Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Megan doesn't like me

Megan of TX writes:

“You’ll never publish this but I give you permission. There should be laws against you. How dare you encourage guys to spy on women in the privacy of their own home? How would you feel if you were naked in a personal and private moment and noticed a group of people watching your every move? Your book and your blog totally disgust me, and I’m sure you get notes from other women feeling the same way.

If I ever catch you or someone that disgusting trying to look down my shirt or into my condo I will get a lawyer and womens groups and go after you until you can’t afford to keep your own binoculars. I don’t believe you are married. You probably haven’t had a single date in your adult life and trying to see some boobs is all you can do to have a woman in your life. Then I read your support of a letter from some nerd who described watching a young lady in a very private intimate moment. You should have that guy sent away, and then follow him there.”

Since you gave me permission, Megan, I am publishing your entire comments. Sorry you don’t believe that I really am married and have had dates and girlfriends over the years as much as most guys. Don’t make assumptions based on your emotions.

Like I have said before, my target audience is straight guys of all ages. I never forced any of them to purchase my audio book or to use any of the ideas and true personal experiences I have had on their own. All I did was notice how many guys miss out on opportunities to see the body parts of women and provide them with some tips. The next time you are in a busy area and see a young hottie walking around with her blouse open, take a look at the guys nearby. Watch how many guys will stare her down as the walks by. Some with their eyes bulging out and a smile on their faces. Guys have and will do that whether they know of my audio book or not. My book does not tell them to do this sort of thing. It tells them HOW to do it.

Truthfully, I know (and so do the guys) that watching babes through binoculars while they are in private is not morally proper. What they don’t know won’t hurt them. That doesn’t make it OK to do. I understand your dislike of me, but I’m one of the few men open enough to admit that I do these things and the only one to provide tips to other guys who also enjoy doing this. If you choose to keep your body totally covered at all times in public and keep the shades or curtains closed while you are at home, you won’t have these worries. See you at the beach!

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