Thursday, May 7, 2009

The Total Creep and the bra

J.P. of Baltimore asks:

“I think your (audio book) is great. But why is seeing her bra such a big deal? These days you can look at ads in the newspaper and see a babe in her bra or less.”

Yes, the ads have gotten better over the years. But back to your serious question. While I’m not happy that a larger percentage of babes wear a bra compared with the 70’s and 80’s, at least these days there are important variations with bras for us total creeps.

Some babes prefer a sports bra or an extra undershirt or tank top instead of a bra. This gives us a much better view when they are bending over and when seated at an angle you can see down her top. When each breast is not individually covered you can sometimes see at least one entire boob even if you don’t see nipple.

In addition, some bras have a loose fit and babes don’t realize that they could have some give and allow us to see much more than they realize. I have seen all the way to the nipple in a loose fitting bra. Several times I have seen all the way down on the inside even if not seeing nipple.

Actually, as coincidence has it, just today during my lunch break I was walking through a food court and eyed a cutie with a loose tank stop sitting and eating. As I walked past her slowly and took my look down her top while she was leaning up for another bite, it turned out she had a regular bra on (not a sports bra). Yet, I saw almost all the way down. Her boobs were slightly bigger than I thought but it turned out her bra was even larger. I’m certain she had no clue that anything could be seen.

At my level of expertise, and as nice as it was to get such a nice glance, I was disappointed in my abilities because I didn’t realize her boobs were that big. I would have angled my walk a bit more to get more of a side glance instead of almost straight down. But for my total creep guys in training (my readers/listeners), it’s more important to keep trying. Yes, there are many times when all I see is bra (that I could see elsewhere). But the times such as today or seeing most or all of what is under that bra make it all worthwhile.

Readers (and listeners to the Audio Book) of “ Total Creep – A Guy’s Guide “ know that spend most of a chapter about getting the best angles and views when looking down a babe’s top, even when you know she has a regular bra on. You can see more doing this than in any newspaper!

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