Monday, May 4, 2009

Oh brother - what a view

Glad to be of service on this one. Mike of Ohio, a listener to my Audio Book of " Total Creep - A Guy's Guide " had written me back in February about my comments on seeing the goods on friends and family members' girlfriends or wives.

And this morning, Mike wrote me back:

"You were so right! Thanks for the encouragement when I wrote you a few weeks back. Guess I shouldn't question the 'total creep' of them all!

My younger brother is still going with a very hot chick, and it is now to the point where we are double dating. The first time we hung out for a while at her (brother's girlfriend) condo, she did not have an open collar but it didn't look as though she was wearing a bra at home.

Sure enough, on Saturday, my gal and I were hanging with my brother and her at her place watching the basketball game. This time she had an open collar shirt on and I could see her (boobs) bounce as she walked around. At half time, she served some snacks and I was walking over toward the table to sit down. As good fortune had it, she dropped a bag of chips and was bending over to pick them up. She was bending in my direction. Sure enough, I got a glance all the way down. I'm thinking she feels comfortable enough with me around, since I took the advice from your book and appeared to be a perfect gentleman. No bra, and nothing covering, and I could see them both clear as a bell, even though it was only for a couple seconds.

Keeping your advice in mind, I then quickly said "Oh good, there is more beer!", to make her think I was looking at the table. She said, "At least I didn't drop that!". And I then said something like "Oh, was that you dropping something?". She went on to explain that she had dropped the bag of chips but the bag was only partially open so nothing spilled. I kept your advice and went along with the conversation.

Your advice worked perfectly, and neither her, my girl, nor my brother have any idea of how much I saw. I hope more guys find out about this ("Total Creep - A Guy's Guide")!"

Mike, if she only knew what "spilled". Nice going. As I have said time after time, stories like yours are exactly the reason this book needed to be written. I also appreciate your following up with me and letting me know that you have had success, especially since you had asked me about this very subject a few weeks ago. I tried to put as many of these ideas in along with specific experiences to make this clear.

Here's hoping your brother is still with her during the summer weather. Maybe she likes wearing loose fitting shorts!

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