Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Nice dessert - for the waiter

Bobby F. of Pennsylvania writes:

"I love your book, but I got a first hand lesson about your points about keeping a straight face no matter what you see. I work part-time as a waiter in a mid-scale restaurant. I have managed to see down some jeans thanks to your advice, mostly when walking to and from my section rather than risk it with any of my customers.

(Last) night, however, I sat a young couple in a booth and when the young lady sat down her blouse folded out and it was almost too easy to see all the way down. She only had on an undershirt instead of a bra so I saw everything right as she sat down. Both she and her man were looking at their menus while ordering, so I got another nice glance. I definitely remembered your advice and acted calm.

But after they had finished and I was getting ready to bring out the check, the bus boy came back with a guilty smile on his face. I asked him what's up, and he told me that he saw the (breasts) on the hottie at Table 10. Uh-oh. Sure enough, when I walked back over with the check, she had her hand clutching her blouse and both her and her man had annoyed looks on their faces. I politely asked if something was wrong, and the guy said "Your bus boy acted inappropriately". I apologized for him and said I would get the manager. He said "that's OK" and promptly paid the check. And left me only a 10% tip. I guess I can't blame him. I would have been mad, too. But here I got away with seeing her (breast) by maintaining my cool, only to have the dum bus boy blow the whole thing. Is there anything I could have done?"

Sorry about the bad tip, Bobby, but you did get a nice view. It sounds like you handled your part of it very well by not letting on. The bus boy is another example of why I wrote the book. If he would not have been so obvious it would have made a difference. Now that couple is probably telling their friends not to eat there unless dressed like a nun. And that costs you more chances to see what you can see while working.

The city you work in is one of the biggest in PA, so maybe you can find a waiter position at a similar or better establishment and get your chance to check out the babes once again. I would think you could use that bus boy story in your favor as a reason to want to leave there.

If you are going to look elsewhere, watch for chairs which are open in back. Then you would know you can see down jeans, and if there are booths you get the same possibilities as your current position. Meanwhile, the next time a hottie comes into your section, have that bus boy do something in the kitchen. Good luck - and let me know what happens.

Bob T. of Pennsylvania writes:

"I enjoyed hearing the book, but it is obvious that some of these hotties don't care that they have more showing than they are supposed to. Does that make a difference to you when it is really easy to see into a top or down the back of her pants?"

This must be Bob from PA day. Anyway, Bob, you are correct that some of the babes simply don't care that guys are getting a plentiful view. Personally, I love it just as much when it is easy to see! Speaking as a total creep, months later I don't remember the challenge, but I remember the breasts or whatever body part I got to see. I comment in the book about how it amazes me that some babes are hanging out and on display while with a boyfriend or husband. The story in the restaurant the other Bob wrote about doesn't surprise me.

Again, that is part of the reason this book is so important to guys. You can't let on to these babes that you are totally fixated on whatever is showing or it gets them nuts. I'm sure you enjoyed my tips on how to appear composed and not give yourself away.

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