Wednesday, May 20, 2009

I could be much worse than a " Total Creep "

While I can understand that a lot of women find me completely disgusting, they could take heart in knowing that I am not out to pose any threat. But if I were, my experience as a “total creep” combined with today’s technology could easily be a dangerous combination.

(By way of background, my book “Total Creep – A Guy’s Guide” describes my personal experiences and expertise over the past 30+years in pursuit of seeing the bodies of young females.)

Yesterday was just another day for me. I spent some of my lunch hour during work walking a plaza where people sit and eat outside and enjoy the nice weather. Got a pretty good luck down the blouse of a hottie wearing a loose fitting bra, and some butt crack from another babe who sat down and didn’t check the location of her shirt.

Later, as part of my work day, I had occasion to go to a nearby office building. In keeping with my techniques, I stood near a young babe also waiting for an elevator, and we both were among those who got on. Unfortunately, the blouse she was wearing was not at all revealing, and her pants were dark colored and not tight enough for me to get a reading as to if she was wearing a thong or regular panties.

Yet, while looking her over, I couldn’t help but notice her photo badge for the building had her name on it and it was very easy to read. She left the elevator a couple of floors before I did. Within those few seconds I knew her name and where she worked (even if not the company – I knew the floor).

Cathy (I’m sure it’s safe to use her first name – it’s not unique) is attractive, but I didn’t consider her a major hottie. Not worth following up to seek out a way to see her boobs or better. You see, there were a few times many years ago that I found out the name and information about a hot babe and actually went to a home address to determine if I could safely spy on her and try to see her naked. Frankly, I was successful a couple of times at doing that from locations across the street or hidden spots. Please note that these earlier times were prior to stalking regulations and laws coming into play, prior to my getting older and having more to risk if caught, and my not having any criminal intent.

As I was returning to work a few minutes later, I started thinking about Cathy. This is the information age. I would like to write more for this blog besides answering reader questions and comments and continue to share my expertise with guys of all ages. Once I got back to work, I decided to treat this as if Cathy was a major knockout and as if I would make a big effort to see what’s going on under her clothes.

One option would have been to go back to that building and take the elevator to the floor she works on, get the names of the companies, and call them asking for her until I find where she works. But in today’s information age, I went back to work and went on Google. Success! Within 5 minutes I knew her age (and I guessed well - mid-20's) from a running event she had entered, and even saw a photo of her (to verify it’s the right person) on her Facebook profile. So I logged in to Facebook and checked out her friends and also found out a little bit more about her.

Even though I could not find a home address or phone number for her, knowing where she works and at least one organization she belongs to would be a good start. If I was going to pursue this, I could even follow her after work to her car, bus, or a ride. A lot of people are leaving that office building at the end of the work day, so she wouldn’t realize somebody was actually watching where she goes. I could have seen her car, and then know roughly where she parks. I could then go back the next day during work hours and check her car for a city sticker or other visible clues about her residence location. Or seen what bus she takes, etc. Simply put, within a couple of days, I could have a ton MORE information about Cathy.

In my case, the only information I could use would be if I could “safely” see into her home with curtains or blinds open after dark and knowing when she comes in or out from the shower. I am not out to date or stalk “Cathy”, do her any harm, burglarize or vandalize her home, or even have her know that I exist. Yet, in my quest to do so, this is how “easily” I could get enough information to be a threat.

Over the years, my use of high power binoculars at most hours of the day and night on apartments, condos, townhomes, etc., in quest of naked babes has included a degree of surveillance on my part. My book contains several experiences of learning the tendencies of babes so I could be ready to see them walking around with little to nothing on, undressing, changing clothes, etc. Heck, I have watched a couple dozen babes TAKE a shower. I would often know which lights and certain precautions they would take when not at home, and in some cases when they would consistently return from work, school, or whatever. In other words, I could have been a successful criminal if I wasn’t only doing these things to see as many naked babes as possible.

At first, I was going to use my perverted sense of humor and wrap this up by suggesting that “Cathy” start wearing low cut tops and more revealing clothes so that guys wouldn’t even bother to notice her name tag.

Deep down I know this is not a matter to joke about, however. “Cathy” and babes like her need to be a lot more careful about making her name and information available that could do them true harm. Again, I could have been anybody. Instead, I’m just another total creep of a guy who was disappointed I couldn’t even see her bra, let alone anything doing under her clothes. But I certainly don’t want any harm to come to “Cathy”. The longer she leads a safe existence, the more opportunity I might have to eventually see those boobies.

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