which are open in back. Then you would know you can see down jeans, and if there are booths you get the same possibilities as your current position. Meanwhile, the next time a hottie comes into your section, have that bus boy do something in the kitchen. Good luck - and let me know what happens.

Bob T. of Pennsylvania writes:

"I enjoyed hearing the book, but it is obvious that some of these hotties don't care that they have more showing than they are supposed to. Does that make a difference to you when it is really easy to see into a top or down the back of her pants?"

This must be Bob from PA day. Anyway, Bob, you are correct that some of the babes simply don't care that guys are getting a plentiful view. Personally, I love it just as much when it is easy to see! Speaking as a total creep, months later I don't remember the challenge, but I remember the breasts or whatever body part I got to see. I comment in the book about how it amazes me that some babes are hanging out and on display while with a boyfriend or husband. The story in the restaurant the other Bob wrote about doesn't surprise me.

Again, that is part of the reason this book is so important to guys. You can't let on to these babes that you are totally fixated on whatever is showing or it gets them nuts. I'm sure you enjoyed my tips on how to appear composed and not give yourself away.

Monday, May 4, 2009

Oh brother - what a view

Glad to be of service on this one. Mike of Ohio, a listener to my Audio Book of " Total Creep - A Guy's Guide " had written me back in February about my comments on seeing the goods on friends and family members' girlfriends or wives.

And this morning, Mike wrote me back:

"You were so right! Thanks for the encouragement when I wrote you a few weeks back. Guess I shouldn't question the 'total creep' of them all!

My younger brother is still going with a very hot chick, and it is now to the point where we are double dating. The first time we hung out for a while at her (brother's girlfriend) condo, she did not have an open collar but it didn't look as though she was wearing a bra at home.

Sure enough, on Saturday, my gal and I were hanging with my brother and her at her place watching the basketball game. This time she had an open collar shirt on and I could see her (boobs) bounce as she walked around. At half time, she served some snacks and I was walking over toward the table to sit down. As good fortune had it, she dropped a bag of chips and was bending over to pick them up. She was bending in my direction. Sure enough, I got a glance all the way down. I'm thinking she feels comfortable enough with me around, since I took the advice from your book and appeared to be a perfect gentleman. No bra, and nothing covering, and I could see them both clear as a bell, even though it was only for a couple seconds.

Keeping your advice in mind, I then quickly said "Oh good, there is more beer!", to make her think I was looking at the table. She said, "At least I didn't drop that!". And I then said something like "Oh, was that you dropping something?". She went on to explain that she had dropped the bag of chips but the bag was only partially open so nothing spilled. I kept your advice and went along with the conversation.

Your advice worked perfectly, and neither her, my girl, nor my brother have any idea of how much I saw. I hope more guys find out about this ("Total Creep - A Guy's Guide")!"

Mike, if she only knew what "spilled". Nice going. As I have said time after time, stories like yours are exactly the reason this book needed to be written. I also appreciate your following up with me and letting me know that you have had success, especially since you had asked me about this very subject a few weeks ago. I tried to put as many of these ideas in along with specific experiences to make this clear.

Here's hoping your brother is still with her during the summer weather. Maybe she likes wearing loose fitting shorts!

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Friday, May 1, 2009

The Total Creep and schedules

Brian F. of Philadelphia writes:

“You hit it on the nose about the tendencies of babes at home. I can’t thank you enough. I did my exploring of the apartment building across the street and found a hot babe that likes to shower around 11:00 every night and then walk out to go into her bedroom before putting anything back on. As long as her curtains stay open, this is becoming habit forming. How did you figure this out?”

Thanks, and nice going on your find. This is something I noticed since the beginning of my binoculars days going all the way back to when I was in high school. But it is not limited to hot babes when you stop to think about it. I’ll be you probably set your alarm clock for the same time every morning and have your routine to start and end your day. The next time you are amazed that the hottie in that apartment just walked naked where you could see her right on schedule, think about how many things you and people in your life do at around the same time every day. Or every working day, at the very least.

The first couple of weeks after you find a babe to “watch” at home are important for YOUR schedule, too. Chances are you would spend a few hours in each of those first few nights in order to narrow it down to the best possible time(s) to be watching. You might have watched a few nights from 8 until 11 to see her make her walk before you realized that she is fairly consistent about the 11:00 time frame.

Depending on how many places (or how few) you can see into which have babes worth watching, you will find that knowing their schedules can save you hours of looking through binoculars at someone watching TV while staying dressed, or waiting and waiting until she gets home.

As I wrote in the book, I had my observation schedule going to the max during the couple of years I could see into a high rise building in a big city. From the babe that would start her day by walking into the kitchen at least topless early in the morning to the one that would walk around naked to turn out the lights just after 11:00 on weeknights. Of course, there are exceptions and there will be surprises where the routine changes or is different for a day or two.

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