Friday, July 16, 2010

Why he saw his sister's boob.........

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Carrie G. of OH writes:
“My younger brother came home from college and had heard your audio book. That is his decision, but it’s how I found out that has me freaked out. He told me that he saw one of my (boobs) last night while we were out at dinner, and he was concerned because he knew I wouldn’t like other guys being able to see them too. After we got home, he showed me in private how he did that, and then told me all about your book and how other guys do the same thing. I must say I was shocked. This was maybe the 3rd time all year I went out without a bra, since we are having this heatwave. He was able to look down my open sleeve and convinced me he saw nipple. I can’t believe you would do this to women. I take it you do not have a sister? Or a female cousin? Is your family a bunch of nudists? Why do you do this?”

As I continue to explain, I was not the first guy to check out the babes. It has nothing to do with my family or personal life, thank you. Since you resent what your brother saw this much, I would say that he did you a major favor. It looks like you will take additional steps to prevent guys from seeing your boobs from here on. Heck, I should be on your brother’s case for ruining the opportunity.

After all, I didn’t tell you not to wear a bra, and then wear a sleeveless top which sometimes gives guys a full view. If your brother wasn’t interested in seeing, he wouldn’t have listened to my audio book. Him, me, and plenty of other guys. Again, I’m here to tell you that the bro did you a favor by telling you. Maybe he didn’t have to go into detail about what he saw, but it obviously drove the point across. I’m not sure too many brothers would do that to a sister, or even care to see her boobs. But guys will be guys.

Frankly, I have been amazed over the years at the number of babes who wear sleeveless or open sleeve tops and don’t think guys can see down when they get the right angle. But I’m glad they do.

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Megan doesn't like me

Megan of TX writes:

“You’ll never publish this but I give you permission. There should be laws against you. How dare you encourage guys to spy on women in the privacy of their own home? How would you feel if you were naked in a personal and private moment and noticed a group of people watching your every move? Your book and your blog totally disgust me, and I’m sure you get notes from other women feeling the same way.

If I ever catch you or someone that disgusting trying to look down my shirt or into my condo I will get a lawyer and womens groups and go after you until you can’t afford to keep your own binoculars. I don’t believe you are married. You probably haven’t had a single date in your adult life and trying to see some boobs is all you can do to have a woman in your life. Then I read your support of a letter from some nerd who described watching a young lady in a very private intimate moment. You should have that guy sent away, and then follow him there.”

Since you gave me permission, Megan, I am publishing your entire comments. Sorry you don’t believe that I really am married and have had dates and girlfriends over the years as much as most guys. Don’t make assumptions based on your emotions.

Like I have said before, my target audience is straight guys of all ages. I never forced any of them to purchase my audio book or to use any of the ideas and true personal experiences I have had on their own. All I did was notice how many guys miss out on opportunities to see the body parts of women and provide them with some tips. The next time you are in a busy area and see a young hottie walking around with her blouse open, take a look at the guys nearby. Watch how many guys will stare her down as the walks by. Some with their eyes bulging out and a smile on their faces. Guys have and will do that whether they know of my audio book or not. My book does not tell them to do this sort of thing. It tells them HOW to do it.

Truthfully, I know (and so do the guys) that watching babes through binoculars while they are in private is not morally proper. What they don’t know won’t hurt them. That doesn’t make it OK to do. I understand your dislike of me, but I’m one of the few men open enough to admit that I do these things and the only one to provide tips to other guys who also enjoy doing this. If you choose to keep your body totally covered at all times in public and keep the shades or curtains closed while you are at home, you won’t have these worries. See you at the beach!

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

He can't quite put his finger on it.......

Wendell G. of OH writes:
“Your suggestions are so on target it is incredible. I have been a total creep for about 3 months and was never glad I lived next to another big apartment building until I listened to your book. Your ideas about the best times of the day and night are tremendous and have probably saved me hours. Especially the part about keeping track of schedules when possible. I have had a few great sightings, although it will be tough to top the one I saw last night.

There are a couple of 20-something chicks who are roommates and don’t mind walking around with very little on. Last night, only the cuter of the 2 was home and was on the couch watching TV or a movie or something. Whatever she was watching must have turned her on. She was wearing a robe but not facing toward my view at first. I was checking on her with my binoculars every few minutes. After a while, she got up from the chair and sat on the floor, and I got a nice break as she was now facing my view. She sat down on the floor with her back against the sofa. She then spread her legs and lifted up her robe over them. And she had nothing on.

She then spent about 20 minutes fingering herself, but stopping and moving her hand away every couple of minutes which gave me a great view every time. I could see the look on her face and could tell when she satisfied herself. Then she sat back with the robe wide open so I could see everything for a couple of minutes while she relaxed. Next, she got up off the floor and took off the robe completely while walking toward the shower. Wow! Even though I have seen her and the cute roommate naked a few times already, I never imagined I would get a show like that. And if it wasn’t for your great book, I never would have known how to see it. I think guys should hire you to coach them. You are the best!”

Thanks, Wendell. I have been thinking more and more about the “coaching” idea. Even with my years of experience as a total creep, different cities and areas have different settings. Obviously, not all residential buildings are built the same or offer the same views to guys looking in with binoculars or even the naked eye. What works to see into one building may not work for another, just as guys have different schedules and situations to be able to do this.

Just to let you know, I am exploring an option using a web cam to make this happen. Guys could use their web cam to hopefully show me the naked-eye view from their windows or wherever they can spy from with the lowest risks. Then I could make specific recommendations. Please give me some time to work out details. This isn’t exactly webinar material where groups of guys want to be seen or heard asking me questions. But I have to believe we can use this technology to further our quest to see as many babes partially or fully naked as we can.

Thursday, July 8, 2010

Sizing up his girlfriend

Greg G. of TN writes:

"My girlfriend and I were walking to her car when a chick who was jogging along was coming toward us. As good fortune had it, one of her (boobs) popped out from her bra top. She was pretty quick about covering up, but I got to see nipple action. However, my girlfriend also saw and quickly looked over at me to, I suppose, see my reaction. What she saw was my eyes wide open and an obvious smile on my face, leaving her with no doubt that I saw and enjoyed it. It's as if I was busted. She got upset and we spent the rest of our walk arguing before I took her home earlier than planned. It's not like I could deny that I saw and enjoyed it. I was explaining that I had no control over that happening, and that as a guy of course I would enjoy that. But I wasn't with that chick. I was "with" her. I'm not sure what else I could have said or done to make the situation better. You will probably say I should have kept a straight face and played it down, but I can't help how I reacted. (You can tell I listened to your book!) I think my GF reacted that harshly because she has much smaller (boobs) than the jogger. Do you think that's why?"

It well could be, Greg. Some babes with smaller boobies are very sensitive about guys liking bigger ones. I recall a girlfriend of mine years back who several times commented about how her sister "has all of the family boobs". (That sister sure did, since I was fortunate enough to also see hers on one wonderful occasion, but I digress.) But as I wrote in my Total Creep book, the most important thing is to always (and I mean, always) act like you don't care around babes in your life, especially a girlfriend or wife.

The times my then-girlfriend made those comments I would remain calm, and maybe throw in a "I'm happy with everything about you", or "It doesn't matter to me". While in my mind I was waiting for her sister to come into the room so I could keep an eye on those puppies.

So, yes, I'm telling you to maintain a straight face, or at the very least, your composure. I know it's not easy, but use the threat of losing your girlfriend (if you care enough) as an incentive. Be ready in case you get a lucky break like that again. Even if it is obvious you saw, the important part to your woman is how you handle it.

My suggestion would have been a simple "How embarassing!" or "No wonder she is running so fast!", and move on. No matter how nice the boob was, just don't let on how much you enjoyed it.

And if your girlfriend has gotten over it and things are fine, I would say that the next few times you are in bed with her, spend some extra time on her boobs. Make her feel more secure about them, and you'll be fine.

Again, part of my secret to success is that seeing the hundreds of babes and body parts that I see help me when it comes to making love to my wife, since I am even more excited from what I saw earlier in the day. Keep that in mind as well. Oh, and let me know where that walking path is!

Friday, July 2, 2010

Was he obvious as a total creep?

Rick K. of FL writes:

"I hope I didn't mess up. I had listened to the part of your excellent book where you discuss not letting on to others that you are looking at them (the babes). This morning at work I was by the front desk when the cute receptionist was leaning over to work on a form. I couldn't help it. She had one of those open bras on and I could see almost to the nipple. I guess I had an obvious smile on my face from enjoying the view. However, when I started walking past her, I looked up and one of the male bosses was looking right at me. I'm sure he could tell what I had just seen from where he was standing. In trying not to act frightened, I winked at him and shrugged my shoulders as if to use body language to say "You missed a great view". Then I went on with my work, and nothing at all was said. The receptionist either never knew I looked or didn't complain to anyone. Nothing was said by anyone for the rest of the day, so I seem to be safe. Is there anything else I could have done?"

Good question, Rick. I thought about this one for a while. I have been in that same situation a couple of times myself. One that I recall was when another male co-worker and I were across from the desk of a young hottie and were talking with each other about something work related. She probably didn't realize it, but she got up from her chair and then bent over to get something out of the file cabinet next to her desk, giving both of us a great view down her top. She was (also) wearing a loose fitting bra, so we got quite a view. Being the composed total creep I am, I continued talking about whatever it was, so she had no idea of what we both saw.

Then, she took the file she got and left the room to take it to whomever. The other guy and I then smiled at each other, and he reached across to slap five with me. Nothing further was said about it. He basically thanked me for continuing to talk and make it appear to the babe that we were not paying attention. So I understand things like that happen.

In this instance, and those such as your incident, the important thing is that the babe didn't know what was really going on. Sounds like the guy you had at work understood that you happened to be there. If she was leaning over and others saw you walk over and very deliberately look, that would probably be a different story with consequences.

I would say, in cases like these, that is OK to let it be known that you enjoyed the view, as long as you (or I) didn't deliberately go out of the way to get a glance.

This is not to say that there shouldn't be times that you purposely move to look. If you do, you need to be careful, as I discuss throughout the book. But since in the above instances others noticed, it's probably OK to act as though it was a one-time fluke, you enjoyed it, and you move on.

This week, I am in an eastern city on business. This morning I was on a commuter train when a cute babe had a wardrobe malfunction (like I need to be politically correct for this blog?). She was not wearing a bra, and had a loose fitting sleeveless top on, thank you very much. As she was adjusting her collar, it pulled her sleeve are up a few inches toward the front. Almost all of her left boob was clearly visible for a few seconds until she re-adjusted. As soon as she adjusted and it wasn't showing, I noticed the guy next to me on the right turning his head away with a big smile on his face. So these things happen a lot. Yet, if someone was watching us, the other guy smiling was a giveaway that he saw. On the other hand, I maintained a straight face, so no one could tell I saw anything if they were watching me.

Putting these stories together, I can now answer your question. I would bet the guy at work could tell by your expression that you got a good look. The trick is to maintain a straight face and act like you didn't see anything no matter what. Had you known to do that, you probably would have avoided the fear of that guy making it a problem for you at work.